#critlib 2016-04-19: lead up to #gsisc16

Storify of the April 19 2016 #critlib chat "lead up to #gsisc16" moderated by @edrabinski. For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, visit critlib dot org.

  1. Hey #critlib! Tonight's chat has changed! We'll be talking #gsisc16 as a leadup to this weekend. Join us, 9pm ET!  http://litwinbooks.com/2016colloquium.php 
  2. Are you missing out on #gsisc16 (Gender & Sexuality in Info Sci) this weekend? Join in tomorrow's #critlib chat!!  http://critlib.org/lead-up-to-gsisc16/ 
  3. Going home, finishing up my #gsisc16 slides, and then checking out the lead up to #gsisc16 #critlib chat which is tonight at 9pm EST!
  4. Introductions
  5. Let's start with with #critlib intros. I'm Emily, academic instruction librarian in Brooklyn, at home drinking a beer w my cats.
  6. Tonight's #critlib is spontaneous, response to a change in schedule. We'll be talking #gsisc16 this Saturday!  http://litwinbooks.com/2016colloquium.php 
  7. Hi, #critlib. Shana, academic librarian from southern California here.
  8. yoooooo, #critlib! I am pumped to talk #gsisc16 with you, and to also keep an eye on the NY primaries!
  9. I'm Sarah, LIS student, and #gsisc16 presenter, drinking a beer and elevating and icing my sprained ankle :(
  10. Howdy #critlib. This is Jenna tweeting from the Lower East Side where there might also be cats and beer. Might be in & out tonight.
  11. Hi #critlib, I’m an academic librarian in NYC. Sad to be missing #gsisc16 but glad to be (mostly) listening in tonight
  12. Hi, I'm Gina, participating in #critlib from Eugene, Oregon. I'm between #libraryjobs at the moment, but am excited to attend #gsisc16!
  13. #critlib intros: hi i'm karina, MLS student focusing on issues of accessibility & inclusion, currently at home snuggling with my cat.
  14. Hello #critlib! lurking on this wonderful discussion switcheroo today
  15. Hi #critlib I'm an academic archivist in Denver lurking during home renovation shenanigans. https://t.co/RFghzHIh4l
    Hi #critlib I'm an academic archivist in Denver lurking during home renovation shenanigans. pic.twitter.com/RFghzHIh4l
  16. hey #critlib, academic librarian here in a library admin position from washington, dc. my participation will be on and off again tonight.
  17. Hey, #critlib pals. I'm Erin, a serials cataloger in Georgia.
  18. Kudos to @edrabinski & the rest of the #gsisc16 crew for taking over tonight's chat with a day's notice! #critlib
  19. Hi #critlib, I'm Maura, academic librarian in Brooklyn, late (from chores) + cats, wine, and a teenager.
  20. #critlib! i'm the scholarly services/media & gender studies librarian at iub. i've got cats and wine. he/him & she/her pronouns
  21. Hi #critlib! Jo from Bmore. Drinking, lurking, and desperately waiting for these kids to actually sleep.
  22. Hi #critlib I'm Rachael, an academic librarian who will be in & out here
  23. hi #critlib. I'm Chelsea, a MLIS student-long time silent lurker-moving up to lurker who introduces herself
  24. HI #critlib! I'm Jen, a queer archivist (by profession & identity) at a LGBTQ archive in San Diego. & a #gsisc16 presenter!
  25. Hi #critlib! I'm Ryan in Boise, where the hills look lovely on evening hikes. Wish I could make it to #gsisc16!!! https://t.co/FaeQeVEDEp
    Hi #critlib! I'm Ryan in Boise, where the hills look lovely on evening hikes. Wish I could make it to #gsisc16!!! pic.twitter.com/FaeQeVEDEp
  26. #critlib I'm quietly observing tonight. I'm the director of a small municipal public library.
  27. Hi, everyone! Rebecca here, academic librarian in Los Angeles. Prepping for #dls17 tmrw, so I'll be in and out. #critlib
  28. #critlib And: Hi! I'm an academic librarian, small urban college & kudo's to @edrabinski et al. the symp. sounds amazing
  29. Also: what's up, grad student/sys not cis admin, digArch here #critlib
  30. Hi #critlib! Tuning in a little late, I was zoning out on my #gsisc16 slides, then @roselovec reminded me! I forgot I'm on PST now!
