intro to critlib (part 1)

Black and white kitten
From The diseases of the cat / by J. Woodroffe Hill (1901)

54th chat, Tuesday March 22 2016: intro to #critlib

Moderated by @catladylib & @courtums
Storify (pdf, html) by @violetbfox

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What does #critlib look like in practice? How do you define it for yourself?
  • Q2. What does change look like in #critlib? Have you seen progress using a #critlib approach in your work?
  • Q3. Where do newcomers belong in #critlib? How can we make #critlib more inclusive, especially to people who are new to crit. theory?
  • Q4. What was your intro to #critlib and what tips do you have for newcomers?
  • Q5. What’s a good reading or primer for an intro to crit theory? #critlib