information resources and incarcerated people

From The Angora cat : how to breed, train and keep it / edited by Robert Kent James (1898)

49th chat, January 4 2016: information resources and incarcerated people

Moderated by @foureyedsoul & @B2PSeattle
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Suggested readings:

These readings are just some suggestions in case you’d like more background on prison libraries. None of these are in any way “required” to participate in the chat, just provided in case you’d like to learn more!

Discussion questions:

  • Q1 How can we best negotiate the tension between prison restrictions and our commitment to fostering access to information? #critlib
  • Q2 What steps can we take to make prison libraries genuinely inclusive? #critlib
  • Q3 In what ways can we support prisoners even if we aren’t working inside of a prison library? #critlib
  • Q4 How we can support people who’ve been released from prison reenter wider society? What needs might they have? #critlib

Additional readings: