#critlib 2017-11-14: Radical Reference

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  9. Introductions
  10. Hey #critlib folks, it's time! Let's start out with intros! I'm Nicole, an archivist at the @cjewishhistory and @NYCRadRef member
  11. Hiya #critlib, I'm Maura, college library director in Brooklyn and @NYCRadRef member, excited to be moderating tonight with @NicoleG_Haus and @Audrey_Sage_ !
  12. Hi #critlib ! Charlotte, academic librarian in California.
  13. Hello #critlib just in thawing out from bike ride home, lurking. Ellen, an academic/sp coll librarian in NYC and I have a rare @RadReference T shirt
  14. Hi all, I'm a grad student at the University of North Texas and this is the first #CritLib chat I've ever been able to make! :)
  15. Hi everyone... I'm a student in a MLIS program/ a support staff member (clerk) at a mid size academic library/ archive intern with a nonprofit org/ i make zines... #critlib
  16. Hi! I'm an academic librarian at Queens College and also an @NYCRadRef member & I'm super excited about this #critlib chat!
  17. #critlib & I’m Library Director at MCNY college in New York
  18. Hi, I'm Alex! I'm a project manager/data curator for a grant-funded project during the day; part of @NYCRadRef + a volunteer with a couple of housing/tenant rights coalitions at other times. This is my first #critlib
  19. Hello #critlib. I'm the Inclusion & Accessibility librarian at Syracuse U in upstate NY.
  20. So great to see first timers and MLIS students, welcome! #critlib
  21. #critlib happy to see a number of grad students on for tonight's chat!
  22. Yay, thank you for coming, everyone! So good to see such a great turnout #critlib
  23. Hi! I'm Cindy and I'm a librarian at a government library in Texas. #critlib
  24. Hey #critlib, I'm Ryan, a librarian at a community college in the Boise, Idaho area.
  25. Hi #critlib I'm a highered biz librarian & tuning in from sunny Sydney #lunchtime twitterchat treats
  26. hi all! i'm a recent mlis grad in my first job as a reference librarian at forbes library in northampton, ma. longtime listener, first time caller #critlib
  27. Heard of RadRef but never been involved--curious about the NYC restart and what they will be doing #critlib
  28. Q1. Have you heard of or been involved with RadRef in the past? Where/when? What draws you to this work?
  29. Keep on with the intros, but let's also get to Q1: Have you heard of or been involved with RadRef in the past? Where/when? What draws you to this work? #critlib
  30. A1 Never really heard of it except in passing, but I do a lot of diversity advocacy (particularly disability/accessibility) in libraries. #critlib
  31. #critlib I first got involved 2007ish, radref embodied the intersection of social justice/punk ethics...stuff that drew me to the field
  32. Q1 i've been involved since 04, when i lived in ny-written and presented, answered questions back in the day, site moderator, etc.#critlib
  33. A1 I've been RadRef adjacent for a while, gotten more involved recently. Lots of what @piebrarian wrote in her chapter ( https://escholarship.org/uc/item/2gn7r9n2 ) really resonates with me. #critlib
  34. #critlib A1 heard of / know of RadRef from media during... protests? Or occupy? Or something like that? Not involved
  35. A1: I’m not very familiar with RadRef, so I’m here to learn more about it and about ways to do activism in library land #critlib
  36. Q1: I have never been involved w/RadRef. but the manifestation of white supremacy/ white saviorism within the prof. of lib. needs to change ASAP. also, i'm tired of seeing ref. librarians be condescending towards students bc they aren't asking questions at the ref desk! #critlib
  37. Q1: I've been around RadRef a bit since early 2016 meetings; less lately while other stuff has been on my plate. As an org I'd followed previously, I was primarily interested as a place to share ideas with like-minded professionals. #critlib
  38. A1 Debated going to a coding bootcamp but wanted something more advocacy focused. Friend told me librarians do tech too. Found RadRef thru a Google search, decided this was the place for me, & applied to grad school. No faculty focused on soc justice in my uni tho :( #critlib
  39. I went to the Info Workers meeting about a year ago that eventually decided to be part of RadRef, mainly out of post-election dread. #critlib  https://twitter.com/mauraweb/status/930618100386496512 
  40. I'm not that active with the group & I should do a lot more, but being among activists who are thinking carefully about this stuff is helpful to me. #critlib  https://twitter.com/mauraweb/status/930618100386496512 
  41. A1: I got involved last December after the election, and have been organizing with the group ever since ( and hosting meetings), my frustration about the state of the country drew me in #critlib
  42. A1 I started attending meetings of concerned info workers in NYC after the 2016 election. That group then decided to organize its work under the RadRef umbrella. I wanted to make use of my info skillset outside of my day job #critlib
  43. Hi #critlib! I’m an arts & humanities librarian in MA. I’ll be floating in and out between dinner prep and next #critlib chat prep.
