CritLib Chat: critical librarianship in a Trump administration

Description from CritLib page: This is the first in what may be many chats about life in an information-hostile political regime. The questions are meant to be applied broadly to most facets of libraries and librarianship. Participants are encouraged to apply them to their specific library types or areas of focus, e.g., information literacy or special collections.

  1. Welcome to tonight's #critlib! I'm co-moderating (from behind the scenes) w @bembrarian. He'll be tweeting the Qs. I'm available 4 whatever.
  2. This chat's 90 minutes, and we've got 6 questions, so we're going to get right to it! Thanks for being here, everyone. #critlib
  3. Q1 Please introduce yourself to #critlib. What strategies for self-care, if any, have you taken since the election results were announced?
  4. Glad to be with #critlib tonight. Academic librarian from CA.
  5. Note that if you can't tweet under your own Twitter handle for any reason, I can post 4 you. I reserve the right to refuse trolls. #critlib
    Note that if you can't tweet under your own Twitter handle for any reason, I can post 4 you. I reserve the right to refuse trolls. #critlib
  6. Melissa here. Academic librarian from Southern California #critlib
  7. Hello #critlib. I’m an academic ref and instruction librarian in PA.
  8. Psyched for tonight's discussion!! LIS prof in NYC. May have to jump out for a few mins but so grateful for this! #critlib
  9. Hi #critlib! I'm Gina, currently waiting for my train back to Oregon, after having taken an exam for a #library job here in CA this morning.
  10. Self-care: reading, reading, reading, writing, writing, writing #critlib
  11. Q1 👋🏾 Digital Initiatives Librarian at Md. Institute College of Art, Baltimore. After grieving, trying to educate myself, call reps #critlib
  12. motion to stop linking to or reading the reactionary Annoyed Librarian blog #critlib
  13. hellllllloooooo #critlib i'm kelly and i'm normally an archivist but right now i'm a lazy gadabout
  14. I'm an academic librarian tweeting from NYC, home of racist and xenophobic violence. This chat is my self-care. #critlib
  15. Self care includes reading lots of articles and listening to lots of podcasts as well #critlib
  16. Jo from Bmore. Concrete actions like calling Congress helps me feel sane. Withdrawing from the world a bit helps too, though. #critlib
  17. Hi #critlib, I'm an academic librarian/cataloger in a red precinct in the middle of a blue-ish state (Minnesota).
  18. @CityThatReads taught your #lemondade libguide last night in my Identity & Culturally responsive practice course! #critlib
  19. Hi #critlib I'm Andrew. Public librarian in upstate NY. I have no self care unless living in constant anxiety counts.
  20. Amanda, art/humanities lib in Flagstaff. I've turned off facebook & turned to close friends & colleagues for constructive convo #critlib 
  21. Chelsea-instruction librarian in California. So happy to have a #critlib addressing this!
  22. A1 uh well actually i got told to take a leave of absence b/c this election/my life in general fucked me up so much #critlib
  23. Hi #critlib, Ian here, librarian in NYC, the city that created this monster, I'm afraid.
  24. Hello #critlib, academic lib from Vancouver. Haven't been able to join in a while; needed to make it tonight. Being here = self-care ❤️
  25. Hi #critlib. I'm a cataloger at an academic library in central MN, and I just came from a huge anti-trump community organizing meeting!
  26. A1. Spending way more time with my sweetheart. Slowing down and resting when I can. #critlib
  27. Librarian. disabled. unemployed. Been seeking the words and media of folks I trust who love justice #critlib
  28. 👋 #critlib Long time listener, first time caller. Self care for now is sharing digital privacy tips with family. It feels good!
  29. Self-care: leaned deeper into political action and like-minded friends #critlib
  30. A1 Suzanne, high school teacher librarian from Southern California. For self-care, I've been trying to connect with loved ones #critlib
  31. Hi #critlib, so lovely to see you all tonight, I'm Maura, library director at a college library in Brooklyn.
  32. hi #critlib I run @libraryfreedom and my self-care in these troubling times is getting enough sleep so I have the energy to organize.
  33. Hi #critlib. I'm head of Circ at public library. Will mostly be watching tonight, but hoping I've got something I just haven't noticed doing
  34. as a red state native in NYC, I've been reaching out to lots of folks from my hometown. Just feel like I need to make connections. #critlib
  35. For self care-Nature, vigorous #infolit class planning, and talking with those I love/trust. #critlib
  36. Q1 health sciences librarian in PA; self-care=staying away from Facebook, tea moments (I said I was a librarian) #critlib
  37. A1. Mostly stuck on trying not to give in to despair at the moment. #critlib
  38. A1 but before i was real angry and into local action and also i joined @DemSocialists !! i am not good at self-care i guess #critlib
  39. Hi, folks! I'm an academic librarian from IA. I'm chanting Sanskrit to try to cope, among a long list of other mechanisms. #critlib
  40. Historically from a blue state myself, now still in one (WA) working as faculty librarian at @learningcommons. Generally a noob #critlib
  41. A1.2 I also made a list of people in my life I love/look up to/appreciate and am writing cards to each of them #critlib
  42. A1. About #selfcare, I had my 1st hair salon visit since moving to the West Coast. Also: comfort food & unplugging when I need to. #critlib
  43. Good to be here! Self-care writing curating Anti-racism Digital Library  reread + add APALA What is Normal #critlib
  44. also, allowing myself time to just be and process this #critlib
  45. Hi, #critlib. Long time no see! Academic librarian in DE. Sometimes accused of being a time lord. I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor.
