MPLP Archival Processing | #critlib | 11/14/2016

Critlib on More Product, Less Process and Archival Processing - Tuesday, November 14, 2016 - Readings and definitions available here

  1. Intros
  2. Hi all & welcome to todays #critlib chat on MPLP &archival processing. If you're new to MPLP brief overview is here: β€¦
  3. I'm Alice Prael, Digital Accessioning Archivist @ Beinecke Library and I'll be moderating today's #critlib chat
  4. I'm Greg and I'm a faculty librarian at @TheLWTech @learningcommons. I only have minimum experience working with archives. #critlib
  5. Hi I am Devon, a Project archivist at the Bentley in Ann Arbor, Michigan! I am excited to join in the discussion! #critlib
  6. I'm Tod and I'm the digital asset manager/archivist @boncomslc I've worn so many hats over the years, but yay corporate archives! #critlib
  7. I'm going to start w/ the Qs but please feel free to keep up with introductions :) #critlib
  8. Q1. What has your experience been with MPLP? How do you determine sufficient description and adequate arrangement for collections?
  9. Q1-What has your experience been with MPLP? How do you determine β€˜sufficient’ description & β€˜adequate’ arrangement for collections? #critlib
  10. Also, please remember to include the Q# in your answer, thanks! #critlib
  11. A1. As a digital archivist, most of my exp. w/ MPLP is thru automating archival processing on born digital collections #critlib
  12. I only learned of MPLP since I started grad school (had 1 archives job before then) but since then have used in various forms #critlib
  13. (A1b, sorry!) I've had no prior experience to MPLP but think it's really important in an age of info overload. #critlib β€¦
  14. A1 Arrangement w/ digital is kinda weird cuz you can re-arrange more easily,but the level of processing depends on our expectations #critlib
  15. /of whats in the coll., but since the donors don't always know whats there it's hard for us to know what level of processing to do #critlib
  16. We used AV MPLP to get through our 50-year backlog before moving material offsite. Trusted labels, for better or for worse #critlib
  17. @AlicePrael Interested in what those expectations are. Also, what's taken for granted in digital age? What is default? #critlib
  18. @todrobbins We do basic scans for personal info thru FTK, create file manifests and trusting the file names from the creator #critlib
  19. @bembrarian What we expect is in the coll. e.g email probably has lots of personal info, Microsoft paint doodles are prob safer #critlib
  20. A1 - the Bentley has incorporated MPLP into its processing manual but it really depends on the collection material #critlib
  21. @devonproudfoot isn't the point of MPLP that it always depends on the collection and researcher need? #critlib
  22. Hi #critlib, late to the discussion, mostly here to lurk. I'm Anastasia, just finished a residency rotation in special collections.
  23. Moving onto Q2, but please feel free to keep discussing Q1 #critlib
  24. A1 I've worked at places that do extensible processing and places that don't -- it feels a lot better to not have a backlog #critlib
  25. A1 Probably more important, it's easier to keep good relationships with donors and patrons w/ no backlog #critlib
  26. Q1: We use MPLP on all incoming collections, because we already have the mother of all backlogs and don't want more. #critlib
  27. A1. The original MPLP article came out while I was in grad school, so it's always been part of my practice #critlib
  28. A1.2 Even when doing "full" processing (which is very rare), it's a conscious decision, so I'm always "doing" MPLP #critlib
  29. A1.3 It always feelsstrange when ppl say "We do MPLP sometimes." You either make decisions about levels of processing or you don't #critlib
  30. Q2. How does MPLP affect access and accessibility of material?
  31. Q2 How does MPLP affect access to and accessibility of material? #critlib
  32. A2. Seems like working through materials faster will limit how thorough descriptions are, but maybe there's something I'm missing. #critlib β€¦
  33. @todrobbins @BitCurator We use BC for some things but not PII scans because the Bulk Extractor output is more difficult to work w/ #critlib
  34. Q2: tbh not sure most of our patrons notice the difference btw "normal" + MPLP processing, except that the folders aren't as neat? #critlib
  35. IME, MPLP has sometimes been hijacked to mean "box-level" when really it means "use your brain and make hard choices" #critlib
  36. In my practice, MPLP requires actually doing appraisal so you're not processing worthless records. #critlib
  37. A2 Does anyone find it kinda has the effect of limiting the resources you can put into critical description? #critlib
  38. @meau that is a very good way to put it! MPLP has suggestions for processing, but that doesn't ,mean it covers every case #critlib
  39. A2-I worry that MPLP exchanges accessibility for access- i.e. you can request it, but how usable is it?#critlib
  40. It also means that you have to treat your entry-level employees as pros, teach them to exercise the golden minimum #critlib
  41. MPLP is almost impossible in shops that don't invest in the professional development of their staffs. #critlib
  42. @chiuchiutrain Now this is interesting! How do you define critical description? #critlib
  43. A2 - IMO the added access MPLP affords to otherwise dark backlogs far outweighs loss of detail on a few collections #critlib
  44. @AlicePrael right. And mplp in theory is different from how people do it in practice. #critlib
  45. A2 - This is something I don't really have a good answer to yet, but I try to keep it in mind during processing #critlib
