critlib 2018-02-20: 100th critlib chat celebration

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  1. It's important that librarians have an avenue to talk about themselves. Not enough of this is happening. I am grateful to be part of this community #critlib #vocationalawe
  2. Hey #critlib folks... I have cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven right around 9pm. If you have turned on the delicious goodies app, you can have some.
  3. Welp, it's that time! Please join me & @thebookinator during the next hour to celebrate the 100th #critlib chat!!
  4. Hi. Welcome everyone. My name is Kelly and I’m the Head of Research and Instruction Services at Cornette Library West Texas A&M University. #critlib
  5. .@thebookinator will be posting the six #critlib chat questions throughout the hour. They're conveniently in this image, or visit to see them as well.
    .@thebookinator will be posting the six #critlib chat questions throughout the hour. They're conveniently in this image, or visit  to see them as well.
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  7. Hey #critlib! Long time lurker, figured it was time to say HI: Kelly, academic instruction librarian 👋💯
  8. Heyyyy #critlib I’m not on kiddo bedtime duty this evening so I am sneak eating chocolate pie, watching Olympics and hanging with youuuuu ❣️❣️❣️
  9. Yo #critlib - I'm Carrie, Health Sciences/Academic Librarian in Chillwaukee, Wisconsin.
  10. Hi #critlib, I’m a cataloger and #MLIS student in Texas. I think this is going to be a fun chat tonight :)
  11. Happy anniversary #critlib! I’m Kat, I’m at George Mason U outside DC. Grants/Planning/Assessment/Other duties as assigned.
  12. oooh, am I actually online at the same time #critlib is happening??? Must be fate! *waves* Jen, academic librarian in NYC. I am excite for this chat/qs.
  13. Hi from Bmore! Here for #critlib for the first time in a while. One kid finally asleep, other one not my job tonight!
  14. I'm Violet, a cataloger-at-large/flaneur in the middle of Minnesota. #critlib
  15. Hi 🤗 instruction librarian in TN and excited about tonights #critlib
  16. Hi #critlib. I'm Kate, an inclusion & accessibility librarian from Syracuse. I also have #cinnamonRolls
  17. Also I’m Veronica, academic lib on sabbatical in Houston, TX #critlib
  18. Hi #critlib! I'm Abby Phillips, a postdoctoral fellow in Logan, UT.
  19. Happy 100th #critlib! Hi everyone 😁. My name is Maggie, and I'm from UAZ Libraries.
  20. Hi #critlib I'm Shilo. I work at Arizona State University Library as a shift supervisor of the Thunderbird branch. Found out about this hastag a few hours ago. :)
  21. Hi there, #critlib! Samantha here--instruction librarian in Pennsylvania. Happy 100th! Looking forward to tonight's celebration chat.
  22. Hi #critlib I’m Hailley, Student Engagement Librarian in Pennsylvania and #jazzed about this chat tonight!
  23. Hello #critlib! I am a cataloger in non-metro MN at work late doing Alma migration-related tasks. Keeping one eye on the chat for much-needed relief/release/human contact!
  24. Hi, Romel here in Jersey for #critlib academic librarian fighting the power.
  25. Hi! Im here for my first #critlib chat! I'm a #MLIS student at @iSchoolUI and work for the Denver Public Library!
  26. Hi #critlib I work as a Program Assistant for instruction and outreach at Texas A&M University Libraries... finishing up my MI Program at Rutgers this summer.
  27. Q1. What podcast/song/album/video/TV show/movie/video game have you been digging lately? (Any audiovisual content is A-OK. No books!) #critlib
  28. Q1. What podcast/song/album/video/TV show/movie/video game have you been digging lately? (Any audiovisual content is A-OK. No books!) #critlib
  29. A1: I've been hitting some of my classic faves that keep me motivated due to their spirit: the animes Gurren Lagann and Little Witch Academia and the manga series Library Wars. #critlib
  30. Hi #critlib! Happy 100th chat! I love that Q1 is basically a set up for me to say I'm super into #MurderSheWrote, and I'm watching it right now while I read travel grant apps.
  31. Please keep introducing yourself and jump right into Q1, which Kelly has just shared. NO BOOKS, *NERDS*. #critlib 🤓 
  32. And I'm going to argue that it being a series is different enough to get by the no book rule. If not, kick me out. I dare you. :P #critlib
  33. I forgot about #critlib tonight but my cat has trapped me on the couch at the right time!
  34. Hi #critlib Ammie, Fort Worth, TX. Academic research and instruction librarian and subject liaison for six departments.
  35. Hey everyone, I'm an instruction librarian at an academic library in Houston. #critlib
  36. Hi #critlib! I'm a research services librarian from St. Louis! Happy 100th chat!
  37. But in all fairness, I've been watching more of the sci-fi series Dark Matter today while home sick. #critlib
  38. A1: Finally commuting without kids this year! Podcast faves: Another Round, Keep It, Unhappy Hour, Still Processing. #critlib
  39. A1: I’m always digging @Brooklyn99FOX as a TV show, but also I love the podcast Two Dope Queens (which is also a four part special on HBO right now) #critlib 
  40. Hey #critlib! I'm Ryan. I'm the instruction coordinator and faculty outreach librarian at the College of Western Idaho, a community college serving the greater Boise/Nampa area.
  41. Hi #critlib! I’m an academic librarian in NYC. Happy 100th chat!
  42. Hi #critlib! Sarah, academic librarian from NYC tweeting from vacation in TX.
  43. And I should say that I'm getting back into Dungeons & Dragons again and would love to start some games, even online. #critlib
  44. Hi #critlib! For once I manage to be here for it. I'm Amanda, academic librarian in New York.
  45. A1. The Hamilton Soundtrack pumps me up each morning on my way to work! #critlib
  46. A1. Loving live music and singing with other humans. Last show that stands out was Moira Smiley singing with Nordic folk band Sver, and closing by bringing fiddle campers of all ages up on stage. #critlib
  47. A1. Podcast: Why won’t you date me? W/Nicole Byer, Olympic ice dancing solely for #virtuemoir steaminess and Lost Girl have been my jam this week. #critlib
  48. A1. Also, did anyone catch the “We’re still here for Janet” episode fm the #StillProcessing podcast? #critlib
  49. A1: I’m really, really bad about being consistent with media other than TV (I watch all of it, and it’s all amazing). Looking forward to this thread of recommendations. #critlib
  50. Don't forget to build you PLN by following others in tonight's chat #critlib
  51. Hi #critlib! I'm Ean, somewhat recent MLIS grad with 3 library jobs. A1 - just finished watching all of The Good Place and I love everyone in it.