  46. Hi #critlib. I'm an OER advocate in Washington. My self care is taking inspiration from my students- because I teach too.
  47. Hi #critlib, LIS student in SF here. Self care includes cartoon, comic series SAGA, calling reps, and trying to avoid FB.
  48. hi #critlib, student & aspiring law librarian in SoCal. Self care = creating action resource guides. Its healing to see others engaged.
  49. I'm Maureen. LIS student at Pratt. This is my 1st #critlib. A little nervous.
  50. @CharissaAPowell I've had a practice of sending one thank you note per day for a long time. Gratitude is essential. #critlib
  51. A1. Hi #critlib, academic librarian in Blue Hampshire. For me selfcare has been caring for others (my kids, friends, students, colleagues)
  52. Glad to be part of the conversation tonight! LIS student in NYC. #critlib
  53. Shout-out to all the LIS students at #critlib tonight. Thanks for joining!
  54. Hi #critlib! LIS student & public lib paraprofessional in CT. Self-care: reading, researching, raging w/ my coworkers, hugging my dog
  55. A1. Self-care is often a counterpart to action. Also way more reaching out to others. #critlib
  56. A1. Nothing cuts through feelings of isolation and demoralization than getting out and doing activist stuff with other people. #critlib
  57. Hi #critlib, I'm a Montessori school librarian& cofounder of Storytime Underground.
  58. A1 #critlib My selfcare started out with a bit of wallowing but has transitioned into calling DOJ & elected reps. Also, chocolate & cat time
  59. Welcome to all the first time/returning #critlib members! So glad to have you. Let me know if you have any questions about how this works.
  60. Hi #critlib! Instruction librarian in Atlanta here. A1: Self care for me has been social media breaks, finding orgs to donate to, and WINE.
  61. A1: self-care is reading books that are lighter, balanced with books to educate myself. Necessary Trouble by @sarahljaffe helped #critlib
  62. hi #critlib i'm sveta and my self-care has mostly been talking to loved ones and reflecting on my own values and priorities going forward
  63. Hey #critlib! I'm Ryan, a community college librarian in the Boise, Idaho area. I've missed y'all this semester.
  64. I also got out of civilization for a moment and camped in the middle of nowhere for a few days. #selfcare #critlib
  65. @laurabrarian Hah! I love Blue Hampshire. Im a native NHer & seeing it stay blue (and w/ a binder full of women) makes me so happy. #critlib
  66. A1 Oh, self-care! Similar to others' answers: making calls, trying to get enough sleep, allowing myself to unplug. #critlib
  67. self-care: allowing myself to be angry/scared/rage-y. reading escapist fiction. #critlib
  68. A1: self-care = listening to my students, teaching, dark chocolate, my kid, making calls, doing this. #critlib
  69. #critlib #selfcare I'm starting to exercise more and get myself into shape for fighting.
  70. Kathleen McCook, LIS fac. live in blue FL county and blue GA town 50/50 surrounded by red. need to try to understand how. #critlib
  71. Jumping in late. Youth Services consultant from Austin, TX #critlib
  72. It's been a challenge to find balance between my need to take action and retreat, but that's been necessary, too. #selfcare #critlib
  73. A1: self care is snuggling my toddler, running a FB page devoted to anti-fascist librarian action, listening to romance audiobooks #critlib
  74. @jessicahochman I was just telling someone today that I've had more dark chocolate in the past 2 weeks than in the past 2 months #critlib
  75. #critlib I'm also trying to forge alliances with groups I have not reached out to in the past.
  76. @oksveta Yes! Values & priorities re-org here too! Good not to lose sight of these things. #critlib
  77. A1 Hi! InfoLit lib @ a college near NYC. Sleeping & then giving 200% of my energy to students is helping. Also @BrianLehrer. #critlib
  78. A1: Hi #critlib academic Librarian in Sydney looking from afar but feeling the sorrow and anxiety - and future strength #thisthingsglobal
  79. Yo #critlib -- Allison joining late. Metadata librarian @uflib. Whiskey, bunnies, and direct action are my preferred self-care methods.
  80. Hi #critlib, jumping in a little late. I'm a children & youth public librarian on the West Coast of Canada.
  81. A1 #critlib Oh! And I finally got the nerve to put up my #BlackLivesMatter sign in my office. Perhaps too late, but it's helping me.
  82. @MaureenMcElroy Welcome. Don't feel like you have to read every #critlib tweet. Side conversations great if you want to respond to anyone.
  83. And surrounding myself with folks jazzed to Do Something -- like y'all. #critlib
  84. A1: Reading, sleeping, going on long monologues in class. reaching out to friends, making new ones. #critlib
  85. Please keep introducing yourselves and responding about #selfcare! We must move to the next #critlib question, however! :D
  86. Q2 How can white & other libs of privilege extend care to patrons & staff of color/marginalized identities? In gen’l? In crisis? #critlib
  87. @ellieatoric hi you! (& I can't listen to anything on WNYC yet without feeling like I need a xanax :( #critlib
  88. Hi #critlib! Im a public librarian that just started maternity leave (baby is 1 day overdue!)-- waiting on this baby has been my self care.
