Wikipedia article for critical information literacy

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Fifth chat, May 20, 2014: Wikipedia article for critical information literacy

Moderated by @mswygart

Storify by @Liz_Librarian

Topic: There’s no Wikipedia article for Critical Information Literacy (henceforth referred to as cilwikiart) – let’s write one!  We’ll be throwing around some ideas for how to approach crowdsourcing this.

Discussion questions:

  • Q1 What are the key concepts/sections to include in our cilwikiart?
  • Q2 Who are the critical people to cite in the cilwikiart?
  • Q3 Logistically, what would be best approach to groupwriting our cilwikiart? Google doc? Wiki userspace draft?
  • Q4 Who wants to write part of our cilwikiart, & what role would you like to take – initial draft of a section? Add to drafts?
  • Q5 Other important Qs I’m totally forgetting right now?

Outcome: We are going to write this article!  We have a “userspace draft” here: – anyone with this link can see this, anyone with a Wikipedia acct can edit it – but it is not a “live” article yet.  Basically, this is our sandbox to go crazy in – to begin writing the article, place to put notes/placeholders of things to add, listing relevant sources to cite, etc. – feel free to start doing whatever you want here!  Along with this draft space is a “user talk” space where we can converse – thanks to Rory Litwin for pointing out and creating this shortened link:

Deadlines: There were calls for some “soft deadlines” and also maybe scheduling a group edit-a-thon for late June/early July – stay tuned for a more concrete date in that time frame (maybe a doodle poll to coordinate), which will be tweeted to #critlib and posted here. Vive la #critlib!