critical information literacy and the “left”

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From The cat : a guide to the classification and varieties of cats / by Ruth Shippen Huidekoper (1895)

17th chat, October 21 2014: critical information literacy and the ‘left’

moderated by @jessicacritten
Storify (pdf, html) by @oksveta

Topic: For the purposes of this discussion, we are understanding “politics” to refer to a system of governance, and political ideologies (Democrats! Republicans! Bull Moose!) Here’s also an optional reading to help contextualize this conversation a little:

Bialystok, L. (2014). Politics Without ‘Brainwashing’: A Philosophical Defence of Social Justice Education. Curriculum Inquiry, 44(3), 413-440.

Discussion questions:

  • Q1: Where do you locate the work of #critlib on the political spectrum?
  • Q2: Do you acknowledge the political leanings of #critlib in the classroom? Why/why not?
  • Q3: How do you strike a balance b/t serving the social justice goals of #critlib and respecting the political ideologies of your students? 
  • Q4: Are you upfront about your personal political beliefs in your classroom? Why/why not? #critlib
  • Q5: What place, if any, does politics have in information literacy curriculum? #critlib