#critlib chat: privilege in the library job search process

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  1. Join tonight's #critlib chat on privilege in lib job searches in about 30 mins!  http://bit.ly/2tbXxVF 
  2. Hey #critlib! Let's get started with introductions. I'm Annie, academic librarian in L.A. and one of the moderators for tonight's chat.
  3. Hi #critlib I'm Dylan, Digital Scholarship Librarian in Utah...moderator.
  4. Hi #critlib! I'm Christine, Info Lit and Instruction librarian in WI, and one of tonight's moderators.
  5. @catladylib Hi Annie! I'm a resident librarian in Philly! I'm looking forward to tonight's #critlib chat!
  6. @catladylib #critlib Courtney, Academic Medical Librarian at Dalhousie University. Mostly just lurking tonight.
  7. Hi #critlib I am James a ref/inst librarian tonight and one of your moderators!
  8. Hi #critlib-ers. Ali here, a Schol Commie from the Great White North (Guelph, Ontario).
  9. #critlib hi, I'm Kate from the PNW. I'm an academic libtech, and just interviewed for an academic librarian position last week.
  10. Hi, #critlib! I'm Meg, ScholComm librarian and Wikipedian in NYC
  11. Hola #critlib! I'm April, academic librarian in San Diego going through the job search process and totally into this topic!
  12. Hi #critlib! I'm Kevin. Academic librarian in Denver, CO, supervisor of several MLIS students, and person of intersectional privilege.
  13. Hi, #critlib ! Helene Williams, longtime academic librarian now teaching at the @UW_iSchool in Seattle
  14. Hi, everybody! I'm Kate Kitchens, academic librarian from University of Dubuque. #critlib
  15. Hi! Instruction and reference coordinator (academic) librarian in Los Angeles! #critlib
  16. Hi #critlib! I'm madison! I'm an academic librarian in seattle. Went through 2nd librarian job search last year 👍🏻
  17. Hi #critlib. I'm Jenni. Just finished a year contract as an academic librarian in Denver. Currently job hunting.
  18. Hello! Amanda, teaching and learning librarian in Flagstaff, AZ! #critlib
  19. Hi #critlib! I'm Olivia, Art & Humanities Librarian in Massachusetts. I'm 4 years post-MLS and just started my 2nd job.
  20. Glad the director asked about PLG during my interview yesterday. Talked about #critlib for a minute. #librariesarenotneutral
  21. Hi #critlib. I'm an academic librarian in Brooklyn NY. I recently co-chaired a search committee so privilege & hiring has been on my mind.
  22. Hey #critlib fam, I'm an academic librarian in Denver and I work with @kevinseeber. I threw a box of Clif bars at him yesterday.
  23. Q1. How does the library job search process and hiring for “fit” reinforce hegemonic cultural expectations aka whiteness? #critlib
  24. Hi #critlib! 👋🏽 I'm the Digital Initiatives Librarian at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.
  25. Hi #critlib I'm Violet, a cataloger in the middle of Minnesota, also looking for a new position.
  26. Hey #critlib! I'm Chelsea, a teaching librarian in California. Looking forward to tonights chat!
  27. #critlib Jessica, academic librarian in the midwest, tho I've worked for publics, special, + vendors in the past. Recent exp on hiring side
  28. hey #critlib I’m patrick, humanities subject specialist librarian in a private academic library in central ny
  29. Howdy #critlib! I'm Maura, chief librarian at a public college in Brooklyn.
  30. Hi #critlib! I'm Mari, based in Toronto, and I work for an academic library consortium/services org.
  31. For more context, read @panoptigoth's article Soliciting Performance, Hiding Bias: Whiteness &Librarianship  http://bit.ly/2tGLl2T  #critlib
  32. @violetbfox @metageeky @CritLib_anon I'm that there's a way to post anonymously on #critlib making it the most inclusive chat that I have participated in!
