#critlib 2016-03-22: intro to #critlib part 1

Storify of the March 22 2016 #critlib chat: "intro to #critlib part 1" moderated by @catladylib & @courtums. For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, visit critlib dot org.

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Hi #critlib! @courtums and I will be moderating 2 intro to #critlib chats! One on Tue. 3/22 at 9PM EST, and April 4 at 2pm EST. Join us!
  3. Librarians! #critlib chats are awesome! @catladylib & @courtums are moderating an intro on what and why on Tues 3/22 9pm EST. Join in!
  4. Happy to welcome anyone & everyone to tomorrow evening's "Intro to #critlib" chat--please join in the conversation!  http://critlib.org/intro-to-critlib-chat-part-1/ 
  5. Introductions
  6. Okay #critlib! Let's get started with intros! Also look for q's from myself and @courtums tonight!
  7. #critlib - Recent MLIS graduate from the land with the most dreamy leader: Justin Trudeau. I am 100% new to critlib. ::waves::
  8. Hi #critlib, I'm a cataloger/metadata librarian in the middle of Minnesota. Welcome to all our new folks! Remember to use the hashtag!
  9. I'm Annie, one of tonight's moderators and in between libraries for the next 2 weeks! Based in Chicago! #critlib
  10. Hey #critlib. I'm Ryan. Government Librarian in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). First time critliber, long time lurker
  11. Hi, #critlib! I'm Sarah, a soon-to-be-graduated MSLIS student in NYC, currently in Philly for #iconf16
  12. Hi #critlib, acad instruction librarian in PA, hoping this will be my only tweet: listening+signal boosting this evening while on VR shift 💖
  13. hello #critlib I am a partially attentive archivist/lib/writer in Toronto
  14. oh yes hello #critlib I am kyle, an unemployed metadata type from the district of columbia. totally lurking because I talk too much here.
  15. I should say, in Chicago for the next 2 weeks. Soon to be in LA! #critlib
  16. Hey #CritLib -- I'm Netanel, a cataloger in the Boston area -- excited to see new faces (and follow new peeps tonight!)
  17. Hey y'all. I'm Ethan. A catalog-keeper in Florida. I've been flirting with #critlib but I'm interested in learning more
  18. hi #critlib I’m patrick, academic humanities librarian in central NY, reader of garbage articles des jours
  19. Hello #critlib, recent grad/currently employable in the American South :D
  20. Hi #critlib! I'm a new academic librarian and regular participant. Excited to learn from lots of new folks today.
  21. Hi #critlib! Kevin here. Academic instruction person in Denver. Here to listen.
  22. BTW, @courtums are hoping for both newcomers to #critlib and regulars to chime in on tonight's chat. I'll ask Q1-3, @courtums Q3-5.
  23. Dear... #critlib. I'm a reformed southerner who functions as head of library IT for a modestly sized state university in TN.
  24. hi #critlib, i'm kelly and i am an archivist at a ~super secret archive~
  25. Hello #critlib! I'm a government information librarian, coming to you from CA's central coast.
  26. Hello! I'm Denisse from Miami, Fl. MLIS student and copy cataloger at an academic lib. Will mostly lurk & retweet. Here to learn 😊 #critlib
  27. Hey #critlib academic web services instruction librarian with a tenacity to listen and applaud tonight.
  28. Hi #critlib, I'm Mel, a cataloger and MLIS student in Texas, 1st time critlib chat participant too :)
  29. Hey #critlib — extra warm hello to the new folks! I'm Ryan, a community college instruction & outreach librarian in Boise, Idaho.
  30. Hi, #critlib! I'm Kelly, academic librarian in OR. Glad to see so many new folks tonight!
  31. Hallo hallo #critlib! New grad, new participant, frequent lurker :) Thanks for organizing for us newbies types.
  32. Hi, I'm Gina! I work at an academic library in a non-permanent capacity. Eyeing public librarianship, excited about tonight's #critlib.
  33. Hi #CritLib. Steven from Australia here - health sciences librarian. Mostly lurking, as I'm in the middle of a pretty hectic day of work!
  34. Hi #critlib! Late to the party and probs intermittently here tonight, I'm Maura, academic librarian in Brooklyn NY.
  35. Hi #critlib! I've been in a few chats before. I'm Callan, based in Boston, webmaster of a library-type-thing.
  36. Hey #critlib! I'm an instruction librarian in a Texas academic library. Been a long time since I've participated in a chat :)
  37. Hey, #critlib ! I'm Callie, a reference and instruction librarian in LA. Happy to learn and participate with you tonight
  38. Rebecca, MLIS grad student with undergrad in sociology, just discovered #critlib and right on time!
  39. Hi all - warm welcome to new folks. Chris, library director at an ARL library. Mostly here to rep 4 #critlib directors
  40. Hi #critlib! First year MSLIS student at @SimmonsSLIS in Boston checking in!
  41. Greetings #critlib! Archives student at Simmons. Popping my head in as I read an article...
  42. Late to the game, I'm an academic archivist/curator in Denver. Mostly lurking. #critlib
  43. Hi #critlib, I'm Sofia, academic librarian at a large, public univ in KS. First time participating!
  44. Hi #critlib I'm Marc, library sysadmin from a school board in Ontario
  45. Joining in late - unexpected late day in office. Info lit coordinator, affiliate faculty in LIS, and hope to #critlib ALA.
  46. Q1. What does #critlib look like in practice? How do you define it for yourself?
  47. Q1. What does #critlib look like in practice? How do you define it for yourself?
  48. A1 For me, #critlib influences how I approach my work as a lib. in my library, on my campus, and also the external projects I pursue.
  49. #critlib A1. I *think* I define critlib as a place to think critically about librarianship. But Im completely new to this entire concept.
