the impact of the Salaita case on LIS practice

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15th chat, September 30 2014: the impact of the Salaita case on LIS practice

moderated by @oksveta
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Topic: We are a group of University of Illinois LIS student interested in thinking through how our university’s recent unhiring of Prof. Steven Salaita —and other related events around the country–might impact our practice as librarians.

If you’re curious, this fact sheet goes over some of the basic facts of the case (it’s a little out of date).  We hope you will read our letter in support of Dr. Salaita & our colleagues in American Indian Studies at Illinois, as well Sarah Roberts’ letter.

Discussion questions:

  • #critlib Introductions – Nice to meet you all! Thanks for being here to chat w/us!
  • Q1. How have the Salaita case or related academic/intellectual freedom issues come up in your practice?  #critlib
  • Q2. How can librarians foreground intellectual freedom issues and the make them relevant to various publics across disciplines? #critlib
  • Q3. How can we mobilize critical information literacy skills to engage students in responding to events like this? #critlib
  • Q4. What obstacles do we face in having these discussions? #critlib
  • Q5. And what are some strategies to overcome these obstacles? #critlib

#critlib pitch – We want to keep this conversation going! If u r interested in collaborating let us know & keep an eye on #uncivilLIS