digital preservation

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From Our domestic animals, their habits, intelligence and usefulness / by Gos de Voogt (1907)

59th chat, Monday June 6th 2016: digital preservation

Moderated by @dinahhandel
Storify (pdf, html) by @dinahhandel

Discussion questions:

  • Q1 How do you define digital preservation? Does your definition differ from established digital preservation concepts? How & why? #critlib
  • Q2 Are digi-pres concepts inadequate for archives? How can we bridge the gap between recommended best practices & digi-pres labor? #critlib
  • Q3 What sustainability challenges- environmental, financial- does digi-pres present? How can digi-pres be more sustainable? #critlib
  • Q4 In what ways do you see power, oppression, or social justice intersect with digital preservation? #critlib
  • Q5 What are your hopes for the field of digital preservation going forward? #critlib

Additional resources:

No need to read any or all of these- just a list of works that give an overview of the field and some of the primary concepts and concerns…