  50. A1. It's impacted my writing, peer networks, how I mentor CWs, and how I lead meetings #critlib
  51. A1 my #critlib is mostly in my brain & here at this point. Excited for the chance to put it into prof. practice (soon, fingers crossed)
  52. A1 A recent #critlib project that I've loved working on was an AsAm hip hop archive/oral history project with a class.
  53. Q1 yeah i don't know really what it looks like for me in practice? mainly because i *can't* really practice it on the job #critlib
  54. A1: to me, #critlib is asking questions about the assumptions surrounding the fundamental ideas & practices of the field
  55. .@fiiidget with an eye to making LIS, libraries, archives and information in general more equitable and accessible #critlib
  56. A1: Broadly see it as a loose guidepost for applying theory-informed reflection to the culture & practice of librarianship. #critlib
  57. gotta say, I still don't really know what t looks like in practice for me. #critlib
  58. @aripants It's 1 of those things where I inherently know it, but hard to articulate in an eloquent way. Basically make shit better. #critlib
  59. @catladylib @aripants I want that on a shirt-- #critlib : "Basically make shit better." ~Annie Pho
  60. A1 I define #critlib as working toward inclusiveness & supporting social movements using lib skills or via work in libraries (or archives).
  61. @Quasifesto It's tough! Do you work with public/students/clients or back of the house? #critlib
  62. A1 My #critlib means taking time to reflect on what I do each day. Am I practicing right action? Am I being thoughtful? How can I do better?
  63. @violetbfox thoughtfulness! 👍👍different than just "thinking" (to me, at least) #critlib
  64. @violetbfox Beyond that, it's seeing what others are doing & feeling inspired & encouraged by them, & encouraging others in turn. #critlib
  65. @violetbfox I agree. Even tho I'm not a lib yet #critlib for me is making sure voices are heard, ppl feel like they belong/welcome/supported
  66. @violetbfox This is a nice way to think about #CritLib. Difficult, but powerful, to balance critical mindset with inspiration/solidarity.
  67. A1 #critlib in practice is bringing political consciousness to information and expose how people use it to oppress or liberate.
  68. A1 I've always seen #critlib as a way to not be "neutral" and to help recognize and dismantle oppressive/ discriminating practices/systems.
  69. A1 More cynically, I'm worried #critlib is just an echo chamber for Librarians who studied a lot of foucault during their BA...
  70. But, that's just based off some quick browsing of the hashtag. #critlib
  71. @ryregier the hashtag or how we incorporate these ideas into our work? #critlib
  72. @ryregier aha, I see the hashtag as a place to gather + share, but the work needs to happen IRL too! #critlib
  73. A1 I get a lot from #critlib convs re: library instruction. Still just starting to figure out how to consider/integrate w/ gov info.
  74. @kellymce agreed! lots of the typical work of gov info can inadvertently amplify the loudest voice in the room, AKA gov't #critlib
  75. A1 for me #critlib in practice is a lot about setting priorities about how i approach my work [1/?]
  76. A1.2 i.e. if I see there is a safe zone training or accessibility training on campus, I prioritize going. #critlib
  77. A1.3 I prioritize using social justice examples in instruction; great tip from @mariataccardi feminist pedagogy for libr instruction#critlib
  78. A1: #critlib as critical librarianship is a way to do the work in line with my values: working for justice, against oppression
  79. A1 #critlib has helped me support/seek support from my colleagues, check my priorities, be more attentive to harm in many forms
  80. A1 For me: Reflecting to improve actions. Realizing nothing can be neutral. Encouraging pluralist uses of libraries, language, etc #critlib
  81. A1. #critlib looks to me like a community of library workers and students who like to hang out on Twitter, ask and answer questions. 1/2
  82. A1.1 In practice, #critlib may be a book display featuring the works of #LGBTQ authors, or a book club discussing black #feminist classics.
  83. Hi #critlib: A1: Thinking about structures (rather than behavior or labels) is important in diagnosing how power manifests in my enviro.
  84. A1: I got into librarianship thanks to some radical librarians, so it is the model I have for what we do. #critlib
  85. A1: what this looks like is a lot of things! Collecting zines, removing needlessly militarized language from program names... #critlib
  86. @kellymce I love that zines can challenge what we consider to be canon and can liberate/empower voices of many! #critlib
  87. @catladylib totally! Giving folks the tools to create/capture their own knowledge! #critlib
  88. @catladylib @kellymce I love that zines can be both revolutionary not only in content but form. #critlib #zines
  89. @kellymce My latest issue is the rhetoric of "academic survival guides." Like... research is going to KILL people?! And we're ok with that?
  90. @kevinseeber oh my, noooooo. I would like to write a practical guide for finding/revising needlessly violent language. #critlib
  91. A1. The questions #critlib gets into are often about social justice, putting a range of theories into practice. Praxis, in shorthand jargon.
  92. I know there are ways to apply #critlib ideas into instruction...but I guess I'm still working on it/thinking about.
  93. @catladylib A1 To me, #CritLib is a critical approach to my own assumptions and those of the profession. Mostly still in my head atm though.
  94. A1 I try 2 keep #critlib in many areas of my work like @schomj & 2 b reflective like @violetbfox, some days I'm more successful than others.
  95. A1.1 Part of the chats, to me, is realizing how differently #critlib folks use "controlled" vocab. We disagree and/or learn together.
  96. A1: My #critlib = self-reflection and loads of listening. And reading what critical pedagogy is in other disciplines helps me
  97. A1.2 #critlib could also be hosting a zine workshop for homeless teens or inviting #BlackLivesMatter speakers. #socialjustice #libraries
  98. A1. But how I define #critlib for myself is about making my work an examined life. Ideally, also having some accountability with peers.
  99. A1: still a #critlib newb. Lately I've tried to bridge gaps b/t groups I see embracing radical librarianship+lib social responsibility in MA
  100. #critlib A1 - Ideally, in practice, it means helping others also to think, do, act, speak, read critically about their own field.