  52. I'm Karla, and I'm a cataloger from southern Minnesota. My first #critlib !
  53. A1 I'm in love with the podcast "The hilarious world of depression" (someone of Twitter recommended it) and Brandi Carlile's album "The Firewatcher's Daughter" #critlib
  54. A1. Also, #MyFavoriteMurder podcast. I'm a true crime addict. Any other murderinos out there in #critlib?
  55. A1. I've been rewatching Slings & Arrows (hilarious Canadian show about theater and Shakespeare and ghosts) now that it's on YouTube. #critlib 
  56. A1: omg. okay. Black Panther Album (King's Dead is THE track for me rn)/Grace and Frankie/Black Panther (I'm never shutting up about it, lmao)/Horizon Zero Dawn for narrative & Rocket League for mindless bumper car soccer fun :). #critlib
  57. Hey #critlib Sara academic librarian from NJ happy to be back for the 100th! A1- Keep It-podcast
  58. Q1: been real into Kendrick Lamar, English band Shame, FC Barcelona, Brown ales, and bourbon. #critlib
  59. A1 I've been really loving @shesallfatpod hosted by @SophiaCK and @aprilkquioh - I've learned a lot about body positivity from them! Appreciate their ~chill vibes only~ #critlib
  60. Hi #critlib !! I'm an adult services public library worker in central VA. Also a library student finishing up a paper, so I may be in & out tonight. Couldn't miss the big 100, tho. 💖
  61. Hi! Attending my first #critlib chat! I'm a #MLIS student at @UW_iSchool and work for the San Diego State's Library.
  62. A1: Variety’s Stagecraft podcast is a new favorite. Gordon Cox, their critic, talks with directors, composers, writers, as well as actors. Hits all my theatre nerd buttons. #critlib
  63. A1: I have had a difficult time finding a podcast that will hold my attention, but I have been enjoying Modern Love! #critlib
  64. @IamLibrarianSam Me too, but I have to take that series in small doses. Every time I pick one, it's one where they make some serious inclusion flubs or get defensive about it. #critlib
  65. a1- A1: (podcasts) @nprpolitics @NPREmbedded @nprfreshair The Dig, Behind the News, On the Media, Nancy, Slow Burn (Watergate!), @UncertainHour and more! (Movies) Call me By Your Name, Lady Bird, CoCo (Music) Deux, the latest Boris, Roedelius, Eleven Pond, Cluster & Eno #critlib
  66. Hi #critlib! Dropping in late, but I'm Kevin. Academic instruction librarian in Denver, where it snowed more today than it did during Midwinter. 😅
  67. Hoo boy, I could talk to you about tv ALL. DAY. Some current faves: Jane the Virgin, Superstore, Ozark, This Is Us, InkMaster, MTV's The Challenge, and Good Behavior. (I consulted my tv spreadsheet for this). #critlib
  68. A1. Show: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel // Podcast: Imagine Otherwise #critlib
  69. @katkimbell I listened to that one while pumping my fist and screaming yaaaaasssss. SO GOOD #critlib
  70. A1: I don’t generally like podcasts, but @CitationsPod has converted me. And, Three’s Company is my TV jam these days #critlib 
  71. Hey #critlib spec coll librarian at academic library NYC
  72. A1: Podcasts: I love 99% Invisible & @Radiolab. It is also my favorite to listen to the recording of @waitwait Don't Tell Me on my drive to work Monday mornings. Music: Chicago hiphop on repeat - Saba, Noname, Chance, and Kendrick #critlib
  73. Hi #critlib! Happy 100th! Lisa, info lit coordinator in Illinois. My soundtrack for my sabbatical is my Pink! Pandora channel.
  74. Also I’m eagerly awaiting the return of @2DopeQueens of course. Wish I had HBO so could watch the specials #critlib
  75. @read_away @UW_iSchool Hi Allison! So glad you could join us. Chat's are a great way to take charge of your professional development and grow your PLN. #critlib
  76. Yo #critlib coming in late-coordinator for research/instruction in Lynchburg, VA
  77. A1 I never thought I would say this, but I’ve also been enjoying 2 reality TV shows lately 😳: The Incredible @DrPol and @NakedAndAfraid. One is about a veterinarian, the other about 2 people who survive in the wilderness naked for 21 days. #critlib
  78. I’m Danya, academic ref librarian in MN. Lurking while I put my kid to bed. Followed #critlib a long time but never introduced. Hello!
  79. A1. Also loving exposure to many genres (mostly folk, bluegrass, acoustic blues) via Spotify for music and Filmstruck for movies. Last seen: The Guild on Netflix, and The Salt of the Earth on Filmstruck. #critlib
  80. I just finished Season 2 of More Perfect (podcast) and have been re-listening to old Radiolab episodes #critlib
  81. A-1 I'm enjoying two dope queens and two slate podcasts - Mom and Dad are fighting and Politcal Gabfest @SlateGabfest #critlib
  82. #critlib A1: Podcasts I need to catch up on over spring break: I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats (@mountain_goats) and 12 Hour Day with JD and Connor (@12hrJDConnor) 
  83. A1: And this is hardly an obscure find, but the podcast @earhustlesq is SO great. Cannot recommend it enough #critlib
  84. Listening to War on Drugs Deeper Understanding | BORIS Dear | Jason Moran Ten #critlib
  85. A1. YouTube channel Vlog after College, featuring a guy and his corgi. So cute! My cat loves it. #critlib
  86. @aripants I’m so behind in TV, but my bf watched Ozark, so I caught a few episodes. It was crazy! (also seen like 1 1/2 episodes of This is Us) #critlib
  87. @kellyblanchat @metageeky That's what I love about it. They own their mistakes and check themselves. Being willing to say the wrong thing, and then take a step back from it is important. #critlib
  88. Q2. What would you like to be an expert in? #critlib
  89. A2 – Effectively providing professional development that is meaningful to participants #critlib
  90. A2: per @tressiemcphd and her fab article "In an Age of Wicked Problems, Beware of Simple Solutions," not a damn thing . Death to "professionally smart people." "Expert" gets way too close to this for my comfort. Life long learning ftw. #critlib 
  91. #critlib Q2. I'd love to be an expert in even one language outside English, but sadly I'm not a quick language learner (and more of a dabbler, tbh). I'm taking an ASL class now, which I'm enjoying!