  89. Folks, this is a large group, so while @bembrarian is handling the Qs, I'm here for back-up. Grab me if you need anything, DM or: #critlib
    Folks, this is a large group, so while @bembrarian is handling the Qs, I'm here for back-up. Grab me if you need anything, DM or: #critlib
  90. Hi #critlib! UX person/librarian at EBSCO. Self care: watching Occupied, reading Gamache, hiding under blankets. (Like this)
    Hi #critlib! UX person/librarian at EBSCO. Self care: watching Occupied, reading Gamache, hiding under blankets. (Like this)
  91. Q1: tangible acts of resistance/resilience (don8ing to orgs, contacting reps, researching, thinking out loud with pals) #critlib
  92. A1 Sarah research lib Villanova University. setting up donations, chatting with friends & coworkers like @laurabang has helped #critlib
  93. #critlib I have hardly left my HRC virtual hdqtrs. as self care but am going to write about working class issues & labor unions  lost 10%
    #critlib I have hardly left my HRC virtual hdqtrs. as self care but am going to write about working class issues & labor unions lost 10%
  94. A2 Put up my #blm sign. Also went through safe spaces training recently, and put that sign up. #critlib 1/?
  95. hey #critlib mostly listening tonight. Unionized archivist from Cincinnati. Just attended a local party meetup tonight. Ready to activate.
  96. Q2 As a POC, 1 thing I've been talking to colleagues about is recognizing and responding to microaggressions #critlib
  97. A1 this is just at the forefront of my mind right now but for the love of God, no christmas programming #critlib
  98. A2: first off, listen. So can we talk about forums for hearing pain points? Is that at the ref desk? Hosting town hall? #critlib
  99. A2. Compassion. Acknowledging grief and sadness and fear. Redoubling efforts to educate oneself and stand up when necessary. #critlib
  100. A2 I had already been focusing on social justice in my @IdahoLibraries presidency & more so now - boosting cultural competencies. #critlib
  101. A2 Listening & self-educating! Those with privilege can't expect those without to do all the work of teaching about oppression #critlib
  102. A2 #critlib simple and not original, just be open and attentive when they ask for library help. Ask them how they are doing. 
  103. A2: went to a workshop for undocumented students at my school. lots of good info & materials to bring back to my library. #critlib
  104. A2 #critlib Also reaching out to students and colleagues of color as I can. 2/?
  105. A2 Forums and other opportunities for safe and progressive discussion seem incredibly important. We've had one so far at my school #critlib 
  106. @CharissaAPowell Totally same here. Clearly, dark chocoloate has healing powers. :) #critlib
  107. Yes @ProudPoodleMom I've been donating to #BLM but am doing some fundraising for others in the coming week thanks to my etsy hustle #critlib
  108. A2, I added a BLM sign to my desk. A colleague basically shoved this at me... #critlib and I've worn since... However...
    A2, I added a BLM sign to my desk. A colleague basically shoved this at me... #critlib and I've worn since... However...
  109. A2 Also speaking out, and not just when it's convenient. Solidarity is so important right now. #critlib
  110. A2. I've seen book displays highlighting POC voices & stories of protest, along with displays focusing on #BlackLivesMatter. #critlib
  111. A2 I'm aware that these aren't enough. I am glad that our WOC student workers feel comfortable expressing themselves at work. #critlib
  112. A2 been thinking about this a lot. I teach a semester long class. Day after election I just let them know that I was hurting 1/? #critlib
  113. A2 Making a point to openly challenge racism & white supremacy in instruction sessions. Yay tenure! #critlib
  114. #critlib A2 I'm working on an email to reach out to different orgs on campus offering the lib as a safe space for gathering/events 1/
  115. A2 listening & amplifying. Trying to take in & promote voices that are not white. Asking questions and reflecting on how to do more #critlib 
  116. and that if they needed someone to talk to, I was available and willing 2/2 #critlib
  117. A2: listen. when we get called out, quietly reflect. try to do better. #critlib
  118. a2 #critlib I think it's presumptive for white ppl to answer q's like this on behalf of poc. we should ask poc what they need us to do.
  119. @AllisonJaiODell yes! We give voice to the voiceless... Now to give ears to the earless, so to speak, reaching out to colleagues #critlib
  120. Being vulnerable about my complicated identities. Using privileges to do stuff like name harms and uplift solidarity. #critlib
  121. +1. The wreaths on the @nypl lions. Saw them at a Muslims & Jews demo to make them even more inapprop. Don't tell me they're pagan. #critlib 
  122. A2: Trying to listen more. Also, trying to encourage voices that need to be heard by making "safe" space. #critlib
  123. @liv_scully it's a burden for POC to be responsible for explaining all of the time #critlib
  124. A2 and I'm still aware it's not enough. Scheduling microaggressions training and bystander intervention training... #critlib
  125. A2. Standing up for others, speaking up at town hall about undoc students and workers afraid to lose health care. #critlib
  126. Cosign this, my uni's doing lots w/undocumented students and I've been signal boosting and sharing throughout the library. A2 #critlib 
  127. @SgWingo offering space and manpower and/or planning support, but asking them to take the lead in shaping the convo #critlib 2/
  128. honestly for me current self-care comes from building up my non-archivist identity (ie doubling down on support for local issues) #critlib
  129. Facilitating training on micro-aggressions & supporting distressed students. Hosting forums/encouraging open dialogue #critlib
  130. Joining the discussion tonight from Houston, academic librarian from Calgary, Canada. Grateful for #critlib tonight.