  101. #critlib Hi everyone, I completely lost track of time. so give me a minute and i'll catch up. Ref + Inst Librarian in Wisconsin.
  102. A1: #critlib is more or less the guiding philosophy these days towards my work as a librarian
  103. A1: #critlib for me perhaps means stepping outside myself, questioning everything, being mindful, engaging others
  104. 1. My LIS program was a professional program divorced from discussions in information studies or even in education or sociology #critlib
  105. @librarypj #critlib impt for all of us who need convo not happening either at school or at work.
  106. Q2. What does change look like in #critlib? Have you seen progress using a #critlib approach in your work?
  107. Feel free to continue to answer Q1 and define what #critlib looks like to you, but I'll move on with Q2 now too.
  108. Q2. What does change look like in #critlib? Have you seen progress using a #critlib approach in your work?
  109. A2 Sometimes I feel like having a #critlib approach helps me connect w/some of my students. Traded zines+buttons with a feminist student.
  110. A2 #critlib sometimes allows me to have more meaningful convos w/students. Changed projects+research I prioritize for myself.
  111. A2 @catladylib same! finding my reference encounters are much broader & more meaningful & open (& usually longer) since #critlib
  112. A2 this week was mentoring a new instruction librarian & realized how much informed by #critlib my observation & feedback are
  113. A2 For me, so far, it's looked like having meaningful conversations with my colleagues. We'll see where it goes! #critlib
  114. A2 see my answer to #1 (can't practice in my work) #critlib
  115. A2: no exaggeration that #critlib has changed my idea of what LIS can be. It's allowed me bring my whole self to my work.
  116. A2. That is a hard Q. My reflections and thought processes are different. Progress or mental wankery IDK #critlib  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/712447274073206784 
  117. A2b I do know that I took a critlib approach to my promotion doc (instead of a neolib approach) and some CWs did NOT get it #critlib
  118. A2c To be fair, I'm not sure that the me of 5 or 10 years ago would have understood it either. It's a big mental shift. #critlib
  119. A2: For various reasons, I'm largely in a prolonged stage of lurking, observing & pondering #critlib. I quietly mull topics in a corner.
  120. @bhar0 that's okay. I'm an introvert and I need time to process my thoughts before sharing. #critlib
  121. @catladylib part of it is introversion, but a lot of it is the lack of luxury of available time during work hours to explore.
  122. @catladylib not factoring in the "faculty" half of my job, just treading normal responsibilities is 50+ hours. this stuff is always last.
  123. A2 For me, my professional and personal identities are intertwined, so #critlib extends to advocacy, civic participation, etc.
  124. A2 #CritLib has inspired me to approach ppl I probably wouldn't otherwise and ask, "i have an idea, can we talk about it?" rather than not
  125. #critlib A2: more the profession who can apply critical theory of any kind: not just about scholarship, but about management, hiring, tech.
  126. #critlib - I haven't worked *professionally* in librarianship (yet). During my MLIS, I can't say we did much #critlib. (1/2)
  127. A2. To me, it seemed as though it was mostly *practical* work. I did take one class on Privacy&Surv though, which I LOVED #critlib (2/2)
  128. @courtums and that's something I'd love to hear more about -- how the ML(I)S schools are or aren't engaging critical libship #CritLib
  129. @OpOnions I didnt even really know what #critlib was until I stumbled across it on Twitter 1day. That was the day I felt *very* overwhelmed.
  130. @OpOnions @courtums oh sweet summer child i'm not that far removed from libschool and it's not talked about at all at least at mine #critlib
  131. @kellykietur @OpOnions @courtums same here. Like not at all. I didn't learn about #critlib as an idea until later!
  132. @melissamsmc @hacklibschool very special place in my heart for HLS which introduced me to some really wonderful people. #critlib
  133. A2 think I've seen progress in raising awareness. for myself a lot, and bringing it up to colleagues who had no idea. #critlib
  134. A2: I have had people (colleagues, students) approach me with unexpected proposals/discussions, thanks to how I present my values. #critlib
  135. I use #critlib as instruction coord to devel inclusive learning outcomes & approaches 2 instruction, also advocate for SafeZone training etc
  136. A2 Change in #critlib is making the library reflective of the larger community via books, displays & programming & library staff/management.
  137. Appreciating the #critlib tweets tonight, which I'm "listening" to & reflecting on. Personal+professional that it entwines rings true.
  138. Are any of you #critlib types at the same institution? Is there a place we can all work together?
  139. A2: Checking my assumptions about everyone (students, staff, faculty, colleagues) at the door; being encouraging to new voices #critlib
  140. Modeling this behavior can have a big impact across an organization, especially when it's tied to mission/values/etc  https://twitter.com/therealcalliek/status/712449048209264640 
  141. @rhonabwy Sort of, here's how we can put what we say we value into action. #critlib
  142. A2: Oh! And also, I have to remind myself that #critlib is not a contest, and learning/reflection time are important
  143. This is so impt, sometimes I worry that I should've learned abt #critlib sooner, we are all always learning.  https://twitter.com/therealcalliek/status/712449512816533505 
  144. A2 also #critlib has convinced me it’s much more important/useful to have these convos in public than in hallways, & comes out in my writing
  145. @activitystory Been learning importance of being public about these issues, too - not easy for someone who's preternaturally shy. #critlib
  146. regarding #critlib jargon. I can't decide if it's "correct" or "elitist" or both.
  147. @Quasifesto I completely agree! And perhaps intimidating? Jargon doesn't lend itself to accessibility and inclusivity.