  92. A2. I think I'm too much of a natural dilettante to want to be an expert in anything. I would like to know more about discourse analysis, ritual theory, and local Indigenous cultures right now tho. And maybe play piano again. #critlib 
  93. We just watched Bleak House mini series seen it before, read the book but was still surprised at the end Dickenson is so good #critlib
  94. It's the 100th #critlib chat! 💖🎉🌈 I'm Donna, infolit coordinator in an academic library in PA. Gonna be in and out but excited to participate as best as I can.
  95. Also, hi #critlib: this is my first chat and I'm an aspiring outreach/engagement academic librarian! studying at @umsi and applying to jobs in central Indiana and eastern Washington!
  96. @arellanover I really loved the perspective on Janet’s career slump. I’m so out of touch w/ the music scene that I hadn’t noticed. I also loved their view on her singing quality in Scream! #critlib
  97. A2. ALL THE THINGS! But if time was not a factor, I'd love to be an expert in Copyright law, coding, and community psychology. #critlib
  98. @ferenjamin @umsi Hi Ben. Glad you could join us. After tonight, you will be hooked on Twitter chats for sure!! #critlib
  99. Q1: the intercepted podcast keeps me sane during these mad times. #critlib
  100. A2: I wish i were an expert at installing stereo speakers, because I cannot figure out how to wire mine correctly right now. I don't even know what to google to troubleshoot this. #critlib
  101. Hi #critlib! I'm late but stoked for the 100th! Academic lib in VA.
  102. A1: also, Black Lightning as far as TV goes. And most of the podcasts I listen to are writing related, but I love 88 Cups of Tea, PubCrawl, and others. #critlib
  103. A2: I’ve always wanted to be a really excellent pastry chef #critlib
  104. @jeninthelib This show is the only thing that gives me any hope for humanity right now! #teamchidi #critlib
  105. @violetbfox This is awesome! Would also love to be totally fluent not just conversational in Spanish #critlib
  106. A1 So my kid does plays with the this awesome local performing arts program. Her third show ever goes up this weekend, and my fave listening right now is the rehearsal CD in the car. It's a 30-min musical version of Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon #nerdsquared #critlib
  107. A2. Fingerpicking on guitar and banjo. Better breath control as a singer. Knowing long traditional ballads and their provenance by heart. #critlib
  108. 👋🏾 #critlib Sorry I’m late. I’m Denisse, Reference Librarian in Miami, FL and recent grad! A1- I’ve been heavily into the album Alma Mestiza by Rebeca Lane, SO good (It’s in Spanish tho) Also, hablo español! Feel free to codeswitch with me!
  109. A2: I’d love to be an expert in the memoir genre, brush pen calligraphy, and baking delicious cookies for my personal expertise #critlib
  110. I'd love to be an expert in physiology and anatomy. I'm an exercise nerd so I would love to be able to identify, describe, and understand all that stuff. So far I just know there's stuff. #critlib
  111. Favorite podcasts: @tomandlorenzo's Pop Style Opinionfest, and @JohnnysHouse (Orlando morning radio show). #critlib
  112. A2 I would love to be an expert in info organization! And maybe parasitology.. #critlib
  113. A2: I'd love to know how to sing! But I cannot carry a bit of a tune lol I'd love to become an expert on first year success and transition programs in academic libraries. And if I could learn to be an expert in picking out avocados, my life would improve dramatically #critlib
  114. (thing is, the songs really are fabulous 💖🎶🎭) #critlib
  115. A2: I suffer from having a ton of small expertises so it's hard to pick something new. For work, maybe understand copyright/fair use stuff way more. #critlib
  116. A2. I’d like to be in an expert in helping leaders lead, be more self-aware, more democratic in their decisions. Also, how to do all the things and avoid burnout. #critlib
  117. It's really really good. Also Chidi is my fave. Or maybe Tahani. I really can't decide. It's a great show, watch it. #critlib 
  118. A2: But if I was going for pure fun, I think I would love to know at the muscle memory level how to be a master chef when it comes to knives, cutting meat, etc. #critlib
  119. A2: I would be really knowing how to maintain my car: oil changes, tune ups, etc. #critlib
  120. @arellanover @violetbfox Spanish and ASL are definitely the two languages I want to get better at. My toddler-level ASL has been really useful recently. #critlib
  121. Q2: anyone who knows me will be unsurprised that I'd like to be an expert on opera. #critlib
  122. Q2: Too many things 😂 But I'd really love to study linguistics, specifically word exchange in contact zones or language isolates #critlib
  123. A2: I wish I was an expert or completely fluent in another language. I know some Spanish, Hebrew, and ASL, but can only have super simple conversations. #critlib
  124. A2. I really want continue to dig into relational theory, learn how to make really good eggs (like, really really good), and finally master a cateye liner #critlib
  125. I was planning on just lurking tonight because I was feeling sleepy, but this looks like too much fun. Hello! I’m Kelly and I am a public librarian in the GTA (near Toronto, but not Toronto.) #critlib
  126. A2 - something to do with applied linguistics--there are so many facets to how language is used in real life! #critlib
  127. A2: Oh, and sewing. I would make so many silly cat costumes though that it's probably for the best. #critlib
  128. A1. A few podcasts I'm flipping between: Yogaland (talk about yoga), Season of the Bitch (witches! socialism! discussions of labor & feminism!), & Witch Please (HP fans). #critlib
  129. @katkimbell This is of interest to me as well. Have just started a book on leadership called Bad Leadership by Barbara Kellerman #critlib
  130. #critlib I know/do/learned too many things I can't be an expert in anything my brain would explode A2
  131. Hi #critlib! Dropping in late. I'm Anastasia, academic librarian. It's been awhile, I missed this.
  132. #critlib A2: As yet undecided, but haven't ruled out a PhD somewhere in my future. I love learning too much. Something about learning, technology, libraries, int'l development, publishing... 
