Alexander and some other cats
From Alexander and some other cats / compiled and arranged by Sarah J. Eddy (1929)

19th chat, December 2 2014: archives

moderated by @barnlib
Storify (pdf, html) by @DinahHandel

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. How do you shape a coll development policy that reflects a critical, non-colonialist approach to “collecting” the undercollected? #critlib
  • Q2. How do you document & be transparent about your appraisal, acquisition, description, processing, etc. methods & policies? #critlib
  • Q3. How do you address gaps in the archival record in a non-tokenizing manner, that doesn’t erase the prior absence in the record? #critlib
  • Q4. What ethical considerations does a critical archivist apply to licensing & copyright and charging fees for reproduction? #critlib
  • Q5. How can institutions push back on unfair practices, relying heavily on volunteer, student, intern & temporary labor? #critlib