#critlib 4/28/2015: critlib tech manifesto

Storify of the 4/28/2015 #critlib chat on the proposed critlib tech manifesto, moderated by @cynth & @eliganrood. Preliminary draft for the "technifesto": http://tinyurl.com/critlibtechifesto. For more info about #critlib, including past & future chats: http://tinyurl.com/critlibx

  1. Preliminaries

  2. The Qs and some recommended readings are up for tonight's #critlib chat:  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx  6PST, hosted by @eliganrood and @cynth
  3. Excited to host tonight’s #critlib chat w/ @eliganrood @ 8pm CST! MT @kellymce: Qs & recommended readings are up:  http://tinyurl.com/critlibx 
  4. Commence preliminary #critlib chat gushing about Donna Haraway. 😍
  5. 17 minutes + counting! RT @eliganrood: Aw yeah, it’s techifesto time! Let’s do this! @cynth @kellymce #critlib
  6. So excited to talk about the #critlib Critical Tech Manifesto tonight with @cynth and all of y'all! This idea sprung up at #critlib15 (1/2)
  7. Introductions

  8. Oh yes, that's a great idea, @BroAJK! Before we jump in, let's do introductions with who's here and where you're from. #critlib
  9. Hi #critlib! Sveta, LIS student in Illinois - super interested in social & political life of tech. :)
  10. Hello #critlib! I'm Annie, an academic librarian in Chicago! Can't stay for the whole chat, but am excited about this one.
  11. Hey everyone! I'm Ryan, MLS student @iuils Great #critlib topic! Ironically, have to minimally participate tonight bc prototyping a website.
  12. Academic librarian from CA, started following #critlib tweets during #acrl2015
  13. Hi #critlib -- instruction librarian who researches and teaches #infolit w/ social media, totally stoked for #crittech convo tonight!
  14. hi #critlib, research & learning librarian at the u of az! mostly lurking tonight since I was out of town & am way behind on what's going on
  15. Hi #critlib folks! I'm an academic librarian/cataloger in Chicago, mostly lurking tonight but I'll chime if inspiration strikes!
  16. Hey #critlib - wish I could fully participate tonight as I was in the #crittechifesto session at #critlib15 but wildly prepping for life.
  17. Oh yes - #critlib - I’m Megan, outside Boston, research librarian, liberal arts college. (Our student scholarship conference is tomorrow.)
  18. (oh yeah, humanities subject specialist librarian @ Syracuse University #critlib)
  19. hi #critlib, i'm a learning tech librarian at a large state university. typing with a bruised finger so sorry for misspellings.
  20. Archivist at manuscript collection in Texas. Q1: Value of play (!!), how/who decides to adopt tech. #critlib
  21. Hi #critlib! I'm an academic librarian in NYC. Lately thinking about tech more than I ever thought I would...
  22. .@RoxanneShirazi didn't think I wanted to think about tech as much as it turns out I do! #critlib
  23. Hi #critlib from Bklyn! Back hurts, drinking a beer, and catching up on writing my lunchblog. Did you know I write a blog about my lunch?
  24. Howdy #critlib online inst lib from Houston by day sometimes CC lib at night...like tonight live from the desk!
  25. Jenna here, following the #critlib chat while watching biased reporting (even on Al Jazeera) on #FreddieGray / #BaltimoreUprising
  26. Hi #critlib . Metadata librarian in Chicago. Lurking this evening.
  27. Hi #critlib! Current grad student in Michigan; interested in tech for learning and challenging the status quo whenever I can.