  31. Hi #critlib :). Hopping in late after performing in a choir concert.
  32. Q1. What are critical topics to address when we discuss gender & sexuality in information studies?
  33. Q1. What are critical topics to address when we discuss gender & sexuality in information studies? #critlib
  34. A1 The colloquium abstracts are here. As one of the organizers, interested to hear what ppl see is missing #critlib  http://litwinbooks.com/2016abstracts.php 
  35. A1: I think the 1st thing that should happen in these convos is the acknowledgement of librarianship as a white, female profession. #critlib
  36. ...and go from there into why? what are we doing about it? and how that history affects other identities in the field. etc #critlib
  37. A1. Intersectionality. Don't overlook how race, class, ethnicity & disability interplay with gender & sexuality in info studies. #critlib
  38. Def key. At 1st colloquium in 2014, saw how much e.g., "lesbian" is unmarked, white, otherwise normative. #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/722592484715433984 
  39. Q1: Been thinking abt language we use, veneer of objectivity & appeal to some sort of universality in relation to libs #critlib
  40. definitely! the accessibility of the language & rhetoric being used is something that's been on my mind #critlib  https://twitter.com/shiggin/status/722592517149962240 
  41. also having major fomo about #gsisc16, truly madly deeply hoping some of the sessions are recorded, archived, and made accessible #critlib
  42. A1: Topics for #gsisc16 appear to focus on gender identity of library workers. What about support for non-conforming students? #critlib
  43. #critlib At @LeftForum this yr I'm going to be talking about queer theory/archives&acrl framework;authority is constructed, contextual, etc
  44. yes. there has been a 1% differential in the representation of ALL people of color in the past 10 years. #critlib  https://twitter.com/fiiidget/status/722592409062875137 
  45. a1.1: intersectionality is obvi an important consideration, also need to think about how identity categories are defined/policed #critlib
  46. a1.2: also thinking about who we can have or make information about, who gets to generate (or be generative of) information #critlib
  47. a1.3 and how legacies of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and settler colonialism (et al.) inform "information" #critlib
  48. A1. tough question. really anything related to libraries & library work. librarians themselves, description, access, outreach. list goes on.
  49. A1 I'm also interested in talking more about power & how power organizes experiences of identities, potential resistances. #critlib
  50. Maybe stemming from "male librarian" talk I've seen in other spaces, focusing on gender diff & link to power. That's vague I know! #critlib
  51. #critlib A1: In this age of gender fluidity what does female identity mean? Are gender roles still important & relevant?
  52. .@zinelib in as much as they exist as a *concept* in the larger world, i suppose gender roles continue to be influential & relevant #critlib
  53. @zinelib I don't want them to be, but looking seeing anti-trans backlash makes me think for some, very much yes. #critlib
  54. @beccakatharine I was thinking gender roles r impt to cisfolks & clinging to them (tho I want to) may be an expression of cis priv. #critlib
  55. @zinelib Ah, understood. I totally agree w/ that, and hadn't thought of it as a cis-privilege manifestation. #critlib
  56. @beccakatharine I'm really just typing out loud here. My thoughts on this aren't at all evolved. #critlib
  57. @rorylitwin @zinelib Sure - I've never really thought about this at all tbh. I appreciate your thoughts on this!
