MPLP (archival processing)

From Annual report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Cornell University, no. 29 (1908)

70th chat, Monday November 14: MPLP (archival processing)
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MPLP stands for More Product, Less Process and is sometimes referred to baseline processing.  The acronym was introduced by Mark A. Greene and Dennis Meissner in the article “More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing”.  MPLP asserts that archives should adhere to the following guidelines* for arrangement, description, and preservation in order to improve productivity and decrease backlogs of unprocessed material.

1) expedite getting collection materials into the hands of users
2) assure arrangement of materials adequate to user needs
3) take the minimal steps necessary to physically preserve collection materials
4) describe materials sufficient to promote use.

*all italics are from the original text

Suggested readings:

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. What has your experience been with MPLP? How do you determine ‘sufficient’ description & ‘adequate’ arrangement for a collection?
  • Q2. How does MPLP affect access to and accessibility of material?
  • Q3. How does MPLP affect privacy issues? – does MPLP lead to increased risk?
  • Q4. How does MPLP affect the work required from other staff (such as access services and digitization staff)?
  • Q5. What do we lose with MPLP? What do we gain? How can we balance MPLP with traditional processing?