deeper exploration of #critlib and why it’s important

Kitten reading an orange colored book
From Book of cats and dogs, and other friends, for little folks / by James Johonnot (1885)

20th chat, December 9 2014: deeper exploration of #critlib and why it’s important

Moderated by @catladylib

Storify by @Liz_Librarian

Topic: What does #critlib look like? Who are we? (Optional) #criticalselfies…. take a selfie of yourself before/during the chat to share! You’re welcome to be obscured by cats or other creatures if you don’t want to do a full-on selfie. If everyone is ok with it, we can make a collage of the pics and put them on to show what #critlib librarians look like.

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. Let’s revisit what #critlib means… try defining or explaining in a tweet(s). What is it? What is it not?
  • Q2. What books/films/texts have had an impact on how you have come to your political/critical understandings? #critlib
  • Q3. How do you confront the idea that the library is portrayed as a “neutral” space? #critlib
  • Q4. How do you, or how would you, enact #critlib in your ongoing work? Provide specific, practical examples
  • Q5. What confuses you or frustrates you about #critlib (the topic, not the chats)? & What can we do about it?