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From Mammals of other lands / Charles J. Cornish [and others], editors (1917)
88th chat, Wednesday August 23 2017*: mentorship
11am Pacific / noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern
*please note changed day/date (changed to avoid coinciding with eclipse!)

moderated by @zoh_zoh
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Suggested readings:


  • mentor: generally an experienced colleague who provides guidance and advice
  • mentee: the person being mentored
  • library workers: anyone who works in libraries in any capacity, including contingent/adjunct/part-time/classified labor
  • formal mentorship programs: mentorship programs organized by an employer, professional association, school/university, non-profit, or other institution
  • informal mentorship: mentoring relationships that are not administered by any outside organization

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. How do you define success in a mentoring relationship?
  • Q2. Have you ever participated in, or do you currently participate in, a formal mentorship program? If so, what is/was it? What was your experience?
  • Q3. What are some informal ways you have mentored, or been mentored by, other library workers?
  • Q4. What are some examples of strong mentorship programs outside of libraries? What can we adapt/change in library mentorship programs?
  • Q5. How can mentorship help surface and transform power structures in library professions?