what is #critlib, where are we going

The kittens that lost their mittens
From Kittens and cats : a book of tales / Eulalie Osgood Grover (1911)

27th chat, March 31 2015: what is #critlib, where are we going

Moderated by @pumpedlibrarian

Storify by @hsifnihplod

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. Let’s talk about what #critlib is as discourse: what is critical librarianship and what is it not? What does it mean to you?
  • Q2. And now what are these #critlib chats, what do they mean to you? Do you have tips for novices? What are the chats and what are they not?
  • Q3. Do you have any major takeaways from #acrl2015  or #critlib15 to share? #critlib
  • Q4. What’s next? Where are we going? Ideas for action, projects, etc.? This Q is a free-for-all #critlib
  • Q5. Would anyone be willing volunteer to organize a #critlib uncon for ALA? #critlib15 part 2?