  133. @kcrowe Everybody is SO good! But Chidi's indecisiveness speaks to a particular part of my soul 😂 #critlib
  134. A2. At home: Mending and hanging up clothes, asking the landlord to fix things, screening and sorting snail mail so I don’t miss the important stuff. #critlib
  135. @arellanover Cateye liner is tough! I struggled my whole life on it, but then I found a liner and an approach that worked for me and my lids. (maybelleine materprecise liner does it for me) I trace an outline and fill it in, basically #critlib
  136. A2. I would like to know a few good recipes by heart and I’d like to get a lot better at saying “fuck it”. #critlib
  137. Q1: Love podcasts but I'm here to report that I'm all in for Cardi B's/Bruno Mars' Finesse video. #critlib 
  138. #critlib Q1 Happy century mark! I usually just lurk. I lived in libraryland for a good while & am now working as a research administrator. Been listening to the "Hidden Brain" podcast lately.
  139. A2. I just came back from a lecture about kitchen gardening, so right now I'm really itching to be an expert gardener with a super lush and vibrant garden. Spring is coming so it's time for some baby steps! #critlib
  140. A2: also ice dancing because I need an excuse to use the word “twizzle” on the daily #critlib
  141. Q2 - I'm struggling with this one. I'm not sure I want to be an expert but I'm going to be inspired by @violetbfox and say another language or two - one of which would be a coding one. And maybe a martial art. #critlib
  142. A2: Amazingly I don't really give a damn about accessibility... It's super important but not to a damn level. #critlib
  143. Honestly, I think government documents would be nice. Always gives me pause when answering reference questions, and feel like I should know it better as a librarian! #critlib 
  144. A2: Hmm. Probably would be down to be an expert graphic designer, with actual art skills. I can barely draw stick figures right now. #critlib
  145. A3 – I want to continue to grow as a professional and not become stagnant. I want my instruction to always be fresh and cutting edge. #critlib
  146. A3 - education, equity, inclusion, relationships, and peace #critlib
  147. @foureyedsoul @arellanover @violetbfox I one had a very lengthy toddler-level ASL conversation with a co-worker under the desk while a user was oblivious... apparently so was my coworker. I guess it wasn't a conversation, if it was one sided. #critlib
  148. A3 Employee engagement. All hands on deck. Doing as leading. Flattening the hierarchy. Reflection as process. #onaroll #critlib
  149. Hope no one minds me eavesdropping on #critlib from the other side of the world. I'm a card carrying antipodean librarian.
  150. A3: Making sure decisions are made with key stakeholders consulted and heard. #critlib
  151. A3: What I give a damn about is actually sustainable change. I want to change the culture around accessibility, around inclusion, around social justice. #critlib
  152. A3. I give a lot of damns about my little rural community. And, of course, education. Education is my jam. #critlib
  153. A3. Anti-racism, Indigenous sovereignty, disability rights, wetlands conservation, abolishing ICE. That's what I've been working on and bugging my legislators about lately, anyway 😅 #critlib 
  154. Accessibility isn't enough if people resent doing the actual work. Make it easier to do. Change the tools. Make it simple practice. #critlib
  155. #critlib A3. I'll apologetically admit that I give a damn about organizing information, and unapologetically holler that I give a damn about dismantling capitalism, colonization, and white supremacy.
  156. A2. I am working very gently on my German. Maybe fluency, someday. #critlib
  157. @LibDanielleJ pretty sure that not only does no one mind, you are fully welcomed by all in #critlib
  158. A3 I give a damn about younger and newer people having new challenges, and not the same damn challenges as always #critlib
  159. A1. TV: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency MOVIES: I watched the new Baywatch movie this week and regret nothing. PODCASTS: @nprpolitics @NPRCodeSwitch MUSIC: Japanese Breakfast, The White Stripes #critlib
  160. A2: I would want to be a really good athlete. I almost don't even care what sport/activity. Maybe the Olympics are influencing my answer...just a little bit lol #critlib
  161. A3: doing work I’m proud of, inside and outside of actual work-work #critlib
  162. A3: raising kids who are decent humans, doing the practicalthings I can to make the world a better place starting with my own neighborhood in NYC #critlib
  163. Hi #critlib! I’m lae (they/them). A1. Top media in no particular order: @rustbeltradio, @morganmpage ‘s One from the Vaults, @LitReviewChi & Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation
  164. Q3: What do I give a damn about? That's easy. Students. Also faculty. And staff. Community members. So, basically all my library users. #critlib
  165. A2- Language has been on my mind a lot lately and to echo other tweets, I definitely want to improve my Spanish, learn ASL and French Creole. I want to be an expert in student outreach, leadership, and possibly donor relations/getting that $$ for our students! #critlib
  166. A3 my work, empathy, mental illness, running, people who give a damn about something, and good beer #critlib
  167. I have been reading so much about reflection and have been including a reflection element in my instruction using Padlet #critlib 
  168. A3: I care about representation and making minorities of all types feel comfortable in all parts of society, especially in academia. I also care about helping young people become good, kind, helpful people in my work as a high school teacher #critlib
  169. What I give a damn about is making change right. I hate notions of "We're all the same in that we're all different." Diversity should be a normal thing that still matters. You expect diversity and have to work with it. #critlib
  170. A3 Animal welfare. Information organization. My family. That’s what I give a damn about. #critlib
  171. A3: I care about a lot, education, inclusion, access to information, equality, representation . . . #critlib
  172. A3: I have three mental illnesses and I've been sober for 20 years. I Paramedics on my chest is not something I want to relive. Nothing comes before maintaining my mental health. And given my comorbidity and sensitivity to meds. I'm vigilant. #critlib
  173. A3. I give a damn about public service. I give a damn about governance. I give a damn about understanding local & state bureaucracy well enough to help people navigate it. #critlib
  174. A3 - lots of things, but politics, power imbalances, literature come to mind first. #critlib
  175. @RoxanneShirazi No, no, I'm embarrassed by my answer, tbh, because I spend so much more time thinking about/moving towards justice in info organization, and not nearly enough about bringing about the important stuff. #critlib
  176. A3: I give a significant damn about dismantling systems of oppression and nature and fucking plastic water bottles ugh i want them to all go away especially since so many people don't have access to good water in the US and abroad #critlib
  177. A3: I care a lot about leaving librarianship in better shape than when I found it. #critlib
  178. A3. I also give a damn about books, though I do know and love how much more than that librarianship is. #critlib
  179. A3: I give a gigantic ass damn about writing and reading spec fic w/qpoc in it & amplifying the voices, art, activism, and efforts of folks at the margins. #critlib
  180. A3: being a good colleague, doing good work, getting shit done, not being a jerk. #critlib
  181. @metageeky The heart of American librarianship in the past century. #critlib.
