critical pedagogy + libraries

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From First lessons in language / by Gordon A. Southworth (1891)

Third chat, April 22 2014: critical pedagogy + libraries

moderated by @catladylib
Storify (pdf, html) by @carlhess

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. How do we take our students identities into account when teaching?
  • Q2. How do you deal with students who are resistant to social justice issues?
  • Q3. What does critical pedagogy for info lit. look like in nonacademic settings? How can we promote in other spaces?
  • Q3.5. what #critlib looks like outside of instruction/reference?
  • Q4. What do you want to get out of these #critlib discussions? What format/frequency would work best? Twitter still okay for this?
  • #critlib pitch! Share your blog posts, articles, books, anything related to critical pedagogy + libraries (or not)