#critlib 2017-10-03: open educational resources

Archive of the October 3 2017 #critlib chat on open educational resources (OER), moderated by @zoh_zoh @aliversluis @eriksation and @SarahEHare. For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, visit http://critlib.org/

  1. Preliminaries (pre-chat chatter)
  2. We’ve got a lot of faculty talking about #OER—makes me doubly wish I could participate in tomorrow’s #critlib chat.
  3. If you have thoughts about anything I've said, please join the #critlib chat tonight at 6PM Pacific/9pm Eastern  http://critlib.org/open-educational-resources-chat/ 
  4. @danmcguirempls We're going to talk about "free" and #OER tonight during our #critlib chat! You're welcome to join us.
  5. @zoh_zoh Do you know of some digital #oer that is not free? #critlib It's critical that librarians have accurate information about OER.
  6. @danmcguirempls But I think that "free" is a very problematic concept in #oer, and that is part of what I hope to discuss during tonight's #critlib chat.
  7. @zoh_zoh suggesting that a student should pursue any level of education in the U.S. w/o a device & access to the internet is 'problematic' #critlib
  8. Hi #critlib! I'm not going to be able to make tonight's chat, but I care a lot about #OER and wanted to drop in a few thoughts... (thread)
  9. A:4 #critlib This question seems like a canard. Who is suggesting that any of today's problems in education have simple solutions.
  10. A:1 #critlib What's the best way to redirect money being spent on textbooks to training teachers how to use digital #oer effectively
  11. A:1 #critlib How will increase of #oer use in K12 where schools currently pay for books change #oer use in higher ed where students pay?
  12. A:2 #critlib Privilege was addressed comprehensively by the 2nd World #OER Congress Action Plan & Slovenian case  http://www.oercongress.org/ 
  13. Great questions on open educational resources & labor, privilege + more for tonight's #critlib chat at 9 eastern:  http://critlib.org/open-educational-resources-chat/ 
  14. YES, this is why OER is my favorite--I love using both of these backgrounds. How can we STRUCTURALLY encourage cross-pollination? #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/915318297989705731 
  15. Tonight's #OER #critlib is perfectly aligned with my #OpenAccessWeek presentation on the critical qualities of OER. 🧐
  16. good evening #critlib, we'll start tonight's chat about #OER in 15 minutes! 📚 📖 find Qs & suggested readings here:  http://critlib.org/open-educational-resources-chat/ 
  17. Introductions
  18. it's that time! I'd like to begin tonight's 91st (!) #critlib chat with an acknowledgment of the work of tonight's moderators.
  19. your #critlib mods this evening are me + @aliversluis + @eriksation + @SarahEHare - we worked together to write tonight's Qs
  20. for the sake of clarity, I'll be the only one tweeting out tonight's #critlib Qs, but it was a robust & collaborative process to get here!
  21. as usual, we'll begin #critlib with introductions -- you can include your name, type of library, and anything else you want us to know.
  22. Hello! I'm a graduate student over at Pratt, and I'm sitting in on this chat for class. It's nice to meet you all. #critlib
  23. #critlib LIS student from Pratt here, excited to learn more about OER tonight!!
  24. Kelly Spiese, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Small College Library in PA #critlib
  25. Hullo hullo #critlib palios. Ali Versluis here! I do Research + Scholarship-y things at @uglibrary.
  26. My name is Zoe (Zoh-ee), she/hers, I'm a community college librarian in Seattle, WA. #critlib
  27. Very excited for the LIS students from Pratt joining us tonight--thanks for being here! #critlib
  28. Greetings #critlib! Faculty Librarian at @TheLWTech in Kirkland, WA. I'm a proud proponent of #OER and a culture of openness.