  131. A2: Teaching that bias not just in info that exists, but also in info that is missing & encouraging students to fill in the gaps #critlib
  132. A2 work with diversity efforts on campus to bring those folks into the library, including student groups, faculty, and staff. #critlib 
  133. A1 making my support visible- All are Welcome signs, wearing Stand with Muslims/BLM buttons then backing these with action #critlib
  134. I asked & the answers I got were give $ to poc doing the work. & contribute actual skills, not just my white lady good intentions. #critlib
  135. A2, we'll be promoting heavily for front line staff but also encouraging the NOT front line folks to attend. #critlib
  136. Language matters. We perpetuate the myth of race & help racism live when we continue to use racial categories based on skin color #critlib 
  137. A2 I'm learning to talk about bad things but also to stay quiet and not correct when white coworkers aren't on the exact same page #critlib
  138. Q2 @bLAMcollective members are putting together a doc of resources, 1 includes responses to microagressions on a business card #critlib
  139. I want to learn how to better amplify. I think I fail here, speaking for others -- being genuine. Y'all know I have cold exterior. #critlib
  140. A2 and then talking to @libraryfreedom about what we can do to empower students to do activism safely... Still not enough. #critlib
  141. A2 Listen to understand not to respond #critlib Support us when you witness microaggressions.
  142. A1 bringing in social workers/mental health practitioners to be available to patrons #critlib
  143. A2 It's about knowing the difference between teaching and nitpicking. #critlib
  144. A2 Working w other @IdahoLibraries people to be very intentional in showing how social justice aligns with America's noblest values #critlib
  145. Hi #critlib - Cataloger in pub lib in Utah County, UT. A2: critically reevaluating our Spanish language outreach /accessibility.
  146. A2 Really listening. Stepping back a lot (as a white woman who likes to talk, this feels majorly important). #critlib
  147. We weren't 100% sure that Q2 wasn't problematic. Rephrase if nec or even call out the question. Def don't want to burden POC w/ it. #critlib
  148. @bembrarian @flexlibris Respectfully disagree--POC have been telling us all along what needs to be done, info is out there. #critlib
  149. Q2 Talking to white colleagues I didn't realize they need/want help on how to respond to microagressions #critlib
  150. @SgWingo wrote a brief blog for for the lib blog providing link to safe space volunteer contact info & a listing those in the lib #critlib 3
  151. A2 have conversations about what can be supported with admin, also, in terms of programing and activities in the library #critlib
  152. A2 in college settings: encouraging students to organize/form social justice oriented student orgs, serving as stu org advisor #critlib
  153. A2 #critlib standing up to family and friends who speak against diversity/employ microaggressions, even if it makes you uncomfortable.
  154. Was extremely surprised having the ability to discuss concerns in LIS classes would be be comforting. #critlib
  155. A2 #critlib Echoing others but I think listening & showing solidarity are super important.
  156. @eiratansey Yes. Definitely pulling away from libs to focus on real/impactful stuff. #critlib
  157. Share info online and in real life about #water protectors in #standing rock. #nodapl #critlib
  158. #critlib A2 Important to figure out where we can enter existing movements. Look at our strengths+resources and put them to work.
  159. Hello #critlib! I just found out about this and I think it's fantastic. I'm a librarian for UMass Med / NN/LM.
  160. @bembrarian i'm facilitating a reading group at work on the myth and dangers of neutrality in libraries. Other ideas #critlib folks?
  161. Q2: listen listen listen. compile resources. make extra efforts for diverse books in storytime. post inclusive (&affirming) signage #critlib
  162. @AllisonJaiODell honestly, for me, right now in southwest Ohio, the biggest work I can do is OUTSIDE of my archivist position #critlib
  163. A2 on the board of my local small public lib, increasing efforts/services for immigrant community & children/teens #critlib
  164. @AllisonJaiODell @eiratansey ditto to this - not as wholely immersed in my work so as to have energy for thought & action. #critlib
  165. #critlib A2 I'm seeing too many folks of privilege (esp. white) advising "support/listen" as if that's the end. Link ur liberation to others
  166. A2 In libraries, normalizing diversity, rather than tokenizing. Displays that happen to be diverse rather than "Diversity displays" #critlib
  167. A2) If you feel comfortable, respond to some of the YESBUTs. They are so very exhausting. #critlib
  168. @DianaMoronta I'm going to write that up and print it out and put it on the wall of my office. Thank you. #critlib
  169. A2 Speaking up. Refusing objectification (guy called me "honey" at grocery store) seemed NBD before, yet. critical now #critlib
  170. A2 just riffing but me & another coworker (me queer, she jewish) got totally rebuffed when we tried to discus our concerns at work #critlib
  171. Whites” is not an authorized term in new 2015 #LCDGT. “White supremacists” is. “Blacks" authorized but no “People of color.” #critlib 
  172. A2. Black Twitter has taught me a lot about where some people are hurting. Not trying to defend "not all white people". #critlib
  173. A2 call out racism without using the word "racial" (like so many journalists). It's not "racially insensitive" it's racist! #critlib
  174. continuing conversations, talking w other whites abt what is it at stake for white people #critlib
  175. @jessicahochman YES to this - these moments matter. The local doesn't stop because im freaked out about the global #critlib
  176. @poeticdoxa I realized this after attending a poetry slam on campus; it was more productive than a formal discussion could've been #critlib
  177. A2: also rerouting more diverse children's books to new book displays. It's not a huge act but it's something i can influence #critlib
  178. Once upon a time I started publicly and immediately naming my boss's misogyny. That didn't end well. So I'm open to tactful ideas. #critlib
  179. Q3 How do cultures of authoritarianism/bigotry influence a librarian’s roles? How should a librarian confront political dissonance? #critlib
  180. #critlib A2 we ALL have work to do & it's not acceptable to ask PoC to direct White ppl at every moment. Accomplices > allies
  181. @brinepond #critlib boss sympathized in private but also "doesn't want to offend anyone" so it's like an elephant in the room
  182. @jessicahochman this. I've let a lot of comments (towards myself) slide before and now realize how problematic that can be. #critlib
  183. Being very intentional, listening and following up with action, & garnering solidarity across the library/campus is where I'm at RN #critlib
  184. Respectfully, these are multiple questions but there could be intersectionality. Interested in any interpretations during #critlib tonight! 