  58. as a genderqueer femme who is always assumed to be female, i think so, bc of the material effects. #critlib  https://twitter.com/zinelib/status/722593311488413700 
  59. A1: until we *actually* live in a post-gender role, fluid, difference accepting world, yeah. #critlib
  60. #critlib we do need to be attuned to material reality (privilege) that identity & appearance thereof occasions  https://twitter.com/zinelib/status/722593311488413700 
  61. @zinelib I'm female presenting (tho I conceptualize myself as nb). For me it only means something in terms of how others treat me #critlib
  62. @zinelib Examples: "Be nice" "Help with parties" "Do administration work without extra pay" #critlib
  63. A1.2. Speaking of language, preferred pronouns should be addressed, maybe on buttons or name tags. #critlib
  64. pronouns aren't preferences for most of us, but yes, i love the idea of having pronouns on nametags #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/722594309648752641 
  65. A1 these topics are so complex and nuanced. coming into these conversations, must know that there are no simple, easy "solutions". #critlib
  66. Totally agree, and think it's really important to make spaces for those nuanced conversations. #critlib  https://twitter.com/roselovec/status/722594736549314560 
  67. A1 (belatedly): I think I’d like to see a feminist theory/critique of privacy wrt openness and libraries #critlib
  68. Where I think other analysis is critical too. Openness, what privilege it takes to be open, etc. #critlib  https://twitter.com/RoxanneShirazi/status/722596173450776576 
  69. By 'other' I mean, analysis that is intersectional, considers systems & structures that influence experiences of these things, etc. #critlib
  70. A1 In addition to intersectionality & identity, maybe more work on how people operate themselves, i.e. butch, femme, etc? #critlib
  71. @foureyedsoul omg i would LOVE to explore this more! using my femme identity @ work has been such an interesting experience. #critlib
  72. Move from the strict binary to how people ACTUALLY perform even in that restrictive space. 👍 #critlib  https://twitter.com/foureyedsoul/status/722596383904038912 
  73. @Fobettarh @foureyedsoul I idenitify as genderqueer but not sure what folks at work think; only a few know the term exists #critlib
  74. @Fobettarh @foureyedsoul YES. like what does a QPOC femme identity look like in the LIS profession? //what aren't we allowed to be? #critlib
  75. #critlib intersectionality/q's of ontology, situated self..tools of CIL &asking q's of research, unpacking ideas...  https://twitter.com/foureyedsoul/status/722596383904038912 
  76. A1: a move beyond identity politics and privilege politics. More anti-oppression and talks of structure #critlib
  77. Q2. How do we see gender & sexuality issues play out every day at work?
  78. Omg so hard to keep up with #critlib when modding! Here comes Q2!
  79. Q2. How do we see gender & sexuality issues play out every day at work? #critlib
  80. A2: For me, at MPOW, in dress & decorum, and very often in the "housekeeping" work. #critlib
  81. A2: I mean, this often gets back to issues of power and who has it or tries to exercise it... and who succeedes with that execution #critlib
  82. A2 assumptions and microaggressions about identity, experience, beliefs from colleagues & patrons #critlib
  83. a2.1: constantly? it's a precarious balancing act for all & those who exist in/on the borderlands/margins of identity categories #critlib
  84. a2.2: knowing when it's safe, legible, or even possible to disclose pronouns, for example, isn't always straightforward #critlib
  85. Hence my saying my "preferred" pronoun is what people expect bc frankly I really just prefer to avoid drama #critlib  https://twitter.com/nicholae/statuses/722595547970932738 
  86. a2.3: will someone understand if i say nonbinary? how does/will "queer"ness resonate with colleagues, even lg(-bt) ones? etc. #critlib
  87. @edrabinski @nicholae a convo I often just avoid rather than trying to explain the unexcluded middle #critlib
  88. A2: lib staff whispering, “is that a man or a women?” female staff who prefer male supervisors (“women are too emotional”) #critlib
  89. being misgendered CONSTANTLY & being denied interviews on the basis of me being trans by "equitable" orgs #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722594393052573697 
  90. A2: personally; surprise that I know wtf I'm talking about, expectations that I'm the caboose/caregiver of IT folks #critlib
  91. also being assigned feminized & devalued labor, such as cleaning up, which male staff aren't asked to do #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722594393052573697 
  92. #critlib A3 seen diffs in contrib in classes I've guested in. Men talk more, often say gr8 things. R there other ways of assessing contribs?
  93. 2nding others who've said "trad fem" "housekeeping" tasks (minute taking) assigned to female libs/staff. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722594393052573697 
  94. A2. I was fortunate in that at my last place of employment, #LGBTQ staff were at all levels & freely out, open about partners, etc. #critlib
  95. A2 Even putting a lock on a single stall staff bathroom and converting it to universal use was an uphill battle. #critlib
  96. #critlib pushing back against "lean in" rhetoric,thinking horizontal lib governance, troubling para/professionalism  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722595472460947456 
  97. A2. I mean, my work @ a LGBTQ archive is weird, but being a queer brown femme is part of my prof role. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722594393052573697 
  98. A2: found male librarians & grad students have been given the option to teach classes at a higher rate than female instructors #critlib
  99. A2 I see growing interest in topics around feminist leadership. How do we talk feminist leadership w class analysis too? #critlib
  100. Yes, thinking lots on this, also about power/heirarchy w/in female-majority spaces, still v inchoate but thinking. #critlib @edrabinski
  101. @edrabinski and considering what it means to "bring yourself" to work when/if our selves/histories aren't pretty or neatly packaged #critlib
  102. A2. I. Will. Scream the next time someone asks how I balance work and parenting. #critlib #howdoesshedoit
  103. #likeaboss is how. Ask me anything else. Ask that dude over there how he does it. #critlib
  104. A2 Needing to tell instructors that no, I'm certainly NOT the library's new director (just because I'm the only guy working here). #critlib
  105. A2.1 This has happened exactly once, but I sort of had to pick up my jaw before answering. #critlib
  106. I'd love to see gender & sexuality work in infostudies field get spread to other disciplines. #critlib
  107. #critlib Came up at @edrabinski & @justbilley's @mnylc talk-seems hard to talk abt gender & sexuality w/o bringing generations into convo.
