Queer Communities in Academic Libraries

#critlib 6/6/17

  1. Pre-Discussion/Intros
  2. For ideas on how academic libraries can support queer communities b4 the #critlib chat, check out this storify:  http://bit.ly/2rp8zu1 
  3. ATTN: 🏳️‍🌈 #critlib discussion in 15 min (8:00CT, 1:00 Zulu time) w/me & @brinepond
  4. HI Y'ALL welcome to tonight's #critlib about queer communities in academic libraries, time to introduce yourselves!!
  5. also moderating tonight's #critlib is @Infinity_Dots! as a note we're using "queer" for anyone who IDs as LGBTQIA+
  6. Also I'd like to take a leaf out of @zinelib's book & offer an option for people to tweet semi-anonymously #critlib
  7. If you have something you'd like to tweet anonymously email me at this temporary address: infinitydotsforever@gmail.com #critlib
  8. anyway i'm kelly and i'm a presently unemployed librarian/archivist future paralegal student in detroit #critlib
  9. @ForeverBren_x @TrippTuttle @uncsils @xoxoMattyBoy Tonight's #critlib discussion has started and goes until 10pm EST. Feel free to join if you would like!
  10. Question 1: What do you do (or plan to do) to support queer communities on your campus?
  11. Q1. What do you do (or plan to do) to support queer communities on your campus? #critlib
  12. Queer communities in libraries: mostly I see the community of queer librarians, but not so much students in libraries--you all? #critlib
  13. I am doing my dissertation research on queer undergraduates and their perceptions of library spaces #critlib
  14. @voxpopulare I know we have a lot of queer students on our campus because I advise the queer student org which meets in the library! #critlib
  15. Right now it's outreach to the LGBT resource center, women's center, and classes that cover queer/gender/sexuality studies #critlib  https://twitter.com/brinepond/status/872258310715695104 
  16. @brinepond Every summer, libs & HR sponsor Safe Space Training. The LGBT Center has an intensive workshop geared towards lib staff. #critlib
  17. A1: some is explicit, like our Pride Month book display or providing space for QTPOC student group #critlib
  18. @voxpopulare Yay collaboration! I've worked with the counseling & career services departments on queer themed panel discussions/events. #critlib
  19. @brinepond In addition, libs work w/ the LGBT Center to make sure students' preferred names show up in course sites & lib accounts. #critlib
  20. A1 I do collection development projects to specifically add queer novels and nonfiction, using the Lambda and Stonewall lists #critlib
  21. June is a terrible month--most students away, so no big Pride celebration here #critlib
  22. A1: also, a lot of queer library workers doing their own visibility and culture change #critlib
  23. A1 attending queer themed events on & off campus is important I think to show students that librarians care. #critlib a physical presence
  24. A1: we have a lot of queer collections to support academic study -- students have told me they're surprised by how much we have #critlib
  25. A1 little things like putting your pronouns in your email signature can have a lot of meaning for other queer stu, fac, staff #critlib
  26. A1: Partnering w/ Women's and Gender Studies program, Student Alliance for Gender Equality to open a new resource room/safe space #critlib
  27. A1. We have a lot of psych students. Fellow librarian screened a doc called "Trans Clients Speak". #critlib
  28. @voxpopulare students dont generally say theyre queer & using the libs. they tend to open up about identities during diversity events/talks. #critlib
  29. A1: also, just building community with queer students, staff, and faculty -- be seen and be available #critlib
  30. @voxpopulare It's possible they have their own designated signature events during the academic year. #critlib
  31. Question 2: Looking @ Q1 who's being left out? (due to race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, non-trad students, +)
  32. Q2. Looking @ Q1 who’s being left out? (due to race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, non-trad students, +) #critlib
  33. @akaur0 Yes I know--I go to them--and our town does Pride in September when the students return #critlib
  34. Of course, that is *if* they can find them in the stacks...#critlib
  35. A2 Distance students are often left out, which is why have a good queer resource guide online is helpful #critlib
  36. The LGBT Center had presented a Diversi-tea, where students & staff conversed about how the libs can support the LGBT community #critlib
  37. Question to folks--how many of you have an LGBT resource center on your campus? How does it impact queer student library use? #critlib