  44. A1 I attended a RadRef meeting back at an ALA in New Orleans (2009?) but now mostly lurk in various coastal RadRed incarnations. I was drawn to the group because it connected activism + librarianship #critlib
  45. A1 The line of continuity is inspiring, reflecting on the work RadRef members have been doing over the past 10+ years #critlib
  46. A1 I've been a @NYCRadRef member for about a year. The work feels especially timely & important, and creates connections between info workers interested in a broad range of issues #critlib
  47. Been trying to read up and teach myself as much as I can between classes and work, but wish I had ppl here in my program to discuss with. Am trying to get a reading group together. Also considering starting a podcast on radref for students like myself to discuss #critlib
  48. A1 #critlib what draws me to this work is what drew me to librarianship in a way. i want people to have access to all of the information. i love local collectives and work that is being done by individuals to focus on critlib and social justice.
  49. #critlib Q1: notable - if unsurprising -how (nyc) radref grew out of dire politics 2004 and has re-juvinated in this dire-er time
  50. @databrarian A reading group sounds like a great idea! And maybe there are resources we can share? #critlib
  51. A1 I admire RadRef worker but have never been around to be part of it. Like @IreneKorber, I'd heard of it somewhere during Occupy or similar. Maybe BoingBoing? I'm too squeamish & untrained to be a street medic, so RadRef seems a way I could similarly contribute. #critlib
  52. Definitely. It would be great if we could build a foundation that was sustainable through periods of relative calm too! #critlib  https://twitter.com/xsublibrarian/status/930620263741476864 
  53. #critlib ,the collection is not neutral , ideas are not neutral , so the reference might not be neutral , is that a kind rad reference
  54. A1. For me the librarian dna has a passion for providing 'socially conscious information services' #critlib
  55. @databrarian We can definitely help you make a reading list, but I know it's hard to read more while in school! Maybe for inspiration listen to some of the podcast episodes from @InterferenceArc -- Audio Interference  http://interferencearchive.org/category/audio/  #critlib
  56. Definitely. We have tons of small breakout groups that do their own things and contribute in every way imaginable. Check out some meeting minutes, if you want to read more deets!  http://radicalreference.info/localcollectives/nyc  #critlib  https://twitter.com/foureyedsoul/status/930620623495168000 
  57. &radref/collectivism, shared resources, info, spirit- better angles of librarianship. #critlib is a lot Critique, radref is that mobilized  https://twitter.com/piebrarian/status/930620233055846400 
  58. Hi all! I'm Melissa, public librarian in Brooklyn, except right now I'm in an apartment in Manhattan eating persimmons. Will try to dip in and out. Re Rad Ref, I've been involved since just abt the start in 2004. #critlib
  59. A1. I first heard of it in Informed Agitation. I’m drawn to it as a way to support social justice with my library skills. #critlib
  60. Also, there's currently a lot of impetus for change in diversity and inclusion at my institution. Good to learn if/how #radref might fit into that work. #critlib
  61. This was my #1 reason for getting involved. Information is (IMO) the most valuable and most powerful commodity in circulation rn. #critlib  https://twitter.com/Qi40660473/status/930620824117227521 
  62. A1 Librarians/info people know so much about their local communities that it seems natural for those of us inclined to bridge an information gap or connect community members #critlib
  63. There was also that lovely summer evening when a bunch of us went down to #Occuplywallstreet to catalog the #occupylibrary #critlib
  64. @metageeky #critlib folk have done great work unpacking/interrogating diversity politics/rhetoric @davehudson123
  65. @LNBel My vague memory of hearing about radref in reference to occupy turned out to be correct! #critlib
