gender and leadership

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44th chat, October 20 2015: gender and leadership
6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central  / 9pm Eastern

Moderated by @catladylib

Storify by @kshockey04

Suggested readings:

  • Library Feminism and Library Women’s History: Activism and Scholarship, Equity and Culture by Suzanne Hildenbrand. (pdf available here)
  • The Glass Elevator Revisited: Gender Inequality in Neoliberal Times by Christine Williams (in Gender and Society, let @catladylib or @violetbfox know if you need access)

Discussion questions:

  • What’s with the erasure of women’s history from current LIS education? How does that impact leadership in LIS? #critlib
  • How do we address gender bias in our perceptions of leadership styles? #critlib
  • How does gender impact advocating for pay/status for yourself or your staff? #critlib
  • Does LIS leadership training address gender and discrimination? How can we make it better? #critlib
  • What does feminist leadership look like to you? #critlib