  33. A1 it's such a small thing but names on CVs, cover letters, resumes trigger bias--white search cmtes prefer white-sounding names. #critlib
  34. See also: You Call It Professionalism; I Call It Oppression in a Three-Piece Suit -  http://bit.ly/2tGndNZ  #critlib
  35. Hey #critlib! Veronica here. Academic lib in Southern Md. lurking until kiddo falls asleep 😴
  36. What is with these "related searches" when I'm following #critlib?!? #sharkweek? Ron Swanson? https://t.co/3RnBfrOLsy
    What is with these "related searches" when I'm following #critlib?!? #sharkweek? Ron Swanson? pic.twitter.com/3RnBfrOLsy
  37. @zoh_zoh Yes, this finding has been found in repeated studies as well for gender. #critlib
  38. A1: Expectations for previous experience (as capital L librarian), preference for applicant names that aren't "too ethnic" #critlib
  39. A1. Requiring so much experience. Not everyone can afford to do internships in grad school! #critlib
  40. Hi, #critlib! I'm Gina, joining tonight's discussion from the bus stop. On my way home from my #library job in the Bay Area! #California
  41. A1: So many assumptions about dress, language, & "professionalism" affect library job seekers' chances. V. little to do w/ ability. #critlib
  42. A1: IME, search cmtes are looking for candidates that easily will fit into the existing workplace - which are often hostile to POC #critlib
  43. Hai #critlib, I’m Kendra…recent mls grad who is listening in while working on an interview presentation <3
  44. @jkgadsby Yes, hiring for "fit" is really, really not an equitable approach at all. #critlib
  45. A2: I suspect "fit" is synonymous w "sameness" and given that lib* is mostly white field this doesn't encourage diversity in hiring #critlib  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/884941668700405760 
  46. Hey just stumbled on tonight's #critlib convo. I'm a librarian at a German cultural organization in NYC.
  47. i have wondered what would happen if i switched my ambiguously ethnic surname for my mom's extremely anglo maiden name #critlib  https://twitter.com/zoh_zoh/status/884942074860240897 
  48. A1 our unwillingness to look at in-house candidates (support staff esp.) during search process is ridic. #critlib
  49. A1 Agree w/ @jkgadsby. "Fit" is a weird way of saying "we don't want change bc change makes me uncomfortable" #critlib
  50. @aliversluis A1: I'm feeling this right now...must be RESEARCH library experience even for our entry levels. #critlib
  51. A1 Every step of finding a job demands that applicants demonstrate they can function in & maintain an organizational culture #critlib
  52. A1: expectations of experience that are often tied to intership or volunteer work which privileges those who can afford unpaid work #critlib
  53. Good evening, #critlib! I’m Kat, and I work in an academic library.
  54. The job postings are full of (not always subtle) wording that says "be like we already are we don't really want new/other" #critlib
  55. Hi #critlib, I'm Anastasia, academic librarian newly in Long Island.
  56. A1. Really with any full-time job interview, the pressure on what to wear to appear "legit" #critlib
  57. A1 "fit" often means "conforms to institutional culture" or "looks like us." One reason why librarianship is overwhelmingly white #critlib