  108. #critlib A2 undervaluing people skills like listening & empathy; failing to recognize success of connected leadership (hello from a lurker!)
  109. A2: Some subtle. Some pernicious. Some innocuous. Some ingrained. Some not at all. Some intentional. Some meh. #critlib
  110. A2 "Leadership" discourse seems to individuate too eagerly. Feminism can help us focus on agency & power structures. #critlib @edrabinski
  111. Q3. How do we intervene when we see sexism at work in your library?
  112. (I have a smartwatch that beeps when something is tweeted that is relevant to my interests. Should have turned off watch b4 #critlib)
  113. Speaking of going to work. Q3. How do we intervene when we see sexism etc. at work in our libraries? #critlib
  114. I think since we MAKE CATEGORIES & CLASSIFICATIONS FOR OUR JOBS we have stuff to tell fields that ask how those things shape lives. #critlib
  115. @edrabinski right! we have information critical to how this stuff plays out in the world we cannot keep quiet about it, jeez #critlib
  116. @edrabinski I may be in a bitter/cynical phase right now but I feel like... this is what we do but are we doing it well really? #critlib
  117. @edrabinski like LCSH / LCC are a *mess* but they're structured to resist change. It's like head + brick wall sometimes #critlib
  118. @schomj Yeah, totally. But the skeleton is there! We could do something great! Maybe? #critlib
  119. @edrabinski I think the will is there from certain parts of the cat population. I'd kind of like to bury the skeleton & start over? #critlib
  120. important, because discourses DO shape, structure, and impact lives (and the possibilities of living) #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722597379837403136 
  121. I'm reading abt classification & this reminds me that sometimes oppression is invisible and structural. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722598591123103744 
  122. @catladylib Totally. I think it's important to fig out how to talk about those structures so we can start to see them more clearly. #critlib
  123. I mean, who plans the staff potluck eh? What happens when you see librarians @ same rank/job but 1 has more work load than another? #critlib
  124. When my dad died, it became crystal clear which women in our office are responsible for emotional labor. #critlib  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/722599697882288128 
  125. Nobody told Anne Marie, so there was no card. Until I told Anne Marie, at which point a card materialized instantly. #critlib
  126. Thinking of grt preso by @AprilHathcock last week walking us thru "toolbox" of interventions when we see microaggressions. #critlib
  127. .@edrabinski @AprilHathcock ! having tools & go-tos is so impt... an anchor to get you going in a tough situation #critlib
  128. Me too! Really would love this as a workshop somewhere (next #critlib unconf?). @shiggin
  129. A3: I've called out other men directly. I've spoken to some men on the side. I've made direct reports to superiors about men. #critlib
  130. ask for consent, bc you could be exposing ppl to violence & retributions. consent is key for everything. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722598591123103744 
  131. There's this thing about about disclosing and risk vs keeping quiet and allowing ignorance to persist #critlib
  132. A3. Not sexism, but: pushing back against vocally transphobic radical feminists when they're donating GREAT...[1/2] #critlib
  133. A3. ...1970s lesbian community archival material? it's HARD. [2/2] #critlib
  134. A3 For straightforward txtbook situations, "Can you clarify?" helps. Recognizing subtler instances & *addressing later* is harder #critlib
  135. A3: often, the gulf btwn how I'd like to respond, and the way I am able to (physically, emotionally or otherwise) is SO vast. #critlib
  136. A3: Smtimes easy, as in suggesting that someone’s gender doesn’t matter in our interactions and in helping them with their needs. #critlib
  137. A3: Other times not easy. I don't always have language, fear I'll be too emotional, or simply scared of spking truth to power. #critlib
  138. knowing that Ill be too emotional, & that anything I say is therefore moot, makes me 2nd guess myself, too #critlib  https://twitter.com/shiggin/status/722600028540252160 
  139. @fiiidget @shiggin crying / strong emotional response = feminine = unprofessional, right? ugh. :side-eye emoji: #critlib
  140. Q3 depends on the situation, who is the target, who is the perpetrator. sometimes you feel like you can't say or do anything. #critlib
  141. a3.1: i sometimes find myself employing the "socratic method" when i see misogyny at play (unfortunately often) #critlib
  142. a3.2: can help uncover dominant/hegemonic thinking, esp when folks think ideas like professionalism, work, categories are "natural" #critlib
  143. A3 whose voices are listened to over others in these situations? a large barrier to intervening. #critlib
  144. A3. Too often a judgment call. Do I trust someone to hear what needs saying? Sometimes I stew if the right words don't come to me. #critlib
  145. @lisahubbell I feel this often. Trying that approach where my 1st ? asks them to clarify, 2nd ? is "Do you mean X? Or Y?"