  66. Q2. What are other activist library groups? Can you share some examples of activist library groups’ activities?
  67. Alright, beautiful critlib-ers. It's time for Q2 (but keep ind convos going in side convos too!): What are other activist library groups? Can you share some examples of activist library groups’ activities? #critlib
  68. A2 Progressive Librarians Guild -- I knew them first through their publications, which I appreciated so much while living in places with no formal groups for librarians to do this work together #critlib
  69. A2. It's still being established, but I am working on a disability in libraries community to share knowledge, support, and push back on vendors. #critlib
  70. Q2: @InterferenceArc is doing great lib adjacent work, but I don't know about any other #archives radical work #critlib
  71. @xsublibrarian @Audrey_Sage_ I was thinking abt this after the first post-2016 election meetings...so many attendees we ran out of chairs! Maybe natural ebb and flow of interest is ok? #critlib
  72. Absolutely. And these 'library' activist groups can be as broadly or as narrowly tied to the definition of 'library' as you want them to be (what in the world is a 'library' nowadays anyway!?)! #critlib  https://twitter.com/AlexandraAlisa/status/930622389804814336 
  73. @cynth Been thinking about this wrt starting a zine collection from the local punk scene which is flush with amazing zines #critlib
  74. #LISMentalHealth has done mental health awareness events and has a zine currently out. #critlib
  75. @ohelmiller nice but sometimes find the merging of social justice activism with library work a challenge without compromising both #critlib
  76. @IreneKorber I think it was just one meeting as @NYCRadRef but there must have been overlap btwn radref and #occupylibrary workers too. #critlib
  77. @jenhoyer PLG is how I got started with library activism! In grad school, it acted as a great outlet for discussing social justice and libraries #critlib
  78. @NicoleG_Haus @InterferenceArc There are so many! I love @freedomarchives in SF and Lesbian Herstory Archives here in BKLYN. Also the Infoshop 56a archive in London is one of my favourite places in the world #critlib
  79. @LNBel @NYCRadRef And I'm out in northern CA and still somehow heard this info at the time. Great work! #critlib
  80. A2 There are so many! Orgs like @PLGCoordCom and ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table, collectives like @RadicalLibs and @foreningenbis, student-led initiatives like @derailforum #critlib
  81. #critlib A2. Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) has been doing work from within ALA since 1969.  http://libr.org/srrt/ 
  82. A2 (cont.) #critlib FYI, SRRT's work is often done through their task forces: Feminist Task Force; International Responsibilities Task Force; Hunger, Homelessness, & Poverty Task Force; MLK Jr. Holiday Task Force.
