#critlib chat: net neutrality

This chat is based around net neutrality, primarily focusing on the context of recent governmental decisions/stances and organizational responses regarding net neutrality laws, with net neutrality literacy and net neutrality education being primary themes/talking points. The goal of this chat is to show what libraries are actively doing and thinking now, and what next steps are needed to follow-up on these issues.

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  2. Hi all & welcome to #critlib #NetNeutrality. I’m Franny, one of today’s mods, here with @bembrarian. Let’s get started with introductions!
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  4. Introductions

  5. I'll be lurking in #CritLib #NetNeutrality today. very much looking forward to the convo
  6. Hi #critlib! I’m Franny Gaede, Scholarly Communication Librarian @ButlerLib in Indianapolis. I’m one of your moderators today. #intro
  7. @mfgaede Greetings, #critlib! In addition to co-moderating today, I'm a faculty librarian at Lake Washington Institute of Technology!
  8. Hey #critlib, I'm Kat from the DC-area. I grew up going to the ballet where @mfgaede works!
  9. I'll be lurking today #critlib #netneutrality looking forward to this conversation. Oh, and academic librarian in Virginia πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ
  10. Hi there #NetNeutrality #critlib! I'm poking my head in and out of today's chat from Morningside Heights, NYC. Office temp: scarf & hat.
  11. I'm Kate: reference & instruction librarian at University of Dubuque in majestic Iowa. Mostly lurking today Thanks for moderating! #critlib
  12. .@kittyBBQ here tweeting for LLAMA New Professionals Community of Practice. We help stdnts & newbies gain ldrshp&mgmt skills #critlib  https://twitter.com/mfgaede/status/889545911470362624 β€¦
  13. Hey, I'm Teresa, scholarly communication librarian at UNR. Likely lurking. #critlib
  14. Hi #NetNeutrality #critlib! I'm an academic librarian who will be popping in and out of today's chat.
  15. Hello from Denver, #critlib! I'm Zoe, a redheaded academic librarian currently observing my last day as a 30-year-old.
  16. Hi #critlib! I'm the Outreach Coordinator at an academic lib in VA. Mainly lurking & learning today!
  17. Hi #critlib! I'm Olivia, Scholarly Communication Associate @ButlerLib! I'll be lurking during today's chat on #NetNeutrality
  18. Q1. How does net neutrality relate to equity and how is it a social justice issue?

  19. A note for new #critlib folks, please use the prefix A1, A2, etc when responding to the questions! We'll get started with Q1 in a moment.
  20. Here we go! Q1. How does net neutrality relate to equity and how is it a social justice issue? #critlib
  21. A1 bc no one should be relegated to re-living that scene in "Hackers" where they marvel at a 28.8bps modem #critlib
  22. A1 on a more serious note, Internet-based info whether it's cat videos or recipes or Twitter should be equally available to folks. #critlib
  23. A1 #netneutrality ensures equal treatment of all internet content, ISPs can't slow/increase speeds just cause #critlib
  24. A1. Personally I'm concerned w/ the issue of access, and how that connects to literacy. Throttle speeds, charge more = less access #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/889547569302560768 β€¦
  25. A1 When ISPs start interfering w connections to content, that becomes an uncomfortable proposition. Who chooses? What’s privileged? #critlib
  26. A1 It provides another outlet for corrupt people in power to widen the opportunity gap #critlib #NetNeutrality
  27. A1: Access to info should be available to everyone. Limiting internet is like limiting book access. Knowledge is power #critlib ~@kittyBBQ
  28. A1 continued: Charging for faster speeds leave those in poverty unable to "google that" to solve easy probs like those w/ $ can #critlib
  29. A1 If we end up subscribing to tiers of Internet like cable, how do those tiers get established? Opaque processes driven by $$ #critlib
  30. There are already issues of slow speeds, monopolization of networks/infrastructure with ISPs, and restriction on content. #critlib
  31. A1 - #NetNeutrality is essential for greater equity and successes in social justice, especially in FAIR access #critlib
  32. A1 Lack of #NetNeutrality stifles innovation. not only blocks access to certain content/services but prevents their creation #critlib
  33. @infomartian Agreed. Creativity is at a very good space right now with so many platforms available for creating content. They are all at risk. #critlib
  34. A1: the cost of internet is high enough (even from pub. libs) increasing fees or privileging information prevents equitable access #critlib
  35. A1 We already have a major problems w a broadband gap, add in artificial throttling? Yikes #critlib
  36. A1 Without #NetNeutrality, big corporations are favored, and the digital divide will only increase. #critlib
  37. This could easily become a norm that extends to our vendors . . . different packages from ProQuest, for example, based on speed. #critlib  https://twitter.com/LLAMA_NewPros/status/889549767063343105 β€¦
  38. #critlib A1. #NetNeutrality battle continues fight against corporate media conglomeration. Addresses right to control who tells your story.
  39. A1 And we know this will come packaged as consumer convenience, save on content/speed/bandwidth you're not using #critlib
  40. @mfgaede "premium, curated experience"=elitist, expensive, and inaccessible to most. #critlib #NetNeutrality
  41. Q2. What is/should be libraries/library workers’ role(s) in the conversation about net neutrality?

