lead up to #gsisc16

From Our domestic animals, their habits, intelligence and usefulness / by Gos de Voogt (1907)

56th chat, Tuesday April 19 2016: lead up to #gsisc16

Moderated by @edrabinski
Storify (pdf, html) by @violetbfox

#gsisc16 is the Gender and Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium, happening this weekend (April 23) in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’d like to use Tuesday’s chat as a chance for presenters to share what they’ll be talking about, and for those who aren’t able to attend to share their experiences and thoughts on gender & sexuality issues in libraries and related fields. Please join us!

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What are critical topics to address when we discuss gender & sexuality in information studies?
  • Q2. How do we see gender & sexuality issues play out every day at work?
  • Q3. How do we intervene when we see sexism at work in your library?
  • Q4. What should #gsisc16 attendees be sure to address with each other on Saturday?
  • Q5. Gender & sexuality in information studies #critpitch! [Share your ideas, upcoming projects/presentations, interesting resources, etc.!]