  29. Hi #critlib I' Christina, humanities librarian in Maine. I'm #eveninglibrarian, so likely lurking more than responding
  30. Hi, all! I'm Sarah, Schol Comm Librarian at Indiana University & OER enthusiast. Grateful to Zoe for letting me help w this #critlib chat  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915381092974157824 
  31. I'm a humanities/instruction librarian in NYC, and I feel like I should know a LOT more about OER than I do! #critlib
  32. Stacy - Open Resources Librarian in NYC. Supporting faculty in converting courses to OER #critlib
  33. Hello! Hello! Kaitlin, academic librarian in NYC. So excited for tonight's #critlib Trying to figure out/learn as much as I can about OER.
  34. Hey #critlib Lisa, she/her/hers, academic librarian in California.
  35. Hi #critlib E-Resources Assistant/MLIS student in Boston. Totally lurking tonight.
  36. I feel the anxiety about not knowing enough about #OER... I feel that way too! No knowledge pre-requisites for tonight's #critlib chat.
  37. I'm new to #critlib and knee deep in but still learning about #oer
  38. Q1. What critical questions and ideas are missing from current conversations about OER?
  39. Q1. What critical questions and ideas are missing from current conversations about OER? #critlib
  40. A1: For me, the absence of conversations around accessibility and labour are glaring. #critlib
  41. A1 @edrabinski brought this up earlier today, but the question of LABOR re #OER is a huge & unanswered question. #critlib
  42. I think we'll do a deeper dive w following ?s, but def labor (who gets rewarded and how?), accessibility, privilege #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915383217636524032 
  43. A1. Nearly every conversation I have discusses $, but lacks conversation about equity and access & benefits of reducing hierarchy. #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915383217636524032 
  44. A1 I hear faculty hold up publisher-created learning resources as "good" while free stuff is "bad"... #critlib
  45. A1 - how to explain it to patrons and faculty. I can barely explain it to myself some days. #critlib
  46. A1 I want more critical convos about evaluating learning materials. Who is an authority, why? What makes for critical learning? #critlib
  47. A1: #OER makes the same mistakes #scholcomm does. Lack of understanding re: emotional nature of work, having 1 person do it all. #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/915383944488607745 
  48. Hi #critlib, I'm Kelly and just peeking in tonight. 2 days into a new academic library job and have much to learn about #oer
  49. A1. Maintaining OER/OA lon term. Caulfield mentions a few times how programs would fall apart after he left...  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915383217636524032 
  50. but there is no mention or ideas on how to maintain programs while the "creator" is there or after they leave.
  51. this is something I'd like to know more about
  52. @LibrarianKat_ Be sure to use the #critlib hashtag with your answers so your tweets show up in the chat. ;)
  53. A1 - Understanding (or lack thereof) of publishing models and how/why anyone would create OER #critlib
  54. A1: I think as a relatively newer movement, there's a lack of understanding around what is required for infrastructure + staffing. #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/915384254028238849 
  55. Privilege cont.: Who has time/ resources to create OER? A strength of OER is ability to adapt to local context, but who act can? #critlib
  56. A1 I wonder about sustainability in addition to accessibility. How do we manage #OER collections? How can we share them? #critlib
  57. #critlib A1. FPOW was for-profit online that used #OER a lot. Lots of secondary sources, sometimes passed over seminal work to cut costs.
  58. THIS TOO! Also, see #scholcomm. Everyone's busy replicating work instead of collaborating and scaffolding efforts. #critlib  https://twitter.com/librarybell/status/915384618320367616 
  59. I clearly have lots of thoughts about #scholcomm and #oer, but it's because I do both these things. #critlib
  60. @aliversluis That's kind of the beauty of #oer though is the ability to build off each others' work #critlib
  61. @aliversluis Time management and commitment is one of the largest barriers my collaborators face. The grants paying you control how you work. #critlib
  62. @zoh_zoh So glad the majority of the faculty I work with are beyond that. I speak from experience by saying--push forth to find betterment! #critlib
  63. @librarybell Same, I haven't read anything that really talks about maintaining OER/OA to make it longterm. It all seems to be shortterm projects #critlib
  64. #critlib It doesn't account for diversity of the audience and what their knowledge. We touch on this idea in class...  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915385482002915328 
  65. I see that the answers to Q1 are touching on a lot of themes that we're going to revisit in other Qs, including our next Q... #critlib