  42. Let's continue with Q2! What is/should be libraries/library workers’ role(s) in the conversation about net neutrality? #critlib
  43. A2: Closest to home &on daily basis is to make it easy for the public to use a computer with internet access or access the wifi. #critlib
  44. @LLAMA_NewPros This is important. I also think we should be very open about #NetNeutrality issues, including any incoming connectivity changes. #critlib
  45. @LLAMA_NewPros Establishing a convo with IT so you get updates as they get updates. Otherwise, you might not know when "it" happens. #critlib
  46. #critlib A2. Education, of course. Putting the issue in context so people understand what is at stake and how it affects them.
  47. #critlib A2 (cont). And how net neutrality affects us! Changes will affect GLAM ability to provide access to cultural heritage.
  48. A2 On a basic level, information. Educate patrons abt the issue. Communicate how they can make their voices heard. #critlib #NetNeutrality  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/889550847260209152 β€¦
  49. A2 Understand how #netneutrality is linked to access to information, help educate our communities, and advocate for equality #critlib
  50. A2 We should also be making our voices heard. Advocate, organize, protest, petition. #critlib #NetNeutrality
  51. A2 - Advocate for #NetNeutrality Information Professionals have a privileged role to articulate and champion #critlib
  52. A2 Lots of jargon tied up in #NetNeutrality discussions, need to decode and make relevant to all. Because it is relevant to all. #critlib
  53. @mfgaede This reminds me of Chinese students I taught last quarter, who were very well informed about access issues in China. #critlib
  54. A2 as an #infolit librarian, I think it's important to teach abt *information* (including the Internet!) -- not just lib resources. #critlib
  55. A2 so for me, #NetNeutrality is an #infolit topic as well--students need to understand how the Internet works in order to use it. #critlib
  56. @zoh_zoh Do you pull Internet/communications policy/governance into your instruction? If so, I'd love to know more! #critlib
  57. @bembrarian I haven't done so recently--most of my in-class convos have been focused on how Google works and algorithm bias. Always more to do! #critlib
  58. @zoh_zoh Yes! So important! Love to have discussions about how search engines work and return results. Understanding processes at the core.
  59. @zoh_zoh That is a start! It might be cool to deconstruct the ISP your school uses, to your students, focusing on bandwith, etc. #critlib
  60. A2 I'm interested in connecting to discussions about algorithmic neutrality - different kinds of infrastructure, but similar issues #critlib
  61. @zinelib I feel like a day doesn't go by when I don't rec @mreidsma's  https://matthew.reidsrow.com/articles/173  & @safiyanoble's amazing work! Can't wait for her book
  62. @mfgaede Terminology there is a challenge. Striving to point out algorithms will never be neutral, but fighting for ideal of net neutrality. #critlib
  63. @violetbfox Yes! & didn't mean to imply algorithms are neutral -- but another kind of infrastructure affected by issues of privilege & justice
  64. @violetbfox @mfgaede Sadly, chillingly, makes me think of the next line of librarians, who will be trained in AI/algorithms. Will they stay neutral? #critlib
  65. Q3. What are effective resources for exploring/explaining net neutrality that have you have successfully shared in your library?

  66. Q3. What are effective resources for exploring/explaining net neutrality that have you have successfully shared in your library? #critlib
  67. A3 I'll be honest that I don't have a good answer here-I feel like I really fumble in my explanation sometimes. Love to hear ideas! #critlib
  68. A3 - No specifics here, but I suspect exploring issues in ways that are relevant/timely and participatory #NetNeutrality #critlib
  69. A3 I can't say much on this but want to give a shoutout to @InfAgit and the great workshops and programs at the @BKLYN_IC #critlib
  70. @infomartian @InfAgit @BKLYN_IC Oh, thanks for the shout! @InfAgit, do you have open materials on your workshops/programs? Would love to adapt. #critlib
  71. A3 The website I linked earlier ( http://jointhefastlane.com/ ) gets the point across chillingly to anyone who's paid a cable bill #critlib
  72. @bembrarian A3: at our Studio we usually rely on @mozilla for net neutrality and a host of other issues #critlib
  73. @elotroalex @mozilla @mozilla is great. A lot of my school's students intentionally use Firefox because of Mozilla's commitments to this advocacy. #critlib
  74. I thought the Battle for the Net web hub did a good job bringing together resources for learning & advocacy  https://www.battleforthenet.com  #critlib
  75. @mfgaede Yes! And it was certainly very popular a couple of weeks ago during the national digital protest. #critlib #netneutrality
  76. A3 Unlike the Vox video linked in chat resources, John Oliver's videos are long, but maybe my faves  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92vuuZt7wak β€¦ #critlib
  77. Q4. How do you balance providing service, using patron data for better service, and protecting users’ privacy?

