#critlib chat: feminist contributions in LIS

This #critlib chat is one of the class projects in Pratt SILS LIS 697 Gender and Intersectionality in LIS. The moderators and students are: Sarah (@fiiidget), Amy (@g_q_amy), Bianca (@ghislane), and Dinah (@dinahhandel). The course is taught by Jessica Hochman (@jessicahochman), and we’ve added our syllabus under the suggested readings for this chat. We’ve also been using the hashtag #LISgender to discuss our readings and related content on Twitter.

  1. Hi #critlib! Please introduce yourself & if you’d like, share your approach to feminism using text, links, or other methods!
  2. I'm Sarah LIS student @PrattSILS, and one of the moderators for tonight's chat! I'll have Qs 1&2, and then turn it over to @g_q_amy #critlib
  3. Hi #critlib! Kevin here, academic instruction librarian in Colorado.
  4. The subject for tonight's #critlib, btw, is "Feminist contributions in LIS" & @jessicahochman's #LISgender class is co-moderating!
  5. hi #critlib. kyle, mls candidate indiana university. white cishet dude. my feminism is sit down, shut up, listen most of the time.
  6. HI #critlib! I'm, Dinah, student in my last class for my MLS! Part of @jessicahochman's class.
  7. This is Jenna tweeting for the Barnard Library with a lot of love for @jessicahochman's #LISgender class. #critlib
  8. Hi, Shana in So. Cal. Participating partially as I attend to domestic duties. ;-) #critlib
  9. Hi #critlib! I'm a prof @PrattSILS. To me, feminism is a critical questioning of the performance of gender.
  10. Hello everyone! Baharak from Vancouver, BC in and out on my commute home. #critlib #westcoast
  11. Hi #critlib! Research & Learning Librarian (& now officially Instruction Coordinator :-D) at U of AZ. Wishing I had #criticalpotato snacks
  12. Hi #critlib, I'm an outreach and engagement librarian in OR, and my name is Kelly. Thanks to #lisgender for tonight's chat!
  13. hi all, this is bianca from @jessicahhochman 's #LISgender class at Pratt SILS! #critlib
  14. #CritLib -- I'm with @kshockey04 , approach is to 1. listen 2. think / reflect 3. listen more
  15. And #feminism is also a practice enabled by and instantiated through inquiry. #critlib
  16. Approach to feminism is intersectional, non-judgemental, and critical of power... and lots of other things! #critlib
  17. Hi #critlib! I'm Jen, archivist at a LGBTQ community archive in CA!
  18. Hey #critlib! Joyce here, LIS student at Simmons. First critlib convo!
  19. Hi #critlib, I'm Angela, an instructional services librarian at a small univ in GA.
  20. And @g_q_amy! also in my reference class lo these many semesters ago! #critlib
  21. Hi #critlib, I'm Jim, academic librarian and digital projects coordinator from New York State.
  22. for me it's essential that feminism ALWAYS be intersectional and not just a singular vision #critlib
  23. Hi #critlib! I'm Sveta in Illinois; just finished library school & am super jealous of you all in the class. :P
  24. Hi #critlib! I'm Amy the other moderator for tonight's chat. I'm also a student @PrattSILS and in the #LISgender class.
  25. Great point!! RT @ghislane for me it's essential that feminism ALWAYS be intersectional and not just a singular vision #critlib
  26. Also, I'll say that fellow feminist librarians always inspire me, and I'm so glad to be surrounded by so many! #critlib
  27. Hi #critlib, Maura (Smale) here, academic librarian at City Tech, CUNY in Brooklyn (and @PrattSILS alum!)
  28. uggggh annual statistics reporting has me trapped for my last hour of work tonight--will only be lurking on #LISgender #critlib tonight :-(
  29. Question 1: Do you feel like librarianship is a feminized (or racialized) profession? Does that impact how you do/feel about your job?
  30. Q1: Do you feel like librarianship is a feminized (or racialized) profession? Does that impact how you do/feel about your job? #critlib
  31. & like @DinahHandel i highly value critique of power through feminist lens; my own and the power around me. #critlib
  32. Hi #critlib, I'm Ryan, finishing up an MLS @iuils. My feminism tends toward intersectional & gender or queer studies.
  33. Echoing @jessicahochman: feminism for me is capacity to critique & trouble systems of gender that limit freedom/life chances. #critlib
  34. @barnlib indeed! Without @DinahHandel's research and dedication, this class would be but a dream! #critlib
  35. tbh many of my feminist library heroes are in the feed right now. #critlib
  36. @kshockey04 Now I feel like I want a #deweycrit #critlib! All, Lisa here from UIUC, info lit and strategic planning coordinator. Plus, prof
  37. A1: librarianship is certainly a feminized profession to me, and particularly a racialized one #critlib
  38. howdy, #critlib! i'm an instruction librarian in texas
  39. For me, feminism is both an internal & external struggle w/ identity & place. Im trying to hard to keep learning all the time. #critlib
  40. Oh, also, in case anyone is looking for the link for the Qs and readings for tonight's #critlib, here!  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx 
  41. Hello, #critlib. Barbara, here, on sabbatical from a small liberal arts college library in Minnesota. (What an awesome-looking syllabus.)