  182. A3. I give a damn about this world not being a total shitstorm for my son and future generations and working to make it better. #critlib
  183. A3. Turning libraries into places where people can plot their collective liberation #critlib
  184. A4. I'm currently on sabbatical from employment a bit stressed about the bills stuff but if I could I'd probably go somewhere quiet with no internet and think about stuff, maybe write a book #critlib
  185. @violetbfox @RoxanneShirazi It's still important since we need to keep/modify/adjust those info org parts of our culture and profession too. #critlib
  186. Late to #critlib but I may jump in on this one, since it’s officially the 100th chat! 💯
  187. @metageeky I love Library Wars. Little Witch Academia, too, but ... libraries :) <3 #critlib
  188. A3. Genre access, cats, women's rights, in no particular order. #critlib
  189. Gardening! Also roller skating. I have become pretty obsessed with watching roller skating videos and want to know how to move like a magical mermaid on wheels. 🧜‍♀️ #critlib
  190. @violetbfox @RoxanneShirazi And by being passionate about both, you can make that change happen more deeply and systemically. #critlib
  191. A3. I give a damn about actually caring about mental health in academia and Library/education work with our actions as colleagues, supervisors, and role models/mentors. #critlib
  192. A3. People being supported in living into their gifts, working together on purposeful projects, living lightly on the planet, seeking peaceful solutions to conflict, communicating directly and honestly. I am happiest when my work contributes to this. #critlib
  193. A2 I'd love to be way better at organizing (people, not stuff) & helping folks see power relations even when recognizing them are not in their immediate, obvious interests. #critlib
  194. A3: Honestly? Myself. My well being. My creativity. My finances. Because nobody will ever care about me as much as I do. I want to set up a good life for future me . #critlib
  195. A1. Welcome to Night vale Podcast. TV Show is RWBY. Songs: Togen Renka and Kureha Itoshiuta from GARNiDELiA. Video Game is Gal Gun. #critlib
  196. @maxgbowman Thanks for clarifying. Hierachies are not always bad, and casting too wide nets can dissuade people from accepting change. #critlib
  197. #critlib A3: my current job has convinced me there's a lot left for large academic libraries to do to support the work of staff in units that aren't academic departments.
  198. A3. I'll risk sounding like a librarian cliche and also say that I give a damn about reading and writing. I believe in the power of voice! #critlib
  199. Super late to the super important #critlib chat! I’m Olivia. Art librarian in MA!
  200. Q3 - Diveristy/Inclusion/Equity, justice reform, feminism, gun regulations especially allowing CDC to research it, child development (mostly my own), sustainability, corruption in politics and more #critlib
  201. @thebookinator A3: Preserving libraries as a place of militant moderation, balancing / including / preserving diverse & divergent views & voices #critlib
  202. A3: I give a damn about sharpening the contradictions of capitalism by fighting against white supremacist imperialist patriarchy. #critlib a little everyday.
  203. Q4. Imagine you have a no-strings-attached sabbatical from your job, and no debt/bills to pay, for one year. What would you do? #critlib
  204. Q4. Imagine you have a no-strings-attached sabbatical from your job, and no debt/bills to pay, for one year. What would you do? #critlib
  205. A4 – Professionally – Attend as many library related conferences as possible. Personally – Travel #critlib
  206. A4: A year on my own... I'd focus on changing the tools for accessibility. Get a community building open source PDF editing tools that do PDF/UA. Ridiculous the only 2 options are licensed. #critlib
  207. A3. I give a damn about empathy. And while I’m not always the best at practicing it, I think it could go a long way toward fixing some shit. #critlib
  208. @lisahubbell Cool! I play guitar and bass. I play them good enough to have been in a couple post-punk bands… which means I could still stand to learn a lot. 😅 #critlib
  209. A3. intersectionality. my community. creating a warm & inclusive environment at my pow & in my home. #critlib
  210. #critlib A3. I give a damn about ending stigma towards mental health!
  211. Reminder...following the people in tonight's chat is a great way to grow your PLN #critlib
  212. (why am I having such a hard time answering this) the first thing that popped into my head is that I want to go somewhere with yummy food and wine. And visit as many museums as possible. #critlib 
  213. This. And being able to do it in a way that doesn't cause people to shut down in their own white fragility feels (which I feel like is a *process* for most of us white folks). #critlib 
  214. A4: I would do an intensive study of electronic music at Mills College or go live in the woods again #critlib 
  215. A4. Doctoral studies, either linguistics if I can get most of the coursework done in one year, or LIS more realistically #critlib 
  216. Hello and goodbye from academic Librarian based in Abu Dhabi. GTG get ready for work now, it's 6:30 AM. Enjoy the rest of the chat! #critlib
  217. A4: I'd also want to support more windfall technologies... the little bits of tech that would be awesome for small numbers of people but are not important enough to garner focus. #critlib
  218. A1 So inspired after listening to @msrachelhollis audiobook “Girl, Wash Your Face” #audible #critlib
  219. A4: a deep dive into some archival research that has been on the back burner but constantly on my mind for the past several years. #critlib
  220. A4: Doing a multi-institutional, longitudinal study talking to undergrad students (maybe about student success with @CharissaAPowell ;) ) #critlib And coffee…lots of coffee.
  221. #critlib A4. I would travel the world with my husband, maybe spend most of it in Japan, and write some books.