  66. Q2. How does privilege intersect with making and using OER?
  67. Q2. How does privilege intersect with making and using OER? #critlib
  68. A2 Someone got all up in my mentions earlier today about how #OER is always free, and I pushed back on this. #critlib
  69. A2 It is a privilege to have an Internet-connected device and an Internet connection. #critlib
  70. Should be the byline for all #scholcomm work. Core to success will be if we can pool resources & expertise effectively/accessibly #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/915384972986511361 
  71. A2: million dollar q! For faculty, I think tenure is a huge one. If you have it, you can afford to spend more time on your pedagogy #critlib
  72. #critlib to some extent you want to take into consideration the knowledge and experience of the communtiy.
  73. A2 If I'm a student who only uses the computers in the college library, then accessing my OER textbook at home is gonna be tough. #critlib
  74. @LibrarianKat_ @librarybell I wonder if this is partially due to grant funding. In NY, the governor threw us a pile of $ to spend on v short notice #critlib
  75. Hi #critlib, I'm Kate, the brand new Inclusion & Accessibility Librarian at SyracuseU. Unfortunately, I'm tuckered out from a campus event
  76. @thestacylynn @aliversluis When folks realize that it's multidirectional, it is beautiful. But how often is the actual communication of #OER realized? #critlib
  77. @aliversluis And if you have it, you don't have to put all your energy toward scholarly efforts since #oer won't count for tenure (most likely) #critlib
  78. A2 If I'm a student whose fam forgot to pay utility bill so our Internet gets cut off, my LMS-integrated textbook is not accessible #critlib
  79. A2 The three #OER "experts" at my school: Dean; FT Faculty Librarian; Vice President. There is hierarchy and it oft appears brutal. #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915385482002915328 
  80. @kaitlinmlk This is so true! "open" is complex. I don't think it needs to be, but so many workarounds have caused it to have many nuances #critlib
  81. @bembrarian @aliversluis Not sure there are altmetrics for #oer but could be interesting for measuring impact #critlib
  82. @aliversluis but how many faculty dream of perfecting their pedagogy when they have tenure? don't they want to focus on their research? #critlib
  83. on intersectionality & Mental Health Awareness week I would love to talk about #OER tonight, especially disability access but can't #critlib
  84. @zoh_zoh Indeed, and there are common expectations that #OER is digital-first, because #access and efficient to build. #digitaldivide #critlib
  85. When you have tenure, you're less focused on rat race. If pedagogy is important to you, you have the space+time to make it happen. #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915386704743194624 
  86. A2 The faculty who have the privilege of having time to work on #OER (eg FT faculty) are sometimes, frankly, not interested in it. #critlib
  87. A2. I would be curious as to how #OER can be translated into different languages for a broader reach #critlib
  88. @librarybell This raises a good question: what else could #OER look like besides digital? #critlib
  89. A2: Able privilege is huge when it comes to both making open ed materials and being able to use them #critlib
  90. @zoh_zoh Oh definitely! Not saying FT tenured faculty all care, just that they have the time and freedom to do so *if they choose*. #critlib
  91. @RachelMFleming I know you're sick so no pressure, but can you say more? Are you talking abt access codes/ editions/ pub tricks here? Or? #critlib
  92. A2 - I see some many international students struggling to pay for textbooks - why not try and make it a little easier on them #critlib
  93. @zoh_zoh I have some students who can't even afford the $10 print version of the #OER textbooks at my school. Free isn't free. #critlib
  94. A2. I like the idea of broader reach and knowledge exchange for #OER #critlib
  95. @zoh_zoh Likewise, students who prefer paper copies of free online textbooks, say for accessibility reasons, will be printing so many pages. #critlib
  96. @ashleydfarley @kaitlinmlk Lots of folks cut corners because a lot of material that is used in Fair Use--is proprietary at its core. #critlib
  97. @RachelMFleming yep. these are great. we have to talk about search/ discoverability if we are ever going to get traction, I think #critlib
  98. I think about this a lot. Lots of the students I've talked to prefer print. I have no solutions for this. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ZachRPG/status/915387696373153793 
  99. I am also a student and I find the lib book platforms crap - except for keyword searching in pro quest. #critlib printing is a burden  https://twitter.com/zachrpg/status/915387696373153793 
  100. @aliversluis Profs with tenure often, I think, get into their own grooves and prolly don't feel pressure to evolve (into #OER or otherwise) #critlib
  101. The next question diverts a bit away from #OER to ask about open pedagogy and information literacy, so be prepared for the shift... #critlib
  102. I dunno that it specifically relates to any question we're discussing tonight but the phrase "access code" makes me grind my teeth. #critlib
  103. @nfoasberg @ashleydfarley Agreed all around. I have noticed from Kindle to Ebook Central (ebrary) a drastic functionality improvement over the years, however #critlib