  58. Hi #critlib! I'm 10 months into a one-year fellowship post-MLS. Looking forward to the convo tonight!
  59. Hey #critlib I'm lurking too. Academic librarian from Bay Area.
  60. A1. for my interview last week, I found myself focusing way more on my clothes than normal. #critlib
  61. A1: Even the assumption that there *is* an internship / work study gig for everyone reinforces cultural expectations. #critlib  https://twitter.com/livie_leigh/status/884942570182365184 
  62. A1 Was originally going to give snarky answer about expectation that people know what hegemonic means but aka ytness clarified it #critlib  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/884941668700405760 
  63. @arellanover @jkgadsby Thirding this, for sure - "fit" means we want someone who looks, acts, thinks in a way that is comfortable for us #critlib
  64. A1: The *kind* of experience often demanded by library positions doesn't acknowledge a variety of lived experiences. #critlib
  65. Stumbling into #critlib while finishing another twitter chat
  66. related: i feel weird/rude in interviews when they mispronounce my name and i immediately correct it. like is it a bad impression? #critlib
  67. A1. A less snarky answer is the unspoken expectation that people use words in the same way. Has a huge impact on hiring process #critlib
  68. We should question what hiring for "fit" really means, especially w/the demographics of our profession. Who passes? Who doesn't? #critlib
  69. A1: the term fit is often used to hire folks who look like and think like existing staff. #critlib
  70. @jeninthelib This 💯#critlib. I have heard colleagues in other libs desc paraprof staff w/recent mls as not the right fit bc of their "para-mindset #ugh
  71. Hi #critlib folks! I'm Rachel, teaching librarian in Denver. Just served on a search committee so very interested in following tonight
  72. A1.2: Also, entry level jobs that require experience. Just don't, libraries. #critlib
  73. A1 It seems known that librarianship is not diverse, and diversity is a goal. Hiring for "fit"w/ existing culture seems counter... #critlib
  74. @christinemmoe A1: don't move around a lot...don't shift educational paths...don't dabble in different librarianships...don't take time off...#critlib
  75. @aliversluis also not considering customer service/retail/other jobs as "experience" towards librarianship. #critlib
  76. A1. Illegal interview questions usually favor whiteness #critlib
  77. @catladylib During "casual" job interview lunches, I have 2 remember 2 follow food customs that I dont follow daily basis. It's just expected. #critlib
  78. #critlib Position descriptions where references re diversity boils down to "experience working with *those* people"--
  79. @brinepond I don't think it reads as rude or bad. But I say this as someone who gets their name mispronounced ALL THE DAMN TIME. #critlib
  80. A1 I think “fit” also is used to refer to candidates that won’t “rock the boat” if hired #critlib
  81. Seriously. This is a huge barrier, especially for those jobs where people can learn once on the job! #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884943787516076032 
  82. A1. Exp in public and school (college prep) not counting. Needing multiple years in academic as a min qual is a hurdle. #critlib
  83. @aliversluis i really really appreciate when they ask first instead of me being all interrupt-y #critlib
  84. A1. Hiring for "fit" reeks of classism as well, eg. assuming everyone has a car/access to a car to get to/from the #library job. #critlib  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/884941668700405760 
  85. Q2: What should search committees/hiring authorities be doing differently when recruiting, interviewing, & hiring library workers? #critlib
  86. A1 I have seen “fit”-ness is a way of discounting qualified candidate’s job-description-matching experience #critlib
  87. @catladylib My favourite tactic in hiring committee meetings when this comes up is to be like "what do you mean by fit?" #critlib
  88. Hi #critlib E-Resources Assistant from Boston...lurking mostly...
  89. A1 cont'd #critlib And I've stood up for serving a range of people by having as wide a range as possible on staff.  https://twitter.com/lisahubbell/status/884944108678111232 
  90. A1. This starts with the job design. If everyone who applies "looks like you/everyone you work with," it's already too late #critlib
  91. A1: Job postings & hiring processes reinforce existing org culture, not taken as opportunity for critical engagement & improvement #critlib
  92. People often can't come up with a way to explain it, sense that they are wrong, and back off. Of course, ymmv. #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/884944383983923201 
  93. Coming late to the party! I'm Kelly, and I'm a public librarian near Toronto. #critlib
  94. i always feel "unprofessional" mainly b/c i'm from a working class background and other ppl's anti-fat bias #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884942662398205953 
  95. @akaur0 @catladylib This feels really relevant to my experience as first gen student #critlib
  96. Have to take off to teach a class, but I'll be reading all the #critlib tweets later. Looks like this will be a great convo!