  42. A1 librarianship is definitely gendered in a lot of ways.... emotional/affective labor is one component we've discussed #critlib
  43. as a black girl who has worked at many libraries behind many different desks, i don't "look the part" of a research librarian #critlib
  44. A1: Yes. both female-intensive profession and as a profession perceived as having “feminine” qualities, primarily service-oriented. #critlib
  45. A1: I value many of those perceived “feminine” values: providing guidance, teaching, empathy, holistic thinking…#critlib
  46. A1 Definitely gendered & racialized! It's a prof dominated by nice white women who look like me. Challenge is to disrupt this. #critlib
  47. Hiya, #critlib! Excited to actually show up for once. #feminism for me is critique and questioning of hierarchies connected with gender.
  48. A1: the stats from ALA say a lot -- many personal experiences jive with that overall white lady demographic and identity, #critlib
  49. a1: I think undoubtedly. always reminded of Garrison & the "genteel library hostess" as legacy of our professionalism. #critlib
  50. A1 I think @ginaschless does a great job of outlining this gendered racial profession in her PPT we've included in the readings! #critlib
  51. I'd say, (A1:) yes, it's a very feminized profession, and that image kept me from pursuing it for a long time, sadly. #critlib
  52. A1 both, & definitely can feel it in some interactions with faculty and students, how we're perceived on campus & in the public #critlib
  53. A1: is *anything* in our "post-racial" "post-feminist" world *not* racialized and feminized? #critlib
  54. Yo #critlib I'm Jeremy, academic librarian in northeast PA. mostly lurking tonight -super interested in this discussion.
  55. For me, feminism is all about stepping back and giving a listen to other voices. #critlib
  56. Librarian and poet based in Seattle here! First time actually joining in live. #critlib
  57. A1 I also think about stereotypes- librarians are often posed as white ladies who love cats and books and cardigans #critlib
  58. A1 emotional labor can be particularly challenging for me at work since race will inevitably affect how people percieve me #critlib
  59. Hey #critlib Im a social science and GWS librarian out in Seattle. Participating from my commute on the bus.
  60. The library profession is dominated in *numbers* by middle-aged white ladies (many of them rad as hell), but men still dominate. #critlib
  61. @edrabinski ask me about the girl in college who told my friend I "looked like a librarian." She didn't mean it in a nice way. #critlib
  62. A1 And the way we are percieved has implications on services we can provide... #critlib
  63. A1: In addition to being mostly white ladies, libship defined as a "service" profession, which manifests as a gendered position. #critlib
  64. @edrabinski dominated is an interesting word here when the stats are that admins disproportionately male? #critlib
  65. @ghislane emotional labor is such a big part of lib work, and is itself such a feminized and racialized thing #critlib
  66. A1 Think both are true. Manifests itself in the form of profession being viewed for how we can serve others, not for who we are. #critlib
  67. A1 Definitely both feminized & racialized (distinctly middle-class whiteness). #critlib
  68. Thoughts on feminism lately, trying to understand the vehemence of its opponents. Also ^^ my awareness of my white feminist pov #critlib
  69. What are some good definitions of "feminize" and "racialize"?? #critlib @fiiidget
  70. Sounds like me! MT @DinahHandel A1 I think abt stereotypes- librarians are posed as white ladies who love cats, books & cardigans #critlib
  71. A1 when thinking of library instruction, gendered expectations of librarianship pigeonhole us in one-shot service models (IMO) #critlib
  72. A1 -- as @barnlib points out, who are the directors, the CIOs and Vice Presidents? #CritLib
  73. A1.1 In addition to what others have said, this increases the # of parapro positions in libraries. (Economic feminization.) #critlib
  74. A1 The white female stereotype definitely impacts my work. I have to try REALLY hard not to be brushed off as 'traditional' #critlib
  75. a1.2: like @edrabinski my lateral colleagues are also mostly white women and i get the dude cookie sometimes. it is not good. #critlib
  76. #critlib This tension between nice and activist has run right through our history (at least in the US). http://t.co/gs66R3yDuO
    #critlib This tension between nice and activist has run right through our history (at least in the US). pic.twitter.com/gs66R3yDuO
  77. I see expansions & balances thru latest trends in libr transformations (e.g. The Maker Movement) but largely feminized. #critlib @shiggin
  78. A1 yes feminized, yes quite white, yes impacts how others see my work and how I do as well, #wealldrankfromthesamewell #critlib
  79. @bembrarian @fiiidget this is not a definition, but verb stresses that it's ongoing process #critlib
  80. Who said at #capal15 that the punk white lady has replaced shushing white lady? #critlib
  81. A1: A way on my campus that librarianship is feminized is that we're looked on only as support for the school or faculty. #critlib
  82. Question 2: What categorical binaries (i.e., public/private; insider/outsider) exist in LIS work? When do you notice them? What are their implications?
