environmental and labor implications of library technology

"A puzzled observer"
From St. Nicholas vol. 31 no. 12 / edited by Mary Mapes Dodge (1904)

37th chat, July 14 2015: environmental and labor implications of library technology

moderated by @ibeilin and @cat_lager
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Discussion questions:

  • Q1 What are the problems with the idea of ‘ethical consumerism’ in general and for libraries in particular?
  • Q2 Does a consumerist model of library service encourage a consumerist model of environmental responsibility in libraries?
  • Q2.5 Does this tendency undermine the ‘core values’ of librarianship?
  • Q3 How can libraries not only be more environmentally responsible but also consume and produce less?
  • Q4 How can libraries/librarians take collective approaches, rather than consumerist-individualist ones, to environmental problems?
  • Q5 What are some ‘ethical quandaries’ that could become learning experiences for students, as Jennifer Poggiali suggests?