  97. A1. Are you designing the job to make sure that your new hire will fit with the org, no expectation that the org will fit to them? #critlib
  98. @GinaMurrell1 I wish LIS had taught us that public library jobs often require a driver's license, instead of assuming all of us drive. #critlib
  99. @kevinseeber @ForgetTheMaine @christinemmoe And whatever you do, don't you dare have any mental illnesses or disabilities. #critlib
  100. @ForgetTheMaine more diverse search committees, less formal interviews, more casual/open conversations, stop reading q's from a sheet. #critlib
  101. Q2 part of it 4 me is that recruitment doesn't stop w/your circles and a few extra listservs. Needs to go beyond jst ur reg ppl. #critlib
  102. A1. I've heard fit used in acad searches to describe ppl the dept would want to hang out w, and we all know how biased that is 😞#critlib
  103. hi #critlib 👋🏽 in NYC, almost 2 years into first academic librarian job. loving this topic, prob mostly lurking and liking.
  104. @aliversluis Or asking where certain "ethnic" name comes from during job interviews! It's a way to find out info that shouldn't be discussed. #critlib
  105. i had a phone interview last week that was an hour long and was ENTIRELY sheet-reading. it was exhausting #critlib  https://twitter.com/courtums/status/884945044523945984 
  106. Be explicit w/the committee about setting tone for search & going off of what candidate brings to application & interview. #critlib  https://twitter.com/forgetthemaine/status/884944200529137664 
  107. @akaur0 @catladylib I also try to eat less than usual at interview lunches, to stay mentally sharp. #critlib
  108. A2: Search committees with more non-librarians, more relaxed settings, explaining what each stage in the process entails. #critlib
  109. Q2 feel weird asking the ~diversity q~ in an interview? Me too, if I'm the ONLY ONE willing 2 do it. Be that person too pls. #critlib
  110. This is a great point--I teach how to read job ads in academic librarianship, haven't seen the same decryption for public lib ads #critlib  https://twitter.com/lisahubbell/status/884945011199983616 
  111. Q2: post job ads widely and avoid merely circulating them amongst listservs #critlib
  112. Q2. Recruiting: go through channels that directly interact with non-white, middle class, cis-gendered folks #critlib
  113. @lisahubbell And considering what many #libraryjobs pay, #librarians often can't afford both housing AND a car. #critlib
  115. @ForgetTheMaine start considering those without library experience but heavy customer service experience. #critlib
  116. #critlib Q2. Don't data mine a person in an interview when you have no intention of hiring them
  117. @chiuchiutrain "Fit" is often used as an excuse for hiring comfortable candidate you wanted all along instead of candidate who is different #critlib
  118. Don't make it weird by bringing up offhand personal anecdotes from candidate lunch or dinner & hold it against them. #critlib  https://twitter.com/forgetthemaine/status/884944200529137664 
  119. A2: Diverse committees, blind application review, and more input from the candidates throughout the process #critlib
  120. I think this is changing a bit: less on ALA Joblist and more on Twitter/regional sites/FB. Still silos, though #critlib  https://twitter.com/katkimbell/status/884945019962105856 
  121. @courtums @ForgetTheMaine I’d rather have a casual conversation about my librarianship interests, rather than putting together a presentation…#critlib
  122. Q2. Interviewing-send schedules to candidate ASAP, fit in times to breathe alone, inquire about dietary requirements, PAY FOR STUFF #critlib
  123. Hi #critlib. Jumping in late-- I'm a recent MLS grad working @CLIRDLF, thinking about lib job privilege for both personal + work reasons.👋🏽
  124. A2 can we not have the day-long interview where you basically get carted off from department to department PLEASE #critlib
  125. Q2: Ask about pronouns. Don't intentionally misgender folks #critlib
  126. I feel the working class background thing hard. My staff is very homogenous class-wise, it makes it tough to be their boss at times #critlib  https://twitter.com/brinepond/status/884944894812450816 
  127. A2 I’ve experienced search comm process that has tried to figure out who is a “diverse” applicant, can be uncomfortable #critlib
  128. "Fit" as the search committee uses it, irks me a lot, because of course not fitting frequently means "not white like me" #critlib
  129. Understand that not everyone has privilege to do free labor aka internships & committee work. #critlib  https://twitter.com/forgetthemaine/status/884944200529137664 
  130. A2: Give candidates questions a day before phone interview. Give printed versions of Qs at face to face interviews. #critlib
  131. Don't make it weird by bringing up offhand personal anecdotes from candidate lunch or dinner & hold it against them. #critlib  https://twitter.com/forgetthemaine/status/884944200529137664 
  132. A2. PAY TRAVEL COSTS FOR INTERVIEWS UPFRONT!!! No one on a student budget should have to wait for a reimbursement #critlib
  133. A1. Hiring for fit also undermines the patrons that are a part of the library/institution. They are not reflected/heard. #critlib
  134. Pay up front for travel expenses. Not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for flights and get reimbursed months later. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ForgetTheMaine/status/884944200529137664 
  135. Q2. realization: having just been through this, I realize it's hard for me to critique the system that allowed me to get this job.. #critlib
  136. A2: Post your salary minimum with the job ad not "commensurate with experience. #critlib
  137. A1 "fit" makes me think of how hiring decisions often dubiously based on how applicant will "fit in" to current team #critlib
  138. A2. One thing I've started doing is giving candidates search questions ahead of time. Putting people on the spot is unnecessary #critlib
  139. A1. Used to do lots of student hiring (outside libs) and had to re-think a lot of our hiring practices to get intnl stdnts thru #critlib
