ACRL framework revisions

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Ninth chat, July 22 2014: ACRL framework revisions

Moderated by @donnarosemary

Storify by @Liz_Librarian

Topic: This special chat with guest participants @mhensle1 and @T_Swanson, members of the ACRL IL Revision Task Force, will focus on how the new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education [PDF] relates to critical pedagogy, critical information literacy, and social justice, in the work we do.

Readings: In addition to the latest draft of the Framework [PDF], please also take a look at the following:

Discussion questions:

[shorthand: TCs = threshold concepts; KPs = knowledge practices; TF = task force]

  • Q1 What opportunities to enact critical pedagogy does the Framework offer to IL instructors? #critlib
  • Q2 In what ways if any is the Framework problematic or missing aspects of critical IL &/or social justice? #critlib
  • Q3, 1/3 @T_Swanson blogged that the #acrlilrevisions TF drafted then scrapped a crit IL/soc justice frame “Info as a human right” #critlib
  • Q3, 2/3 @T_Swanson’s post “Information as a Human Right”: A Missing Threshold Concept? #critlib
  • Q3, 3/3 As per @T_Swanson’s question from his post: What might an IL frame/TC focused on crit IL &/or social justice look like? #critlib
  • Q4 via @FromTheShelves b/c Info has Value, it also has Power. How might this TC address how groups seek to control info’s flow? (groups = governments, companies, social groups, etc.) #critlib
  • Q5 In what ways is the authority conferred by ACRL on the Framework helpful &/or problematic to our work as crit IL instructors? #critlib