  83. Q2: What categorical binaries exist in LIS work? When do you notice them? What are their implications? #critlib
  84. a1.3 it shows up all the time in microtransactions - i am less asked for soft help ref tasks and more asked for tech help. #critlib
  85. @foureyedsoul Absolutely. Although for some librarianship is entrance to middle-class-ness #critlib
  86. So how does that dynamic change for those of us w/ credit bearing courses? I do few one-shots b/c of my class #critlib @pumpedlibrarian
  87. @CUDJOE70  http://qub.me/onTArb  check out this article about librarianship and academic scholarhsip, relevant to that statement #critlib
  88. @kshockey04 yep, great point. I'd say microaggressions also fuel the feminization/stereotype proliferation in the field. #critlib
  89. A2 gender binary (or the need for this binary) is all over LIS #critlib
  90. oh man. this is literally a part of our education. this is the purpose of representation and organization #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/608442361757200387 
  91. @LibrarianAngie @pumpedlibrarian are they required courses? Is the course designator within the library? Does yer dept get the $ #critlib
  92. @LibrarianAngie I do few one-shots, too. Librarian educator vs librarian service-provider perceptions #critlib.
  93. A2 I think about gender binary a lot... esp in thinking about access to lib for trans people #critlib
  94. A2: (Or maybe Q2.5) Is it even possible to begin to eliminate binaries from LIS (or our lives?) #critlib
  95. @jessicahochman heartily cosigned. especially here in the male professor-female librarian transaction. #critlib
  96. Who knew? MT @kshockey04: a1.3 it shows up in microtransactions-I am less asked for soft help ref tasks & more asked for tech help. #critlib
  97. A2 capitalist system/librarian as capitulator of capitalist system (buyer of $$$, exclusive information for starts) #critlib
  98. Really basic, but the whole "librarian" vs. "patron" mentality really gets under my skin. "Us" vs. "Them" is daily conversation. #critlib
  99. A2 So much of our lives are regulated by this ultimately arbitrary and flux categorization #critlib
  100. A2 we're talking about gender binaries, but public/academic stands out for me. Affects how I perform. #critlib
  101. A2 i think the challenge is to work against the "need" for binaries in LIS? we're so used to categorizing everything #critlib
  102. In fact, making those categories means we can be aware of them and their power. One of the best parts of being a librarian. #critlib
  103. A2: I work in metadata...much of the work is crushing identities and group pegs into square holes #CritLib
  104. A1: def is, and i wanna say it doesn't affect how I do my job, then I remember it's not just how I feel but others' perceptions #critlib
  105. A2- Coming from acad perspective, librarian v. staff, faculty v. non-faculty, tenure track v. non-tenure track. #critlib
  106. A2 traditional/non-traditional. Sooo not productive. Value what works! No matter how old/new. #critlib
  107. LIS isn't isolated - it's part of humanities & social sciences in academia, which have also become feminized (arguably) #critlib
  108. @kevinseeber in academic libraries, insider/outsider seems to be a big one. Those who have highly specified knowledge vs not. #critlib
  109. A1 - Yes but the more I move into the tech/digital side of libs the more it's white and male. #critlib
  110. @kellymce @pumpedlibrarian Those factors make a big diff. Our dept gets some $, not req but in the core... #critlib
  111. A2: authority of information is often presented as a binary. #critlib
  112. @AllisonJaiODell #critlib Traditional vs. Non-Traditional is a subconscious factor in most convos I have with other librarians.
  113. @AllisonJaiODell each generation wants to reinvent the wheel it seems. @kshockey04 has thoughts about this... #critlib
  114. @shiggin Certainly. I mention class bc of the comportment & discourses that come along w/ that (I'm not being prescriptive). #critlib
  115. A2: some binaries are hard vs. soft skills, librarian vs. technologist, public vs. technical service. I want to SMASH THEM ALL. #critlib
  116. @kellymce @pumpedlibrarian Allows me to function more as faculty, less as helper, affects power dynamics #critlib
  117. I think we come into being via categories. We must name selves to find each other. Libship = being analytic/critical abt that. #critlib
  118. @AllisonJaiODell #critlib I do wonder if I enact certain prejudice to certain librarians for not being progressive enough.