  148. Both, I think. bc of health issues my cognitive ability fluctuates and my rxn to #critlib jargon varies in sync  https://twitter.com/Quasifesto/status/712448923613274113 
  149. I am in grad school now and I make it about #Critlib. Faculty refer to me as the "socially conscious student"
  150. @Violet7130 do people engage and discuss though? I feel like all my comments fall flat when I try to talk about issues
  151. @Luna_Dee Yes and no, I just want to make people think, its ok to disagree, but I want u to really think about why u believe what u do
  152. @Violet7130 I totally agree! I just wish there could be an area/platform for this kind of discussion especially for online students
  153. @Luna_Dee The online communication is hard, I never know how to interpret classmates comments and it adds a layer of confusion.
  154. @Violet7130 yes! I'm just going to add #critlib to my next student bio lol it's so important and it really has become part of what I do
  155. A2. Using a #critlib approach in my work often looks like honoring individual students' paths. Scope for this in research consultations.
  156. A2: I almost always unpack my thoughts I have picked up from a #critlib the next day with some of other librarians.
  157. A2. I want to use #critlib approaches more in instruction. Not as much opportunity in small university with few class sessions.
  158. A2: #critlib helps inform every piece of my work, providing me w/the theory behind what I was already trying to do, pushing me to do more.
  159. A2: Trying to push others to do more, as well. Figuring out the balance of how far I can push others. #critlib
  160. A2 #critlib has enabled me to connect w LIS students in new + v inspiring ways. Creating new "space" that w become avail this summer.
  161. lurking from the ref desk, academic librarian from ct, A.2 #critlib has transformed my interactions w/ students
  162. A2 good example of #critlib in practice was when I shared @catladylib @LISmicroaggress zine @ work when people didnt know what microags were
  163. A2: I have also found bringing up #critlib is often expressing ideas people are thinking internally, but not talking about! so crazy its not
  164. A2: #critlib but if it is getting the dialogue going with students, colleagues, etc. The hardest part of the battle is completed.
  165. A2a: Dunno answers the Q but as I've met more library folks around the state, I've been pleasantly surprised to see #critlib values in play.
  166. A2b. I'd say #critlib inspired me to find & join the intellectual freedom/social responsibility committee of our state library association.
  167. A2. #critlib makes it imperative for me to question whether hiring committees look for "fit" and gives me vocab and grounding to do so.
  168. @lisahubbell YES. Once you start seeing coded "fit" questions, it's impossible to unsee #critlib
  169. @kellykietur @schomj colleagues sometimes "can't put their finger on it" when a candidate presents differently re culture or gender.
  170. @kellykietur @lisahubbell Anytime anyone starts talking about communication skills or soft skills in tech positions my spidey senses tingle
  171. A2 Looks gradual, subtle, profound. ie for me, it's also being more open to students, coworkers, & faculty about having AD(H)D. #critlib
  172. A2.1 Espec. at community college, involves putting minoritized, ESL, veteran, low-tech, disabled experiences at "centers" of work #critlib
  173. @kcrowe i think archives and #critlib (#critarch?) go together well but i also see where there'd be hesitation
  174. @kellykietur @kcrowe same! I'm not an archivist but some of the #critlib projects I've worked on have been with archives!
  175. Q3. Where do newcomers belong in #critlib? How can we make #critlib more inclusive, especially to people who are new to crit. theory?
  176. Q3 Where do newcomers belong in #critlib? How can we make #critlib more inclusive, especially to people who are new to crit. theory?
  177. A3 This is something I try to work on! First off, no one is a #critlib expert! We're all here to learn!  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/712450068025106432 
  178. A3: Incorporating critical approaches in LIS education is super helpful, especially for those of us who might not have background #critlib
  179. A3: Twitter comes really easily to me, but I know the format of the chats can be intimidating. The #critlib website and AFK convos are impt
  180. A3. I love recommended readings! But offering intros using different modalities is more inclusive #critlib  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/712450068025106432 
  181. A3b. So also knowing where to start with youtube videos, podcasts, other (not always academic) media would be great #critlib
  182. A3 I would love to hear tips for how to be #critlib while navigating new prof environs
  183. @melissamsmc It can be tough to feel out how much you should push against existing framework in a new position! #critlib
  184. @melissamsmc I'm 7 months into new job myself, still trying to figure out my priorities. Finding allies has been helpful. #critlib
  185. A3 this is really my sticking point as i'm someone who is involved in a lot of SJ issues but not from a crit theory standpoint #critlib
  186. also as someone who comes from far, far outside the academy the overuse of academic language/jargon is alienating at times #critlib
  187. A3 also some of us are interested but don't work w/ instruction at all, and it's hard to steer the boat with one paddle #critlib
  188. @kellykietur Same here. I'm learning, but it's just that: *learning*. Thanks for mentioning this.
  189. @kellykietur yes! those of us who started #critlib have instruction focus so it began there but others should moderate different topics
  190. A3 not really answer, but as a mid-career lib, I’ve really, really appreciated MLIS student participation in #critlib & value it so much
  191. A3 Esp interested in answers to this. #critlib seems heavily geared toward discussing theory, which attracts acad libs but may repel others.
  192. @GinaMurrell1 Guess I don't understand this, I don't talk theory (not interested in it right now) but still get a lot out of #critlib chats.
  193. Newcomers belong evwhere in #critlib, we were all newcomers at some pt; inclusivity perhaps by listening more & invite underrepresented mods
  194. A3: As someone who's fairly new 2 #critlib, sometimes I have no idea what y'all r talking abt bc terminology, but I just read abt it later.
  195. A3 newcomers have a lot to teach others in #critlib New insights especially of the struggle in their areas and the praxis thats constructed.
  196. A3: Didn't learn about #critlib until I started my current job, so I feel behind the curve. But, chats (like this one!) are goooood
  197. A3. To start, I think critlib needs to be implemented MORE in the ML(i)S programs. The one class I took that was very #critlib was my FAVE.