  46. Q3. How does MPLP affect privacy issues? Does MPLP lead to increased risk?
  47. Q3. How does MPLP affect privacy issues? – does MPLP lead to increased risk? #critlib
  48. It's easier to sort and pull paperclips and make lists than it is to describe aggregations and historical contexts. MPLP Is hard #critlib
  49. @chiuchiutrain I've had to make arguments & justify effort, but no, I don't find MPLP limits resources when they're really needed #critlib
  50. @bembrarian Oversimplifying, but full description, I suppose? As 1st-time processer, process helped me understand the coll. more. #critlib
  51. A3: This isn't an MPLP issue for me, it's a donor relations issue #critlib
  52. A3 Indexing makes privacy less of a problem for digital, but I worry about putting content online w/total trust in the PII scan #critlib
  53. A4 As described in the article, it requires more from curators to anticipate privacy problems before they come up #critlib
  54. @meau Yes! Box and folder lists, lacking aggregate description and context, is a mis-application of MPLP #critlib
  55. You have to TALK THIS THROUGH with donors. They have to be told that they need to ID sensitive records. #critlib
  56. A3 - PII scans make it easier to catch personal information in digital records, but it is more difficult to cover in paper material #critlib
  57. @CarrieElise And MPLP provides vocabulary/theoretical framework to talk to donors about what you do and don't do during processing #critlib
  58. It's such malpractice to let donors send whatever they want and hope an entry-level archivist will comb through and catch problems. #critlib
  59. @meau but with physical media they can't look thru the content and it's old enough they can't remember whats on that floppy disk #critlib
  60. A3. The presence of restricted materials is a totally legit reason to put more time into processing a collection -- and that's MPLP #critlib
  61. .@AlicePrael it's possible to look through electronic media before taking custody. Or provisional ownership before appraisal #critlib
  62. @AlicePrael If donor can't give some idea of what is likely on a disk, or what was context of creation, may not be worth collecting #critlib
  63. Q4. How does MPLP affect the work required from other staff - such as access services and digitization staff?
  64. Q4. How does MPLP affect the work required from other staff (such as access services and digitization staff)? #critlib
  65. Q4: One thing we've been working through is how NOT to do item-level description for digitized stuff. #critlib
  66. @AlicePrael We shouldn't forget to appraise just because it's digital. It still takes effort to process & considering that is MPLP #critlib
  67. i wish i could chime in w/#critlib but my boss went to an MPLP workshop and i screamed b/c i've been pushing that for YEARS JESUS
  68. i could have explained MPLP to her, but she didn't trust me I GUESS #critlib
  69. @chiuchiutrain @bembrarian I think you can do careful and complete description without over-arranging everything. #critlib 1/2
  70. @chiuchiutrain @bembrarian In fact I'd argue that we should increase resources for description over arrangement and rehousing. #critlib 2/2
  71. Q5. What do we lose with MPLP? What do we gain? How can we balance MPLP with traditional processing?
  72. Q5. What do we lose with MPLP? What do we gain? How can we balance MPLP with traditional processing? #critlib
  73. Q5: We lose our backlogs. πŸ˜ƒ We gain the ability to think critically about what resources we apply to what parts of processing. #critlib
  74. A5 About an hour ago I thought of MPLP and Traditional Processing as two ends of a spectrum, but now I think of MPLP more as 1/2 #critlib
  75. @chiuchiutrain @bembrarian Time difference btw scanning the collection for content vs. full re-foldering/re-arranging is huge, imo. #critlib
  76. A5 - I don't think it is as much of a balance. MPLP allows the processor to decide what attention the collection needs! #critlib
  77. @chiuchiutrain @bembrarian For parts of some collections, sure, full arrangement is valuable +adds a lot. But for most, not really. #critlib
  78. A5: We gain control of how we choose to spend our time and resources #critlib
  79. A5 an effective & resource conscious way of applying traditional processing, considering collection and researcher needs 1st 2/2 #critlib
  80. A5 With MPLP, we lose one-size-fits-all, easy answers, but we gain the ability to use judgment and resources appropriately #critlib
  81. Also just putting this out there. Arrangement is, at best, a waste of time and at worst erases context of creation. #critlib
  82. @meau OK, gonna take you up on this one ... wait, should we offer to debate this in front of a crowd at #SAA17? #critlib
  83. @meau what about arrangement that is basically re-establishing original order? #critlib
  84. We're nearing the end of our hour but please keep up the convo. Thanks to everyone for participating in today's MPLP #critlib chat!
  85. @meau what about arrangement that consists of grouping unorganized materials into clusters of like things for group description? #critlib
  86. Storify will be up soon & be sure to tune in next Tuesday@ 9 pm eastern for #critlib in the Trump Administration
  87. Interesting chat today! It is great to hear from others and try to be able to explain my own views. I still have a lot to learn! #critlib
  88. Dudes, do what you need to do to serve something in the reading room. But that ain't archival description and barely prof work #critlib