  83. @IreneKorber Do it! They'll probably be so excited to have someone create that collection! #critlib
  84. Q2 #critlib not an answer but I'd like to do more with digital privacy and data ethics, personally
  85. Oo, say more about this @pdjewell? I know I speak for more than myself when I say I'd super interested in hearing more! #critlib  https://twitter.com/pdjewell/status/930622894387871744 
  86. @mauraweb I'd be interested in joining this community too #critlib
  87. @cynth @IreneKorber And there are lots of zine library folks out there who can help you figure out good practices. #critlib
  88. @rkernoch Infoshop 56a is a DIY, collectively-run radical space and social center, with a bookstore and archive. My favourite memory of their archive was a box of maps...they also have an amazing zine collection! #critlib
  89. A2. Students (mlis or not) do amazing things! Paying attention to those things and supporting them in our capacity can be a form of activism in its own right #critlib
  90. @jenhoyer That is totally how I found my way in, I forgot about that. And then I read Revolting Librarians Redux, I think too. #critlib
  91. Absolutely. Any ways to alleviate this? How do you all care for yourselves while contributing to 'the good fight'? #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/930623587328897025 
  92. A2 As an academic librarian, non-library-centric groups on campus can also be important. I'm involved in a sanctuary campus group at my institution #critlib
  93. A2 the LIS microaggressions zines are a great example of activities that come out of activist work--and the critlib unconferences have been great for pushing out information/critical ideas. #critlib
  94. @xsublibrarian To add to these resources, more history about progressive library action around the world: "Progressive Library Organizations" by Al Kagan  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22238258-progressive-library-organizations  #critlib
  95. @LNBel @mauraweb I will definitely keep everyone posted and will push out to groups like #critlib. I'm just spending a lot of time settling into my new job.
  96. @metageeky @cynth Yes and I'm thankful to all the zine library/librarian folks for so much to draw from #critlib
  97. @databrarian Yes! We do some of this at MPOW, and @InfAgit and others did a great project at Brooklyn Public Library recently, details:  https://dataprivacyproject.org/  #critlib A2
  98. I went to library school several decades ago, it was very much status quo forever, from afar seems like library schools now are communities of radical #critlib change in librarianship?
  99. @metageeky @NicoleG_Haus Follow up to this Q: what can we do to resist burnout? (Is it even resistable?) #critlib
  100. @LNBel Some are. Some are unfortunately more information science focused than library work though. That's a debate for a different time. #critlib
  101. @Audrey_Sage_ true fact: I've missed some meetings when they conflicted with my therapist appointments #critlib
  102. @Audrey_Sage_ I try to remind myself that I won't be able to do everything right away, and accept that I might have a slower timeline on things I do for various groups #critlib
  103. @mauraweb @NicoleG_Haus I think that we need to be sure to schedule fun as well as work when we hold meetings and the like. #critlib
  104. @cynth I'm also part of that scene so it's nice not to be seen as an "outsider" seemingly coopting that subculture for academic purposes #critlib
  105. @metageeky @LNBel Aw man I'm a diehard librarian who works in infosci and loved my education! :( #critlib
  106. @cha_cjb @mauraweb A2 as an academic librarian, yes I learn from our students everyday #critlib
  107. Popping into #CritLib from a taqueria in SF where I'm having dinner with fellow @RadReference cofounder @freegovinfo. 👋🏽 sorry we can't chat. ❤️ y'all!
  108. @zinelib @RadReference @freegovinfo #critlib Hello Jenna! Glad you could cameo! You co-started an awesome thing. :)
  109. Q3. How can library/information workers contribute to and work with other activist groups?
  110. Time for Q3: How can library/information workers contribute to and work with other activist groups? #critlib
  111. A3 I think we can identify information needs in a group we’re part of and suggest (+ sometimes enact) solutions. Examples of things I've done: organizing the group’s research using a social bookmarking site + helping get a Google drive in order. #critlib
  112. @nfoasberg @Audrey_Sage_ This is about to be me as I try to figure out a night w/a new therapist by looking at the recent radref mtg schedule. #critlib
  113. A3 One thing I'm working on is making it easy for student groups to have book displays/links to other media in our library spaces. #critlib
  114. A3 We can also help with advice and resources about privacy (which has already been mentioned this chat) #critlib
  115. #critlib A3 important to ask what people’s real needs are and be right-sized about what we as a group can do.
  116. A3 i think that info workers forget we have a lot of amazing foundational skills -- data management, project management, etc. Get involved with any group whose cause you respect, and do what they need! #critlib
  117. @Audrey_Sage_ @ohelmiller not sure why? Maybe just didn't have right connections at work...or maybe not enough #critlib in the workplace?
