#critlib 2017-08-08: Hip Hop Librarianship

Archive of the August 8 2017 #critlib chat on the Hip Hop Librarian Consortium and their work with hip hop pedagogy, moderated by @KaiAlexisSmith @NicestLibrarian & @maxmacias. For more info about #critlib, including past and future chats, visit http://critlib.org/

  1. Not sure I can make tonight's chat, but just realized my very first intro to #critlib was probably on Boogie Down Production's "Edutainment"
  2. Looking forward to participating in my first #critlib tonight
  3. #critlibhh #critlib To get started, @KaiAlexisSmith & @maxmacias felt like we needed to come up with some sort of definition of hip hop
  4. RT @maxmacias #critlibhh #critlib What is hip hop culture? How does it relate to information science?
  5. Here for the #critlib chat on hip hop pedagogy? Please introduce yourself! Follow along at #critlibhh too.
  6. as an archivist i think of hip hop as an archival record, a form of memory making, oral history #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/895089496533991424 β€¦
  7. @msmorangel Welcome! The mods are using two hashtags tonight, so be sure to check both #critlibhh #critlib. Starting off with cultural definitions.
  8. #critlib Hip hop is subculture started by marginalized black & brown people in the bronx to voice how they were being oppressed. #critlibhh
  9. Hey #critlib #critlibhh a bit late due to computer network issues. Academic librarian in CA.
  10. #critlibhh #critlib After some discussion, @maxmacias & @KaiAlexisSmith & I thought the best way to define it was by the creative practices
  11. Hello, it's been a hot min since I've done a twitter chat. Teen Lib saying hello from 'Jersey by way of πŸ‡―πŸ‡²&πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ή #critlib #hiphoplibrarianship
  12. hi! i'm t-kay, archivist, librarian, dj based at/in UC/LA, working on hiphop project in Cuba #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/895089877712125952 β€¦
  13. @violetbfox this is my 1st #critlib I'm about to start my MLS in just a few weeks and I work at an academic library
  14. #critlibhh #critlib. these are the 4 elements: MCing, DJing, Graffiti (muralist) & breakdancers
  15. Sup #critlib! I am carrie; Academic librarian at-large in midwestern US.
  16. #critlib #critlibhh or even better by recognizing hh w/ all its stylistic diversity - as 1 of greatest cultural forces of the last 40yrs
  17. #critlib lurkers, please say hi! What's your relationship with hip hop? What would you like to know about hip hop librarianship? #critlibhh
  18. Hi #critlib #critlibhh! I'm Ryan, and I'm an instruction librarian at a community college. Mostly listening in tonight.
  19. #critlib #critlibhh the 4/5/etc elements that @tttkay are references to the creative practices that are the foundation of hh's origin story
  20. @blkliblady Welcome Jasmine, glad to have you! Feel free to ask questions & respond to any of the moderators' comments/ questions! #critlib #critlibhh
  21. #critlib #critlibhh 1.) DJing 2.) Bboying/Breaking 3.) MCing 4.) Graffiti art (this one is debatable) 5.) Beatboxing & the list goes on
  22. Great question! RT @maxmacias Is graffiti tagging related to tagging folksonomies? #critlibhh #Critlib If so, how? Why does this matter?
  23. My big Q for #critlib is how has Hip Hop has shaped your identity throughout life and how have you integrated that into librarianship?
  24. I and many other librns seem to have strong roots in punk, so I'm interested in how diff music heritages impact your praxis #critlib
  25. @violetbfox How do you infuse hip Hop into information literacy and teaching? infuse hip Hop into information literacy and teaching? #critlib #critlibhh
  26. @NicestLibrarian @tttkay the digitization of music and social media have drastically impacted the elements and the community in which the culture began. #critlibhh
  27. #critlib #critlibhh Hip Hop is usually credited to Jamaican immigrant @DjKoolHerc in 1973 S. Bronx
  28. @TheGnarrator #critlib #critlibhh Hip hop was life for me when I lived in Brooklyn. It infused my art and my world.