  104. Q3. Are there any commonalities between critical information literacy and open pedagogy?
  105. Q3. Are there any commonalities between critical information literacy and open pedagogy? #critlib
  106. @ashleydfarley I was amazed at the #OpenData movement in Southeast Asia when I worked there. Very SJ-inclined. Very critical, political. #critlib
  107. Would it be considered a privalge to understand the instructions given? For those who may be autistic, I mean. #critlib
  108. @BrianEngelLIS I think this touches on the ableism that someone mentioned earlier #critlib
  109. @lisahubbell @librarybell I had an idea of public performance/street theater/street art as good examples of "open licensing" today 🖼️ #critlib
  110. As in, pay $200 for textbook w/access code to a proprietary system of assessments that measure your knowledge of our textbook. #critlib
  111. @kellyspiese #OER seems to "target" or be designed for certain populations. So some folx get excluded by nature of the conversation. #critlib
  112. @ZachRPG @zoh_zoh Or using their printing credit to print/copy chapters just like w/ non-#OER textbooks #critlib
  113. A3 I think crit #infolit is intended to get students to question hierarchies and power systems; open pedagogy can do this, too. #critlib
  114. @nfoasberg I wonder if students prefer print because profs encourage it. Also possibly a hegemony of the bookstore? #critlib
  115. Both are student-centered, constructivist, active learning approaches that attempt to push back on narrow defs of expertise #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915388502568722432 
  116. Hello #critlib! My name is Desmond and I'm really enjoying learning about OER from you all! 😊
  117. @bembrarian #critlib It's just that in my experience, those on the Spectrum can sometimes misunderstand instructions and fail the assignment given.
  118. A3 I think - knowing how to evaluate sources; knowing where to go to find the information sources you want to use. #critlib
  119. Or if bc electronic books (at least those provided through lib platforms) are on such complete, utter, unusable garbage platforms? #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/915389561844375552 
  120. @aliversluis Hah, yes--most of the platforms are awful (Books 24x7 anyone?), and yet some are impressively elegant and accessible. #critlib
  121. A3 Fantastic question! Personally I believe in inclusivity of many voices concurrent w/ producers of info as being crucial to both #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915388502568722432 
  122. @zoh_zoh This is familiar. "Good" publisher resources are already portioned for the classroom, while free stuff requires more kitbashing. #critlib
  123. @bembrarian @nfoasberg I think if there were better interfaces for making notes, highlighting, & searching texts it would be preferred. I prefer digital #critlib
  124. Hi #critlib folks, I'm Ryan, a community college librarian very interested in OER's possibilities. Joining late after a short class meeting.
  125. @zoh_zoh Just talked about this w/ @SallyHeilstedt today. To be open extends to #assessment, and that is as critical as you can get #critlib
  126. @aliversluis We put all books on reserve & have free printing, but students create pdfs on the book scanner. I think the platform part is key #critlib
  127. @zoh_zoh sort of serious, sort of sarcastic answer - they are both terms that people outside (and some inside) libraries don't understand #critlib
  128. @ashleydfarley @bembrarian Definitely agree that note-taking is an issue! Digital has note-taking features but they're often more difficult than in print. #critlib
  129. A3: Yes! I think they both focus on co-creation and moving beyond the mechanical approach to teaching/learning. #critlib
  130. @BrianEngelLIS Absolutely. It seems like there is potential in #OER (and adaptable texts/materials) to respond to this issue directly. #critlib
  131. @thestacylynn @bembrarian @ashleydfarley navigating resources to find what is in the public domain, OA, Creative Commons.