  198. I mean, shouldnt we be thinking critically in gradschool?Isnt that the point of it? Doesnt the undergrad program prep us for that #critlib
  199. Same here. My foundations course - which was just removed as a requirement for the program - was very #critlib.  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/712451399917953026 
  200. I have yet to encounter it in my LIS program or at work so this introduction is insightful #critlib  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/712451399917953026 
  201. @courtums yes! i find my program to be severely lacking when it comes to crit theory #critlib
  202. @courtums Q3 Reducing academic jargon while still using language that has critical power. Sharing & curating accessible #CritLib resources.
  203. A3: Critical theory can be a pain in the ass to parse, much less wield. Reduce the cognitive load of translating jargon. #critlib
  204. A3.2 I love the idea of #critlib as "a movement of lib workers dedicated to bringing #socialjustice principles into our work in libraries."
  205. That ("bringing social justice principles into libraries") speaks to me. Talking theory (which, yes, can be useful) leaves me cold. #critlib
  206. @GinaMurrell1 Agree, although I will say that this is the first time theory has been interesting to me #critlib
  207. A3 I feel like in this crowd, I'm here to listen, but among the totally uninitiated, I can use what I learn to promote positive chg #critlib
  208. A3: Def smth I'm trying to figure out, since I'm supposed to give an intro to #critlib at my library. Hard b/c still a newcomer myself!
  209. @sofiayleung explaining something to others usually helps me wrap my head around it. i wish we'd teach each other more #critlib
  210. @oksveta yes, definitely! Plus, forcing me to read at a faster pace so I feel confident enough to be teaching #critlib in the 1st place
  211. I'm teaching LIS 581 info lit pedagogy at UA ischool & weave #critlib into syllabus so students get introduced early if it's new to them
  212. @nope4evr I'm co-teaching an intro to technology for lis next fall and plan to get some great #critlib articles on the syllabus.
  213. Pondering what LIS education is doing = #critlib theory is off-putting. Wonder if MLS is "practical" and theory reserved to PhD (elite)?
  214. @lisalibrarian i went to a very very practice-focused program. i kinda think MLIS programs have an identity problem? #critlib
  215. @lisalibrarian like, IS it a practical degree? or is it academic? it is a mystery #critlib
  216. @kellykietur Get Qs. And why is theory understood as "not practical"? Seems v practical to me - principles for decisions+acting. #critlib
  217. @lisalibrarian @kellykietur I wonder if this has to do with how people organize info; mental models helping/hindering? #critlib
  218. @lisalibrarian @kellykietur going from theory to practice challenges me: never sure if it's theory or practice I don't understand! #critlib
  219. @rhonabwy @kellykietur sometimes think I need to record my "what is theory" mini-lecture that I give in LIS courses and post it. #critlib
  220. @rhonabwy @kellykietur I feel like we talk about theory in way that makes it inaccessible #critlib
  221. A3 As a self taught person w critical theory, I recommend peeps start w writings that "show" instead of "tell." #critlib
  222. @kcrowe ex: Zami "biomythography" of Audre Lorde, Af Am feminist queer poet, to lrn abt intersectionality instead of an acad text.#critlib
  223. @kcrowe I <3 *some* Derrida, Foucault, Judith Butler, but they are whoa dense & intimidating. #critlib
  224. A3. Does #critlib idealize Librarianship for MLIS students?
  225. @ryregier Ideally #critlib would push back on how librarianship is already idealized (i.e. unquestioning rhetoric of libraries &citizenship)
  226. A3: we are all learners here -- we all bring our personal, professional, and educational experience that informs these topics. #critlib
  227. A3: i probably lurked on 2 or 3 #critlib chats at first. and then i felt totally comfortable jumping in and sharing thoughts.
  228. A3: I think that's what I loved so much about #critlib at first was that I felt I could speak comfortably without being an expert.
  229. Been thinking a lot lately about what I gained from my undergrad education. Got introduced to many ideas! #critlib  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/712451927137787904 
  230. A3b: Primer bibliographies. Volunteer mentors for grasping. Reading groups. Mental exercises. Transduce the cryptic. #critlib
  231. A3: for the chats, #critlib is what we collectively make it -- anyone can propose a chat, no need to be an expert:  http://critlib.org/twitter-chats/suggest-a-twitter-chat/ 
  232. Proposing a chat about something you have lots of questions about is actually really gr8! #critlib
  233. This is precisely what I did for the makerspace & prison library #critlib chats I moderated. I don't do either.  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/712452620833558528 
  234. A3: #critlib has published ... Exposure of docs is important so that there's a context for those who want to participate. Glossaries?
  235. A3 Also been thinking about @davehudson123's #claps2016 keynote. Crit theory isn't just writing! It takes many forms. #critlib
  236. A3. Some musicians have "slow jams" for newbies to work on playing together. Wish #critlib had some participation at different paces.
  237. A3. Twitter as a medium lends itself to jargon as abbreviation for big ideas. #critlib overwhelms due to multiple sources of inspiration.
  238. @kellymce @foureyedsoul great tool called hypothes.is @allanaaaaaaa is working on setting up some articles for shared annotation.
  239. @kellymce I really like @lisahubbell's earlier idea about annotating articles online. Maybe less stressful than live #critlib chats?
  240. A3 Like I'd argue that the @LISmicroaggress zine/project is very #critlib but it doesn't necessarily call itself that.
  241. A3 I feel like work around representation / exclusion / power structures is #critlib even when not explicitly named.  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/712452923729444869 
  242. @foureyedsoul yes exactly! I think @LISmicroaggress is an excellent educational tool that's not overly theoretical. #critlib
  243. @Cynthinee @LISmicroaggress I feel like it's a good example of how theory doesn't have to be an academic article.