  78. And onward to Q4! How do you balance providing service, using patron data for better service, and protecting users’ privacy? #critlib
  79. #critlib A4. Libraries don't do a good job of explaining why we're not as good as Amazon/other recommendation engines (i.e. b/c privacy).  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/889555948204957696 β€¦
  80. I suspect users think we're just not very good at our jobs, when the reality is that we take their privacy very seriously. #critlib
  81. @violetbfox A4 I agree. We could all be a lot more transparent about the systems, products, services, we use and how they work. #critlib
  82. @violetbfox A4 (cont) We need to be open about how patron data informs decisions that are getting made, including subscriptions to the Internet #critlib
  83. A4 #privacy & #netneutrality get linked together for me w FCC guidance impacting both - shifting control to ISPs/vendors #critlib
  84. A4: I <3 data we use to improve services for patrons. Many patrons expect data to be collected, but an opt-out option would be nice #critlib
  85. @LLAMA_NewPros I envision a world w/o #NetNeutrality where opting out would damage our capacity to have certain access. Data = power, perhaps? #critlib
  86. a4 cont: I think some patrons would prefer an opt-out option, but agree w/ @bembrarian that it can damage access #critlib
  87. A4 As a #scholcomm person, I run into this a lot with repository vs. ResearchGate. We're not here to make $ on your personal data #critlib
  88. A4: protect privacy 1st, then we worry about data. we have a 3 tiered system: green (open data), orange (let's talk) and red (no). #critlib
  89. @elotroalex Sadly, I know that usage data does inform most of our systems (like Alma/Primo)--might not be sensitive details, but UX-related. #critlib
  90. @bembrarian we do UX related stuff, as long as in the green or cleared the orange. but nothing with individual users checkouts. we burn those #critlib
  91. @bembrarian in other words, we keep totals and categorical usage, but no individual data #critlib | hope y'all keeping it clean like that elsewhere
  92. @elotroalex We anonymize loans too; however, can't prove it's not being taken off the cloud in other spots via the vendors. #conspiracytheory #critlib
  93. @bembrarian vendors don't do ethical, they do legal (one hopes) and profits #critlib πŸ’―
  94. @elotroalex If anything, the #NetNeutrality convo/story has raised questions of what the new face of *legal* will become. #critlib
  95. #critlib A4 OTOH, @mmkocher was telling me abt product that doesn't provide user stats--lib can't justify purchase w/out evidence of use.
  96. A4 This brings me back to @zoh_zoh's talk the other day abt demonstrating value without violating privacy!  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/888240712415944704 β€¦ #critlib
  97. A4 100% transperency on how we use data and never ever break the rules #critlib
  98. A4 also even though we don't always are as good at telling why or how we use data it's an advantage to be non-for-profit org #critlib
  99. Q5. How is data valued at your library? Do you know what your vendors do with your data? Do these factors affect vendor choice?

  100. And Q5: How is data valued at your library? Do you know what your vendors do with your data? Do these factors affect vendor choice? #critlib
  101. Q5 I wish my libr paid attention to how vendors collect patron data - had vendor brag abt access to individual user watch history #critlib
  102. @CritLib_anon A5 Maybe we'll get to a position requiring a Watchdog group for vendors, if one doesn't already exist in LITA/ALA/etc. #critlib #privacy
  103. A5 I think about the AOL data dump and how even "anonymized" search data was traced back to individuals  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AOL_search_data_leak β€¦ #critlib
  104. #critlib A4/A5. Check out ALA's Library Privacy Guidelines--great practical advice about posting policies, etc.  http://www.ala.org/advocacy/privacy/guidelines β€¦
  105. A5 Back to Q2, I think we're in a privileged position as people who esp understand metadata to comment/advocate abt data collection #critlib
  106. Farewells

  107. Before y'all have to head out, wanted to put a call out for a Storify volunteer for today's chat! Is anyone interested? #critlib
  108. We've hit our time for #critlib #NetNeutrality! Thank y'all so much for coming and for a great conversation.
  109. @bembrarian @mfgaede Pls ping me if I miss any #critlib chats there or if you got chat details up on your site I can link to
  110. Much thanks to today's #critlib mods @mfgaede & @bembrarian! Leaving with some great resources.
  111. @LLAMA_NewPros @bembrarian Thanks so much for coming out and for your wonderful contributions! #critlib
  112. @mfgaede Thanks @mfgaede & @bembrarian! Grateful for the excellent resource list--I learned a lot this week about why this is so important. #critlib
  113. Opinions voiced in today's #critlib chat were that of @kittyBBQ! Hope to be part of more discussion in the future. Thanks y'all! pic.twitter.com/NMOVdbFIzL