kinesthetic learning and #critlib

"Tom Bowling"
From Hood’s own, or, Laughter from year to year / by Thomas Hood (1855)

33rd chat, June 2 2015: kinesthetic learning and #critlib

moderated by @Heath_Bears
Storify (pdf, html) by @hrdavis


Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What are some ways you have fostered #critlib hands-on/bodily learning in your library?
  • Q2. How does hands-on/bodily learning bolster #critlib? Where are some areas it is most needed? Where are limitations?
  • Q3. What are some areas in #critlib where we might integrate hands-on/bodily learning? Where are some places it is most needed?
  • Q4. How would hands-on/bodily learning impact other aspects of librarianship? Instruction? How can we bring the body into #critlib?
  • Q5. What is the long term effects/goals of bringing hands-on/bodily learning into #critlib?
  • Q6. How does hands-on/bodily learning challenge established practices of librarianship? #critlib