engagement / outreach / advocacy

black and white drawing of two kittens in a wicker basket
From St. Nicholas vol. 18 no. 5 / edited by Mary Mapes Dodge (1891)

106th chat, Monday May 21 2018: engagement / outreach / advocacy: critical community building
11 am Pacific / noon Mountain / 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern

moderated by @haylmail @bannedlibrarian @kellymce
Wakelet (compilation of tweets) (pdf) by @violetbfox

suggested resources:

discussion questions:

  • Q1. What constitutes outreach? Engagement? Advocacy? How do they relate to one another?
  • Q2. What sort of critical engagement/outreach/advocacy projects have you either been involved in or have caught your interest lately?
  • Q3. How do you determine what outreach/engagement/advocacy needs doing in your community?
  • Q4. What impact do your social identities have on your work in outreach/engagement?
  • Q5. Who do you collaborate with in your communities? What’s next for you?