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Seventh chat, June 17, 2014: neutrality

Moderated by @pumpedlibrarian

Storify by @Liz_Librarian

Topic: We will discuss the myth of neutrality in higher ed and how much responsibility professors and educators should have to be activists.

Recommended reading: Professors who profess: Making a difference as scholar-activists, Alfie Kohn, 2003

Discussion questions:

  • Q1 Re: opening Chomsky quote, how do libraries/librarians enact this?
  • Q2 What library instruction debates/norms should we be questioning?
  • Q3 What areas should we do (more) research in to break from status quo?
  • Q4 How should LIS education change to improve library instruction in this capacity?
  • Q5 Any #alaac14 sessions to share that #critlib -ers might be interested in?