  185. @CharissaAPowell yep. I try to be the laid back white lady sometimes and it doesn't really suit me ;) #critlib
  186. A3 #critlib Even those of us in administration positions have to answer to people above us. Fight where you can is my approach.
  187. a2.1) realizing that this doesn't apply to all b/c we have different life situations and there is so much precarity in LIS... #critlib
  188. A3 #critlib But when I have more authority, such as an incident between students, I don't hesitate to get involved.
  189. A2 #critlib reporting incidents no matter how small, to establish pattern. had some BLM flyers defaced, we removed the defaced flyers & 1/2
  190. A3 Good example of librarians responding to political dissonance was the immediate & necessary criticism of that ALA press release. #critlib
  191. We *want* this to be true, but we need to work to make it real. How we feel is diff from how admins/governing bodies do. #critlib 
  192. A2 #critlib Trying to create safe spaces for discourse. Day after election, my class spent 1st 30min discussing fears, disappointment, etc
  193. Different fights can happen at diff levels, too. Match your actions to your level / expected consequences #critlib 
  194. #critlib could have left it at that but made a report so if it happened else where on campus it won't appear to be an isolated incident 2/2
  195. @ellieatoric #critlib yes!! art allows engaging w/ emotions/perspectives in a moment that's meant to be shared. Audiences work 2 understand
  196. abandoning politeness norms when what's at stake in interaction is humanity and chance for connection over a painful moment #critlib
  197. #critlib "doesn't want to offend anyone" means "doesn't want to offend white people." Declaring human decency towards all =now politicized+ 
  198. a2.2) but full-time librarian jobs often = relative socioeconomic privilege: putting some $$ towards poc-led activism is key #critlib
  199. A3 Depends on one's level of privilege, no? Different options & acceptable degrees of visibility and risk are open #critlib 
  200. A3 #critlib I'm fortunate in that my provost is a big believer in inclusion & intersectionality. Allies help always when you need to fight.
  201. A3 1/2 It affects us personally, as humans. In our role it can affect how and what we prioritize, which values we push forward. #critlib 
  202. Sometimes rank & file can take actions that admins would face greater consequences for #critlib
  203. @sarahkirkley agreed. Still giving time to post-election feelings bc these concerns are real and our new reality #critlib
  204. A3: we feel pressure as librarians to be objective and there is no neutral - we must express our disciplinary values in our work. #critlib
  205. Teaching Librarians and Human rights in Jan.22 signed up. elections will be a focus. #critlib
  206. Collection dev't pushes towards normalizing/making things nice for (white) children. You have to look hard to find other material #critlib
  207. Continuous self / crit examination. US Librarianship has a long history of being embedded in authoritarianism while doing good. #critlib 
  208. @bembrarian Protection to voice opinions/ideas. Fac & t-t status of librarians always under scrutiny. #critlib
  209. Q3 I struggle w/ this because simply presenting info/resources on a research guide is seen as political by some colleagues #critlib
  210. Yes @alliethome I’ve also been using that guide to “guide” the post-election interactive LibGuide I’ve been working on #critlib
  211. A3 A prof reminded us there's a reason fascists target librarians & intelligentsia 1st. Frontlines of thought-freedom &dissent #critlib
  212. a3 question and move past the limitations and narrowness of imposed #professionalism #critlib
  213. A3 Education is always something to aim for. Get to know "others." Self-educate & use your privilege to connect others w resources #critlib
  214. A3 2/2 Advocacy=working within the system with ppl in mind. I say address it by finding people who are willing to work w/you #critlib
  215. Q3 And by political, I mean not neutral and 'agenda pushing.' #critlib
  216. Confession, tho on not offending/safe space Q. I don't want to put off some ppl, so e.g., I don't wear my keffiyah to work. #critlib Advice?