  222. A4. I have a long museum bucket list. If time and money were of no concern, I'd check a bunch of the international museums off my list in these 365 days. #critlib
  223. A1. I just finished the first season of Star Trek Discovery (it’s amazing!) and the second season of The Good Place. I would 100% recommend both. #critlib
  224. A4 Volunteer in Puerto Rico. Teach in rural America. Take care of my mom and grandma. #critlib
  225. But it would be more important to build a community in which windfall tech could be requested and other coders could seek out doing. #critlib
  226. A3 that we (libraries) are still here in ten years. Oh and being known for my kindness #critlib
  227. A3. I give a damn about anti-racism and inclusion, sustainability (particularly waste reduction), and local food/farms. #critlib
  228. A4 OOF. Maybe go finish one of my two unfinished masters degrees? Or something less structured... yeah. Maybe something less structured... #critlib
  229. A4. On sabbatical now but with a family and lots o medical bills, so this Q is a dream. I’d visit all my favorite #critlib people around the country and take you all out for coffee and just listen to you and learn. Also, convince you to go to hot yoga w me & @zoh_zoh
  230. A4: Write my little heart out. And also volunteer in my community because that kind of time and freedom needs to be paid forward. #critlib
  231. A4: I'd go to the coldest place that has snow and mountains, work on my novel, read books, and not talk to another human being unless I wanted to. I'd also get my voice back in shape so I could start perform again. #critlib
  232. A4 - #critlib 1. knock out my TBR pile 2. write all the things--old stories, new papers 3. travel more! back to Spain, down to South America...but I'm not picky.
  233. Or, for a personal sabbatical, I would go visit all the MLB stadiums in the US (and watch a TON of baseball) #critlib
  234. #critlib A4. Well, my current unemployment is probably as close as I'll ever get to a sabbatical. I've been reading, taking continuing education classes, working on personal projects (including compiling the #LISmentalhealth zine & launching the Cataloging Lab)--it's been great.
  235. #critlib I give a damp about all the oppressed people who fear for their lives and families at our collegein my community and in Syria A3
  236. A4 global nomad (my high school best friend did this two years ago w her husband - saved up, quit job, etc.) - I'd go more rural/small cities than large #critlib
  237. A4 And maybe go around and pee in every women's restroom anywhere that expresses concern about trans people #critlib
  238. A3 cont: also, I give a damn about the POC librarians coming up, currently in library school. I give a damn about spaces that exist to welcome them & create space for their experiences and reflections. I give a damn about them joining and *staying* in this profession. #critlib
  239. @thebookinator A4: I'd work on my superhero-librarian web comic that includes subtext of core info literacy skills modeling. Someone PLEASE PAY ME to do this! #critlib
  240. A3 I give a damn about understanding why things are how they are: in myself (#LISMentalHealth), in my kids and family, in my community/ies, in my profession. And I give a damn about celebrating what's good, and making what isn't good better. #critlib
  241. Q4: I'd live near the mountains and write a book. Or I'd take up some sort of activism - maybe run for local office? I cannot even imagine such a luxury as that much time off. #critlib
  242. Helloooo #critlib! In Chicago, finishing my degree. I co run the African American Studies program at UIC and am transitioning to academic librarianship!
  243. A4: I would travel and then I would sit down and write something, maybe the novel I always dreamed about writing or a short story #critlib
  244. A4 Probably offer myself as a consultant/laborer to nonprofits with significant community impact who wanted to record/systematize their own archiving processes. #critlib 
  245. A4 I work on becoming a more flexible and less change-averse person, and probably go to Canada to help that student I met at #alamw see what specs might be needed to build a Chinatown community archive in Vancouver. #critlib
  246. Or a nap! Or build a house. Build a bike, build a bear! This is the most difficult question. #critlib
  247. Q4: write the book I'm working on! And also walk a bunch of long-distance paths. #critlib
  248. A4. Live somewhere else. Read everything I want. Create an artificial structure for my time bc I need something of that to thrive. #critlib
  249. A3 #critlib Maybe it’s cause MW just happened but I actually give a damn about ALA. To quote Junot Díaz, we do have to have a reckoning and decolonize libraries. I give a damn about a lot of things but I’m just gonna leave this one here for now
  250. I'd move to Chicago (because I love it) and write about everything I've been meaning to write about. Critiques of librarianship and LIS research. A deep dive into ways to better support young librarians. I'd also drink an impressive amount of beer (and some wine). #critlib
  251. A4. Tackle my TBR list. Travel to Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver. Learn more go-to vegetarian recipes. #critlib
  252. Looking again at Q4 and Q2, I think what I really need to do learn is how to vacation and take breaks #critlib
  253. A4. I would go off the grid. A year without e-mail, cell phone, laptop, to-do lists, and without having to (obsessively) look at my Google calendar. A year without screens 😍 #critlib
  254. I might also need to learn how to clean icing off of a keyboard. Stupid #critlib people leaving me to eat all the cinnamon rolls...
  255. So something I've noticed is that librarians seem to want to be writers... We'd be good at it b/c we all sit around and read all day right? #critlib
  256. A4 I would definitely travel. I have never been outside of the United States! The world is waiting for me! #critlib
  257. A2. I would love to be an expert in critical pedagogy. “Need a library session next week? Let me quickly and efficiently come up with a critical and engaging session for you!” #critlib
  258. #critlib A4 oh this is easy: Go back to Ethiopia to work with partners to improve community, public, and university libraries (I know, I know, I'd have to choose one specific thing to focus on...) 
  259. @LibDanielleJ Oh, that's hard. Probably the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I've been on a modern art kick recently. #critlib
  260. A4 Sad to say...but I would probably go on a trip and then come back and do exactly what I'm doing. The good news though, i really love what I'm doing #critlib
  261. @violetbfox I hope you can use what you learn in your work environment! I have pretty solid Russian, but it's a struggle to keep it up. It's a crummy catch-22 for me: my language skill is my ticket to a better job, but only if I can somehow maintain it in the meantime #critlib
  262. A2. I’d also love to be fluent in another language so I guess that’s kinda expertise. #critlib
  263. A4: TRAVEL anywhere. EXPERIENCE anything. LOVE someone. SMILE and be happy. #critlib
  264. @metageeky Well, I'm finishing making coconut rice pudding with fresh raspberry sauce. Cinnamon rolls are lovely, but I just can't do both ... ;) #critlib
  265. @thebookinator A4: #critlib do a creative PhD - autoethnographic research on weaving/knitting of /by women in my family and them with an multimedia exhibition
  266. Q4 - Go to storytelling events and tell one of my stories on a stage somewhere (open mic at coffee shop would count.) Learn the ukulele, start playing my bass again and play comedic songs - maybe with bandmates. #critlib
  267. A4: live abroad for a year to recalibrate and gain new perspectives. Also, sing much more. #critlib
  268. A3 I give a huge damn about environmental issues. I think it would be pretty rad if we didn't totally ruin everything. #critlib
  269. I'm jumping in suuuuuuper late to #critlib but hi yall, I'm Nicole and I'm a ref/instruction librarian at an academic institution outside Seattle.