  132. @kaitlinmlk @bembrarian @ashleydfarley was that meant as a joke? i don't think most find it easy to understand #critlib
  133. @thestacylynn @bembrarian @ashleydfarley total joke. adding more resources w/ more restrictions that change slightly we just make it complicated to navigate & promote. #critlib
  134. Q4. How is it harmful to frame OER as a simple solution to complex issues (educational, economic, etc.)? Have you seen this framing?
  135. Q4. How is it harmful to frame OER as a simple solution to complex issues (educational, economic, etc)? Have you seen this framing? #critlib
  136. A4 I previously worked at an institution where students wore red TEXTBOOK REVOLUTION tshirts once a week to pressure faculty re OER #critlib
  137. A4 I think that framing was problematic in a lot of ways--it's not about textbooks, it's about pedagogy. #critlib
  138. Q4 I have heard many say this. However, it can't be that simple especially since the use of OERs requires a campus wide discussion #critlib
  139. A4 I've heard too many students say that faculty tell them to buy a textbook, then the textbook is never used "except for tests" #critlib
  140. Open pedagogy is students learning/ in public (via creation of OER), which can make them more invested in coursework #critlib
  141. A4. Yes. There's a really strong desire to simplify it for, uh, outreach purposes. Difficult to honor complexity in that context. #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915390515134287872 
  142. @nfoasberg Also: 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵grants #critlib
  143. A4 so if your textbook is just an assessment tool? knock it off, profs. you should CREATE your own assessments & save $$. #critlib
  144. Eresources/licensing librarian here. How do you organize #oer content for faculty to easily integrate? #critlib
  145. Coming in late here, but am happy to say that I just started as an instruction/liaison librarian Monday! #critlib
  146. A4 maybe it's my own personal (hellscape) bias, but I really think we should be framing #OER as an assessment issue. #critlib
  147. A4 then again, faculty run for the hills when you say assessment, so that's probably not the right pitch to bring them in. #critlib
  148. A4 but if I ask "how do you know your students are learning" and you say "they take tests from the textbook" SOMETHING IS V WRONG #critlib
  149. @zoh_zoh So true. #OER #openpedagogy and #openpractices are often conflated. The second two can include #OER but don’t always rely on them #critlib
  150. @SarahEHare This can range from students writing Wikipedia articles to blogging for each other, on open or closed course sites. #critlib
  151. @zoh_zoh Can you say more about what you mean here? Is this similar to @kevinseeber's insights about leading with pedagogy? #critlib
  152. @librarybell @aliversluis The PDF scanning sounds nice, but also a skill not everyone has . . . is file conversion part of teaching/supporting #OER? #critlib
  153. @zoh_zoh it's hard for overloaded, overworked faculty though. oer needs to address test banks, hw, and ancillary materials too #critlib
  154. @zoh_zoh I agree with this very strongly, but I think there's a cultural disconnect between humanities and STEM here #critlib
  155. @SarahEHare @kevinseeber yeah, definitely what KS is saying. I'm kind of ranting in some related tweets tonight that profs use textbooks to assess students. #critlib
  156. A4 Certainly my own biases coming in here, but I think framing around pedagogy (rather than cost) can minimize oversimplification #critlib
  157. The million dollar ?: would OER adoption increase if we start to think about all OER as part of lib collection & promote as such? #critlib  https://twitter.com/rbecks29/status/915391838999187457 
  158. @BrianEngelLIS When I work with patrons, I constantly double-guess myself. "Are my instructions too simple/patronizing? Too detailed/complicated?"
  159. @ZachRPG #critlib That's exactly what I'm talking about. It's difficult to strike a balance.
