identity and gendered/intersectional status, stereotypes

Cat with crayon colors
From Book of cats and dogs, and other friends, for little folks / by James Johonnot (1885)

14th chat, September 23 2014: identity and gendered/intersectional status, stereotypes

moderated by @pumpedlibrarian
Storify (pdf, html) by @aszingarelli

Reading: Ice Ice Baby: Are Librarian Stereotypes Freezing Us out of Instruction? on In the Library with the Lead Pipe

Discussion questions:

  • Have you experienced negative effects from librarian stereotypes in your teaching?
  • What are implications for us being viewed as “helpers?” How can we be change the impression to “collaborators?”
  • What do you do to overcome stereotypes with your students? Whether librarian stereotypes or identity-based stereotypes?
  • Do you feel an uneven expectation for women & intersectional librarians to engage in “emotional labor?” If yes, how is this harmful?
  • How can we negate “warm” and “cold/competent” as mutually exclusive?