  29. #critlibhh #critlib young Black and Brown folks found ways to turn modes of consumption into means of production
  30. Hey #critlib #critlibhh! I'm chelsea, an academic librarian in Santa Barbara, CA. Here to lurk/listen/learn tonight!
  31. as brasil studies librarian, i started bldg up our hiphop resources in our lib - cds, books, serials #critlibhh #critlib  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  32. #critlib #critlibhh for example, while DJs had existed since the 60s, @DjKoolHerc birthed hip hop by not just mixing records together
  33. Originally I enjoyed hiphop as a consumer (Yo MTV Raps growing up!). That led me to Black feminism and anti-racism #critlib  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  34. Hi #critlib #critlibhh NYC CUNY librarian here, have to say its been a while since I answered a HH ref question.
  35. also outreached to students doing hh research to see what they needed + collect their field research materials on hiphop #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  36. @NicestLibrarian Easy to tie this into the ACRL Framework, if hip hop or similar processes of creation are familiar as a starting point. #critlibhh #critlib
  37. #critlibhh #critlib but rather, he took two copies of the records and looped (or played back to back seamlessly) the best parts
  38. Was brand new lib when I attended πŸ‘‡πŸΎ& walked away w/ tons of ideas. More #libraries should consider incl this as PD #critlib https://t.co/KVBkQ0tKnV
    Was brand new lib when I attended πŸ‘‡πŸΎ& walked away w/ tons of ideas. More #libraries should consider incl this as PD #critlib pic.twitter.com/KVBkQ0tKnV
  39. #critlibhh #critlib when digital sampling came around in the 80s, it was ultimately just an easier way to do what hh DJs had been doing
  40. one of the LA county public libraries hosts DJ workshops for kids w/ local DJs. <3 that outreach strategy! #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  41. #critlib #critlibhh librarians like to talk about "scholarship as a conversation" - hip hop proves that popular culture is too
  42. Now that I live on the West coast I use hip hop to bring a campus together after the election. #critlib #critlibhh
  43. @maxmacias Which creates opportunities to discuss/critique copyright ownership, creator rights, and authority control of named creators #critlib
  44. #critlibhh I'm Morgan. I'm an assistant library director at an HBCU. I as teach freshman orientation. I'm really enjoying the chat.
  45. @TheGnarrator I use it ALL of the time w/ my teens. Def helps that I work in a diverse comm; so many teaching pts when ref hip hop #critlibhh #critlib
  46. @maxmacias Answering this #critlib #critlibhh q about graffiti tagging & folksonomy tagging: both are community-oriented, share info about creator.
  47. @maxmacias Tagging: both are shaped by others' creations/categorizations to varying extent. Both can be straightforward or cryptic. #critlib #critlibhh
  48. @NicestLibrarian Which makes things like Genius so helpful for doing close reads of rap songs!  https://genius.com  #critlib
  49. RT @maxmacias #critlib #critlibhh How does info diffusion work in the Hip Hop community? Samples, concepts, ideas are shared & taken in.
  50. Listened to tons of electro & hip-hop in the 80s, then got more into house, jungle, punk, & other diy scenes in the 90s. #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  51. Craig is leading the Hip Hop Librarian's consortium Discussion group. That's a great place to start. #critlib #critlibhh
  52. i organized an artist residency w/ hh group fr cuba which included class visits + public events at our lib #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  53. A- when we were getting many more HH ref questions from students doing urban ethnography we increased collection of HH books #critlib
  54. @NicestLibrarian Some commonalities: Having a fragment of an idea stuck in your head, working from a source and making it your own. #critlib #critlibhh
  55. #critlib #critlibhh One can tell the style, or era or even the neighborhood the tagger is from by the metadata. #LIS
  56. residency model could work well w/ local artists too. would πŸ’™ to see artists mine spec coll for inspiration/samples #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/TheGnarrator/status/895092199045517312 β€¦
  57. Hip Hop appears in a keyword subject headings search - there's a lot of good titles out there to acquire #critlibhh #critlib
  58. Similar to @schomj, hip-hop got me to anti-racism faster, plus primed me for feminism & other counterknowledges / theory. #critlib #critlibb
  59. Being exposed to ideas that are not in books that you can’t afford or don’t have access to is vital! #critlib #critlibhh #Diffusion #history
  60. @NicestLibrarian Other means of creation are not just a gateway for teaching academic discourse, can also shape conversation. #critlib #critlibhh
  61. Hip Hop Pedagogy "an examination of the way hip-hop constructs discourse, the way it produces..." #critlib #critlibhh
  62. "... rhetorical meaning through its complex method of digital sampling, and how such a rhetoric functions..." #critlib #critlibhh
  63. Love the idea of making metadata understandable through graffiti. Demonstrates organic approach to metadata elements! #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/maxmacias/status/895096849354203137 β€¦
  64. word! i appreciate learning thru hh abt daily life in places where there's a lot of misinformation ie cuba, palestine #critlib #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/maxmacias/status/895097698751098881 β€¦
  65. @maxmacias Not at my campus but that would be a great addition to a makerspace #critlib #critlibhh
  66. @KaiAlexisSmith @maxmacias We circulate DJ equipment (unfortunately not turntables - I'm old - but a controller) & a sampler/drum machine at my pow #critlib #crilibhh
  67. @NicestLibrarian @schomj @TheGnarrator @whosampled Samples might be great way to talk about citation / quotation / how new meanings can happen w/ reuse & new contexts. #critlib #critlibhh
  68. @maxmacias @foureyedsoul @NicestLibrarian @TheGnarrator @whosampled A semiotic analysis of graffiti in the context of hip hop sounds like a fun project to assign my imaginary students #dreaming #critlib
  69. Would like to read more about which tagging/graffiti metadata elements emerged over time; what was added & what subsides #critlib #critlibhh
  70. have there been any hiphop keynotes at LAM conferences? #critlib #critlibhh
  71. #Remixes are also psychological. They can evoke feeling, tastes, and times from afar. #critlib #critlibhh This is a fascinating aspect...