  140. Late to #critlib but hello! Academic librarian in New York here.
  141. having to be "on" all day is a HUGE challenge and you get no breathing room unless you run off to the bathroom #critlib
  142. Q2. I look forward to being on search committees to help us do better, though! #critlib
  143. 💯 this. It's uncomfortable, not a good indicator of skills, and requires a certain level of privilege to even make happen. #critlib  https://twitter.com/brinepond/status/884945845048750084 
  144. A2: Is an MLIS really a requirement? *Really?* Because if it's not, drop it. #critlib
  145. A2.2: FUND TRAVEL FOR OUT OF STATE CANDIDATES. Book the flight and hotel for them. This is not that hard. #critlib
  146. A2. Look for/value experience outside of librarianship & which can be an asset to #libraries, such as customer service skills. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ForgetTheMaine/status/884944200529137664 
  147. A1: I make sure to never indicate being a parent during interviews and first 6 months+ on the job. #critlib
  148. hey #critlib! i'm a librarian in the art + architecture collection @nypl
  149. A2. Think hard about the ppl you send to meals w/candidates and how they will make them feel during an already stressful day #critlib
  150. A2. It's awkward, but is it possible reading questions from a sheet prevents too much chumminess? How can it be more flexible? #critlib
  151. A2. It doesn't (usually) mimic actual working conditions, and is discriminatory against English learners + some disabled people #critlib
  152. A2: Provide interview questions in writing. If not well in advance, at the very least at the start of the interview. #critlib
  153. A2. In the past I've handed out readings after a committee member told us they "know whether/not someone's right w/in 1st 5 min" #critlib  https://twitter.com/ForgetTheMaine/status/884944200529137664 
  154. @jinglefrisbee Haha go for it! Would like to learn about this from an international perspective. #critlib
  155. A2: have a variety of interview options? all-day can't/shouldn't be the default interview setup #critlib
  156. A2 Account for types of experience other than # of years in libs. Stop thinking of diversity as quota to be met or a box to check. #critlib
  157. @AprilMuses Yes, THIS. I think "fit" should be definied in terms of who the library serves, not who runs it. #critlib
  158. A2. I've also grilled people on questions. Elitist questions that measure your LC memory rather than your ability to help a patron #critlib
  159. A2 Relocation packages should be more common for non-academic libs, and stop being on a long AF reimbursement timeline #critlib
  160. Gonna look at #critlib from the sidelines tonight and join the convo at a later date. pic.twitter.com/kwo82Rr6dJ
  161. Q2: seeing some places (community colleges esp) doing pre-posting bias recognition training w/ search committees. Love to see more #critlib
  162. A2.3: Also, if going out to eat, let candidates choose where. Allows for religious/health/personal dietary restrictions. #critlib
