"K is our kitten"
From An alphabet of animals / by “a lady” ; published Simpkin, Marshall & Co. (1865)

26th chat, March 10 2015 : makerspaces

moderated by @foureyedsoul
Storify (pdf, html) by @oksveta

Suggested links to look at:

Crowd-sourced suggested readings:

Discussion questions:

  • Q1 What aspects of #critlib mesh well with #makerspaces – access, approach, pedagogy, technology, etc.?
  • Q2 What aspects of #makerspaces could benefit from substantial critique? #critlib
  • Q3 What might a #critlib version of a #makerspace look like? Do you have experiences with #makerspaces that you’d suggest others emulate?
  • Q4 What policies, actions, or programming would you recommend for #makerspaces seeking to be more inclusive and socially aware? #critlib
  • Q5 What workshops could libr* lead at #makerspaces to forward #critlib ideas? If unable to affect policy, how can we become involved?
  • Q6 Time for #critlib pitches! Feel free to include links to about #makerspaces, diversity, pedagogy, etc.