bias in web searching

black and white drawing of four cats wearing Elizabethan ruffled collars
From Bits of talk, in verse and prose, for young folks / by Helen Jackson (1904)

104th chat, Tuesday April 24 2018: bias in web searching
6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern

moderated by @IamLibrarianSam and @metageeky
Storify (pdf, html) by @violetbfox

suggested resources:

discussion questions:

  • Q1. What are some examples of problematic bias in web searching? What harm is done by bias in searching? #critlib
  • Q2. As creators of information, how can we be sure problematic biases don’t make their way into our own creations and work? #critlib
  • Q3. How can we thoughtfully perform bias analyses on our own systems? #critlib
  • Q4. What can we do to help our communities understand the biases that exist in web searching? #critlib