Kinesthetic Learning & #critlib

Storify of a #critlib chat held on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 @ 6PM, and moderated by @Heath_Bears. For more information about #critlib, including past & future chats, please see

  1. Pre-#critlib announcements

  2. Amidst all the #capal15 tweety goodness, I nearly forgot about tomorrow's #critlib chat, hosted by @Heath_Bears: 
  3. #critlib chat tomorrow, June 2, 8pm eastern, don't miss it! @Heath_Bears on kinesthetic learning and librarianship! 
  4. Just a friendly reminder to #critlib ers- #LISgender course will be facilitating a chat next Tuesday, on feminist contributions in LIS!
  5. And, there's a super interesting topic tonight on kinesthetic/hands-on librarianship #critlib cheat sheet: 
  6. And, just when all seems dark (#burnout) I am reminded that tonight is a #critlib chat on kinesthetic/hands-on libr*nship +++1 #needthisbad
  7. RLT: I'm obviously very ready for tonight's #critlib chat on kinesthetic learning. 
  8. I have my Qs queued up for moderating #critlib but as an introduction I am really interested in how we can bring the body into IL
  9. Also I have Tweetdeck, so I'm ready for the #critlib hijinks to start @ 6pm!
    Also I have Tweetdeck, so I'm ready for the #critlib hijinks to start @ 6pm!
  10. Introductions

  11. Alright! My name is Heath Davis and I am a faculty librarian @TheLWTech in Kirkland, WA. I'll be moderating this evenings #critlib
  12. Hi #critlib, I'm Kelly, outreach and engagement librarian in OR!
  13. Hi @Heath_Bears I'm Donna, also a faculty librarian, @UofSLibrary excited for tonight's #critlib topic #bodilylibrarianship Thx for mod-ing!
  14. Hi, I'm Jessica an LIS prof @PrattSILS. Some of my #LISgender students might be here/lurking/participating tonight, too! #critlib
  15. @jessicahochman @PrattSILS That's fortuitous—thinking gender & embodiment & #critlib reinforce each other in interesting ways. #LISgender
  16. Excited for tonight's #critlib topic, esp after a gr8/sortakinda related presentation by @hannahgr22 and @amlibrarian to FYE instructors
  17. Hi #critlib, I'm Ryan in Bloomington, IN—a lifelong doodler-while-notetaking, but (Q1) haven't incorporated that into library instruction.
  18. @foureyedsoul working on a zine assignment for my fall class using that! #critlib
  19. @kellymce Nice! Zines and sketchnotes seem like a great matchup. I'd love to hear more about it later. #critlib
  20. Hi #critlib! Kevin here, academic instruction librarian in Colorado.
  21. Hiya #critlib! Jenna here, from Nueva York. I'll be mostly out tonight but keeping at least half an eye on the convo. Go @Heath_Bears!
  22. Just so you all know I am librarian-ing as we speak, but it's usually quiet at night. #critlib
  23. I'm Nancy Foasberg from Queens College, CUNY and mostly here to lurk tonight, but excited about it #critlib
  24. Hi, #critlib! I'm Sarah, LIS student. I'm in @jessicahochman's #LISgender class! Will be ducking in & out tonight as dinner is cooked.
  25. Hi #critlib, I'm Max and I'm the author of #LowriderLibrarian. I'm interested in culture, information, knowledge and education. #equity
  26. late to the party! LIS student in Brooklyn. Popping in and out doing homework. #critlib
  27. Hi #critlib Margy MacMillan - faculty/librarian at Mount Royal United in Calgary late to party.
  28. Hi, #critlib! Sorry I'm late. New librarian recently graduated from UIUC here.
  29. Hi #critlib! I'm Amanda, a research/instruction librarian at SCAD in Atlanta. Many of my students are kinesthetic learners.
  30. Q1. What are some ways you have fostered #critlib hands-on/bodily learning in your library?