  119. @jessicahochman Right! To me, public services v. technical services is a proxy for that binary of specialization. #critlib
  120. @edrabinski are there enough terms to 'name' each other and ourselves correctly? what's the benefit of adhering to categories (1/2) #critlib
  121. @fiiidget More emphasis on role as educator, less expectation of "being helpful" or "being nice" #critlib
  122. @ginaschless all this talk of feminization, whiteness and service makes me think of your lady bountiful work #critlib
  123. @edrabinski I love that point. The trick is, we have to be able to name ourselves, not just be named. #critlib
  124. @edrabinski (2/2) when so much of radical librarianship is trying to undo harmful aggressive categorization of so many things? #critlib
  125. A2 "serious" researcher vs "all other" researchers. This affects how we design all of our systems, digital & otherwise. #critlib
  126. Also, hi, Elise here, research data & metadata queer feminist type person. #critlib
  127. A2: I also think of back of house (cataloging, acqu) and front (ILI, outreach, access svcs) #critlib
  128. to take the lib science foundational bent: the binary is male : moral text selection :: female : preparatory "house"work #critlib
  129. A2 ... And on that note, cataloging/metadata ... And anything techie is read as male, or male-appropriate. #critlib
  130. A2 maybe the binary of theory/practice also something to trouble... esp in LIS education #critlib
  131. Do you see gendered (or other identity) binaries manifesting themselves in the way labor is divided within your workplace? #critlib
  132. the whole point of creating LIS education was to train white women for cheap manual labor so that men could make moral decisions. #critlib
  133. melvil dewey says as much, consistently in his writing. #critlib
  134. @AllisonJaiODell #critlib I totally agree. Probably due in part to tech industry historically male?
  135. @edrabinski This is great! Also, the point at which we start to experience categories as fixed/given is a great entry into critique #critlib
  136. A2 Whole "Librarian" vs "data scientist" imaginary. Support vs researcher (esp remedial "skills" vs cutting-edge publishing). #critlib
  137. are ppl saying tech services is gendered masculine and public services feminine? I alwys thought both were equally gendered fem. #critlib
  138. @DinahHandel Agreed! Also in journals...have seen some that brand themselves as "pragmatic" like that's in opposition to theory. #critlib
  139. @barnlib I see this professional v. para / facutly v. staff at play in academic libraries more than gendered binaries #critlib
  140. Yep. When Dean is away, those put in temporary charge are male #critlib
  141. @kshockey04 women doing the reproductive labor that makes the "real work" possible. Dichotomy even in feminized professions!! #critlib
  142. @ibeilin Stereotype I'm familiar w/ is that the few male librarians are all in tech services area (or admin) #critlib
  143. #critlib In some ways, being of service, being supportive in an increasingly competitive academy might be ... subversive of power?
  144. @LibrarianAngie interesting - not in my experience, either in lib school or at workplaces #critlib
  145. Thx Melv. MT @kshockey04 the PT of creating LIS Ed. was to train white women for cheap labor so that men cd make moral decisions. #critlib
  146. @barnlib If I had a $ for every "too much theory" course eval I get, I could pay all the ones that say too much practice back. #critlib
  147. @kshockey04 For the millionth time, can I make a plea that librarians dump Dewey as our "mascot"? Such a creep! #critlib
  148. #critlib I know it makes us perceived as less powerful, with less indiv. agency, but individualism is kinda messed up.
  149. @elisedunham @DinahHandel Yes! As if theory has nothing to do w/ practice, and vice versa. As if they're not already inseparable. #critlib
  150. @LibrarianAngie yeah, I guess that's more the norm. I can't judge from the few libs I've worked in #critlib
  151. LRT: I also think there's subversive power in being ignored, irrelevant, per Eisenhower & Smith in Critical Library Instruction. #critlib
  152. @fiiidget Definitely see the gender binaries others have mentioned on the IT/pub services & administrator/front line arenas (1/2) #critlib
  153. @pumpedlibrarian @ibeilin @LibrarianAngie But we were not allowed to hire our own tech folks because that's another (male-run) dept #critlib
  154. Question 3: [In our course we’ve discussed intersectionality (where two or more -isms meet) in LIS.] How have you seen identity categories intersect in your work with colleagues, patrons or general LIS practice?