  163. Hi #critlib - I just tuned in, I'm a recent UCLA MLIS grad who just applied for an academic art lib job...
  164. But I think it’s our responsibility when hiring to help spread word abt positions by posting in various places, way to up reach #critlib  https://twitter.com/JenniLBurke/status/884946172338634753 
  165. Q3: Job searching involves lots of emotions. How can we address them in a healthy way, esp. given pessimism in the larger field? #critlib
  166. A2: Allow more breathing time in on-campus itrvs. Consider that outside exp leads to a more well-rounded staff and helps stdnts #critlib
  167. A2.Don't assume candidates can pay to travel. Don't put candidates in reimbursement limbo. Pay for them to come up front. #critlib
  168. @aliversluis I've had to ask for extra info to prep for past interviews and felt really anxious/embarrassed. Why do I have to ask these things? #critlib
  169. A2. I'd also love it if it was safer for people to ask for accommodations or if we could offer childcare during interview #critlib
  170. hey #critlib I'm Laura, academic librarian, also late to the party but here to listen
  171. A2 Rather, elitist questions *and* LC memory questions. I think if you memorize LC, you're pretty awesome ☺️ #critlib
  172. @Anitalifedotcom Right, but many orgs that specify an MLIS even when they don't need to. Makes it hard to sort out "worth applying to" vs. "not" #critlib
  173. @arellanover Travel costs can also prohibit out-of-work #librarians from traveling for interviews. #critlib
  174. @chiuchiutrain @123POW I wish HR asked about dietary restrictions! I wouldnt interview the lactose-intolerant me after having a cheesy lunch. #critlib
  175. A2: In addition to giving questions in advance, on the day of, provide the questions on paper for the candidate to look at. #critlib
  176. And don't play that horrible mind game where you ask candidates what their target salary is (or what they currently make). #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946127564546072 
  177. A2. Ask questions that allow you to get more depth from a candidate that isn't library-centric. Questions tend to be restricting. #critlib
  178. A2 Hiring processes are extremely hierarchical. I wonder how/if it's possible to make them more participatory or self-reflective #critlib
  179. @arellanover I am missing two days of work ($$) for an interview...but they are paying to fly me out #critlib
  180. A2 We really need to anonymize resumes/letters. Either by hand or there should be NLP tools to help. #critlib
  181. A3 i'm super bad at emotions because i'm basically angry all the time #critlib
  182. @christinemmoe @aliversluis It's definitely not good for the neurodiverse. Hoping my research in this area helps raise awareness #critlib
  183. A2. Don't treat people as quotas, or rubber stamps on how diverse you are...trying to recruit a brown person doesn't make ur lib ok #critlib
  184. @werstgerl @arellanover I had to miss three days for mine. Luckily I had the vacation time. #critlib
  185. A2 And if ur stuck w/an automated system see if you can work around it, e.g. include link in job ad to union's website w/salaries. #critlib  https://twitter.com/beccakatharine/status/884946906182557696 
  186. A2 I would like to see fewer job descriptions like "emerging technologies librarian" with high expectations and vague duties #critlib
  187. @amndw2 And if your institution determines compensation on salary history, push back. HARD. #critlib
  188. A2 give job candidates plenty of opportunities for "bio breaks" -- in single-stall all-gender restrooms not stall farms #critlib
  189. A2 We have HR person handling logistics, but don’t know if it’s clear to cand. they can ask HR person ?’s w/o search comm knowing #critlib
  190. A3 the interview process is rough, so allow AMPLE down time for candidates. Not sparse 15m breaks here & there, but rl alone time. #critlib
  191. A3: End stigma around anxiety, depression, and mental health. This obvs goes beyond libraries, but damn. #critlib
  192. e.g. discuss w/ committee how privilege determines applicant pool--the time + $ required for MLS, who can afford unpaid labor #critlib
  193. @ForgetTheMaine and lets just completely ignore the fact that not all people have the same learning style, therefore impacting interview results. #critlib
  194. @kevinseeber I don't know about choosing, esp if you don't know the area. But I like getting asked what my preferences are. #critlib
  195. A3 the all day interview is hell on earth for introverts. give candidates time to collect their feelings, thoughts alone #critlib