  28. Question 1: What ideas listed on the critlibtechifesto resonate with you + why?

  29. So with that being, said, let's get this #critlib techifesto party started with our first Q!
  30. Q1. What ideas listed on the critlibtechifesto resonate with you + why? Draft is available @  http://tinyurl.com/critlibtechifesto  #critlib
  31. A1: pGender issues & soft sexism resonate w/ me SO MUCH. Do boys get automatic seat at the table? #critlib
  32. A1 So many! Health impacts of technology, gendered spaces and tech design, invisible labor. #critlib
  33. Q1: librarians as technologists-como on k12 settings; how bodies respond to tech #critlib
  34. yes, this! too often it seems that we talk about tech as an abstraction but there are physical THINGS that make tech work #critlib
  35. A1 the 'getting a seat at the table’ idea is interesting bc tech decisions are often made top-down #critlib
  36. A1: technology as capitalism vs technology built for/building up a community #critlib
  37. A1: Seats at the table, especially with online course content related to info lit. #critlib
  38. @activitystory yes, so much so. how do we get our expertise honored so we can pull others in and advocate for all. #critlib
  39. A1 I'd actually love some examples of gendered design in technology. I hear about it, but would love examples to talk to ppl about. #critlib
  40. @catladylib menstruation trackers come immediately to mind. largely pink & flowery, geared towards trying to get pregnant #critlib
  41. @catladylib A1 my bud @tinytempest has written abt gendered tech design. One was touch screens that only work with short nails #critlib
  42. A1 Do we have the time to play? That's a really good question, I'd say not always. #critlib
  43. .@edrabinski one step further tho: self-directed learning, rather than tech checklist for job/institution. #critlib
  44. A1 autonomy of humans interacting w/ tech (i.e. health impacts--mental/emotional/spiritual.physical); privacy, fo sho #critlib
  45. A1 Value of play, digital lit divide, reflect selection of tech, and so many more #critlib
  46. A1 - I like the idea of making time to "play" with new technology - I enjoy learning new tricks and tips! #critlib
  47. A1 accessibility beyond merely meeting compliance guidelines #critlib
  48. Totally! Accessibility often framed as "how can we meet bare minimum to comply" when everyone is better served by universal design! #critlib
  49. @barnlib omg, we'll add that asap! nyancat should have been #1 on our list! #critlib
  50. A1 but also, Q of if tech can facilitate *positive* effects in realm of human autonomy re: health (mental/emotional/spiritual/phys) #critlib
  51. A1. Physical/health impacts of tech. esp the dehumanizing aspect of this and how it impacts users phsyche #critlib
  52. A1 I don't have permissions to download things onto my office computer. So. :/ #critlib
  53. @edrabinski me neither...it's a lovely struggle to get things I need to do my job sometimes...#critlib
  54. #critlib A1 especially interested in materiality, political economy of technology; values embedded in tech & how libs can make those visible
  55. A1.1 So many things look great! Love the "guide on side" mention, also reflecting on goals/purposes for tech use/design. #critlib
  56. A1 relationship between time and critical engagement with tech -- is time a luxury/privilege in this work? If so=consequences. #critlib
  57. A1: Divide between those steeped in social media and those new to Web 2.0. How to value, share, bridge. #critlib
  58. @edrabinski and outside forces trying to make our "play" into production #critlib
  59. A1: and Y E S to the value of play. Nurturing creativity fosters all kinds of important engagement. #critlib
  60. .@oksveta yes, I'm def interested in learning more about/making explicit values designed into/embedded in supposedly "neutral" tech #critlib
  61. 1.2 also how being aware of these things can help us make more ethical choices about the tech we adopt in libs #critlib
  62. A1. Sharing case studies and learning how to translate technical documents into simple messages gets technology to more people. #critlib
  63. A1: most of them are both useful & challenging to address, outside of the one about explicitly opposing capitalism. #critlib
  64. A1 cont: also YES; the digital divide still exists, beyond the realm of theory or some previous history we supposedly left behind. #critlib
  65. .@BearintheBrary YES! also that not everyone benefits from tech equally. for many it means increased surveillance, etc. #critlib
  66. .@donnarosemary @BearintheBrary IMO, it's so important to foreground values other than/in addition to ease of use, convenience #critlib
  67. @donnarosemary @BearintheBrary ...not that things should be hard to use... but so much gets lost when that's all we think about #critlib