  155. Q3. When you interact with patrons and co-workers, how does your identity interact with your identity as an LIS professional? #critlib (1/2)
  156. Q3. How do patrons' identities influence your work? #critlib (2/2)
  157. @LibrarianAngie I've always thought of the cataloger stereotype (latter day) as being one of the notorious feminized stereotypes #critlib
  158. @fiiidget But also see those binaries reflected in which tasks tend to get assigned to which committee members. (2/2) #critlib
  159. A2.1 Cheekily: introvert/ extrovert. dog/cat. tattooed/straight-laced. e-pub/ paper. hipster/awkward. s/z. (I dislike binaries.) #critlib
  160. @bfister @ibeilin @LibrarianAngie sadly true, pretty sure our tech svcs dept all women, but IT & "serious" tech stuff all/most men #critlib
  161. A3 oops i kind of touched on this...! young, black, with a nose ring & natural hair means i am "less informed" than coworkers #critlib
  162. THIS! #critlib I've seen numerous instances of authority from male-run IT departments. Anti-collaborative.  https://twitter.com/bfister/status/608445745239367681 
  163. @g_q_amy Some people expect black women in libs 2 be parapros. If you are a lib., they wonder (sometimes out loud) how you got in. #critlib
  164. SMASH MT @bfister But not allowed to hire our own tech folks bc that's another (male-run) dept #critlib
  165. Q3. Part of being a good librarian is getting on a patron's level. Thinking about their context as a research #critlib
  166. @shaundrawalker @g_q_amy YES what the hell! so many times people have asked to speak to someone else instead of me #critlib
  167. @ginaschless Yep. And the only libs with supervisory duties are male in a small lib. #critlib
  168. Q3 #critlib I often see my relatively free-spirited self at odds with my "be professional and distanced" LIS self.
  169. I mean, now that I run a queer archive, my QWOC id is pretty tied up in every single thing I do at work. #critlib  https://twitter.com/g_q_amy/status/608445791485702144 
  170. @nora_almeida important to also not make them feel like THEY are your project... sometimes patrons get prickly bc (1/2) #critlib
  171. a3: i am seen as an authority any time i am behind a desk. my colleagues who are experts are ignored bc of my white male apperance. #critlib
  172. A3: I feel like there can be pressure to take "identities" out of the equation in LIS, which is counterproductive and hurtful. #critlib
  173. A3 I try to think about privilege, bc I have it, when working with patrons. Never want to be a barrier to accessing knowledge. #critlib
  174. A3 I was queerer at Sarah Lawrence College's refdesk than I am at LIU's. Which is interesting to me. #critlib
  175. @nora_almeida (2/2) bc they don't want to feel like they are being DIRECTLY schooled or taught and that theyre below you #critlib
  176. @jenlabarbera my diss advisor told me "all research is me-search". All my research q's are somehow a search for myself, too. #critlib
  177. @fiiidget Yes! Our subjectivities are so important, inform our lives. We should encourage the way they inform our work #critlib
  178. A3 #critlib not sure how to answer this. I know people wouldn't pick me out of a lineup as the director, though.
  179. A3 & a problem of hiring only ppl who look like me: "I was talking to a white lady, she had classes...?" #critlib
  180. Q3 #critlib Fortunately I am often mistaken for a student while standing behind the Circ/Ref desks.
  181. @ghislane Very true. I've seen a lot of librarians assume knowledge about patrons. Not be able to see outside their own bubble. #critlib
  182. @DinahHandel @fiiidget great point! Intersubjectivity seems important, too, since we work in relation. #critlib
  183. A3 As I move more into discussing soc justice, racial bias in media, etc in class, learning to discuss it more explicitly #critlib
  184. A3 can there can be a tension between staying true to your own values/honoring the worker vs. meeting the patron where they are? #critlib
  185. A3 Assumptions about education and class based on race #critlib
  186. @DinahHandel ppl want to be listened to, related to, and no one can do that if they're pretending to be a 2D figure of a person #critlib
  187. A3 I would add that colorism intersects with race and gender. My "light skin", I'm convinced, comes with a certain set of privilege #critlib
  188. a3.1 usu makes me think about how i am physically postured w/in library space to make sure nonwhite nonmale colleagues are featured #critlib
  189. @fiiidget lol yup this is my guiding ethos as I told Sarah post-roof beers this weekend #critlib
  190. A2: Binaries create huge barriers to critical thinking. #critlib
  191. A3: when interacting w/ patrons I'm conscious of power structures but then how do people perceive me as a Latino male info prof? #critlib
  192. @barnlib I think there definitely can be that tension. How do you navigate that space? #critlib
