queer communities in academic libraries

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83rd chat, Tuesday June 6 2017: queer communities in academic libraries
6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern

Moderated by @infinity_dots & @brinepond
Storify (pdf, html) by @infinity_dots

Queer – we’re using the term queer as an umbrella term for anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+.

Suggested readings:

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What do you do (or plan to do) to support queer communities on your campus? #critlib
  • Q2. Looking @ Q1 who’s being left out? (due to race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, non-trad students, +) #critlib
  • Q3. What can librarians do to show support for transgender students, fac, staff in particular? #critlib
  • Q4. Has anyone surveyed students, fac, staff to determine queer needs on campus?#critlib
  • Q5. Moving forward what do you consider to be a primary need for the queer communities on your campuses? #critlib