  244. Lurking but re: A3 #critlib is (for me) above all a community. A way in to convo where theory & messy everyday overlap
  245. @nora_almeida That's a great way to put it! Not a monolithic community but that much the better for it, #critlib
  246. @violetbfox definitely. Too much insularity in my windowless office...helps to let the world in #critlib
  247. A3: thinking here about SJ work, the need for everyone to start where they are...and then deepen, whatever that means for them #critlib
  248. For some people, that will be reading academic text...or labor organizing...or writing hella zines...#critlib
  249. A3: There is no one path. There are lots of ppl not on these chats who do amazing work but just don't dig Twitter. #critlib
  250. A3 - In hindsight, there was *some* #critlib in my MLIS program. But it was never called as such. More explicit instruction perhaps?
  251. A3: #critlib wants praxis. This hashtag is part of making theory more accessible, but transition from theory always takes time.
  252. A3: Well, #critlib values were def missing from my MLIS days. Excited I have the chance to meet w/ a new "Radical Librarianship" class soon.
  253. A.3 #critlib (late) - I’m an old punk and I’m into zines, so I think the #zluc tag probably exposed me to #critlib
  254. q3. I'd love #critlib discussions that capitalize on current affairs to talk practical applications.
  255. Q4. What was your intro to #critlib and what tips do you have for newcomers?
  256. Q4 What was your intro to #critlib and what tips do you have for newcomers?
  257. A4 these twitter chats, but also a few high profile articles on critical cataloging #critlib
  258. @courtums I found that #critlib gave a name to a set of beliefs and practices that I already had. Powerful to have that validated.
  259. For me, #critlib is less about theory qua theory + more about revealing structures + power. But I like frameworks to help think thru things.
  260. Starting out w #critlib, I've misunderstood stuff, gotten lost & made a fool of myself, but no one has ever made me feel stupid That's impt!
  261. @courtums just joining A4: heard about it @ ACRL but missed the unconf Ran into it at LOEX a month later and went to dinner w/#critlib peeps
  262. A4. Seeing #critlib convos fly across my timeline. Started lurking and befriending posters. // Dive in! #critlib  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/712452624365326342 
  263. A4 pretty sure my intro to #critlib was getting to work with @kellymce at our previous place of work!!
  264. A4 idk where my #critlib intro was, but def not in my MS program (& not really in my PhD either); maybe following zine library stuff?
  265. A4. My intro to #critlib was a few months ago, really. I stumbled across it on Twitter. I have no recommendations, but Im looking for some!
  266. A4: Channel out-of-context Marvin Gaye - "We're all sensitive people / With so much to give" & breathe into at your own pace. #critlib
  267. A4 was recommended by @BibliosaurusRex to follow @nope4evr because she once lived in Madison (where I am now). #critlib happy accident of it
  268. A4. My recommendation is 2 not be afraid 2 put yourself out there & ask questions. Thats what I did, and now Im doing this chat #critlib
  269. Agreed, listening has been my first, and very valuable, first step to changing my thinking #critlib  https://twitter.com/melissamsmc/status/712453812200579073 
  270. A4 probably twitter, as i'm always on this godforsaken website #critlib
  271. A4 and through the twitter chats I got exposed to a lot of ideas/issues/questions I prob wouldn't have thought much about otherwise #critlib
  272. My intro to #critlib was getting involved with Radical Ref as a student (s/o @zinelib), tips: just jump in, we learn together when we talk
  273. A4: My intro to #critlib = stumbling upon these Twitter chats, learning from colleagues like @beccakatharine
  274. A4 tips for #critlib newcomers: read up on impostor syndrome & know we all experience it & don’t be afraid to reach out
  275. For #critlib newcomers: I've never felt like I've read enough or done enough. Plz don't let "I'm new to this" be a barrier to participating.
  276. @kevinseeber I think the feeling of not knowing enough is common to all professions. #critlib Part of the human experience in our age.
  277. Also #critlib great way to find research/writing buddies and learn more that way, too, excited about the collabs I have going this semester
  278. @nope4evr Correct! I am turning in a #critlib proposal for a conference next week.
  279. unrelated to the current discussion, but I am way too amped up about this discussion because I am listening to Britney while #critlib ing.
  280. A4 Echoing the sentiments of many. If you are interested in #critlib, jump right in! Moderate a chat, ask q's, read, engage!
  281. A4. In school, inspired by Sandy Berman and projects on inclusion. Met social justice librarians at CARL. Tweets from first #critlib uncon.
  282. A4 my #critlib education was stumbling across @mariataccardi's Feminist Pedagogy book during a "pick your own reading" week in lib school
  283. A3.2: I think #critlib newbs benefit from variety of discussion topics, seeing overlap & connections w/ values & ideas they already embrace.
  284. I read wikipedia and encyclopedia articles all the time to figure out what ppl are talking abt. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/712454479694602244 
  285. @catladylib falling down the wikipedia rabbit hole is totally an integral part of my #critlib praxis y'all @kevinseeber
  286. @fiiidget I'm not sure, but that would be a great topic for a chat!! #critlib
  287. @catladylib @fiiidget I think there was, or we had a project going to edit Wikipedia but think it faded... Good time to restart! #critlib
  288. @nope4evr @catladylib @fiiidget Wikipedia convo is a convo about whose voice matters + politics of resource access #critlib
  289. @catladylib @nope4evr @fiiidget also looking forward to wasting several hours editing #Critlib related Wikipedia pages
  290. A4: I think I learned abt #critlib via @bibliolaura. One piece of advice is follow critlib folks. But also bring the convo wherever you are.
  291. @gabrarian seconding shout out to @bibliolaura for the intro to some of the foundational thinking that make me want to engage in #critlib
  292. A4 still consider myself a newcomer but my tip would be talk to people (or read). share ideas and questions. #critlib
  293. A4. I could use some general logistic help on keeping up with #critlib chats. I currently have twitter open in four tabs on my computer...