  146. @chiuchiutrain It takes bravery to find a neutral q & listen to the response. Sometimes I stifle a comeback, don't bring up later. #critlib
  147. @lisahubbell Me too. But surprisingly, I usually find this harder w/ race issues than gender issues. Still unpacking why. #critlib
  148. also if sexist jokes are occurring, i ask them to explain why it's funny to me, thus exposing their logics #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722598591123103744 
  149. @femmelibrarian in a @LISmicroaggress panel, many ppl suggested putting it on offender to explain rationale behind comment. #critlib
  150. @femmelibrarian "What is the joke?" is always such a good question bc then people have to answer. #critlib
  151. A3 Conceptualizing less visible instances of sexism/racism/ableism/classism importnt too. How is bias at work in refdesk placement? #critlib
  152. #critlib A3 solution at mpow: all the public svc librarians are women. We rotate duties, like ladies do on Paradise Island. #WonderWomanRef
  153. @edrabinski For whatever reason, I find structural stuff like that a lot easier to address than casually sexist statements #critlib
  154. @schomj Yeah? I find it's often so hard to even see, or explain to others when I see it. #critlib
  155. @catladylib @edrabinski Well, I work in the passive aggressive MW, so anything not calling out a person is automatically easier! #critlib
  156. @catladylib @edrabinski But really just walking people through the process and making sure there are a few allies in the room? #critlib
  157. @edrabinski @schomj I find it hard to find "right" moment to get at intersectional structural oppression going on (chicken/egg) #critlib
  158. @Sadyoh @edrabinski @schomj Isn't it though? It's like, if I had a nickel every time I said "I can't even go into THAT just yet..."
  159. @Sadyoh @edrabinski I think that's why structural stuff seems easier? Lots of time to plan, not responding to in-the-moment stuff? #critlib
  160. A3 also do not underestimate the value of "letters expressing concern" re flagrant/repeat offenders to admin. #critlib
  161. Yes. Putting it in writing gives it an undeniable weight, makes a situation less easy to dismiss. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kcrowe/status/722601364543516672 
  162. @GinaMurrell1 yes, especially if several folks send them and the concerns are the same in each. #critlib
  163. Missing what looks like a SUHWEET #critlib is a bummer, but missing it to help a student with zines is pretty fantastic
  164. #critlib I have to meet up w/ folks irl. Thank you for lead up to #gsisc chat. So excited to meet and learn from amazing folks.
  165. Modding the chat tonight, have to agree: talking in person/in longer sentences will be nice. #critlib  https://twitter.com/shiggin/status/722602097644929025 
  166. Q4. What should #gsisc16 attendees be sure to address with each other on Saturday?
  167. Oh my look at the #critlib time! Here comes our last question!
  168. Q4 What should #gsisc16 attendees be sure to address with each other on Saturday? #critlib
  169. We'll have 100+ people in a room talking gender & sex. What are critical #critlib takeaways that will extend beyond the event?