  31. Q1. What are some ways you have fostered #critlib hands-on/bodily learning in your library?
  32. A1: I have done activities requiring objects (e.g. zines, print journals, archives) or requiring movement (e.g. scan hunt) #critlib
  33. A1- though not as intentionally "hands on" as the reading, I figured out abt a yr ago that incorporating movement = +1 engagement #critlib
  34. @donnarosemary Even simple things like "put these cards in order" or "move into groups" are lo-tech but get ppl in the game. #critlib
  35. @kevinseeber @donnarosemary Oh, I've seen the "go into separate corners if you think the answer is A, B, etc" work well! #critlib
  36. A1: mostly we've done scavenger hunts in lib and interactive citation creation. I'd like to do more! #critlib
  37. A1: bodily component is often tangential to the content (like when I make people find a high five buddy) #critlib
  38. Our classes are 3 hours long, so we gotta move... ;) Students move seats for group work, stand to stick post-its on a tablet, etc. #critlib
  39. A1 I can't speak as librarian but as user I find it helpful to have space to move around at PC desk/table. #critlib
  40. A1 This will be kinda mundane but that's the point right? Turning the damn monitor to the patron @ ref desk & handing over keyboard #critlib
  41. A1: 1 thing I am curious about is how 2 reach very hands on students (like auto or artists). That's why I like this article! #critlib
  42. A1: with many whiteboards, students move between them (brainstorm at 1, then move to the next and build on what that grp had) #critlib
  43. I teach some discussion techniques like barometer (students stand on a line according to agreement with a statement, then discuss) #critlib
  44. @foureyedsoul @kevinseeber @donnarosemary yassss, four corners! Or, put yourselves into a line in order of some kind. #critlib
  45. A1 Especially w/ADHD being able to address restlessness when it happens by pacing/stretching helps me stay on task #critlib
  46. @Gaymerbrarian and this makes me think about how the body and movement is connected to learning #critlib
  47. @Heath_Bears Since I danced, sometimes I find it superhelpful to spatially situate what I'm doing: piles of related notecards/books #critlib
  48. @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian and has them warm up/tap their arms, legs, brains, and "love area" (heart!) to get ready to learn. #critlib
  49. @jessicahochman @Heath_Bears good group component 2 this: everyone doing same thing but in own body, that's very #critlib for group research
  50. @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian yep, a school librarian I know/love does braingym to help kids focus, has them cross L-R 1/2 #critlib
  51. A1 related to my #lt, also inviting students behind the ref desk -- gives them some (physically situated) power in the learning #critlib
  52. The article also has me really excited to try drawing in class. "What does peer review look like?" is on my mind. #critlib
  53. @kevinseeber we did that for a quiz once -- instead of listing components of a theory, illustrate it. Students did *great* #critlib
  54. @kellymce From an assessment perspective, I think it would tell us SO MUCH about what students think and feel about it. #critlib
  55. @kevinseeber it also had the element of surprise -- there was no way for them to just regurgitate from the book. #critlib
  56. A1: given my own need to get up and move around, I like to encourage students to do that if they need to. #critlib
  57. Yea so the article in the readings blew my mind when I 1st read it a few months ago: drawing abstract info concepts! ahhh! #critlib #love
  58. A1: sometimes, just asking students to turn to the person beside or behind them. Or to write by hand on paper. #critlib
  59. @kellymce Yes! Writing by hand, too. So simple! But, seriously, it works! #critlib
  60. I was a camp counselor for 7 summers, so I facilited every group-building game in the book. Wish more "adult" spaces did that stuff #critlib
  61. @fiiidget Seems like it gets watered down with adults, as though we're ashamed to move or to play together. #critlib
  62. @Gaymerbrarian @Heath_Bears "breaking the ice" = "breaking down the silo-ed identities of academia" #critlib
  63. @Heath_Bears @fiiidget I was just gonna say this! huge emphasis on "mind over matter" in academia. we can resist in libraries! #critlib
  64. @fiiidget @Gaymerbrarian @Heath_Bears So much of academia's professionalism & "discipline" has to do with maintaining identities. #critlib
  65. This sounds like A2 tonight! @fiiidget @Heath_Bears #critlib reengaging the whole person in the library space can prepare for other spaces.
  66. A1: everyone's comments lead me to wonder how we might be with students in their hands on work in class #embedded #critlib
  67. .@Gaymerbrarian's tweets remind how important it is to experience the benefits of bodily learning ourselves in order teach it well #critlib
  68. Because, IME, I need to know/experience something in my body myself in order to successfully teach it to others #critlib @Gaymerbrarian
  69. A1 #critlib in one session students find materials in the stacks and create joint map of locations to encourage browsing
  70. @Heath_Bears @margymaclibrary yeah! especially for an FYE/new student, great way to get them to get INTO the library & collaborate #critlib
  71. @Heath_Bears @margymaclibrary also share info! libs know their spaces differently than users. Users sharing info btwn themselves! #critlib
  72. @Gaymerbrarian @Heath_Bears #critlib Phys. books imp. For info design Ss - use lots of visual materials for inspiration
  73. @barnlib #critlib Works well, old school- have transparency they transfer locations to, then make a map online for libguide
  74. Q2: How does hands-on/bodily learning bolster #critlib? Where are some areas it is most needed? Where are limitations?