  72. @NicestLibrarian @ThatLibraryChic @MrChuckD i've never gone to ACRL tbh! i fully support party idea tho! @AVPreserve threw one at #saa17 & rented turntables for me! #critlib #critlibhh
  73. @maxmacias Lots of K-12 assignments use audio, video, presentation tools for #remixes How much of this in higher ed? #critlib #critlibhh
  74. Try thinking about fusion groups like Sublimeβ€”they were able to turn out two sets of people to 2 diff. cultures. #Punk #critlib #Critlibhh
  75. The more I think about it, the more I think an honest answer would be too expansive and too personal for twitter. Even for #critlib.
  76. Thoughts on whether other pedagogical frameworks could provide similar insight into remix &/or social justice issues? #critlib #critlibhh
  77. So much respect for Hip Hop Librarian Consortium--I wonder if others could create similar programming around other topix #critlib #critlibhh
  78. But I also think HHLC has recognized that hip hop remix/sampling culture has so many pertinent parallels with #infolit. #critlib #critlibhh
  79. think about #HipHop how you can use it to interpret, analyze, share and make things in the lib & for the lib community! #critlib #critlibhh
  80. Organizing Hip Hop symposiums where faculty from various depts partner with the library to discuss various issues... #critlib #critlibhh
  81. v cool! glad yall did this #critlib, it hadn't crossed my radar otherwise! guess ive been stuck in archives world #critlibhh  https://twitter.com/NicestLibrarian/status/895102328239509504 β€¦
  82. @tttkay @ALA_ACRL #critlib #critlibhh - we knew that each of us were doing hh based programming, so why not talk about it with each other and share ideas?
  83. including visual literacy and information consumption and literacy. #critlib #critlibhh
  84. @icorules @NicestLibrarian @KaiAlexisSmith @MosDefOfficial @TalibKweli @LILBTHEBASEDGOD can i just brag for one sec and say that lil b follows our library's twitter account?! jajaja i have no idea why #critlib #critlibhh
  85. #critlib next time I’ll have my twitter account unlocked ahead of time. Thank you all ! #critlibhh
  86. Everyone please stay in touch and support. Look forward to seeing you in the discussion group #critlib #critlibhh
  87. @KaiAlexisSmith @maxmacias @NicestLibrarian Didn't mean that as a question, bus as an inspiration for all of us to keep thinking about. #critlib #critlibhh
  88. @violetbfox #critlib critlibhh Hip hop sampling could be used to teach citing sources.
  89. @msmorangel That's totally part of their info literacy approach: moving beyond punitive "cite or fail" to understanding conventions. #critlib #critlibhh
  90. Thanks to everyone for a great chat! Nice 'meeting' you all & exchanging ideas. 🀞🏾that I'll rem to join next week! #critlibhh #critlib
  91. @NicestLibrarian @tttkay @maxmacias Meant to be a part of the convo tonite, but I'll give a recap of #saa17 in our next meeting. Congrats on the #critlib #critlibhh convo!
  92. @violetbfox EDM would function in the same way though far less has been written academically about the social justice aspect of it. #critlib