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Critlib is short for “critical librarianship,” a movement of library workers dedicated to bringing social justice principles into our work in libraries. We aim to engage in discussion about critical perspectives on library practice. Recognizing that we all work under regimes of white supremacy, capitalism, and a range of structural inequalities, how can our work as librarians intervene in and disrupt those systems?

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Critlib is an informal gathering—discussion happens wherever interested library workers come together! The primary discussions have taken place on Twitter (using the hashtag #critlib; find our upcoming chats here and archived discussions here) and at conferences.

If you’re interested in finding other people who are also interested in discussing critlib, we’ve got a variety of ways to make that happen. If you’re thinking about scholarly writing and would like to collaborate with others, consider filling out this research interest matchmaking form (results from that form are available in this spreadsheet). If you know of an upcoming conference that might benefit from a critlib presence, you can let others know and/or look for fellow co-presenters by filling out this upcoming conferences matchmaking form (results from that form are available here).

And if you’d like to get together over coffee or even start a conference for like-minded folks in your neck of the woods, check out this map created by @elliehearts—go ahead and add yourself as well!