  160. @bembrarian @librarybell @aliversluis File format is a huge issue with #OER as accessibility and conversion are technical skills that place a burden on creators #critlib
  161. A4 The #OER advocates at my school often consider it a hype train. Doesn't exclude it from value but it's not only solution #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915390515134287872 
  162. @bembrarian Some faculty tune the train out if it gets too loud; others like to wait and see how it works for "everybody else". #critlib
  163. It's so, so easy in quick conversations to "oversell" OER as a remedy to educational/ economic inequality #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915390515134287872 
  164. @foureyedsoul I've seen studies that suggest that faculty "buy" this argument much more often than just cost. #critlib
  165. @ForgetTheMaine Fascinating! I'd love to hear more about these studies if/when you remember titles. #critlib
  166. A4 #OER sounds great, really... except to Literature profs. Unless they teach public domain novels, students are screwed. #critlib
  167. A4.1 My notion of pedagogy implies considering audience, platform, assessment, etc. It's more holistic. #critlib
  168. Finding it hard to answer the questions because you're all so brilliant that I'm just favouriting and retweeting everything. #critlib
  169. Q5. How does OER labor get rewarded (or not)? How does this differ across groups (librarians, instructional technologists, faculty)?
  170. Q5. How does OER labor get rewarded (or not)? How does this differ across groups (librarians, instructional technologists, faculty)?#critlib
  171. A5 outside of community colleges, I do not know of any tenure-granting systems that reward #OER labor. #critlib
  172. and by that I mean specifically that tenure-track faculty typically don't earn "points" toward tenure for #OER development #critlib
  173. A4 think it’s important to consider when something is “open enough”. 100% #OER can lead to missing foundational works #critlib
  174. A5 so much of #OER work is grant-funded -- which means it's TEMPORARY. How do institutions sustain the work w/o continuous funding? #critlib
  175. @zoh_zoh Or at colleges where homeless rate is higher. Harder for dependable access. #critlib
  176. There's a lot of public domain stuff people DO teach, though. And Norton makes HOW much money reprinting & selling it every yr? #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915392945443921921 
  177. @nfoasberg So true. A cringe-worthy fact. Self-perpetuating, system feeding off itself. #critlib
  178. @eriksation @zoh_zoh Technically, teaching and learning do not require ANY physical/digital materials. #openpedagogy can be as minimal as a conversation #critlib
  179. @eriksation agreed - what seminal works are there for the whole program - requires faculty coordination though #critlib
  180. A5 I suppose this is where #OER and #SoTL fit together. Easier if instructors can frame this development as research and teaching #critlib
  181. Have to rem tht OER aren't disconnected from HE trends (funding cuts, adjuntification) & aren't simple solution to complex issues #critlib
  182. A5: I don't really think it does. Grants tend to be small, especially relative to amount of labour required. #critlib
  183. @aliversluis Or they look big and req significant distribution of labor across many profs/programs. Oh and a couple librarians to support all #critlib
  184. For faculty - maybe looking at the number of times an OER was Tweeted, Shared on Social Media, Clicked on, etc. #critlib
  185. @eriksation @bembrarian @aliversluis Which comes back to the labor q! If not the creators, who is doing this work? #critlib
  186. @librarybell @eriksation @bembrarian @aliversluis Embedding more #OER creation into courses is one way to handle academic labor challenges and involve Ss in contributory #OpenPed. #critlib
  187. A4.2 I think OER convos could benefit from the "libre" v "free" frame that software uses. Libre ≈ "open to adapt as you like" #critlib
  188. @thestacylynn @zoh_zoh This ties back to community. There is a community of science instructors in my region, schools, who collab on #OER test banks #critlib
  189. So creating open, scholarly editions of public domain literary works is definitely a useful thing people could be (and ARE!) doing #critlib
  190. @librarybell @bembrarian @aliversluis Good point. I mean it’s not that different from the current academic publishing model except creators own their content and adapt #critlib