  118. This really matters at MPOW since our library is a major student meetup place. #critlib
  119. My position allows me to quietly catalog and make available grey literature on the police and prisons and criminal courts. Look for small acts of radical work, they are everywhere. #critlib
  120. @cha_cjb Getting their voices in the collection has been a push this semester for us, whether it's student groups docs, oral histories etc added to our archives #critlib
  121. related to Q3, I'm also interested in ideas abt how to incorporate this kind of activism into "day jobs"? #critlib
  122. @AlexandraAlisa A3. Yes!! Offering some information clarity to an org can be game changing. In my context, it can look like suggesting different access point for financial aid info across the campus, but it can also look like suggesting tools! #critlib
  123. Also, I'm trying to support institutional memory of advocacy by documenting/archiving efforts into a libguide. #critlib
  124. When @NYCRadRef worked on our points of unity we talked a lot about who were included i thinl we tried to settle on info workers to get everybody libraries adjacent #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/930624558880690178 
  125. A3 it’s important to be part of the group and not parachute in with the attitude of a savior; must listen to what the group wants #critlib
  126. A2 In addition to groups others have mentioned, @librarieswehere are doing important work within LIS. Not sure if they'd consider it "activist" exactly, but it's at least adjacent in my mind. #critlib
  127. @IreneKorber What a great idea! We’re showcasing our zine collection now, and I hope we can encourage students to make zines to display #critlib
  128. A1: just doing research for my activist group I work with, I know where to find govt open data and train them on digital security #critlib  https://twitter.com/NicoleG_Haus/status/930624668201115648 
  129. #critlib Q3: @radref / librarians can help out activist groups by fighting against private surveillance. ex. standing rock and the mercenary group Tiger Swan. librarians can get embedded and notify community members about how information is collected by the gov/companies.
  130. A2 merging community, social spaces and #libraries like our local bookshop @JuraBooks nicely does #critlib
  131. A3 It's important to first do a lot of listening and recognize your position, so you're not parachuting in and your contributions are useful & welcomed #critlib
  132. @cha_cjb Yes! Once I get this project going I hope to have zine making workshops maybe once a month or a few times a semester #critlib
  133. @jenhoyer Yes! And this also makes me think about @edrabinski's point re: union work that librarians are natural organizers. #critlib A3
  134. A3 Also, just being a point person for people to talk to. Makes my office door a bit of a revolving one, but the insights are worth the scheduling nightmares. #critlib
  135. Glad you mentioned libguides, they are a really good way to feature all perspectives on a topic and offer the information to a wider audience, though through a corporate-controlled system #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/930625958746435584 
  136. #critlib I talk to students everyday, in Ref convo, classes, etc about issues of justuce, Crit analysis..just try to be someone to talk to  https://twitter.com/mckale_pratt/status/930625923740815360 
  137. @mauraweb @edrabinski and, taking minutes for organizations is its own incredible kind of support work. I am darn proud of my minute-taking skills. #critlib
  138. A3 I've been so inspired by many of my archivist friends who have helped assist communities in preserving their neighborhoods and organizations. #critlib
  139. @mauraweb @NYCRadRef @metageeky @NicoleG_Haus I am learning this as I go( this may change) but setting boundaries with your time and thinking of terms of collaboration not service. #critlib
  140. @jenhoyer @mauraweb @edrabinski But why are the [female] librarians ALWAYS the ones asked to take the minutes? #critlib
  141. #critlib technical services (acquisitions, cataloging, metadata, & access services) are intertwined with radref - don't leave them out. need to be a radical library together all staff
  142. @mauraweb @metageeky @NicoleG_Haus I make sure to intersperse the parts of this work that feel like "work" with the parts that feel like "super fun", and then somehow it balances out... Oh also massages. As often as I can afford them. #critlib
  143. A3 PS if ya’ll have more to share about this topic, consider filling out this survey:  http://bit.ly/2grcaAX  Responses will inform a little guide I and some others in @NYCRadRef are putting together for infoworkers who want to use their skills in community groups #critlib
  144. @EamonTewell this so much. i think being able to match our own skills will community needs. in a way, it's bit like being an empathic ethnographer. #critlib
  145. @jenhoyer @mauraweb @metageeky @NicoleG_Haus I took a while last week to make flyers for our upcoming game night. Work but didn't feel "worky" #critlib
