critlib tech manifesto

"I climbed up the old apple-tree"
From Letters from a cat : published by her mistress for the benefit of all cats and the amusement of little children / by Helen Hunt Jackson (1880)

30th chat, April 28 2015: critlib tech manifesto

moderated by @eliganrood and @cynth
Storify (pdf, html) by @violetbfox

Notes to review:  Techifesto Draft & Ideas:


Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What ideas listed on the critlibtechifesto resonate with you + why? Draft is available @ #critlib
  • Q2. Why/Do we need a #critlibtech manifesto? #critlib
  • Q3. What are the core values? #critlib
  • Q4. Who benefits from the manifesto? Does anyone ‘own’ it? Will it be updated? How ought it to be promoted/distributed? #critlib
  • Q5. How/Does/Would it inform other critical conversations happening in libraries (eg. oa, infolit, frameworks, diversity) #critlib