  38. Hi #critlib I'm Max & I'm a little late 🙋‍♂️ and I'm an academic librarian in VA.
  39. getting a late start but I'm here--zoe, academic librarian, denver, hella queer. #critlib
  40. A1 I gave a talk in the library September for #bannedbooksweek about LGBTQ books, students came (!!) and they loved it #critlib
  41. A2: most of the concrete programs we do are in partnership with existing groups, so, folks who are already connected to a group #critlib
  42. @akaur0 great idea! This could be helpful for int'l students who might have a harder time breaking into the queer communities on campuses #critlib
  43. Question 3: What can librarians do to show support for transgender students, faculty, staff in particular?
  44. Q3. What can librarians do to show support for transgender students, fac, staff in particular? #critlib
  45. lib can be a mtg space 4 campus resource cntr staff 2 plan services 4 queer students, other marginalized pop, nontrad students, etc #critlib
  46. We have an active campus lgbt center + partner with them on stuff. Ahem. They're good at reminding us that not all queer folk r yt. #critlib
  47. A3 I'd really like to see public svcs & instruction librarians be mindful of the pronouns they use with students, fac, staff #critlib
  48. A3 bathrooms are really contested spaces right now--I'd like to see academic librarians do more to make bathrooms safe for all #critlib
  49. @brinepond A1. Being visible, vocal, & available in an explicit way. Working w/ my colleagues to ensure that they're comfortable supporting, #critlib
  50. A3: I've been heartened by increased and authentic practice around pronouns of reference on my campus #critlib
  51. A3 curious how many folks have gender neutral bathroom facilities in their libraries--we have one but it's not easy to access. #critlib
  52. A3 do you say "you guys" when referring to groups? maybe don't. #critlib
  53. @Infinity_Dots Each sem, we host 6 teas. at each, a campus resource cntr staff & students present about the center and how to partner w/ the libs #critlib
  54. @zoh_zoh We have one but it's in the coffee shop, which people think is closed over the summer #critlib
  55. @zoh_zoh i remember one library on campus had a handicapped restroom that *could* be GN but it was all the way on the 1st floor #critlib
  56. @zoh_zoh so not very convenient for those who need a single-stall room and/or the disabled #critlib
  57. @Infinity_Dots This past year, the libs won an inaugural Campus Diversity Award, because students like the Diversi-tea series. They nominated us. #critlib
  58. @zoh_zoh however the allied media conference is hosted at my once-uni and they intentionally block off gender neutral bathrooms #critlib
  59. A3 it can be hard esp. in a rural place to know where to go for medical services if someone chooses to transition #critlib
  60. Q1. our queer communities. This means talking about language. Language is fluid & contested & that often makes folks nervous, #critlib
  61. @brinepond @zoh_zoh If only our small campus *had* a 1st floor. I try at least to tell people where both gendered bathrooms are when they ask. #critlib
  62. A3 I have my pronouns in my email signature--another common practice that can be a nice way to show that pronouns can't be assumed #critlib
  63. @lisahubbell @brinepond had this at my last job--men's one way, ladies the other. I always described directions to both both no matter who asked. #critlib
  64. @zoh_zoh I'm lucky that we have a fully inclusive bathroom policy as a campus, I'm working this summer to make our signage less binarist. #critlib
  65. Question 4: Has anyone surveyed students, fac, staff to determine queer needs on campus?
  66. Q4. Has anyone surveyed students, fac, staff to determine queer needs on campus?#critlib
  67. I have a Safe Space Training sticker by my door #critlib
  68. A3. One faculty member is now famous in Sweden as a trans* role model. Happy to show up for previews of her TV appearances there. #critlib
  69. A4 our LGBTQ center has probably done this, but I'm not aware of their findings or the implications for the library. #critlib
  70. This is usually LGBT Resource Center Director's job--unless institution has no LGBT resource center--libs can help of course #critlib  https://twitter.com/brinepond/status/872265859988942848 
  71. A3 Educate yourselves. If you're in a position of power (cannot stress this one enough) make it education/awareness a priority. #critlib
  72. @ryansallans also @ryansallans is the bessst, very thankful I got to attend. Hire him if you can! #critlib
  73. @kellymce Yes! We have a monthly faculty/ staff social. So much of our work focuses on our students, it's nice to have some balance #critlib
  74. @voxpopulare perhaps an intentional collaboration btwn resource center and library is in order in some places? #critlib
  75. Today, I spent 4 hrs formatting tables in my CV & my soul is dead. So excited for the #critlib summer bookclub w/@Linds_librarian tomorrow!