  146. Q4. How can we keep up the momentum and sustainability in our activist library work?
  147. Keep on keeping on w/this great discussion, but let's get to Q4: How can we keep up the momentum & sustainability in our activist library work? #critlib
  148. Q4! How can we keep up the momentum and sustainability in our activist library work? #critlib
  149. A2 - Any group or organization that support QTBIPOC library staff are activist in nature. Existing in these spaces, which were built to exclude us, is radical and contributes to the work of RadRef - community representation matters! #critlib
  150. A4. #critlib Be kind, show compassion for ourselves & others, understand who & what we're fighting for and against.
  151. A4 - I often worry about the sustainability of such incredible initiatives with such high demand. Moving forward, I see RadRef being more of a space to connect people with library skills and activists and community organizers #critlib
  152. A4 (Cont) - I am inspired by what I have learned from Indigenous activists regarding relationality and reciprocity - it's important to know that our work can contribute to something constructive for the communities we care about/are a part of #critlib
  153. A4 (Cont) I also think there is something to being available for others, as a community of practice, and uplifting those who do this work in the library community - IT'S HARD OUT THERE #critlib
  154. A4 this is a tough question! Goes back to burnout discussion earlier in this chat. For me, meeting regularly has helped. But I’m interested in others’ ideas #critlib
  155. A4 But seriously, we have to accept that we're merely human organisms. We can't fight every fight on our own. It's okay to tackle only some of the issues. #critlib
  156. @metageeky @jenhoyer @mauraweb @NicoleG_Haus We host them at our library! Partnering with student orgs and got some funding to purchase board games and an xbox. Fun and a way to create space for students #critlib
  157. Don't forget warm outreach to users, it is sustaining/rewarding to self as well as helpful to cause #critlib
  158. A4 Do this work with friends. or turn the people you do it with into friends. #critlib
  159. A4 #critlib back to what @foureyedsoul said about @librarieswehere but having that group to vent, ask questions, find mentors has been incredibly helpful and sustaining for me as a POC first-gen student
  160. Next meeting, we are coloring and sending cards to LGBTQ prisoners courtesy of Black and Pink #critlib  https://twitter.com/jenhoyer/status/930627461838245888 
  161. But here's another big thing I'm learning. Get administrators involved. They need to show up at workshops, trainings, etc. #critlib
  162. Learning how and when to say no is one of the most valuable skills I've learned as an activist over the past couple of years. #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/930628434023403521 
  163. @metageeky Agreed. It makes a huge difference to have backing from admin #critlib
  164. @NYCRadRef I am so excited for this meeting, for real. I have my colored pencils ready! #critlib
  165. A4 Choose carefully where you direct your efforts and where they're needed. @NYCRadRef decided we don't need more protest calendars or resource lists, for example #critlib
  166. Yes, definitely try your hardest not to duplicate others' work, even if you think you could do it better. Build upon foundations already laid by others; don't reinvent the wheel! #critlib  https://twitter.com/EamonTewell/status/930629439205138432 
  167. A4 #critlib one takeaway for me from #DLFforum was how important the labor conversation is, and it's something I hadn't encountered before in a meaningful way. Don't tell me to lean in to fight imposter syndrome; organize to give me the tools to do it.
