educational technology, neoliberalism, and #critlib

Kitchen cats
From Letters from a cat : published by her mistress for the benefit of all cats and the amusement of little children / by Helen Hunt Jackson (1880)

31st chat, May 5 2015: educational technology, neoliberalism, and #critlib

moderated by @oksveta
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Discussion questions:

  • Q1 What are some educational technologies being used in your library? How do you interact with them in your work? #critlib
  • Q2 How is edtech not neutral? To you, what are some of the intersections of edtech & politics that we should be most mindful of? #critlib
  • Q3 Is “convivial” edtech possible? What are some strategies for subverting oppressive uses of edtech in libraries? #critlib
  • Q4 Beyond mitigating harm of dominant edtech paradigms, what are avenues for building out educational uses of tech on our own terms?#critlib