  191. @zoh_zoh has been a huge struggle for us to incentivize OER development and/or adoption. Librarian also accused of attempting 2 bribe fac #critlib
  192. #OER development would have to be supported institutionally to be sustained outside the grants #critlib
  193. @ChristinaBickf3 Most institutions don't support materials cost for non-#OER. Why would they start for #OER? #critlib
  194. gotta brag: @bembrarian & I are both at WA state community colleges so we're spoiled by resources like  http://www.openwa.org/  #critlib
  195. I have a theory that it's really a transformative learning process a la Mezirow. Fac need to go through a disorienting dilemma #critlib
  196. @zoh_zoh Sounds like the perfect setup for that prof who wrote and are teaching their own book. Now that'd be good #OER #critlib 😂
  197. A5 Outside of tenure, I've seen "course release" for labor of developing OER books. Class time (& pay) for "release" goes to books #critlib
  198. We forget to think of faculty (and ourselves) as adult learners #critlib
  199. @SarahEHare I’m thinking the same. #OER cannot be tailored to a uni audience. Hence a emphasis is put in adaptation rather than reinvention #critlib
  200. @aliversluis #critlib wonder if there's a connection here w open syllabus project? Seriously, most powerful altmetric is work being cited in a syllabus
  201. @zoh_zoh The temporary quality is why most critical educators call #OER "work" complete bullshit. In some ways it's a fad like much else #critlib
  202. A5 OER dev happens in teams of fac, librns, inst technologists, press staff. If reward structures don't rec this, we have an issue #critlib
  203. #critlib Q5. many u's are putting up grant $ & incentives for oer creation. still drop in bucket for the req. hours to reboot a course.
  204. Conclusions
  205. That just about does it... Any last thoughts, pitches, ideas for future #critlib chats (100th chat celebration??) #critlib
  206. Can vouch for the awesomeness + utility of this class. Took it earlier this year. @SarahEHare is an awesome instructor. #critlib  https://twitter.com/SarahEHare/status/915395357445681153 
  207. This was actually very interesting and enlightening. Sorry if I derailed the topic a couple of times. #critlib
  208. If I actually did derail the topic; honestly I can't tell. This is my first time using Twitter, actually. 😅#critlib
  209. #critlib pitch: If you have ideas for future chat topics, to moderate yourself or suggest, submit them to  http://critlib.org/twitter-chats/suggest-a-twitter-chat/ 
  210. do you feel like an #oer newbie? were you overwhelmed by tonight's #critlib chat? take @SarahEHare's online class in January!  https://twitter.com/SarahEHare/status/915395357445681153 
  211. @zoh_zoh It'd be fascinating if literature profs doing #OER teamed up with publishers like @torbooks (who sometimes publish no-cost ebooks) #critlib
  212. Only able to duck in/out of tonight's #critlib on #OER, but thanks for sharing yr wisdom y'all. Excited to go back &check out in more depth.
  213. Seconded. A fantastic and relevant conversation that needs to happen more often. Thanks #critlib, for this open opportunity.  https://twitter.com/kaitlinmlk/status/915397157724749824 
  214. Really grateful that the #critlib folks don’t mind that I basically find the Twitter chat one minute after it ends. But ITS’S STILL FUN!
  215. #critlib terrific brief history of movement in the Caulfield piece. Pushing the oer rock up hill in AK. StudGov onboard, need a fac champ.
  216. Reading back the chat, makes me mostly feel that open is about access. To knowledge and to knowledge creation. #critlib
  217. And for me, open isn’t particularly about textbooks or even costs or even throughput rates. Or even good teaching. #critlib
  218. When I think about access to learning & the ability to shape (not just consume) knowledge, open as a movement comes into focus. #critlib
  219. That’s social justice, it inspires me, it helps me make good decisions on the ground. Including about textbooks and teaching. #critlib
  220. #critlib hi folks! Im@a librarian/prof who made my own text open access by making it a PDF
  221. Q1. What critical questions and ideas are missing from #critlib conversations about #OER? A1 Visual Comparisons! © v OER Titles ID SHOW EACH  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/915384028873625601