  168. Q4: I think consistent meetings, planning events that happen in the not so distant future, and doing things that have low barriers to entry (this chat) keep us sustainable #critlib
  169. @LNBel The interface isn't as simple, but if you want to away from SpringShare, you can bend other things into alternatives. Here's a LibGuides-esque site we made on GitHub using a free blog template:  https://ilasjc.github.io/about/  #critlib
  170. A4 I've been working on showing up to opportunities to learn from those of you wrenching this profession toward radical and socially just. Thank you, many of you are here tonight #critlib
  171. A3 Lots of activist groups need help with policy analysis, answering questions. For ex, there's been a proposed Research Service Working Group in Democratic Socialists of America #critlib
  172. And peer care, peer care, peer care. Some of us are too obstinate to realize we need to take care of ourselves instead of fighting the fight. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ohelmiller/status/930629763043069952 
  173. Q5. What would you like to see RadRef do or be? How can we make it happen?
  174. Q5 What would you like to see RadRef do or be? How can we make it happen? #critlib
  175. And feel free to keep on with all of the Qs #critlib folks! Just want to be mindful of the time.
  176. A5 - I want RadRef to be a space where library folx can contribute to QTBIPOC futurism and use these research skills towards sustaining relationships and building communities #critlib
  177. A5 (Cont) - This isn't only in physical spaces either - activists are doing incredible work in virtual spaces and they require help with digital preservation, curation of digital projects, outreach - expertise that librarians can provide #critlib
  178. Q5 I think the radical art community and culture creators could use radref help, not just journalists #critlib
  179. @foureyedsoul worthwhile work and thank you, but not something I'm going to be able to do - going to have to use what's available, but to project social justice so its half ok #critlib
  180. A3 be inspired -> start with your library co-workers -> check your radar for what matters socially to you -> connect -> be inspired #critlib
  181. A5 #critlib twitter isn't the most intuitive format for me, so between not being able to track convos very well and not being able to make twitter chats, I've mostly been doing readings from the website when I can. (cont. 1/?)
  182. @LNBel It's a tool that was already available to me. Plus, GitHub's a corporation with its own sketchy history & downsides. #critlib
  183. A5 More self-education and trainings, more presence at protests! The great thing about RadRef, #critlib, and otherwise is they are what you make them.
  184. A5 This is tricky, @NYCRadRef we talk about maybe bringing back the online Q&A but that's a big time investment. Still thinking. #critlib
  185. Also is there space for people who are doing this work without being formally involved with a @RadReference initiative? There are tons of people who are engaged in activism / with activists without the support of such a community #critlib
  186. A5. I want to know more about how to start a @RadReference group out here in flyover country. Or something similar! #critlib
  187. A5 I’d love for RadRef be a group/place where info workers can come together and share strategies from the work they do in other activist groups. #critlib
  188. A5: I see RadRef as a vehicle for community engagement. I don't have specific ideas (yet!) but I feel like there a way that we RR can help re-frame the libraries ROI conversation and tie it back to community impact. #critlib
  189. #critlib, also try to marketing what we can do in libraries to rise more attention and public awareness
  190. Q5: I would like to see us organize more trainings and plan more events but we are atill building back up infrastructure #critlib
  191. A5 I’d love RadRef to be a place where activists can go to get help. But outreach is challenging. And also, is there a need for generic resources? Maybe some. But seems fruitful to focus on specific relationships/collaborations #critlib
  192. A5 maybe there can be a once a year or twice a year online connected rad ref meeting so everyone outside NYC can join in? #critlib
  193. #critlib include all library staff & librarians even those not using all the social media - every library staff does some sort of reference interaction
  194. @databrarian #critlib love the idea of a syllabus/intro for LIS students new to the profession/crit theory. this has been a challenge for me too
  195. A5 The @NYCRadRef folks are talking about adding resources to the website, these suggestions are terrific, thanks y'all! #critlib
  196. @databrarian Also for LIS professionals who weren't exposed to #critlib in school and perhaps stumbled upon it quite by accident doing self education (hi me)
  197. Also, y'all, sorry for the atrocious grammar + spelling. Twitter chats make me nervous! :/ #critlib
  198. @mckale_pratt #critlib what I'd like to see (or do? when i have time for that podcast haha) is something specifically from student pov. Less info coming down from on high by ~experts~ more discussion and personal stories about what it *means* and why it matters
  199. A5 Re: intro to critical theory, what if someone made a short video/s about top theorists likely to be encountered in library school or related to the info profession. since the future is video. it could be a capstone even? #critlib
  200. Conclusions
  201. So we are out of time, thank you for #critlib chatting! Feel free to post any pitches that you have, and folks can keep chatting too!