  217. A3 i'm messy as hell so i have zero problem being a mouthy jerk when needed #critlib
  218. A3 #critlib protect those with less power. Borrower confidentiality comes to mind. Collection development.
  219. A3.1 we all work w/in authoritarian institutions which both protect & constrain us. Find viable, sustainable points of resistance #critlib
  220. A2 Empathy. Listen actively to people with different identities without making demands for speech. Be confrontational when needed #critlib
  221. a3: cultures of authoritarianism/bigotry seem to make confrontation professionally risky, even though still necessary. #critlib 
  222. A3 Changes our priorities. We should be pushing privacy issues, information literacy, and leisure reading outside comfort zone. #critlib
  223. a1-2-3 encouraging folks on their journey, supporting those waking up to 'can't be neutral on a moving train' #critlib
  224. A3. Dissent seems universal where I am. Need to parse better how much of that looks nonpartisan to anybody who would question it. #critlib
  225. A3 I think protecting rights to access info & privacy are critical. Consider new ways to do so, e.g. use @torproject #critlib
  226. Q3.2 sometimes librarians should *be* or create political dissonance (dissonance defined as tension or lack of harmony) #critlib
  227. A3: Puzzling over this one, but I think being a change agent from within the org/sys can sometimes be a more powerful position. #critlib
  228. @zinelib Perhaps the best thing we can do right now is not hide who we are -- make it okay for everyone to be out. #critlib
  229. @radicalibrarian I'm going to try to help my staff understand these issues better, so they'll notice when their work contradicts it #critlib
  230. @olinj YES. The problem is a) centralized collection dev b) overworked librarians w no time to look beyond big 6 publications #critlib
  231. Not articulating well-trying to get at not putting ppl off. Real Q: do pub/acad/sch libns have a responsibility to bigoted patrons? #critlib 
  232. I think we are doomed if we don't start acknowledging fully that libraries are political spaces, and acting accordingly #critlib
  233. A3 #critlib Our profession is based on authority and rigid rules. Working at a public uni adds another layer. So that leaves us... stuck?
  234. Yeah there is an A1 in looking around, seeing colleagues speaking out, getting up some nerve of my own. #critlib 
  235. @liv_scully one of the 1st actions colleagues & i were able to brainstorm was 'we must teach our patrons about digital privacy' #critlib
  236. @bembrarian absolutely. It’s been a struggle as someone without without much experience to figure out how far I can/want to go. #critlib
  237. a2 I try to be in solidarity or look to intervene when I can--inside and outside lib. wondering what this will mean in the future. #critlib
  238. @helenstwin #critlib That's why I think it's hugely important for me, the academic lib in a large consortium w/lot of publics, to do this.
  239. start or keep checking out allll the titles that will get you flagged under #patriotact surveillance #critlib
  240. A3 #critlib working at a uni I see it as my responsibility to lead by example my silence vs. speaking up could mean a great deal to students
  241. @bembrarian true! I think about what @fakedansavage said- we're a red country in w/ blue islands -often after this election #critlib
  242. A3 #critlib But anyway, depending on what's going on, I cause political dissonance. If you think librarians respond positively to critiques
  243. A1 also personally diving deeply into my faith as a place to find meaning, motivation, and hope. As a place of challenge. #critlib
  244. I denounced neutrality last week in my classes. It felt good. #critlib
  245. . @CityThatReads I worry that this is where political action not only starts but also ends for many people. #critlib
  246. Possible collaborative blog idea: The Stuck Librarian? For getting folks past barriers, institutional challenges? #critlib 
  247. @SgWingo doesn't mean "attacking" students or coworkers I don't agree w/but does mean challenging problematic speech/behavior #critlib
  248. @lisahubbell #critlib In my experience organizing, 1 of biggest dangers is when we assume same page. Good to make explicit/define solidarity
  249. @zinelib I think they can still be helped as a patron. But that doesn't mean their biases should be respected and accommodated #critlib
  250. A4 Regularly bring up inclusiveness in staff meetings, program planning, display, layout, UX, etc. #critlib
  251. @zinelib I believe librarians' responsibility to bigoted patrons is to educate them away from bigotry, not to indulge it. #critlib
  252. Q4 How do you challenge “business as usual” while maintaining the core functions of the library? #critlib
  253. A4 Find others on your staff so there is more than one person pushing for it. #critlib
  254. A1 the sect I belong to were radical and persecuted by both Catholic/Protestant states, so there is that lens of dissent within it #critlib
  255. It's important to realize that you can be "professional" without being neutral #critlib
  256. A3 #critlib of "nice" culture or critiques of "tradition" ... I don't even know what to say
  257. @amelish Def a concern. But I think talking about the how/why helps. Similar to having a plan for responding to microaggressions #critlib
  258. @olinj I also think it's impt to challenge outdated policies where they keep us from buying independent or self pubbed materials #critlib
  259. @jadeline_marvis @fakedansavage Understanding that parts of the convo are a binary and parts are far more complex is important too #critlib
  260. .@zinelib Like "neutrality," depends on context. Bigots can borrow books, bring kids to storytime. Be bigoted in bk discussns? No. #critlib
  261. A3: getting back to classes we can offer. Recognizing microagg, encryption ... What else? #critlib
  262. A3.1 the Constitution & Bill of Rights are "authoritarian institutions" - how do they protect us & enable us to protect others? #critlib
  263. @zinelib Great question. Easier to argue for acad/school libs, since their patrons may be more open to learning/being challenged. #critlib
  264. @amelish So for ex, I tell this story whenever relevant when I speak or write about my experiences. I love talking about criticism #critlib
  265. A4 #critlib No lie, and no exaggeration, this is part of the reason why I pursued a career in lib. administration. Easier to create change.