  196. these feel like pitfalls to people new to the profession who are expected to know EVERYTHING right out of the box #critlib
  197. @AndrewJCano @christinemmoe @aliversluis If the job is cross-cutting departments, meeting various people is good. You can still make it more accessible though. #critlib
  198. @brinepond We don't have these kinds of interviews in Australia! Seems weird, and a waste of everyone's time? How/why are these a thing in US? #critlib
  199. Q3. I have a lot of feels about this. I searched for +1 yr before I got both jobs and it sucked. Practice empathy, interviewers. #critlib
  200. Committees developing a candidate assessment criteria that precludes diversity since they have to be "unbiased"-- #critlib
  201. @AndrewJCano @christinemmoe @aliversluis Offer plenty of breaks. Give the schedule ahead of time. Provide refreshments. #critlib
  202. @jinglefrisbee i think at least for academic librarians it's indicative of academic hiring as a whole #critlib
  203. A3 if someone is grilling a candidate, pls step in. Call out your colleagues; ensure that questioning is fair. #critlib
  204. @jinglefrisbee @brinepond sometimes academia interview can be 2-2.5 days long in the states. depends on institution. #CritLib
  205. Q3. I've mentioned this already but here it is again: schedule breaks & alone time during interviews #critlib
  206. #critlib Be willing to pay for experience rather than hiring only entry-level or forcing people to accept paycut
  207. A2. We've had hiring targets for years but the uni doesn't follow up. I started a work group to explicitly talk about barriers + #critlib
  208. A3: Be thoughtful about the interview schedule - how can you avoid xrearing unnecessary stress and barriers? #critlib
  209. Q3. Remember how it was to be in their place. Try to be as empathetic and transparent as you can be with the process. #critlib
  210. A3 Talk thru statements like 'candidate didn't seem enthusiastic,' w/ your committee. Understand this is a person, not a robot #critlib
  211. @livie_leigh YES! Ask if the candidate prefers more frequent breaks or is better at some times of the day. #critlib
  212. A2 also, in terms of recruiting, stop making only teaching/outreach jobs available to entry level academic libs!!!!! #critlib
  213. @Emmz4238 @kevinseeber I was given three options during an interview and that seems like a nice way to do it, presuming the places vary in accommodation #critlib
  214. @Emmz4238 MPOW sends a few options w/ menus and lets candidates select. For me (a vegan) that was a huge relief on a stressful day. #critlib
  215. @beccakatharine like a lot of #critlib work, small ways to improve a flawed system? things like inviting the whole library to job talks, to start #critlib
  216. I think the processing of emotions could b helped tenfold by a timely response to not getting a job and at least 1 sentence to why. #critlib
  217. @catladylib Not sure about larger organisations, but having worked for only small libs in Aus, the hiring for "fit" thing is a problem here too #critlib
  218. A1 my interview had me debating a bit about disclosure and fit. The position does a lot of disability access advocacy. #critlib
  219. @katkimbell Meee too. It's not fun & honestly can make someone reconsider ur whole org (and rightfully so). #critlib
  220. A3 Don't job search alone. Lean on friends for support. They will remind u how valuable&competent u are when you feel anything but. #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  221. A3 on-campus interviews are a HUGE emotional & mental investment. Give your candidates a phone call if they weren't selected #critlib
  222. A2: so much of this. Also so cands can figure out early on if the job is for them / they have the time for the selection process. #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/884945581852033024 
  223. A2: Respect the time and energy the candidate invested by the candidate. Don't drag on hiring processes longer than necessary. #critlib
  224. A2. To talk about why we have not been hiring POC, the structural + social issues. I hope acknowledging the problem helps. #critlib
  225. @kevinseeber This is literally number ONE for me. So real, and so much stigma. #critlib
  226. I have had to turn down potential interviews bc I didn't have the necessary vacation time to take off on short notice. #critlib
  227. A3. Keep in mind that job seeker isn't the only person involved. I had an itrvw where my SO had a lot to do with the decision (1/2) #critlib