  68. A1.2 A thing I'd like explicit in techifesto would be to avoid writing about tech as inherently liberatory. Power still persists. #critlib
  69. I mean, that notion is clearly implicit in the whole thing, but it'd be nice to state it directly. #critlib
  70. A1. Looking at the manifesto, a big push should be towards learning how to share technical details with non-technical people. #critlib
  71. [How about how all the tech-bots are coming out to play via favs/RTs in tonight's #critlib #crittech ]
  72. Love hearing from everyone about which of the (many!) issues around critical tech resonate with us! #critlib
  73. An important (and not easy to answer!) #critlib Q1.5 ...what are we talking about when we talk about technology?  https://twitter.com/AllisonJaiODell/status/593222004712591360 
  74. @AllisonJaiODell gah, we knew this would come up. it's hard to define tech when it has permeated so much. how could we narrow?#critlib
  75. .@AllisonJaiODell IMO important not to only think about digital technologies, which is often implied but misses a lot #critlib
  76. @cynth I figure we're talking around 'digital technology' ... Sufficiently narrow? #critlib
  77. A1.5 I once answered phone interview Q, what's your favorite tech with "a pencil." Did not get a callback! #critlib
  78. A1.5 #critlib networks, devices, and systems. The in-the-walls stuff, the in-the-hand/on-desk stuff, and the systems that run them all.
  79. A1.5 Article on #makerspaces listed a soldering iron as tech & a sewing machine as craft. So tech is for penis-related activities? #critlib
  80. @barnlib >:-( >:-( what is the difference between tech and craft, beyond gendered expectations? #critlib
  81. @fiiidget @barnlib whoever wrote that article hadn't seen current seeing machines #critlib
  82. @fiiidget @barnlib it might be like a neoliberal thing too...like tech makes monies and crafts don't... #critlib
  83. Question 2: Why/Do we need a #critlibtech manifesto?

  84. A2 I don't actually think we do, in terms of a formal, signatory document... but good to spark conversations? #critlib
  85. @Gaymerbrarian I think having a place to refer others/ourselves back to is useful, tho I agree re: a formalize document #critlib
  86. @fiiidget True! Something assembled that shows evidence of its assembly & context of creation (i.e. transparent) #critlib
  87. A2 It's easy to take tech for granted & accept it at face value w/out questioning human values associated w/it. We need to ask Q's. #critlib
  88. A2: To make sure we're informed, intentional, and inclusive with decision-making, design, and training. #critlib
  89. #Critlib just let students into study room, asked if they need tech...."nope just white board". Sometimes simplest tech is best
  90. @BNTdynomite idea behind "agile" design. Something to be said for "looking" advanced & on the edge tho, in terms of user engagement #critlib
  91. My colleagues at Radical Teacher have been really good abt warning against technological determinism. Things can be other ways. #critlib
  92. A2 A crit tech manifesto is one way to make explicit a critical approach to tech--not only way, but useful jumping off point #critlib
  93. A2 i.e. it's [crit tech manifesto] a conversation starter...with myself, really, but also all of you ;) #critlib
  94. #critlib was just discussing dig divide today in a mtg about students who have smartphones get easy access to secure VPN client log in
  95. Perhaps another way to think about Q2 then might be 'what needs will it address?' @Gaymerbrarian #critlib
  96. A2: #critlib manifesto can pose risk of hegemonic practice too.
  97. @catladylib: I'd love to hear you expand on this idea! #critlib” hmmm so hard in 140 char stints...
  98. A2: might be more helpful to have a statement of the problems that necessitate #critlib. Then provide examples of what this CAN look like
  99. A2: A #critlib tech manifesto helps us look beyond our own assumptions and question numerous aspects of tech.
  100. A2 Think we need a manifesto b/c accountability and openness are necessary, esp. when attempting to bring more folks to the table. #critlib
  101. A2: I think it is worthwhile to articulate concerns and guiding principles related to how we adopt and teach tech in libraries #critlib
  102. @RoxanneShirazi: A2: ...to how we adopt and teach tech in libraries #critlib” not just tech but our notions of literacy & production
  103. A2: #critlibmanifesto could stand along many other statements of ethics and values for libraries. #critlib
  104. @lisahubbell: A2: #critlib ... could stand along many other statements of ethics and values for libraries."which are also problematic
  105. @LibraryUFV Good point. One asset is that they get taught in library school. Could bring more emphasis to #critlib in MLIS.