  266. A2. I share examples of trans & POC friends who have been harassed, shock that no one stood up for them, need to have their back. #critlib
  267. A3: Fighting for social justice will mean getting active not just in our libraries but also in our communities #critlib
  268. A3 #critlib No, I do know what to say: read anything @mxbees has ever written
  269. A4 Include discussions of racism/sexism in info lit course; plan workshops on those topics #critlib
  270. A4 I make a point of collecting items of different POVs than my homogeneous rural population. (And have doubled down since the 8th) #critlib
  271. A1 though personal challenge is that I'm not nearly as hardcore as my spiritual ancestors, yet at least. So challenge & self care. #critlib
  272. A4 Make space in every capacity you possibly can for marginalized ppl. Share successes/challenges/needs of doing this with admin #critlib 
  273. Q4 My secret is to talk it out with a colleague or 2 1-on-1, present to the group, provide evidence for why change is needed #critlib
  274. A4 My campus has been hosting a lot of "diversity" discussions. I attend, speak & support when appropriate as campus comm member #critlib
  275. A4 i still think the answer lies in being a mouthy jerk if you're a white person. maybe ease up on the jerk depending on context #critlib
  276. A4: Examine what "core function" means and then make sure that activity we hold dear isn't beloved tradition that holds us back. #critlib
  277. #critlib More independent publishing. We are publishing a book called Librarians With Spines this Spring. #HinchasPress #LowriderLibrarian
  278. A2 it's a fine line - I want to convey support, but not pity. Best response - be educated about cultural issues & actively listen #critlib
  279. A4 I throw in "microsuggestions": ie "this policy will become even more important if/when our community members are threatened" #critlib
  280. A4 thinking abt intentional instruction on these topics. Asking students about how they get info & assess info (& challenging it) #critlib
  281. A4. Recognizing the areas where your "business as usual" contributes to white supremacy/heternormativity/etc. & challenging those. #critlib
  282. Remember librarians like Ruth Brown. Fired. Now a statue of her at library. She made a dif in understanding. #critlib
    Remember librarians like Ruth Brown. Fired. Now a statue of her at library. She made a dif in understanding. #critlib
  283. @CityThatReads For sure, all of these are necessary - they chip away. #critlib
  284. A4 Planning to teach more classes on internet privacy/safety. Will be making Duck Duck Go default search engine. #critlib
  285. #critlib Crete a library community support network for activism and activist events in your area. #InfoSupport #LIS #Librarians #Activate
  286. A4 Redoubling efforts to adhere to core values. What's it mean to truly serve the public? #critlib
  287. A4 #critlib Assessing business as usual should be a central part of strategic planning. I'm not sure that I understand this question?
  288. A4 I have a new found appreciation for the value of info literacy instruction. Spent a whole session on evaluating information #critlib
  289. So many students don’t know about Duck Duck Go @liv_scully. Have it as a default at desk w/ students for instant learning opp #critlib
  290. A3 on idea of teaching internet privacy: how do you assert authority when your library is too poor to buy efficient computers? #critlib
  291. @maxmacias There's a great Seattle-based #critlib group that does a lot of local meetups and discussions :D
  292. This Q is really troubling me rn. Doing consultations w at-risk students, like their paper is of same importance as Trumpocalypse. #critlib 
  293. Same! My colleague and I just met with our dean today after we had been chewing on some ideas for a couple weeks. <3 #critlib 
  294. @hailthefargoats I'm sure most of my pub lib patrons will be clueless too - time for more on-the-fly training! :-) #critlib
  295. @pdjewell I agree. Awareness is not enough now, now action is necessary. #critlib
  296. Indeed @liv_scully! I usually ask the students to try a Google and Duck Duck Go search at the same time and see what happens! #critlib
  297. @hailthefargoats I used Duck Duck Go a year ago but gave up when results weren't up to par. Efficiency won out over privacy then. #critlib
  298. <nodding> Also thinking we need to expand our definition of core functions to include these conversations and actions. #critlib A4 
  299. A4 Tap into the community, see what they need at this time. Advocate for it @ library. Be open to change beyond your comfort level. #critlib
  300. @hailthefargoats must teach students not just "what" diff sources are, but HOW they are put together & circulate as commodities #critlib
  301. @Infinity_Dots @zinelib It drives me crazy that straight up racism is now something that we have to have deference to. #critlib
  302. @AllisonJaiODell Our data librarian and I will be running workshops on privacy. Alison Macrina is my hero. #critlib
  303. @schomj maybe it's getting at there's still the mundane day-to-day activities of running our libraries, how do we fit #critlib into that?
  304. Definitely understandable @gasbagcharm. Sometimes I have to switch back but good reminder for me #critlib
  305. A4 Challenge "business as usual" in hiring practices - make sure diversity & inclusion priorities in ad, where posted, in process #critlib
  306. A4 #critlib communication with colleagues both in & beyond lib. relationships I've formed w faculty & staff around campus 1/2
  307. Q4: talk about local organizing/social justice issues w/coworkers + choose diverse books for my Fam Book Club/book talks/storytime #critlib
  308. @SgWingo have opened lots of opportunities for dialogue and innovation 2/2 #critlib
  309. Question: Does anyone work at a library with a diversity/inclusion committee of any kind? #critlib
  310. I hope some of you talking about awesome workshops (e.g. on privacy) will share your slides or activities! #critlib
  311. Reminder: we're going 90 minutes tonight. No pressure to stay! If anyone is ducking out, want to keep a toe in by Storifying this #critlib?