  193. A3 When your identity is tied to activism, it's impossible to leave that at the door. My identity/activism clouds every interaction #critlib
  194. Really appreciating the personal stories people are sharing tonight. #critlib
  195. A3 I think a lot about acknowledgement- I see you (patron) and you see me (librarian).... #critlib
  196. A3. Temptations to undercut an instructor's directive. When an assignment doesn't reflect reality of how info works now. #critlib
  197. A3: class, even when invisible informs everything, w/ patrons & beyond. I have the confidence of someone who's never been hungry. #critlib
  198. @nora_almeida pondering "a patron's level" - do librarians tend to assume that is below? bc often on subject, far above mine! :) #critlib
  199. A3: culturally relevant pedagogy is super important in library instruction. Thinking about Nicole Cooke's work here. #critlib
  200. @g_q_amy @barnlib I think you have to remember that there's Always a common ground btwn ppl, even if you never actually find it #critlib
  201. A3 Thinking about intersectionality, I try to remember the term originated from, is rooted in black women's experiences #critlib
  202. A3 When I was Eng adjunct & told comm college students I wouldn't teach next year bc I going to lib school, met w/ awk laughter #critlib
  203. @lisalibrarian totally! About actually starting that convo, I think. Getting people to think about how to articulate an info need #critlib
  204. a3.2 bc of geography, i also fit the profile of someone who "should" live here despite not matching my lived exp. #critlib +
  205. Q3: I get mistaken for a student, & sometimes I'm not sure if students in a class I'm currently teaching think I'm a student #critlib
  206. @lisaflepore Yes, people often assume that I'm not from the comm. Obviously I must be from elsewhere to be educated and competent #critlib
  207. RT @jessicahochman A3 culturally relevant pedagogy is super impt in library instruction. Thinking abt @LibraryNicole's work here. #critlib
  208. @nora_almeida sometimes tho it was perfectly articulated - I lacked in understanding, not patron failure to articulate #critlib
  209. a3.3 this is overtly racist (southen indiana) to the point that patrons who look like me outright refuse to speak to anyone else. #critlib +
  210. it was weird when I realized that. but I figure I don't mind that if it makes them more comfortable/whatever #critlib
  211. A3 finding myself stumped on this Q when looking at my pers exper b/c v privileged, perceptions based on gender/age mostly #critlib
  212. Shout out to @LibraryNicole who is teaching a Race, Gender & Sexuality class this summer. #critlib
  213. @aripants that happens to me, 2. I go back & forth on whether looking young is privileged position. In society, yes, in academe ?? #critlib
  214. A3.1 Converse of that: now that I'm actually behind library desk, my masculinity seems to give me more credibility. Very peculiar. #critlib
  215. A3 I really really really try and stay aware of class and educational non/privilege, esp when working with students. #critlib
  216. @lisalibrarian True. Think it might be negotiating that place of understanding. Not necessarily a failure on either side. #critlib
  217. A3 I think about library collections re: interacting with patrons, too. What we choose to have in our collections speaks volumes. #critlib
  218. @Fobettarh oh yeah, I knew that. Very painful to see that, indeed. we talked about these situations a bit a few #critlib weeks ago
  219. Seeking those connections is so lovely when you make them, a wonderful, lucky part of the job. #critlib  https://twitter.com/fiiidget/status/608448268197052418 
  220. a3.4 point being: patron racism/sexism literally determines who gets what patron work when front-facing. #critlib
  221. but have been talked down to by fac, older students (more so at prev community college job), & inappropriate "sexy librarian" jokes #critlib
  222. a3.5 this manifests in yearly reviews, in student worker reviews, in tenure considerations via assessment of ref transactions. #critlib
  223. A3 #critlib had embedded lib mtg today; stressed to libs not to let faculty give us tasks like photocopying, we are not TAs or admin asst
  224. i.e. patron identity interacts with the workers in my workplace in a literally monetary way #critlib
  225. A3 also ppl aren't structures even if we come out of them. I find talking with all kinds of people to be a great part of the gig. #critlib
  226. @pumpedlibrarian the sexy librarian thing is tool of oppression, that's trying to be sold as empowering, imo #critlib
  227. @trudysmoke heck yeah! do you have any advice for how to best say no to faculty about those things? #critlib
  228. Question 4: What interventions have you/do you want to implement in your LIS practice that were influenced by critiquing/rethinking current practices?