  75. Q2. How does hands-on/bodily learning bolster #critlib? Where are some areas it is most needed? Where are limitations?
  76. A2 hands-on/bodily learning is *embodied* learning, involves whole self in process: this is #critlib.
  77. A2: recognizing that there are many ways of knowing is one, can be overly subtle... #critlib
  78. A 2 I think it allows for people to have different ways to acquire and express "knowledge" #critlib
  79. A2 Developing a pedagogy to enhance student engagement is at the core of #critlib, IMO. If movement does that, we need to incorporate it.
  80. A2 Also sometimes gets people to work collaboratively - and that always takes work but can be rewarding and critical. #critlib
  81. A2: so, I have a convoluted story from middle school. I went to a hippie public school, w/mix of keeners + last stop problem kids #critlib
  82. a2: there was a kid in my class who had all kinds of trouble in the classroom, but did great on field trips. #critlib
  83. A2: and one time, he helped save this duck that had some plastic stuck on its leg. He was cussing all over, but he made it work. #critlib
  84. A2: so, I think of that kid a lot, and how he was good at lots of things I sucked at. As a teacher, I need to teach to that kid. #critlib
  85. A2: because kids like me already know how to be rewarded in school. #critlib
  86. @kellymce yes, and there are instances in lib instruction work (and edn generally) where students really excel #critlib
  87. A2 I think it can be useful if students are frustrated or bored by the traditional/non-movement activities too... #critlib
  88. A2: a "whole person" approach to lib necessarily includes the body, and not just information about the body. #critlib
  89. This makes me think of a tweeted slide from #capal15 re: information as being in-formed, formed inwardly #critlib 
  90. A2 Limitations: I wonder how it would be facilitated for distance learners. Not saying it couldn't, just imagining difficulties. #critlib
  91. @foureyedsoul good question/answer! what about video or documenting movement? #critlib
  92. some of the limitations I see around bodily learning in #critlib is the educational system.
  93. @Heath_Bears Oh, right!!! That could be a bit like the "photo ethnographies" I've read about from @DonnaLanclos, @aasher & others. #critlib
  94. @foureyedsoul Yeah, I've tried to use tech to mimic in-class activities. Didn't work. Tech is good for other stuff, maybe not this. #critlib
  95. @foureyedsoul @Heath_Bears #selfie studies? But I feel like could go further. If video, time can be put into preparation. #critlib
  96. @kevinseeber @foureyedsoul I think having activities students do, then reflect on, can be one way. #critlib
  97. @margymaclibrary @foureyedsoul do you mean doing an info exploration exercise at home or in their personal space? #critlib
  98. @Heath_Bears @foureyedsoul #critlib Either or both.. Could be phys. drawing mental model of info, or exploring info srcs in their space
  99. @Heath_Bears @margymaclibrary @foureyedsoul both! oh, even IRL learners could do this: create "record" of their info environment. #critlib
  100. @Gaymerbrarian @foureyedsoul @Heath_Bears #critlib can't remember where, but saw a lib. w/photo contest"what does your research look like?"
  101. I'm working through some thoughts about physical disability and our #critlib topic tonight... I wonder if it's more or less accessible?
  102. @Gaymerbrarian oh please say more on this... my gut says bodily learning can be a huge relief for those w/ invis disabilities... #critlib
  103. @Gaymerbrarian Great question! I would aim for bodily learning to be inclusive of physical disability. #critlib
  104. @Gaymerbrarian @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears Maybe prep is mentally prepping for limited mobility & taking cues from the students? #critlib
  105. @Gaymerbrarian @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears eg Giving extra time if someone wants to move, or asking what group they're in if can't? #critlib
  106. @foureyedsoul @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears I'm just worried about putting onus on person to direct, rather than instructor prepping #critlib
  107. @Gaymerbrarian @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears Important worry. Maybe if it's a visible thing (wheelchair), ask student before class? #critlib
  108. @foureyedsoul @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears def rathr than "onthespot" but even broadr "nxt week were moving. anything I should kno?" #critlib
  109. @Gaymerbrarian @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears Yeah. I'm imagining the standard "show up for a 1 shot" scenario here. Maybe mobility… #critlib
  110. @Gaymerbrarian @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears …& other disability concerns should be standard practice to ask about before 1 shots. #critlib
  111. @foureyedsoul @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears doesn't even have to be 1 shot - inform/ask @ beginning of semester that plans exist #critlib
  112. @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian @donnarosemary Yes. It's astounding (but not surprising) how many of these things are complementary. #critlib
  113. @donnarosemary definitely! I have done many expeditions like that as activities. #critlib
  114. @donnarosemary @Heath_Bears space involves less "beforetime" prep, so maybe have plans for flexibility in lesson implementation? #critlib
  115. @Gaymerbrarian ...but also open to the possibility this isn't true for all #critlib and of course what of phys disability?
  116. @Gaymerbrarian Agreed. Was thinking about how much of this is ableist. Lots to consider. #critlib
  117. @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian sometimes describing your context, placing your body in space, can acknowledge all kinds of difference. #critlib
  118. @Gaymerbrarian this reminds me of the time I wanted to take a sledgehammer to my ref desk bc a student w/wheels couldn't fit behind #critlib
  119. @donnarosemary @Gaymerbrarian i've had the same issues with ref desk work. I'd like a mobile setup scaleable to context #critlib
  120. @kevinseeber @Gaymerbrarian I was thinking the same thing. I imagine whether ableist wld vary on the specifics of accommodations #critlib
  121. @foureyedsoul @kevinseeber @Gaymerbrarian yes, and how to go beyond "accommodation" and really make it inclusive from beginning #critlib
  122. @SarahCrissinger @kevinseeber @Gaymerbrarian Absolutely! I was thinking of an interpreter, since I'm most used to Deaf issues #critlib
  123. @Gaymerbrarian Right, just the consideration is important starting place. Definitely doesn't have to be. #critlib
  124. Some limitations that hinder movement is the particular classroom setup I have to work with. It's small/the furniture is immobile. #critlib
  125. @jessicahochman @Heath_Bears this is a really good point: acknowledging physicality, whatever it is, can help ownership of ability #critlib
  126. @jessicahochman And actually this makes me think of a neat way to incorp into distance ed 1/2 #critlib @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian
  127. @jessicahochman A discussion prompt where students describe the space/place they are posting from 2/2 #critlib @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian
  128. Q3: What are some areas in #critlib where we might integrate hands-on/bodily learning? Where are some places it is most needed?

