From Confessions of a caricaturist / by Oliver Herford (1917)

Tenth chat, July 29 2014: cataloging

Moderated by @barnlib

Storify needed

Reading: by @edrabinski and @justbilley

Discussion questions:

  • Q1: The authors argue that the gender of authors should not be recorded in RDA. Is anything lost from a #critlib perspective?
  • Q2: Why does RDA solicit gender identification and not race other other demographics#critlib
  • Q3: Are creators’ and library users’ wants/needs at odds? How do we responsibly negotiate between the two? #critlib
  • Q4 What are the tensions b/w wanting to identify factors like gender & the inevitable ways those identifications fix them in place? #critlib
  • Q5: Given that classification and cataloging put us in lots of binds, what are some #critlib ways out?