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critical librarianship in a Trump administration

From Dictionnaire-manuel-illustré des sciences usuelles / par E. Bouant (1897)

71st chat, Tuesday November 22: critical librarianship in a Trump administration
6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern

Moderated by @bembrarian & @zinelib
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This is the first in what may be many chats about life in an information-hostile political regime. The questions are meant to be applied broadly to most facets of libraries and librarianship. Participants are encouraged to apply them to their specific library types or areas of focus, e.g., information literacy or special collections.

Q1 Please introduce yourself to #critlib. What strategies for self-care, if any, have you taken since the election results were announced?

Q2 How can white & other libs of privilege extend care to patrons & staff of color/marginalized identities? In general? In crisis? #critlib

Q3 How do cultures of authoritarianism/bigotry influence a librarian’s roles? How should a librarian confront political dissonance? #critlib

Q4 How do you challenge “business as usual” while maintaining the core functions of the library? #critlib

Q5 What tools and resources already exist to support a librarian’s and library’s resistance to regimes of hate? #critlib

Q6 What are effective next steps for proceeding with librarianship during a Trump administration? How can we support one another? #critlib

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IM jenna@jabber.org (NOT an email address)


email jenna@stealthisemail.com (not an email I normally use, so don’t contact me here other than tonight. I picked it because it’s not the Goog.)

Suggested Readings:

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We have created an open document to compile reading and resource contributions from everyone. Please check it out, add yours, and help organize it. We’re also happy to have someone take this project on in a more structured way.