  129. Q3. What are some areas in #critlib where we might integrate hands-on/bodily learning? Where are some places it is most needed?
  130. @foureyedsoul That is a good question re: distance learners. I'd be interested if anyone has tackled that #critlib
  131. Really interested in how others are using hands-on/ bodily learning in critical lib inst classroom #critlib
  132. A3: I think issues of organization of information are a natural fit for spatial/visual activities. #critlib
  133. @kellymce my brain's exploding over here with visualizations of how this could play out...let's create a LC shelf in our subject! #critlib
  134. @kellymce and maybe getting learners to think about that structure in a physical way (and question it) #critlib
  135. @Heath_Bears @kellymce literally how I did an OrgInfo assnmnt: notecards with index terms played with is-a/part-whole relationships #critlib
  136. @Gaymerbrarian @kellymce i like this because it facilitates movement. still curious how to get students 2 play w/ that org from #critlib POV
  137. @Heath_Bears @Gaymerbrarian @kellymce yep, and looking at our different POVs also challenges objective notions of truth. #critlib
  138. @jessicahochman @Heath_Bears @kellymce I think just asking questions about organization: not always alphabetical or DD or LoC #critlib
  139. A3: also, I keep thinking about queer community libraries, the importance of going to those places to find information/community. #critlib
  140. A3 (still catching up here) Wondering what hands on learning would like for schol com processes and the physicality of our systems #critlib
  141. @SarahCrissinger Zines are even a great ex here... a form of self publication, often bc opressive or broken SC systems #critlib
  142. A3: I'd like to create more field trips, or experiential assignments as part of a flipped classroom. #critlib
  143. Q4: How would hands-on/bodily learning impact other aspects of librarianship? How can we bring the body into #critlib?