  106. @lisahubbell: Good point. One asset is that they get taught in library school. Could bring more emphasis to #critlib in MLIS.” ABSOLUTELY!!
  107. One prob is needing a framework to supoprt efforts to push back when Admin is pushing to adopt new tech for sake of newness only #critlib
  108. @eliganrood yeah, there's a kind of implied reliability when admins can refer to a specific doc/text instead of just general ideas. #critlib
  109. .@plutoHimself yep, then it's not just Eli being ornery again. "See! I'm part of a NATIONAL MOVEMENT!" #critlib
  110. A2 it would also be great to have something to show to vendors who think we’ll buy whatever garbageware they make #critlib
  111. @activitystory something forward-facing to explain our choices to patrons, vendors and higher-ups. #critlib
  112. NO WONDER I'm losing tweets. Tweetdeck posted some from my personal account. Sorry for the confusion, #critlib
  113. A2 also, fwiw, altho I was not in the #critlib15 session that birthed the #crittech manifesto we're working w/ tonight, 1/2 #critlib
  114. A2 I approach/use the word "manifesto" very playfully in this context. it's a collaborative space of possibility, not law/rule 2/2 #critlib
  115. @donnarosemary thanks. I have "Ted Kaczynski" vibes when I read "manifesto" #critlib
  116. . @donnarosemary I was in the session and “manifesto” definitely had a playful connotation there. #critlib
  117. @librarygrrrl relieved to hear it! was what I sensed in all rhetoric/convo leading up to tonight, which eased potential anxiety :) #critlib
  118. .@BroAJK well, even the Gdoc title has a loopy exclamation point after Manifesto! which I love: self-aware valance of playfulness #critlib
  119. Hi, #critlib! I'm Kelly in OR, and I totes lost track of time!
  120. @donnarosemary A2: Political connotations are strong. Does that make a manifesto more or less usable in advocacy? #critlib
  121. Good Q! I think for me, this kinda doc less for advocacy more for education, but others may approach diff! #critlib  https://twitter.com/lisahubbell/status/593225509443514368 
  122. A2: I feel like the draft questions are 50% principled articulations, 50% basic aspects of project management. #critlib
  123. @donnarosemary: A2 I approach/use the word "manifesto" very playfully in this context. " maybe different term needed them? #critlib
  124. @donnarosemary @BroAJK indeed. i'm glad you appreciate it, too. can you tell we're excited to share this convo + space with y'all? #critlib
  125. A2. #critlib Class-ism with adoption of new tech not suited for community of users/further marginalizing those with dig lit inefficiencies
  126. A2.1 - not sure how many of these are issues specific to libraries vs. any tech-heavy environment. what's the library spin? #critlib
  127. @typewritersball great Q + that's part of the reason we're here tonight sourcing from y'all what's important for libs to focus on. #critlib
  128. .@typewritersball Libs adopt tech, lend our authority to tech through the workshops we teach, etc. Can help us make good choices? #critlib
  129. Good question from @typewritersball....first answer is "well, because we're librarians." #critlib
  130. Less glibly, libraries are often community leaders exploring & providing access to technology for our folks @typewritersball #critlib Q2.1
  131. @eliganrood @typewritersball because librarians are often bridges between tech and people who don't have access to tech #critlib
  132. @eliganrood @typewritersball When teaching Word classes @ publibs, or rsrch instrct @ academic... it's users that change equation. #critlib
  133. @eliganrood @typewritersball it's very important to consistently be mindful of OUR perspective when engaging with these ideas #critlib
  134. @Gaymerbrarian Definitely. And ours users have/create knowledge and experience that I hope we can learn from as well. #critlib
  135. @typewritersball @eliganrood our users are not shaped by marketing departments. of course there's crossover btwn all ?s of tech. #critlib
  136. @typewritersball @eliganrood we can intersect ppl & tech in ways outside direct transaction, & that's a powerful position to be in. #critlib
  137. @typewritersball @eliganrood so for libs, these questions are essential to providing reliable/quality/meaningful info to our users. #critlib
  138. #critlib A2 (?) "Metadata for good!" and getting people to buy-in/work on stuff beyond grant reqs...