  270. A3 I give a damn about kindness & inclusivity/ various types of access. Seing my dad do d/Deaf ed & my mom do special ed all their careers makes me want to continue those impulses however I can. #critlib
  271. A4. Wooo. Let me tell you. I'd use that year to finish and sub writing projects from some remote location & take extra time to glow up so that I could come back to work fresh faced and ready to handle anything. #critlib
  272. Q4 write the history of MARC and library data standards with @archivy #critlib
  273. reading #critlib and feeling a renewed sense of hope. seems like most of the libs i know are facing morale crises so this is beautiful!
  274. A4. I would love to collaborate with others (or learn what already exists) on documenting and advocating for sustainably sane working conditions, ideally as an essential condition for accreditation in higher ed. Any existing standards or intermural organizing? #critlib
  275. A2: so many beloved things that are still just beyond my grasp. Printing technologies, languages, video editing, defending my perspective even while feeling all the feelings. #critlib 
  276. A4. It's hard to wrap my head around this tbh, but my husband wants to start a chocolate company, so I can bet it would include eating lots of chocolate...#critlib
  277. A4: I'd prob go on a big cross-country road trip in an RV, go to all the must-see places and random places too. Pick up friends, drop them off in whatever cities they want to see, visit family. Of course, @markerparker is doing most of the driving in this scenario! 😝 #critlib
  278. @jeninthelib 🙋🏾‍♀️Since becoming more involved in #critlib , I’ve become a little wary and nervous about the profession. But I’ve also encountered a lot of folks working hard to make change.
  279. A4 Write a book, travel, read everything on my To Read list, volunteer for something I care about, spend time with people I love #critlib
  280. These are some bomb questions. Got me thinking hard on a Tuesday night. #critlib
  281. #critlib I realized I never introduced myself. This is what I get for trying to be in #critlib and my MLIS Collection Management class at the same time. I am Katie, I am a Tech services aide from MN who is getting her MLIS and loves Japan, Disney, culture, and geeky things!
  282. A4 It's hard to detach myself from my family (two kids under six and my partner-hubs) to answer this question in a spectacularly sky's the limit way. So they would need be I'm a happy introvert-homebody... 1/2 #critlib
  283. A5 – I would like to be remembered as a person who always was always striving to improve and left my space better than it was when I arrived. #critlib
  284. Again I'll mention that Q5 was 100% inspired by hearing @LibraryNicole speak a few times--she's an encouraging, enlightening speaker (and author, too!) #critlib 
  285. A5 No legacy save some of the people I mentored, inspired, had in an audience, mentioning me in passing. I want whatever change I help push to keep going on despite if I'm rotting in the ground or ascended to a higher energy dimension. #critlib
  286. #critlib A4 I had this once and I used it to finish my PhD next time I'll ride my bike, sit on the beach, help in sustainable ways in my community, travel
  287. A5 a billion little things that no one remembers, but somehow, somewhere, made something slightly better. #critlib
  288. A3. I give a damn about being present for people, using my power to lift up people who have historically been kept down, standing up against hate, self-care. #critlib
  289. A4. Live somewhere with a slower pace of life and a greater appreciation for good food. And maybe pick up beekeeping as a hobby. Because why not. #critlib
  290. @hailthefargoats I appreciate how some of our "sabbatical" answers are "do the work I've always wanted to do" #critlib
  291. A4 Given these constraints: 12 months of reading what I want with NO productivity expected to come from it. 2/2 #critlib
  292. A5: I’d like to be remembered as someone who always tried to build community and who always put students in the center of my work #critlib
  293. #critlib A5 I would want my legacy to be a chance for autistic kids to see they can do what they love. I am autistic and I want to be a role model for the next generations.
  294. A2. I don't think I want to be an expert b/c I think maybe I'd then be bored and there would be nothing else to know. #critlib
  295. Q1 graphic novel: Y: the last man. And Star Trek. So. Much. Star. Trek. #critlib
  296. A4.2. But also getting deeper training in mental health, esp trauma informed practices, to inform my library work (w/patrons & colleagues alike) & also yoga teaching (I hope to teach w/underserved populations or in prisons in the future) #critlib #lismentalhealthweek
  297. A5 Whatever small part I have contributed to the amazing librarians who I worked with in some way as MLS students. #critlib
  298. A5: I can’t help but think of @HamiltonMusical in that it is “planting seeds in a garden you never get to see” so I just hope that my work has a positive impact, however small, on people who needed it #critlib
  299. A5 I hope it’s something different for everyone, and not just one thing that doesn’t matter to anyone #critlib
  300. #critlib A5. I'll keep saying it so one day it manifests, à la The Secret: the Fox Classification System. I probably won't actually name it after myself, as that'd be contrary to the anti-hierarchical system I have in mind, but secretly that's what it'll be. 😉
  301. A4: write the book I always thought of writing but couldn’t finish because of experience. #critlib
  302. @kanderson5911 haha doing #critlib during class is totally something i would do another A2 for me would be twitter
  303. came late & missing out on one of the best #critlib chats damn
  304. A5: Lifting up the marginalized, a decolonizer, great educator and someone who has an excellent taste in lipstick. #critlib
  305. A5 but really... I keep saying it a lot lately... "I want to change the world." #critlib
  306. How is it already 9:45? Time flies when you are in a #critlib chat!
  307. A5: as an archivist with a history undergrad, this question deflates me a little bit. I would like to leave a legacy of social change, but I'm not really that concerned about individual/personal credit because...I'll be dead and who cares? #critlib 
  308. #critlib A5 I always try to leave a large rubber band ball behind at every job I had. But I'd also like to leave behind a great collection of mss & books for researchers too.