  144. Q4. How would hands-on/bodily learning impact other aspects of librarianship? Instruction? How can we bring the body into #critlib?
  145. A4: I could see this impacting collection development too (and other areas of lib) #critlib
  146. I do a lot of pre-search mind-mapping exercises, with giant post-its and group efforts. Moving def bolsters #critlib during instruction.
  147. Take book closest to you, open to random page & read the 3rd line thing comes to mind, cheesy, but facilitates mvmt & engagement. #critlib
  148. @fiiidget it's true! Social media memes can be a form of learning and engagement if we only let them. #critlib
  149. Also, when students get into their bodies, drawing, sharing w/ their peers they're less concerned with being "right or wrong" #critlib
  150. I think @kellymce and other zine librarians can see how the lib might bring body in cuz of collab space and hands on zine work #critlib
  151. .@Heath_Bears yeah! Places to make stuff! #critlib I guess you could call that a makerspace, if you wanted.
  152. @kellymce the lib could literally be a physical/body-based space #critlib
  153. @Heath_Bears @kellymce I heartily call any lo-fi making of a thing a makerspace. Crafting & drawing are definitely making. #critlib
  154. @foureyedsoul @Heath_Bears @kellymce I like when hi & lo fi are present; begs consideration of both as knowldg creation + ephemeral #critlib
  155. Not to mention zine content. Everybody trace a menstrual pad pattern! #critlib Also, one-page folding-zines. 
  156. @donnarosemary #critlib That's how the mapping exercise started.. Taking them in to find by browsing
  157. Q5: What is the long term effects/goals of bringing hands-on/bodily learning into #critlib?

  158. Eeeep! Two more Qs! Q5. What is the long term effects/goals of bringing hands-on/bodily learning into #critlib?
  159. A5: adds to holistic learning. not everyone is a brain/theory thinker, but this is what gets privileged. #critlib
  160. A5 Feelings of comfort and familiarity for the learner/researcher when occupying research processes and spaces #critlib #amimakingsense?
  161. @donnarosemary recognizing how information arrangement and function is extension of body? #critlib
  162. A fun object to bring into class is catalog cards-draw/write on them. Make a nifty slideshow w/ them after.  #critlib
  163. Q5 In ess, inclusivity bc ppl learn most eff in dif ways + Enabling stud to explore iss firsthand inst of being lectured about them #critlib
  164. A5 part 2: because, by incorporating their bodies in the learning process, their bodies have had hospitality extended to them #critlib
  165. @Heath_Bears A5 #critlib association of IL with endorphins, invoking of curiosity through reflection on experiencing info in a new way
  166. @margymaclibrary so how can i get my students to be terrified so they will learn IL? let's do IL over a cliff? #critlib
  167. @Heath_Bears #critlib - meant happy exercise endorphins, not thrill based ones...but sometimes have used friendly competition...
  168. @margymaclibrary i know. I just thought it was funny. Medina links fear/stress with damaging ability to learn #critlib
  169. A5- Thinking about how much of this discussion of making stuff plays into metaliteracy in the #acrlframework? #critlib
  170. @kevinseeber this is a really good point and ties in with empowering student as a creator of knowledge but other things as well #critlib
  171. @SarahCrissinger Yup! Breaks down barriers and shows them they are a part of it. #critlib
  172. A5 long term effect: allowing students to experience info-seeking process differently, finding more strategies that work for them #critlib
  173. A5 Come to think of it, I think there is a strong connection between bodily learning and hospitality #critlib #ideastomarinatein
  174. @Heath_Bears A5 #critlib Recognizing that space and place are part of context... Body in space IS information
  175. .@margymaclibrary @Heath_Bears literally, can be data, & makerspaces/data visualization can show that! #critlib
  176. A5 People quickly forget what they've written down, but learning they've linked to their bodies might stick w/them much longer. #critlib
  177. @Heath_Bears That's an excellent question. I was writing more anecdotally/from my experience. Anyone else have citations handy? #critlib
  178. @Heath_Bears @foureyedsoul #critlib Often encourage students to do body based mnemonics Count of on fingers PINCH for citation 1/2
  179. @Heath_Bears @foureyedsoul #critlib 2/2 Punct. Ital. Numbers. Capitals. HangingIndent backed up with small self-pinch
  180. A5: LT goals for more bodily learning=more engaged learners, excitement, confidence boost, break notions of library being stagnant. #critlib
  181. Q6: How does hands-on/bodily learning challenge established practices of librarianship? #critlib

