information literacy and life long learning

Cat sad about an empty plate
From In the child’s world : morning talks and stories for kindergartens, primary schools and homes / by Emilie Poulsson (1893)

18th chat, November 18 2014: information literacy and life long learning

Moderated by @kevinseeber

Storify needed

Some readings (and a video):

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. LLL is a popular concept, but its meaning is open to interpretation. How can we define LLL in a #critlib context?
  • Q2. Both readings discuss LLL and infolit in the context of employment. How does a focus on job skills threaten our pedagogy?  #critlib
  • Q3. Many students pursue education w/ a goal of getting a job, not becoming LLL’ers. How should we approach this in the classroom? #critlib
  • Q4. If we accept that LLL is big part of teaching infolit, how do we assess if we’re achieving that outcome? #critlib
  • Q5. What actions can we, as librarians, take to encourage LLL within our own profession? #critlib