  294. @ryregier I use tweetdeck and there are other tools just for tracking hashtags, but it can still be a lot #critlib
  295. A4 tips – even people who participate regularly in chats don't feel like they have it figured out. #critlib can be incremental changes that
  296. A4.2 Tips for newcomers: #critlib is about you, too. Bring your experiences to it. Even if you can't always contribute, you can still learn.
  297. A4: like I said, I got into this biz thanks to some radical librarians. #critlib was community archives, political conversations at lunch...
  298. A4: and then getting to lib school and feeling alienated, and trying to find better answers, in books and from practitioners. #critlib
  299. A4: also, #critlib as critical libship happens off Twitter -- in groups (@PLGCoordCom, @RadicalLibs) and local initiatives and individuals!
  300. Btw, I'm joining late. Happy accident you all were chatting tonight #critlib Not sure what else to say as an intro except "hi"
  301. A4: Newcomers to #critlib Please ask questions. Backchat on comments that interest you. We all learn from each other.
  302. #critlib I also think that folks who have been doing this for a long time need to be mindful of those who have *never* done this. (1/2)
  303. #critlib I am consistently getting lost in the library terminology and feel like I have to ask so many stupid questions. (2/2)
  304. A4: I just leapt in to #critlib one night a few months back, and soon after had the benefit of an IRL #critlib panel here in Boston :)
  305. A4.2 cumulatively affect your professional practice overall... that's why reflection is such a key piece for me & many others #critlib
  306. A4: The real-time participation blows yr hair back. Maybe start with reading through past sessions first. #critlib
  307. @librarypj & it's definitely cool to follow up on something after the fact. it's ok to take time to process! #critlib
  308. @uliluli26 yeah, same! wish I actually "chatted" more during #critlib but I spend all that time reading and processing
  309. @oksveta It's real labor to understand these things, after all! Almost feel like this stuff is discounted as touchy-feely. #critlib
  310. A4.2 Definitely still figuring out #critlib myself. But lurking until feeling comfortable & following #critlib people has helped.
  311. @courtums can be hard to do this at speed of #critlib chats. Any suggestions for how to be mindful, inclusive, welcoming?
  312. A4. I would love to hear more sharing of experience, in a venue with enough time to breathe, about how our #critlib inspirations work on us.
  313. A4. I get mired down in academic discussions of theory, engage more when people talk about why something moves them. #critlib
  314. Same here! I was fortunate to be able to attend a #critlib unconference but still felt like it wasn't enough time.  https://twitter.com/lisahubbell/status/712458288361672704 
  315. Q5. What’s a good reading or primer for an intro to crit theory? #critlib
  316. Q5 What’s a good reading or primer for an intro to crit theory? #critlib
  317. @CUDJOE70 since we are talking about newcomers. Is there a lib guide on #critlib ? What is praxis? 😬😳 how can newcomers find info/articles?
  318. A5: "The Devil's Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West" #critlib (I kid. But this is a real book.)
  319. A5 I've learned so much just by following #critlib ers on the Twitters. Also seems like lots comes back to Freire
  320. @melissamsmc Definitely. Sara Ahmed comes up a lot too. Currently reading her "On Being Included," which is super awesome. #critlib
  321. A5b I've found, personally, that starting in areas that resonated with me personally helped me push thru the hard parts #critlib
  322. A4 All critical theory classes I've had use dictionaries / encyclopedias of terms. I could make a list of some of those if useful? #critlib
  323. @foureyedsoul I'd be happy to help with this--the comments about #critlib jargon can be addressed.
  324. @lisahubbell Hmm, maybe we need to provide some sort of "common acronyms" on the #critlib website. That might be a good start?
  325. @courtums @lisahubbell building up a static #critlib resource would be helpful for newcomers. I went there when brand new for info
  326. A4: I'm learning a lot about #critlib by reading about critical pedagogy in public history. Easy for me to see through that lens. History!
  327. A5 aside from seconding @donnarosemary's Wikipedia hole, I always start w/ Elmborg #critlib
  328. @nora_almeida @donnarosemary I started w/that too & have recommended to others. Also really <3 @edrabinski "Queering the Catalog" #critlib
  329. yikes, gotta bounce #critlib for A5. Don't forget to add any readings that aren't there to our Zotero group folder!  https://www.zotero.org/groups/critlib 
  330. A5 #critlib newcomers will also really appreciate @EamonTewell’s review A Decade of Critical Information Literacy  http://eprints.rclis.org/28163/ 
  331. A5: Also a good idea that came out of #claps2016 maybe is too have local #critlib study groups to tackle certain texts. I'm down for that.
  332. @catladylib as a former pseudo-sociologists, probably a primer that focuses on post structuralism and post modernism. #critlib
  333. @catladylib not articles, but bookwise, the standard in my undergrad was jameson's "postmodernism" & lyotard's "the postmodern condition"
  334. @bhar0 does thinking that poststructuralism is BS preclude me from critlib? Feels that way.
  335. @lnwlk i'm the last person to speak on behalf of #critlib but i think engagement of any reflective method involves counter-perspectives.
  336. @lnwlk i also think it possible to completely disagree with a system & still arrive at useful, pragmatic, agreed-upon solutions. #critlib
  337. @bhar0 @lnwlk I'm of the view that some post-structuralism IS pragmatism… but anyways, #critlib prob needs semi-pluralist view, not post-str
  338. A5: also, good time to remember that it doesn't have to be academic to be theory, ppl make big ideas in lots of places and ways. #critlib
  339. @kellymce YES. YES. YES. We all make up theories all the time. How we operate in the world! Pattern making! Big and little ideas! #critlib
  340. I would check out Lemert's Social Theory reader. Gives exposure to some of maj. theorists for those who want a background #critlib
  341. One day soon I'll jump into a #critlib convo. Finally getting the flow and familiarity with terms. (Too sleepy tonight, though.) 😴
  342. @catladylib @courtums I appreciate quoting the questions in your responses. That actually helps make #critlib chats more accessible.