  139. @laurenbgood @biblioclast_ADP Hmm, my original thought was providing context for tech. Making visible invisiblized infrastructures #critlib
  140. @laurenbgood @biblioclast_ADP if i remember correctly, its the idea of ensuring info is inclusive and this means even at the granular level
  141. @laurenbgood From the google doc. Just made me laugh, the whole paragraph after it.
  142. @biblioclast_ADP Well harrumphh. As preservation archivist, that paragraph is almost obv. But in tech context, with that title I got lost.
  143. A2 Another reason for a manifesto-y doc is to reiterate how much libr* work is with tech & how we do it differently than TechCorps™ #critlib
  144. @foureyedsoul and how we *should* do it differently. not always the case. #critlib
  145. @oksveta Great point! Our goals are very different & so should be our approaches to & uses of tech. If not, we need to reflect. #critlib
  146. Question 3: What are the core values?

  147. okay, it seems like a good tome for Q3: What are the core values of the techifesto? #critlib
  148. A3 "Foreground impact (good/bad) of tech on people & communities" #critlib
  149. Bye bye #critlib! Too much screen time today, my eyes need a break, and it's time to ride my bike home.
  150. Stepped away from #critlib to help with senior paper citations, and now I'm trying to grab that wave! #nightlibrarian
  151. Hi #critlib . Torie in Southern California, trying to follow whilst on chat reference AND wrangling a 4 month-old. I'll do my best.
  152. @LibraryUFV for me, playful is a strength. but recognize others may value different approaches too #critlib
  153. @donnarosemary @LibraryUFV Manifesto sounds defiant & organized, I think where the weirdness btwn them lies. But I like playful! #critlib
  154. @Gaymerbrarian @LibraryUFV But what about "Manifesto!" <~~I swear that exclamation point makes it less provocative for me :) #critlib
  155. provocative, as in 'workers of the world, unite!' #critlib
  156. @ibeilin @Gaymerbrarian @LibraryUFV I think I mean: the exclam. point makes affective impact less severe/potentionally exclusionary #critlib
  157. @ibeilin @Gaymerbrarian @LibraryUFV I hovered over and paused at choosing my word there. "provocative" may not be best fit :) #critlib
  158. @donnarosemary @ibeilin @LibraryUFV I just meant - between "playful" & "manifesto" there's other shades of meaning to each word. #critlib
  159. @donnarosemary @ibeilin @LibraryUFV so that's where the implied gap comes from. BUT deconstructing that wothwhile too! #critlib
  160. @Gaymerbrarian @ibeilin @LibraryUFV true! proof that even a collaboratively created text makes meaning differently for diff people #critlib
  161. @ibeilin: shouldn't it be provocative? manifestos are meant to wake people up #critlib” but even that makes its own kind of truth claims
  162. A3: seems like playfulness, or perhaps joy is a core value? #critlib
  163. A3: ALA Core Values have some overlap: access, intellectual freedom, social responsibility, prob more.  http://www.ala.org/advocacy/intfreedom/statementspols/corevalues  #critlib
  164. A3: I think the manifesto's core values focus on empowerment, on creating something fluid and malleable. I'm here for that. #critlib
  165. @laurenbgood @donnarosemary Connotations of the word, and past documents that have it in their titles. #critlib
  166. #critlib A3 Core value: mindfulness of when we use tech and when we don't need to use tech
  167. A3: also, a balance between openness and privacy -- sharing, but also being able to keep things safe? #critlib
  168. @laurenbgood @kellymce I think a lot about whether librarians should decide on behalf of users or users should decide for selves. @CritLib
  169. @lisalibrarian @laurenbgood #critlib I am a big fan of helping folks make informed decisions, wherever possible.