  312. Oh crap forgot about #critlib on, like, the one Tuesday I'm home.
  313. A4 Revamped Evaluating News class of credit course to address conf. bias & algorithms. #selfcare & relevant instruction in one. #critlib
  314. A4 In my youth lit class this spring, a culturally relevant project w a library in STL to get out of our NYC bubble #critlib
  315. A2 Colleague of color worked in branch where once a patron yelled something racial at her. Only coworker who reacted was other POC. #critlib
  316. A4 also go outside the library - i'm going to detroit troublemakers school to learn a thing or two  #critlib
  317. Yes @oksveta! Asking them questions to get them to see the bigger picture and be critical of role they play in info circulating #critlib
  318. @laurabrarian it's part of doing activities. I haven't had a meeting or taught a class this year where it hasn't been a component #critlib
  319. But in many ways libraries are the same now as they were before/ever was. Hoping not to let lesser evils slide by forgetting that #critlib
  320. @gasbagcharm ask @flexlibris ! She has a privacy curriculum framework for all kinds of libraries & budgets #critlib
  321. Just a reminder, #critlib participants, that this is a 90 minute chat and we'll be going until 730 Pacific/1030 Eastern time!
  322. @SgWingo yes! Getting connected with #BLM at my institution and just reaching outside my bubble has been key. #critlib
  323. those #nationalbookawards tho. great modeling of uplifting, celebrating, gathering, and speaking truth in scary environment #critlib
  324. @bembrarian If that's your experience, I will just suggest that you make it part of your thought process when fulfilling your role #critlib
  325. Shout to @ruthbrarian 's tips and text for people new to letter-writing, calling representatives, otherwise being a nuisance #critlib
  326. A2. Change collection dev slowly but surely buy indie offer indie author awards have festival for local indie authors/publishers #critlib 
  327. Ducking out -- looking forward to reading the rest of the #critlib convo in the morning! Thanks for facilitating, @bembrarian & @zinelib!
  328. @schomj absolutely! & we should be thinking on both macro- (ie strategic planning) & micro- levels #critlib
  329. Q5 What tools and resources already exist to support a librarian’s and library’s resistance to regimes of hate? #critlib
  330. a2 what does it mean to care? will it extend to being willing to block deportation vans? #critlib
  331. A4. Recognizing that even small acts can lead to change. Exposing patrons to #infolit=more informed citizens=less "fake news" bs. #critlib
  332. Open Letters have been the most useful thing for starting constructive conversations post-election in my academic library #critlib
  333. @zinelib @Infinity_Dots Not saying you are! That's how colleagues presented it to me as part of "neutrality." #critlib
  334. @A_meeksie I'm not on it but the most recent thing I went to that they hosted was a lunch and documentary watching of "Reel Injun" #critlib
  335. A5 I know librarians in Canada had to deal with this until recently. We need to tape their expertise. #critlib
  336. @laurabrarian Reading founding fathers more closely than before, in seeking what to write to electoral college. #critlib
  337. @hailthefargoats I think it's a kind of recent thing? But definitely a fun thing to show off! #critlib
  338. Report Anti-Latino and Anti-Immigrant bullying in schools to MALDEF at 210-224-5476 #critlib
  339. ehh i think this CAN be true but then you're always gonna have a person CONVINCED you're a soros-funded lefty plant #critlib 
  340. Definitely neat @foureyedsoul. I really think understanding how you get info from search engine is crucial for critical info users #critlib
  341. A5 we've got skill sets that are valuable for activism, in professional context, and beyond #critlib
  342. A4 #critlib Ohhh. I get it now. I just forgot how often I hector my colleagues into talking about these things. (It's becoming normalized)
  343. A5. There's the Progressive Librarians Guild. There are also Radical Librarians meet-ups in cities including New York. #critlib
  344. A5 #critlib each other and again colleagues around campus for uni Libs. Local orgs for public Libs?
  345. A5: is 'all those books' too obvious? Summer reading, educate the youth with tolerance and compassion. #critlib
  346. A plug for the Anti-racism digital library / thesaurus - students, faculty librarians welcomed much needed!  #critlib
  347. In an election this personal, silent faculty/staff can be damaging to a diverse student body's well being #critlib
  348. A5 Thr resources collected by the SRRT and IFRT are a good place to start looking #critlib
  349. q5 #critlib we can help with privacy stuff @libraryfreedom. and we are soon launching a forum for librarians organizing for the resistance.
  350. A4: use our #infolit library instruction to show where bad, bias and 'fake' news gets us - Brexit Trump #crapdetectors unite #critlib
  351. @brinepond A5. Sure. We can't change the minds of those who will be unmoved. Have to focus on those who are open to discussion. #critlib
  352. A5 out on a limb... research methods! Listen, ask questions, pay attention, find patterns, interrogate your ethics & values often #critlib 
  353. A5 Information literacy instruction! In particular - teaching critical evaluation of sources. #critlib
  354. A4 Redoubling efforts to adhere to core values. What's it mean to truly serve the public? #critlib MORE >> 
  355. If you are in a union be more active. If no union support unionists. #critlib
  356. A5 @RadReference is pretty quiet in most cities but the website might provide some help/resources/guidance.  #critlib
  357. #critlib gotta duck out but thank you so much for your company & comfort. Will read over transcript tmrw!
  358. A5 Never underestimate the power of collaboration! (Like this discussion!) #critlib
  359. A5 #critlib really thinking about teaching students/community how to evaluate info. We already do this, but it is going to be so vital
  360. A5 if you're at an LC library, just walk into the E or H (HD, HM, HV) sections and start reading #critlib
  361. Just lurking and "liking" on #critlib tonight & grateful for the conversation.
  362. Left work late (monthly library book club) and enjoying #critlib convo
  363. @awlibrarian Would Google be able to track the computer/browser it's being searched from? Need to know more about proxies, clearly. #critlib