  229. Q4. What interventions have you/do you want to implement in your LIS practice that were influenced by critiquing current practices? #critlib
  230. @nora_almeida if framed as "negotiating understanding" - that works for me, but "articulate an info need" seems to put on user only #critlib
  231. @fiiidget @pumpedlibrarian the "frumpy" profession is only ok if you look super sexy (or now, hip); otherwise you're still boring #critlib
  232. @LibrarianAngie @ibeilin Not dogging microfilm! Used it everyday when I worked in federal archives. But that's a different convo. #critlib
  233. @bembrarian yeah, grossly morphed from the not wonderful "we want to hire glam librarians to erase old maid image" of the 30s/40s #critlib
  234. A4 @DinahHandel had a great point about being mindful about how library collections reflect and serve their communities #critlib
  235. @ghislane @fiiidget @pumpedlibrarian Goes back to "gatekeeper" status of LIS professional/librarian. Status and authority. #critlib
  236. A4 I want to think more abt archival collections &processes, esp after reading Ephemeral Material: x  http://qub.me/8I9Ohk  #critlib
  237. @ginaschless I think we forget sometimes that it's not always an uphill slog. Sometimes it's people connecting across difference. #critlib
  238. @jessicahochman @aripants when i was younger I was undermined regularly in the classroom by faculty. That has changed rapidly tho #critlib
  239. @g_q_amy @DinahHandel A4 More participation in info sharing & decision making by all library workers,including student & grad assts #critlib
  240. @fiiidget yep, I shared some not-so-enjoyed feedback about a local sexy librarian calendar, pinup-style sitting on cookbooks ugh #critlib
  241. @lisalibrarian I think it's more about terminology. Students often have vast disc. knowledge but no vocab for knowledge production #critlib
  242. A4 if librarians descend on a community theyre not a part of & only select materials relevant to themselves that doesnt help anyone #critlib
  243. @shaundrawalker @g_q_amy yes! We do consensus in the archives where I work. Its so nice to have a stake.. #critlib
  244. @ghislane @pumpedlibrarian another level of performative femininity that is "required" to justify being a professional/academic #critlib
  245. I mean... you don't have to use an entire profession to explore/secure your sexuality (re sexy librarian & "empowerment') #critlib
  246. A4 As a white guy of privilege taught mostly by white guys of privilege, it took me some time to see how harmful lecturing can be. #critlib
  247. @lisalibrarian @nora_almeida like, "explain what you mean by this. you know way more about this topic/your major/etc. than I do!" #critlib
  248. @DinahHandel @g_q_amy The archive where I work is also very inclusive in that way. I'm going to be and archivist in my next life #critlib
  249. @DinahHandel Yes! Let's think more about those things, too! Archivists care about #critlib too, you guys. Or, at least, this archivist does.
  250. A4 I also want to engage in more collective action, scholarship, projects... I think that's feminist to do in our world... #critlib
  251. A4: I want my inst. to think more about material we collect and catalog, who we're leaving out. #CritLib
  252. @aripants @nora_almeida yes but think is problematic if framed as "user needs to articulate need" v "come to shared understanding" #critlib
  253. @elliehearts @ibeilin That's awesome! Been getting into wiki-verse. Crowdsource knowledge is a fraught place for instruction. #critlib
  254. @aripants @lisalibrarian @nora_almeida yep, the reference interview can be a great place for shared contextual and critical work. #critlib
  255. @jessicahochman @fiiidget the whole frumpy/sexy, virgin/whore dichotomy of expectations for women librarians #critlib
  256. A4 #critlib As instruction lib, I focus on being inclusive in the classroom, letting students know I support them
  257. @edrabinski it sucks that affirmative action is so loaded when all it's doing is leveling the playing field, and only barely #critlib
  258. @aripants @lisalibrarian Exactly! Sometimes I have that moment of I have no idea about this topic panic. Conversation ensues #critlib
  259. @kevinseeber @trudysmoke lol I've become a pro at turning down the one-shot (and making it something more useful) #critlib
  260. A4 As a student, we need race, gender, sexuality / social justice taught in core LIS curricula in all grad programs #critlib
  261. A4: I try to not live up to people's expectations of me as a white cishet academic librarian #critlib
  262. @nora_almeida I'd say that they have a different vocabulary. I resist deficit framing but I think we are in agreement in principle #critlib
  263. @ghislane It's become a dirty word, so I'm trying to say it a lot more often. A legal mechanism for intervening in white supremacy. #critlib
  264. A2.2 Belated, but how could we forget these binaries?: tenure-track/not, Millennial/Boomer, open journals/traditional. #critlib
  265. A4 I think also, design systems that are more feminist in their design/implementation, a la  http://qub.me/VX6Qom  #critlib
  266. A4 Ignite reading of all kinds of people with all kinds of stories, deep reading from which one comes back up saying, holy shit #critlib
  267. @gabrarian yes! so excited to be part of @jessicahhochman 's #LISgender class in my first ever semester of LIS #critlib
  268. A4: I want to actively & collaboratively increase the diversity of our queer archival collections (POC, WOC, trans, bi folks, etc). #critlib
  269. @edrabinski A challenge but I try to advocate for purchasing from alt vendors #critlib
  270. A4: in my teaching, pushing against students' privileges #critlib
  271. @gabrarian Yes! This should happen throughout the entire LIS program! #critlib
  272. A4 #critlib Maintain inclusivity actively engaging those currently connected & making constant strides to connect elsewhere thru community.
  273. at least currently re:a4 i want to push on lis employment and educational structures with multi-lens c& intersectional critique #critlib
  274. @ghislane @gabrarian off to a good start! taking dialogues in feminism & tech in my first semester was my best lib school choice #critlib
  275. #critlib One thing io want to do more is challenge local faculty assumptions about who has access to scholarship - that we can be better.
  276. #critlib One thing io want to do more is challenge local faculty assumptions about who has access to scholarship - that we can be better.