  76. A3. Be political. Advocate for housing, food security, OER textbooks for students. Seek out oral histories from trans people #critlib
  77. A4 at my prev job, I was fac advisor for the LGBTQ student group--they were v concerned about education, advocacy, and social opps #critlib
  78. A4 I got an idea from a peer at @ILAACRL17 to get student feedback on out queer resource guide #critlib
  79. A4 in terms of serving needs of queer comms, I think academic libraries could step up services and spaces--host events, be visible #critlib
  80. @brinepond LGBT Cntr has complimented libs 4 being 1 of the most queer friendly campus spaces. GN restrooms. preferred names. staff trainings. #critlib
  81. @kellymce We call it the Bates Faculty/ Staff LGBTQIA Affinity Group. The name needs some work. #queeratwork #critlib
  82. A3 It's impossible to meet the needs of a community that you know nothing about. Best intentions are admirable, but not enough. #critlib
  83. A3 oh, and CHECK YOUR DISCOVERY TOOL FOR TOP SEARCH RESULTS--I was horrified by the top result for "transgender" recently #critlib
  84. @mbrookerob @kellymce The library survey would be about the library--but would collect demographic data. Most don't so we don't know what groups do what #critlib
  85. @zoh_zoh "You guys" flows better w/ my Jersey accent, but I slowly making the change to "y'all". #critlib
  86. Question 5: Moving forward what do you consider to be a primary need for the queer communities on your campuses?
  87. Q5. Moving forward what do you consider to be a primary need for the queer communities on your campuses? #critlib
  88. @bembrarian another librarian noticed that their top result was from "The Encyclopedia of Social Problems"--what does that tell trans students? #critlib
  89. @brinepond @voxpopulare Yes! Partner w. the Center, so the lib can be the pilot for new signage, events, etc. It'll encourage other depts to get involved. #critlib
  90. A5 physically prioritize the safety of your queer communities. folks should be able to pee, read, study, and browse without fear. #critlib
  91. @brinepond Unity. Our campus queer communities are diverse and scattered, so do not have big obvious asks #critlib
  92. @zoh_zoh @bembrarian That's terrible! I'm going to look more closely at our discovery layers tomorrow... #critlib
  93. A5 I worry about queer students who 1) don't see themselves in our collex 2) feel unsafe in the bldg 3) get misgendered in classes #critlib
  94. A1. Lots of pronoun orientation, at work and otherwise, on behalf of a non-binary loved one. "They" is not always plural or trans. #critlib
  95. A5 I'm working on listening to my community and not making assumptions. My needs as a queer person aren't universal #critlib
  96. Another question--are queer social media using students even looking for books like we did (and still do)? #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/872268987752738819 
  97. A5 I was overwhelmed by how students responded to my short talk about queer books--they were SO glad to see a librarian as an ally. #critlib
  98. this is the perf song as #critlib chat starts to wind down--for the record, I wanna dance with all y'all, any time #critlib https://t.co/Yak8yy9wat
    this is the perf song as #critlib chat starts to wind down--for the record, I wanna dance with all y'all, any time #critlib pic.twitter.com/Yak8yy9wat
  99. @voxpopulare queer students are likely researching topics near & dear to them--do we have resources that reflect their lives & interests? #critlib
  100. A5 acquiring LGBT+ books that students will see and read is my main concern at my junior college #critlib
  101. @zoh_zoh What venue did this talk take place? Was this in a class or a stand alone library event? Sounds awesome! #critlib
  102. A5 Hold weekly office hours in the Diverse student center. Not everyone feels comfortable in the library #critlib
  103. @Infinity_Dots we have a "discovery wall" in the library--open presentation wall in the middle of the library. very public space #critlib