  343. @FreedaBrook Oh! Do you think we need to do a better job of promoting where you can find the #critlib questions (i.e. the website)?
  344. @violetbfox Yes, please. (That's why I started quoting the ?s in my responses, too, actually!) @FreedaBrook
  345. @schomj @FreedaBrook Very helpful feedback, thanks!! I'll start reminding moderators to start with link to  http://critlib.org  #critlib
  346. Librarians talk a lot about being librarians. I suppose that's of any "profession"? #critlib
  347. @jaireeo Yes, I think that's true of any profession, especially one that's changing as rapidly as librarianship is. #critlib
  348. @lisalibrarian i think my answer to this is really, really class-based and i'm not sure quite how to parse it out #critlib
  349. @lisalibrarian and then later to have ppl (not you specifically) be like "well actually, so and so in this text" is just like...ok #critlib
  350. @lisalibrarian basically, for me anyway, i never came across any formal theory writing. it's just you *do* things, you know? #critlib
  351. @kellykietur hope you don't mind if I ask you a Q about this. you had REASONS for what you were doing tho, right? #critlib
  352. @lisalibrarian there's also a *thing* abt choosing "practical" careers which kinda extends to how i think about theory? #critlib
  353. @lisalibrarian well yeah, it was kinda like, well someone with lived experience explained it to me, and i understood #critlib
  354. @kellykietur got it. so-to me-that explanation is theory. maybe not all academic-y (ver of theory) but principles, reasons, ideas. #critlib
  355. @kellykietur so, thinking an academic-type is trying to communicate "look how you fit in" + you are hearing "you are an outsider"? #critlib
  356. @lisalibrarian i mean, i know they're there and i know there's research/testimonials but there's def a middle-class and up bent #critlib
  357. @lisalibrarian I think the language can be used internally (as motivation) (#critlib #radlib) for those who are already drawn to such ideas.
  358. @lisalibrarian weeelllll i've never really come across that as working-class types like me don't usually make it into the academy #critlib
  359. @kellykietur How often academics being inclusive come off reverse bc what is inclusive in academia (you fit text!!) feels opposite #critlib
  360. Wonder if we should do #critlib confessions sometime? Me: I've never read Derrida or Foucault.
  361. @lisalibrarian - Don't feel bad. By the time a philosopher becomes an eponymous adjective, there's a decent chance of misapplication. :)
  362. @bhar0 I'm not feeling bad at all! But, it seems ppl have perception that "everyone else has...", thought #critlib confessions could help.
  363. @lisalibrarian #critlib confession: I glaze over at certain words. Epistemology. Teleological. "Heuristic" almost sounds worth the effort.
  364. @lisahubbell I <3 "heuristic" ... such a great theory word since it celebrates lived experience/gut reaction ... systematized. :) #critlib
  365. @lisalibrarian @kellykietur Mike Rose (UCLA) is a great example of a person whose work is kinda #critlib & has a working class background.
  366. @lisalibrarian @kellykietur A TON of the 1960s-1990s UK Cultural Studies people work with/from their working class backgrounds too. #critlib
  367. #critlib If yr curious re: a term or theory & feel ok asking, some of us are working on "intro to…" stuff. Pls pls tell us where to start!
  368. @foureyedsoul can't wait for what you come up with! Will share what my colleague & I put tog for our intro #critlib workshop too.
  369. @sofiayleung That'd be fantastic! I kinda think that the most #critlib approach would be to have multiple varying versions of an "intro to…"
  370. Lastly, would anyone like to explain #critpitch? Also, this is a call for #critpitch! #critlib. Thanks to everyone for participating!
  371. #critlib #critpitch Once again, we'll be doing this EXACT SAME CHAT on April 4th at 2pm EST. (Did a do the #critpitch correctly?)
  372. My pitch is for LIS students -- if you write a #critlib paper for a class, submit it for the Braverman prize:  http://www.progressivelibrariansguild.org/content/award.shtml 
  373. My #critlib pitch is for you to think about coming to work in Denver. My acad lib has 2 instruction positions open:  http://library.auraria.edu/info/jobs/ 
  374. #critlib #critpitch : let me know how I can work with you at your place of employment.
  375. my #critlib #critpitch is for Twitter journal club teaching each other LIS research methods. perhaps #lisjc will be where we convene.
  376. @allanaaaaaaa oh this sounds awesome! is there a sign up or something? #critlib
  377. details further up my timeline, Google planning doc you can sign up to. #critlib #critpitch
  378. also #critlib #critpitch: let a lady know if you got any archives or archives-adjacent jobs at your place o'work
  379. oh that reminds me! there's an @alanmrt live chat next week on "what to do while you job search"  http://www.nmrt.ala.org/notes/?p=583  #critlib #critpitch
  380. #critpitch Library Instruction West, June 8-10, Salt Lake City. Keynote @DonnaLanclos Would love to meet other #critlib folks there.
  381. Uhh my #critlib pitch is mostly I'm presenting at #gsisc16 w/@roselovec and at #loex2016! Maybe see some ppl at either conference?
  382. Conclusions
  383. @courtums It most definitely should be a thing! #critlib can make anything happen!
  384. WLibrary is closing. Got to take off. Thanks for the chat #critlib. A lot more interesting than i thought it would be. Ill see ya next time
  385. Gotta run #critlib, what a great chat! Community is so important (once again). Thx to @catladylib & @courtums for moderating!
  386. Signing off #critlib - thanks for hosting, @courtums, and thanks, everyone, for the great convos/ideas
  387. Thanks for a great #critlib chat. I'm so glad this space exists!