  202. Before we head out, is there a volunteer to Storify tonight's #critlib chat? Hit us up at @NYCRadRef if so. Thx!
  203. @databrarian i'd be very interested in listening to/contributing to that! #critlib
  204. thanks to all of you. if anyone wants to chat more about local collectives or anything else, get in touch! #critlib
  205. @cynth You did great! I mistyped the date a few days ago, it was fine. #critlib
  206. Pitch - I am really looking forward to the ART-NEA Joint conference in NewHaven in March. Scholarship deadline has been extended for students and others needing support to attend #critlib  https://www.nycarchivists.org/resources/NEA-A.R.T.%20Spring%202018%20Joint%20Meeting%20Scholarship%20Announcement.pdf 
  207. Thanks everyone, awesome chat tonight, so grateful to mod with the rad @NicoleG_Haus and @Audrey_Sage_ #critlib
  208. Thanks #critlib ! I hope I remember to tune in again next time 😂
  209. #critlib @mauraweb @NYCRadRef @zinelib Thank you all! I’m going to return to the YouTube doc about Charles Schultz now :)
  210. @NYCRadRef @cynth I always do these from my phone so am 200% sure there are errors/typos/whatevs #critlib
  211. Thanks all for a great chat; so nice to meet y'all and get re-energized for our work! #critlib
  212. For those wanting to get involved in #radref, DM me or the @NYCRadRef and we'll get you on our email lists #critlib
  213. thank you all for filling me in on so many resources I wasn't previously aware of! #critlib
  214. Don't forget, if you want to see something happen, you've got to make it happen, organizing is hard but worth it #critlib
  215. @mckale_pratt @databrarian I'd LOVE to listen to / read something like that from students! A few of us tried to make a sort of "here's some theory starting points" thing a couple years ago but got hung up on feeling like we'd come across as positioning ourselves as "on high." #critlib
  216. If you're looking to get involved, DM us about the email list, there is a Facebook group, or come to our meeting on Dec 14! #critlib
  217. Oof I'm tired moderating and monitoring the chat! Thankd everybody for coming out abd @mauraweb and @Audrey_Sage_ for moderating with me! #critlib
  218. #critlib: zines are still relevant right? (ha). thanks for all the info/resources from tonight's chat. it was my first (and not last) time being a participant! https://t.co/bmJc1CFJY2
    #critlib: zines are still relevant right? (ha). thanks for all the info/resources from tonight's chat. it was my first (and not last) time being a participant! pic.twitter.com/bmJc1CFJY2
  219. @chelleinthelib @EamonTewell I agree w/the idea that whiteness is a clear factor in a lot of reference but as a latina lib, privilege is also a looming factor #critlib
  220. Can't believe I forgot and missed the @NYCRadRef #critlib chat last night 😩we moved over the weekend and our lives are still upside down
  221. So bummed I missed last night's #critlib about Radical Reference! Can't wait to read the Storify
  222. Anyone in the Chicago area interested in starting a local collective? #radref #critlib
  223. A5 Have y'all seen the Starting a Local Collective post on the Rad Ref website? It's both easier and harder than you think! Starting it is easy. Keeping it going is hard.  http://radicalreference.info/starting-local-collective  #critlib  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/930631433512738816