  182. Last question: Q6. How does hands-on/bodily learning challenge established practices of librarianship? #critlib
  183. A6: I'd say it can get messy, esp if we are asking learners to challenge org/systems of knowledge #critlib
  184. A6: It challenges it bc we spend little/no time in lib school on #diverselearning styles; we really need to address many at once. #critlib
  185. @AcornElectric i think of organizing as a physical activity that facilitates ease of access here #critlib #stackingCDs
  186. @margymaclibrary this is actually my favorite thing #critlib breaks down "holiness" of lib space into something users can actually use
  187. .@Gaymerbrarian @margymaclibrary or it redefines/reclaims "holy" as embodied and messy (in the liberating not chaotic sense) #critlib
  188. A6 LIS is very document-oriented, so it's challenging—and very rewarding—to practice more in terms of bodies, learners & actions. #critlib
  189. @foureyedsoul i think about this a lot, esp in how info is recorded and how it is exp'd by diff learners. #ferguson comes to mind. #critlib
  190. @Heath_Bears Definitely. Btw growing up at a school for the Deaf & skating/biking, I'm attuned to what I learn via sound/movement. #critlib
  191. @Heath_Bears I've no clue if that's part of what makes me have empathy & concern for others' ways of knowing, but I'd imagine so. #critlib
  192. @foureyedsoul this is a question i think about all the time. the info/knowledge learning of privilege and oppression. #critlib
  193. @Heath_Bears Oh, to clarify: I'm hearing & always have been. I lived on the campus of a school for the Deaf bc my dad worked there #critlib
  194. @Heath_Bears Sadly, it's usually the one that poses the fewest challenges to & for those already established as the authorities. #critlib
  195. @foureyedsoul yes, and i'd like to know how we can make the leap from info that is known to info that is felt. topic for another #critlib
  196. @Heath_Bears Oh, that would be stellar. I'll keep thinking about that. Great #critlib idea for a chat or just in general.
  197. @foureyedsoul it's a topic that is covered in cult studies (love epistemologies), but i don't see it covered anywhere else #critlib
  198. Didn't think til now but probably something to be said about masculine mind/feminine body in privilege of knowledge creation #critlib
  199. @Gaymerbrarian Definitely. Ethnicity, too—many have written about embodiments seen as "excesses" that impede "universal" insights. #critlib
  200. Goodbyes

  201. I hafta go shut down my library y'all! Yay for a fab #critlib! Thanks @Heath_Bears for modding!
  202. Thanks for #critlib discussion. Remembering to be embodied is something I'm not good at, so I've learned a lot here.
  203. @nfoasberg not to mention the very bodily exp i have when a learner challenges me on what i know. #sweatingbullets #critlib
  204. .@nfoasberg remembering to be embodied, take care of my body, be present in a space, all of these things! We can do it together B) #critlib
  205. Great job, @Heath_Bears! I will also be moderating #critlib for 1st time in a few weeks and you've given me something to aspire to!
  206. Thanks @Heath_Bears! Such a great discussion + lots to revisit! Tune in next week, folks! #LISgender students will be modding!! #critlib
  207. @margymaclibrary Thank you too! Thanks for being gentle with me for my first time! #critlib
  208. Thanks for the chats, #critlib! This gives me more to think about as I work on my lesson plans w/framework.
  209. "I think you've just got to find something you love to do, then do it for the rest of your life." #mantra #critlib