  170. @kellymce @laurenbgood I think libs have tended to make decisions for rather than empower to make. Judge-y when chose less privacy. #critlib
  171. @lisalibrarian @laurenbgood And certainly there are structural decisions, like default browser and search engine on pub computers. #critlib
  172. @kellymce @laurenbgood Sure, but do we ALLOW users the freedom to choose other than default? If not, seems paternalistic. #critlib
  173. @lisalibrarian @laurenbgood oh, definitely -- making that choice visible is important. Default is often invisible. #critlib
  174. @lisalibrarian @laurenbgood I'm thinking of how much we take for granted w/tech -- users may not realize they have options. #critlib
  175. @kellymce @laurenbgood Interesting, I see users pushing back against lib limits all time. Most extreme=choose other info providers. #critlib
  176. @lisalibrarian @laurenbgood lib limits, sure. But patrons often are surprised that they can change default settings on websites. #critlib
  177. @kellymce @laurenbgood Sorry - I shldnt have scoped to libs. Granted, UIUC students v tech oriented - invented major Inet srvs! #critlib
  178. #critlib Talked student down from ledge because unable to use Word to prof's exact specs for research paper/fear of failing w/tech=barrier
  179. @cynth #critlib A3: tech is always situated among human activity (historical and political) #brokenrecord
  180. @biblioclast_ADP @cynth I worked at a k12 school where lead infotechnologist started at lib school before transferring to infotech #critlib
  181. A3: the problems of digital technology are not inherently different from the problems that have always arisen from technologies #critlib
  182. A3: also creating something that can be challenged and changed as libs shift, which means not letting this collect digital dust. #critlib
  183. @BearintheBrary How we ride the waves with, behind, or ahead of our students/users. Not just teaching them to evaluate critically. #critlib
  184. @lisahubbell I love this; we definitely stand at multiple intersections when it comes to student/patron advocacy and support. #critlib
  185. A3: As librarians we have opp. to remain level-headed & continue to address & connect these problems across time/space/groups #critlib
  186. A3: Again, visibility: for ex. being thoughtful & intentional about who does the work (concept& nitty gritty) of adopting new tech #critlib
  187. @eliganrood Yes!! Thoughtful & intentional is such a simple formulation, but so on the nose! #critlib
  188. @eliganrood & that as orgs with often precarious funding, we need to be extra careful & transparent about why we spend $$ on tech #critlib
  189. A3ish: Knowing the whys and hows of tech solutions, the better to pitch them with. #critlib
  190. Question 4: Who benefits from the manifesto? Does anyone ‘own’ it? Will it be updated? How ought it to be promoted/distributed?

  191. Q4. Who benefits from the manifesto? Does anyone ‘own’ it? Will it be updated? How ought it to be promoted/distributed? #critlib
  192. A4: power to library paeans, guidance to admins, services to users. #critlib
  193. A4: Thinking of Luther nailing his list to a church door. Where do we want the message to be seen and taken to heart? #critlib
  194. @AllisonJaiODell that would be amazing; it would be fascinating to see what our colleagues say. would you? #critlib
  195. @cynth Yah! Everyone report back w/ colleagues' comments and questions. Annotate doc? #critlib
  196. A2 so, for ex, @AllisonJaiODell's sugg to distribute at next wrk mtg: my approach wld be to do this and hack it w/ my colleagues #critlib
  197. A4: right now I think #critlib librarians benefit most from this manifesto. How do we extend collab engagement to patrons/staff/volunteers?