  277. A4: in collecting diverse range of books, journals, databases, small presses...#critlib
  278. I ALSO want to do archival acquisition differently. Like, can non-custodial archives be an act against colonialism? #critlib
  279. RT @ibeilin A4: I try to not live up to people's expectations of me as a white cishet academic librarian #critlib
  280. A4 I also want to privilege and support OA materials, and decrease barriers to accessing FOSS #critlib
  281. A4 As much as possible, work with (not for or in service of) patrons/researchers/students, as guide or semi-collaborator. #critped #critlib
  282. & build metadata, interfaces that reflect those voices/interests. Want crowd-sourced/community involvement component to every proj #critlib
  283. I love that I have time to do that in my class. Not sure how to fit much of that into one-shot! #critlib @ginaschless
  284. @DinahHandel i'm so on board for this. [which also involves subverting the 'who does library tech' binary] #critlib
  285. @jenlabarbera I want to work more with creators to collaborate on archival processes... How can it be done together? #critlib
  286. a4 i don't feel like i have a practice right now. i'm pushing on the things i can push on with knowledge and energy #critlib
  287. Got lost in replies, not sure who I was going to tweet at but Radfords have v interesting things to say re faux power of women libs #critlib
  288. Insisting on teaching #LISgender this summer might be my proudest feminist intervention to date. #critlib
  289. A4 Active listening is the hallmark of our profession. Recognize the role of lived experiences in approaching "knowledge",esp@ desk #critlib
  290. A4: making the library a positive work environment for all. #critlib
  291. @kshockey04 Yeah, as a student w/o a "practice", I'm trying to observe and problematize the things I see happening around me. #critlib
  292. A4: looking for allies in my institution to change entrenched culture and practices that privilege whiteness, masculinity, class #critlib
  293. A4 focus on critical inquiry & students thinking bigger pic rather than focus on steps, checkboxes, & right/wrong ways to research #critlib
  294. @edrabinski @jenlabarbera @alanakumbier It was sooooo good! Amazing. Queer temporalities and provenance/arragement. mind. blown. #critlib
  295. A4: De-Fetishizing information and how it is created and the biases embedded in searching for information. #critlib
  296. RT @barnlib A4: making the library a positive work environment for all. #critlib
  297. @bfister Or just difficulty of getting faculty to think critically about their own practices / assumptions #critlib
  298. @pumpedlibrarian Yeah, "good" and "bad" sources is another one of those binaries that has to go. #context #critlib
  299. @pumpedlibrarian Yeah, "good" and "bad" sources is another one of those binaries that has to go. #context #critlib
  300. a4 i want to help with more things like @LIS_Symposium. praxis-changing in many ways. #critlib
  301. Hiring practices, too! How do we apply #critlib, #LISgender to reviewing/selecting candidates + our impressions of those diff from us
  302. A4: Does encouraging all of you to submit proposals for #gsisc16 count as a feminist intervention?! #critlib  http://litwinbooks.com/2016colloquium.php 
  303. A4 continue to learn how honor/support POC & others' PTSD without exacerbating it. #critlib
  304. Ugh, everyone has such good ideas & exciting ways of thinking & I'm just so invigorated by tonight's #critlib <3 <3 thank you, all!
  305. A4 #gsisc14v& radical archives at nyu last year affirmed that there is the space & need to do all this work! Important to remember. #critlib
  306. I read rec that a well-known library director wouldn't hire some1 she wouldn't want to get coffee/beer w, says a lot about the org #critlib
  307. Pitches!
  308. #critlib pitch: i just started a personal blog and i want to make a blog roll to link to others. you all are where i want to start
  309. @nora_almeida @bfister tho we must be careful to not conflate "disagree w us" w "will not think critically"? #thingIworryabout #critlib
  310. was great hearing from everyone tonight, & on such a great topic!! keep following the #LISgender tag to see what else we're up to! #critlib
  311. well, I'm at at 5 for another exciting day at the Library -- so I bid y'all in #CritLib g'night! thanks so much to our hosts and all of you
  312. Thank you #critlib, for a lovely discussion. A Noam Chomsky quote-bot started following me during it, so I would say it went... pretty well!
  313. Thanks for joining everyone! Such an inspiring chat. Can't wait to curl up with the storify soon! #critlib
  314. Great conversations tonight #critlib! It was wonderful and inspiring to see all of these tweets!
  315. @trudysmoke lol but 4 real that whole idea of "fit," only people like her are going to be the ones she wants to get a booze with #critlib
  316. my #critlib-ing tonight was mostly faving all the great points everyone made. thanks for great questions & resources, mods!
  317. @lisalibrarian @bfister Yes. There's a middle ground. Where disagreement & critical stuckness happens but nobody wakes up angry. #critlib
  318. #critlib pitch: It'd be cool (collectively &/or separately) to develop Rubric(s) for Info Thinking, akin to @wcaleb's  http://wcm1.web.rice.edu/historical-thinking-rubric.html