  170. Maybe one is thinking of other venues for these conversations. Twitter doesn't work for everyone, we can't all get to Vancouver. #critlib
  171. yes, i find it very difficult to have complicated conversations via twitter. so i usually don't try. #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722603260964663299 
  172. @roselovec Agree with you here. Not much space for nuance on this thing. #critlib
  173. @edrabinski I literally got back on Twitter only to start lurking these #critlib chats. #badmillenial. Wouldn't mind trying a longform venue
  174. @chiuchiutrain @edrabinski being a part of #critlib chats is the only reason i use twitter. would love opportunities to share/reflect irl
  175. @edrabinski I personally like that conversations are diffuse and happen in multiple platforms/venues. Twitter makes my brain happy+ #critlib
  176. @edrabinski while conferences make me feel overwhelmed and tongue tied. Some people like FB (not me). Some like blogs or book clubs #critlib
  177. @edrabinski imo, respecting plurality means not trying to create a one size fits all approach, but reaching out multiple ways #critlib
  178. A4 As the only non-academic presenter among academic-affiliated folks, I kinda want to talk about that? #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/722602308694052864 
  179. @edrabinski And how do we raise up other community archivists / pub libs / etc that want to have these conversations? #critlib
  180. A4 Yes, that's what I was thinking! So bummed not to be able to make it to #gsisc16 (tho will follow along online) #critlib @edrabinski
  181. A4 Besides pronouns, maybe #gsisc16 attendees should know some people are less comfortable speaking in front of others/in a group. #critlib
  182. @edrabinski @jenlabarbera are there any public library folks at #gsisc16? I wonder abt this at archives conferences as well. #critlib
  183. Also grad students/new profs! How can we create confs that engage those w few/no resources to travel? #critlib  https://twitter.com/jenlabarbera/status/722603707892826112 
  184. @kcrowe @jenlabarbera @edrabinski unconfs, web sessions, local groups participating remotely (student chapters via webcast?) #critlib
  185. These are all great. I also really appreciate confs that have shared Google Docs for session note taking. #critlib  https://twitter.com/marxalot/status/722609321993830401 
  186. What tools are we walking away w after what's def gonna be an awesome day together, what do we do next & how to support each other #critlib
  187. A4. What range of identity do we make visible to our users? This can apply to collection, classification, programs, role modeling. #critlib
  188. We are in the closing mins of #critlib! Can folks share gender&sexuality related #critpitch-es? Anything we should know is in the hopper?
  189. I edit a book series abt gender&sex in info studies. Get at me if you wanna write! I'm friendly! #critlib #gsisc16  http://litwinbooks.com/series-gender.php 
  190. my #critpitch: please share #gsisc16 # #critlib adjacent syllabi. trying to bring these ideas/conversations to the ils curricula here
  191. One of my fave books, LIS people adjacent to other disciplines, you can really see the connexions. #critlib  https://twitter.com/LibJuicePress/status/722605769284124672 
  192. Conclusions
  193. & in last two mins, any volunteers to storify tonight's #critlib chat? Ping me!
  194. And that's a #critlib wrap! Thx to those who joined in on such short notice. Watch the tag for new date for @ubiquity75 on the 'L' in LIS.
  195. #critlib have a wonderful symp. y'all! Can't wait to hear about it. Enjoy!
  196. Thanks for a fun #critlib, y'all! And thanks to @edrabinski for moderating at the last minute. Can't wait for #gsisc16 this weekend!
  197. Thanks @edrabinski for the awesome modding and everyone for a great #critlib tonight! Have an awesome time in Vancouver + tweet lots!
  198. Love how #critlib gathers around a topic & our voices build into something inspiring. Thanks to mod @edrabinski & #gsisc16 presenters.
  199. @edrabinski @ubiquity75 Oh no! I forgot #critlib tonight! Topic a needed area of attn. Oppression is also *tacit*, & therefore *insidious*
  200. Thanks for modding tonight's #critlib, @edrabinski. And thanks in advance to #gsisc16 note-takers!
  201. @mauraweb @edrabinski echoing thanks it was a great one. My first one. sadly I am usually working late and miss it. #critlib
  202. Thanks for moderating this #critlib, @edrabinski! Can't wait for #gsisc16! (Now to finish my slides before Thursday's deadline. 😬)
  203. LRTs… 💯👌 #critlib chat yesterday on #gsisc16 (Gender & Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium) & surely of interest to @RadicalLibs.
  204. Reading through all the #critlib tweets from last night - all I can say is that I can't wait to read through the #gsisc16 ones too!