  198. A4 We (#critlib folks) own it. Perhaps can be revisited at future chats? Problem w/ collab ownership may be accountability to make it happen
  199. 'It' being the sentiments in the GDoc, which I hope turn into framework for folks (who may not identify as #critlib) to be critical re: tech
  200. @eliganrood YES. don't have to be part of "movement" to consider these questions (nothing is unreasonable here). #critlib
  201. Good news: It's a busy night at the library! Bad news: Just can't stay caught up with #critlib. #nightlibrarian
  202. A4: and I mean, we benefit insofar as being creator and sculptor of what it means in larger contexts. Which isn't necessarily bad. #critlib
  203. A4: I worry that presenting this manifesto as a completed work to colleagues/patrons/etc may create an us/them divide. ??? #critlib
  204. .@fiiidget it'll never be a completed work ;) if it ever claims to be it becomes anti #crittech IMO #critlib
  205. @donnarosemary agreed, but that may be difficult to make clear in some cases, since it already exists in some form #critlib
  206. @fiiidget What if it was presented less as a completed manifesto but instead as Critical Tech Qs for us to consider? #critlib
  207. @cynth @donnarosemary something continually made and remade, as suits the needs of individual communities #critlib
  208. Q4. Love @AllisonJaiODell's idea to distro at next meeting. As @donnarosemary mentioned, this is a convo starter #critlib
  209. @BNTdynomite I had a draft of a tweet saying JUST this :P inviting is a HUGE difference, connotes that authentic voice is valid too #critlib
  210. A4.1 - in theory: users, librarians & partnerships. assuming translatable action. how benefit gets measured is another question. #critlib
  211. There's plenty of ppl outside of the library who share these values and commitments, too #critlib
  212. A4: plenty of listserv folks struggling with how to implement #ACRLFramework How does #critlib become what field feels need to implement?
  213. A4 but making space, creating room for voices that echo diff. perspectives, is important. Not sure HOW to open up the convo, tho. #critlib
  214. A4: I didn't get the feeling anyone owned the doc. Really, it seems to thrive off of community interpretation and involvement. #critlib
  215. Creating space for non-librarian voices=very important. Would love to hear others ideas on opening up convo #critlib  https://twitter.com/BearintheBrary/status/593231045366927360 
  216. @BNTdynomite have an easily accessible place for people to go to get info, share ideas, contribute? Is it time for a #critlib wiki?
  217. @violetbfox @BNTdynomite good question! We have a tumblr, but maybe a wiki would be a helpful format? #critlib
  218. @kellymce @violetbfox I love the tumblr and would love to see it expand to our stakeholders, not just librarians.
  219. @kellymce @violetbfox I would love to hear what our student workers would have to say about some of #critlib discussions for instance
  220. @BNTdynomite @fiiidget @violetbfox there was a chat about creating a #Critlib Wikipedia page, shd be linked fr the cheatsheet.
  221. A4.2 - owned? too many & gets muddled. too few & risks standard power dynamics. updated? better question is how we measure impact. #critlib
  222. @ibeilin It's important to consider that the vocabulary might be different too. #critlib IntFree sections of lib assocs, for ex.
  223. A4: updating is tricky, but the passion in this tag is palatable. Seems like folks will contrib. (myself included) wherever we can. #critlib
  224. A4.3 - question of promotion anticipates relevance or usefulness of final document. #critlib
  225. @BNTdynomite @BearintheBrary This comes back around to seats at the table. Does #critlib have them with institutional colleagues?
  226. A4: I think the question for me is, what are the tasks, and who are we responsible to? #critlib
  227. Which of course is all sorts of problematic for #crittech but how often does tech functionality fail us in collaboration? #critlib
  228. Moments like this I imagine a future where we tag our thoughts & send via synapse to a shared motherboard #critlib  https://twitter.com/kellymce/status/593231880566145025 
  229. @kellymce in every way!but #crittech demands that I also acknowledge what would be possible w/ that kinda communal connectivity #critlib 1/2
  230. @kellymce while YET fully recognizing it'd probably be a bad idea ;) :-P #critlib 2/2
  231. A4/5: Ultimately I'd like to see something like ALA's Privacy Toolkit, but for other tech issues too - like enviro/labor/sexist #critlib
  232. Ack, time flies! Just a few minutes left for our last #critlib question of the evening...so many great ideas being slung around tonight!