  104. A5 how do keep uptodate with new relevant queer books? #critlib Lambda Literary? GLBT Round Table?
  105. @zoh_zoh At my library we do--most academic libraries do nowadays, or can get them through ILL. #critlib
  106. @voxpopulare I've read about appreciation from queer teens that they can read YA romance as ebooks, without classmates seeing the covers. #critlib
  107. @librarybell Held by professional staff? student employees? or both? We have experimented w/ both. Students connect better w/ other students #critlib
  108. @andornotnear Follow all of them on social media! Also Publishing Triangle and others #critlib
  109. A5 i try to make sure that we put up good displays for Pride and LGBT history month (basic level outreach, right?) #critlib
  110. any last thoughts for tonight? would anyone like to volunteer to storify this, pretty please? #critlib
  111. @andornotnear rainbow list!  http://glbtrt.ala.org/rainbowbooks/  and pay attention to what students are researching, how they describe their topics #critlib
  112. A5 for example, students may be confused why "reassignment surgery" brings back more results than "gender confirmation" #critlib
  113. A3 i gotta follow up to see how my library is doing on getting Gender Neutral restrooms... stuck in bureaucracy i feel #critlib
  114. @voxpopulare @andornotnear didn't know about Lambda Literary or Publishing Triangle, thanks for this! #critlib
  115. A5 We, collectively, need to do the work so queer communities don't have to. Be proactive, not reactive. #critlib
  116. @librarybell That's wonderful that you're consistent with the hours of the service! #critlib
  117. A2 i had to explain to my supervisor how having trans women in the Women's History Month display was not out of scope #critlib
  118. @maxgbowman Most of the folks who have historically done this work were, are, and have been queer librarians--hard to take it from us :) #critlib
  119. A5 There have been many occasions where,we've tried to educate ourselves in response to a problem. #critlib
  120. just want you to know that kenny loggins & I love you just the way you are #critlib https://t.co/7TCqwHeg4W
    just want you to know that kenny loggins & I love you just the way you are #critlib pic.twitter.com/7TCqwHeg4W
  121. A5 But the message that sends is that queer communities are creating the problems/are the problem. #critlib
  122. A5 having a platform to meet others who share a similar identity as us is vital for our own mental health IMO #critlib
  123. A1 visibility is still important (i heard some librarians wear rainbow stuff at public service points) #critlib
  124. @andornotnear I have a giant rainbow flag in my office. I get questions about it regularly (incl. from coworkers!) #critlib
  125. Thanks everybody for a productive, thought-provoking discussion! #critlib
  126. Any Storify volunteers for tonight's chat? Second call? #critlib
  127. that's all for tonight folks, thanks for the chat! still looking for a kind soul to storify! #critlib
  128. A1 Ranges from visibility of staff to our preferred pronouns indicated on our nameplates at the desk or office doors. #critlib
  129. yes, one time i overheard a male student say "that's not a woman" referring to a feminine student who walked by... #critlib  https://twitter.com/maxgbowman/status/872271290543034368 
  130. I think we need another one of these queer community in the library chats, in a month other than June #critlib
  131. @brinepond If we don't get any Storify volunteers I can sleuth through it tomorrow morning and share the link! #critlib
  132. @voxpopulare @maxgbowman This has long been one of my areas of practice as an ally, learning at the feet of folks like Holly Near as a teenager. #critlib
  133. A2 QPOC might feel excluded, so having more resources/guides etc. across the board #critlib
  134. @zoh_zoh @andornotnear yeah, I have a pronoun button from @autostraddle on my cardigan and students have recognized it #critlib
  135. Also, seems appropriate that a coworker brought me this back from a conference today #critlib https://t.co/22H55qNVxG
    Also, seems appropriate that a coworker brought me this back from a conference today #critlib pic.twitter.com/22H55qNVxG
  136. A3 Having relevant & up to date resources accessible. We added a lot of new materials thanks to feedback #critlib
  137. @kellymce @brinepond @Infinity_Dots Yes! Thanks to y'all! I think that's the most I've ever said in a #critlib meeting 😂
  138. @zoh_zoh 🙋 at least one on all 5 floors. One of the reasons I decided to work where I do now (though ofc there's still more work to be done) #critlib
  139. A2 (7) As librarians we need to find those nuances and lean into our discomfort to seek POCq voices, recog &act on our privileges #critlib
  140. A3 (5) I've said this many times but our spaces and our collections send very explicit msgs about who we are & what we stand for #critlib
  141. @brinepond A2 #critlib we see disabled students being left out due to our culture's application of asexuality to them
  142. Thank you @Infinity_Dots and @brinepond for such wonderful questions and the labour of moderating - 1st #critlib convo was 👌