  309. A5 I actually... don't know? Which is weird, because I identify deeply with PoC stories that center around a desire for legacy, and how that intertwines with ancestral roots. #critlib
  310. A4. This is the easiest question: Antarctica, Nepal, Tibet, New Zealand, Egypt, lots of other places. Yoga teacher training. #critlib
  311. @ferenjamin Hey I am networking. Totally a good excuse to #critlib during class. At least it is an online class.
  312. @hailthefargoats I hope so! Part of the reason I'm headed towards academic librarianship (among many others) #critlib
  313. A4: and I would have SO much fun basically making a year-long itinerary! During the road trip the aforementioned bf would draw a lot and I would help him sell the drawings online while we travel. #critlib
  314. Good point because we have so many different interactions throughout the day. We don't know who we are impacting. #critlib 
  315. A5 - planting flowers in a garden you never get to see sounds pretty dope (metaphorically speaking) #critlib #hamilton
  316. A5: This is simple, but I just want to deposit some unexpected beauty in the world #critlib
  317. #Critlib 😳 Learn another language, travel to Nicaragua, interview my parents about their lives, record everything. I want to remember their voices and show them how much I love them and that I understand why sacrifice is a word I heard often as a child, that I’m grateful for it 
  318. A5 cont) I spent much of my life not really sure that I exist and also pretty sure than leaving a mark is bad, so this may be where #critlib and #LISmentalhealth intersect for me
  319. @thebookinator I'll admit that I would like one person to scream at the sky "CURSE YOU DEIBEL! CURSE YOU!!" #critlib
  320. A5: is it too English-major-pretentious to say I want my legacy to be basically like the last sentence of Middlemarch? The growing good of the world and all that. #critlib
  321. A5: I want to be remembered as someone who was fun to work with and fun to learn from. And who was able to advocate on behalf of students #critlib
  322. A4 I'd go on a road trip for a year w/ a laptop, music equipment, a skateboard, & a mtn bike. I'd write part of a dissertation, some halfway decent tunes, & meet up with good folks along the way. #critlib
  323. @kimkipling totally. it's an important part of who I am, and while it doesn't need to always be the center of my identity, I welcome ways to integrate it/them with the other things I care about. #critlib #critfam #letsmakeitahashtag 😆🙃💖
  324. btw I'm Mark & i'm a scholarly communications librarian at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH #critlib
  325. @LibDanielleJ I don't think it could (or should) be quantified. But I also don't think most important things are quantifiable. #critlib
  326. There are a lot of things that I want to see become real in the world, but I never think that realistically I could make literally all of them happen, and it's hard to choose. #critlib
  327. @LNBel I once left a small, bucolic diorama in a literal hole in the wall when I left a job. I do hope that is remembered & brings my successor peace. #critlib
  328. A5. Using the word legacy sends me on a mental loop. Saying I want to leave a "legacy" at all feels disingenuous to what I want to leave behind--a life lived in service of my communities without personal agenda. #critlib
  329. A5. 🤷‍♀️ I want the world to be better, but it doesn’t matter if anyone knows what role I may have played. When I go, I just want my mom to know I love her. You know? #critlib
  330. A5. I want to have raised a kind, loving, feminist son. #critlib
  331. Q6. What would you like to ask the #critlib community?
  332. A6 How can we change the structure of our organizations to promote the changing nature of our work? #critlib
  333. A5 Maybe mine is the same it has been for years. To be kind and do good in the world (even just a tiny bit of good). #critlib
  334. A6: What do you want to learn? (because we should never stop asking that question) #critlib
  335. A6 - I'm looking for additional chats centered around academic librarianship. I LOVE Twitter chats. They are such a great way to learn and connect. Any suggestions? #critlib
  336. A5. Recording my songs before I die. Multiplying the use of the word “Yay!” Facilitating people growing into and loving who they really are. Keeping alive communities and organizations that are dear to me, particularly  #critlib
  337. A6. If you could push a button and change one thing about our profession, what would it be? #critlib 
  338. A6 How can we better support the development of quality library leaders? #critlib
  339. @thebookinator A5) Library-wise, I want to be the one who turns "We've always done it this way" into "This is why we're doing it." #critlib
  340. @thebookinator A4: part of it to travel. Some to do coursework towards an Econ degree. (not sure where that came from!) Some to travel back to Missouri in late summer to learn how to can from my Mom. #critlib
  341. A5. This is the hardest question. I hope to have made a difference to at least a couple of people’s lives, opened some doors for folks, IDK I guess leave the world slightly better than it was before? #critlib
  342. @referencebird Many of tonight's questions could have multiple interpretations, wanted to keep it open, hope no one felt like they were "gotchas" or anything! #critlib
  343. A2 History of library data structures and the development of library data technology, as well as current and future standards. #critlib
  344. Haven't had the bandwidth to participate in tonight's #critlib chat, but it's been incredibly inspiring to read the responses. Y'all are amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  345. A5: A positive impact; I want to help patrons learn and grow and succeed. #critlib
  346. By the way I never introduced myself. I'm Danielle from Melbourne... I'm currently b/c jobs. I've worked in public libraries. Libraries are way different here. #critlib
  347. A6. My question would be if anyone else feels like they are not taken seriously sometimes? I feel like it sometimes. I dunno if it is because I am anime geek or ditzy or my disabilities or if I am just paranoid. *shrugs* #critlib
  348. Can't wait until tomorrow when I have a chance to slowly go through my notifications from tonight and grow my PLN by following you all. EXCITED!! #critlib
  349. A5: I'm not sure this is answering the q, but I'd like to be the epitome of my ancestor's wildest dreams. So it's not so much being remembered as me hoping I'm going for all the things they couldn't reach b/c of racism, sexism, capitalism, white supremacy, etc. #critlib
  350. My answer would be to blow up the concept of "professionalization" and capitalism in the process, and magically float down in a world that embraces socialism and intersectionality. ;) #critlib
  351. A6. Bringing this back from a chat last year (h/t to @arellanover for the reminder) What can we as individuals do to support coworkers with disabilities? #critlib 
  352. A3 I give a damn about library data being repacked and sold back to us. We’ve lost control of our data. It’s time to get it back. #critlib
  353. @katkimbell A6: It's a challenge to focus on future skills when the day-to-day grind is so strong. I always hear, "I'd love to do [something new and #critlib aligned], but [regularly scheduled task]". Give them time!