  233. Question 5: How/Does/Would the tech manifesto inform other critical conversations happening in libraries (eg. oa, infolit, frameworks, diversity) & Wrap Up

  234. A5 the manifesto's considerations are threaded throughout everything we do; teaching, advocacy, critical reflection, awareness-- #critlib
  235. A5: oh, and these considerations force us to consider the barriers hiding invisible (and overlooked) labor of MANY lib depts. #critlib
  236. @BearintheBrary one of my first #critlib chats involved discussing the "professional" aspect of the degree & that was transformative...
  237. A5: so i think it'll inform how we engage w/those who DON'T sit on that ref desk. b/c their labor often feels unfairly invisible. #critlib
  238. @BearintheBrary having not worked in libs b4, I didn't realize how valuable that was to lib functions. reason I keep coming back. #critlib
  239. @BearintheBrary #critlibtech is hiding under every book, discarded flopped disk, and lost USB drive. #critlib
  240. We have to wrap up, amazing #critlib folks. Such a great discussion. No time for Q5, but perhaps another convo in our future?
  241. @eliganrood and i are so stoked to begin this convo with you all; seems like it might need to happen again #critlib
  242. Yes! Love idea of bringing these ideas to colleagues outside #critlib & coming back to keep building this manifesto!  https://twitter.com/cynth/status/593233140019167232 
  243. You're in luck because @oksveta is hosting next #critlib chat next Tuesday on educational technology, neoliberalism, and #critlib
  244. My #critlib pitch is, once again, for all LIS students to submit papers to the Braverman prize:  http://progressivelibrariansguild.org/content/award.shtml  Deadline is Friday!
  245. Thanks @eliganrood and @cynth for facilitating #critlib. Anyone open to other days of the week for extra chats? Tues usually bad for me.
  246. ok 10 pm. until next week! #critlib thank you for helping examine this document!
  247. wish we could talk more about environmental and labor impacts of tech from library perspective - a future #critlib, please
  248. Interesting questions provoked by #critlib tonight. Honestly interested how our collective, daily on-the-ground tech experiences compare.
  249. I forgot to hashtag my offer to storify tonight's #critlib--I'm on it!
  250. And as a last moment of #critlib pitching, a brief blog post I wrote abt importance of librarians on wikipedia:  http://bit.ly/wikipost2 
  251. @eiratansey Dude! #critlib chat tonight gave me strength. Thanks for turning me on to it!
  252. Whew, what a good #critlib chat. Thank you for the discussion! Yall's thoughts srsly open my mind every single week. #critlib
  253. browsing #critlib bc I feel gross and unproductive for some reason (sun's fault) - do love being able to look back and learn
  254. a huge thanks to fellow #critlib host @eliganrood for a great convo tonight. so many great critical ideas within our profession!
  255. @cynth Thank you for facilitating #critlib tonight! Still need to make it to Austin. I've been thinking more about our ACRL convo!
  256. @oksveta @cynth @eliganrood They were great! Wish I could have given undivided attention. Looking forward to future talks/writing! #critlib
  257. Houston area lib folk, would y'all be interested in a #critlib roundtable discussion in person. Mix live with twitter discussion?
  258. Two more tweet thanks: (1/2) Huge thanks to @kellymce for helping @eliganrood make this #critlib chat a reality.
  259. And huge thanks 2 @oksveta @RoxanneShirazi @librarygrrrl and @barnlib for planting, sewing + watering #critlib tech manifesto seeds!
  260. Big ups to @cynth for getting out the Qs and making this week's #critlib chat happen! Love these conversations!
  261. Out of curiosity any #critlib peeps going to LOEX? Possible meetup?