assessment regimes

From The cat : a guide to the classification and varieties of cats / by Ruth Shippen Huidekoper (1895)

Eighth chat, July 15 2014: assessment regimes

Moderated by @mauraweb

Storify by @Liz_Librarian

Topic: How do we connect critical librarianship to assessment regimes?

Discussion questions:

  • Q1: How can a critical librarianship perspective be applied to assessment?
  • Q2: If our institution’s assessment priorities are at odds with a critical perspective, how can we  reconcile the two?
  • Q3: Is there an ideal balance of quantitative and qualitative assessment in libraries? Is one more consistent with critical librarianship?
  • Q4: Is assessment a good use of our time as critical librarians?
  • Q5: In the changing library landscape, how can we ensure that assessment requirements advance rather than hinder #critlib?