state of the literature

From The cat : a guide to the classification and varieties of cats / by Ruth Shippen Huidekoper (1895)

25th chat, February 24 2015: state of the literature

Moderated by @nnschiller

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Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What aspects of the published #critlib scholarship are strongest? What is currently the most interesting trend?
  • Q2. Are there gaps in the #critlib scholarship that want filling? What foundational pieces needs to be in place before we can move forward?
  • Q3. Are you interested in #critlib scholarship but would prefer to work in collaboration? Let’s play #critlib yenta and do some research matchmaking.
  • Q4. Would a shared Zotero library of #critlib citations be useful? I have a library pulled from a recent book of essays and there is an existing critlib zotero library.
  • Q5. Is there a line where #critlib methodology and #critlib core assumptions meet? How do we tell whether disagreements stem from methods or conclusions?

#critpitch: Critical Pedagogy Book CFP, ACRL unconference, ???