feminist contributions in LIS

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34th chat, June 9 2015: feminist contributions in LIS

moderated by @fiiidget@g_q_amy@ghislane@dinahhandel
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Topic: This #critlib chat is one of the class projects in Pratt SILS LIS 697 Gender and Intersectionality in LIS. The moderators and students are: Sarah (@fiiidget), Amy (@g_q_amy), Bianca (@ghislane), and Dinah (@dinahhandel). The course is taught by Jessica Hochman (@jessicahochman), and we’ve added our syllabus under the suggested readings for this chat. We’ve also been using the hashtag #LISgender to discuss our readings and related content on Twitter.

Suggested readings:

Discussion questions:

  • Intros: Please introduce yourself. If you’d like, please share your approach to feminism using text, links, or other methods!
  • Q1: Do you feel like librarianship is a feminized (or racialized) profession? Does that impact how you do/feel about your job?
  • Q2: What categorical binaries (i.e., public/private; insider/outsider) exist in LIS work? When do you notice them? What are their implications?
  • Q3: [In our course we’ve discussed intersectionality (where two or more -isms meet) in LIS.] How have you seen identity categories intersect in your work with colleagues, patrons or general LIS practice?
  • Q4: What interventions have you/do you want to implement in your LIS practice that were influenced by critiquing/rethinking current practices?