  228. #critlib ac libn here - where I work phrases like demo'd innovative use of tech in ads is code for white male, favored by white male admin
  229. Q4. What can experienced library workers do to help job seekers with less library experience? #critlib
  230. Once suggested the committee add diversity to the candidate assessment matrix. The response? "White people need jobs too!" #critlib
  231. I do have disabilities, but they're all invisible. How much could I/should I disclose to show I know what I'm talking about. #critlib
  232. A3. Don't leave candidates hanging. The wait is so exhausting. Let them know where they stand. #critlib
  233. @christinemmoe yes, because there never is a reason why beyond "we liked someone else more." #critlib
  234. A3: Talk about our hiring failures more openly. From both sides. #critlib
  235. @jinglefrisbee @brinepond Interview length culture depends on type of library too. Longest in academic libraries, I think. #critlib
  236. i always ask about time frames in interviews and i get "we don't know" way more often than you'd think #critlib  https://twitter.com/marvellings/status/884948959252402177 
  237. @mnkellner I actually do not want a phone call if I didn't get a job. But that may just be my aversion to disappointment AND phones! #critlib
  238. A3 give candidates multiple breaks plz. I took all the bathroom breaks 🙏🏻 #critlib
  239. A3 When you reject people, do it PROMPTLY. Seriously, job searches are agonizing enough; don't draw out the agony for candidates. #critlib
  240. A3. Be a resource for someone (a reference, a couch for a lib friend traveling for interviews). Also, be unafraid to ask for help. #critlib
  241. @modbrarian @brinepond wow unreal, that sounds horrible and hmmm like an abuse of employer power to me #critlib
  242. A3: Having empathy & supporting ppl who are looking for jobs is important. Job searching can be depressing AF. #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  243. A4: most imp thing mentor did @ my first job was go through an ad point by point + tell me where i was/wasn't qualified for a job. #critlib
  244. A3: Proactively Ask unsuccessful candidates if they want feedback. Give it to them as specifically and timely as possible. #critlib
  245. A2 THIS times infinity, esp. for tenure-track acad lib jobs we need ways for early career folx to be hired in all parts of the lib #critlib  https://twitter.com/arellanover/status/884948755446988802 
  246. @arellanover @Luna_Dee When interview expenses are not paid upfront, money becomes an implicit qualification for recruitment & marginalizes the poor #critlib
  247. @laurabrarian We don't have all-gender restrooms in our newly renovated building. We even had to complain abt wheelchair access! Door too heavy! #critlib
  248. A2. Finding out salary ranges in job offers doesn't respect candidates time. Assumes every1 can afford to take every interview #critlib
  249. This was tough, but it gave me much needed prospective I coudln't give myself when upset about not getting a job. #CritLib
  250. A3 Do we give ppl little info on nearby eateries, cafes, parks when they interview? Share relaxing places ppl can unwind afterward. #critlib
  251. Q4: Mentor, be open about their good and bad experiences and work to change promblematic processes at their POW #critlib
  252. A4. Offer to look at resumes, cover letters with a critical eye. Offer to be a reference. Offer to do practice interviews. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  253. HR has become so bad at this in the last decade or so: used to be much better/more responsive (and personal) #critlib  https://twitter.com/arellanover/status/884949212508692482 
  254. A4 offer 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 read 👏🏽 resumes 👏🏽 & 👏🏽 cover 👏🏽 letters 👏🏽 I've done this for a few POC. it takes time, but worth it! #critlib
  255. @EamonTewell @beccakatharine I experienced this-it really made a difference to me! Seeing many depts together gives a better idea of library atmosphere. #critlib
  256. Consider not having SO many people interacting w/ candidate in interview sessions. Overwhelming, lots of names to remember. #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  257. A4 Offer and provide unequivocally positive references. I have been so lucky. #critlib
  258. @kevinseeber do you mean helping candidates who come to your library or mentoring colleagues who are looking to move on? #critlib
  259. A4 When doing recommendations/letters, laud learning skills of candidates to address the absurd experience requirements. #critlib
  260. @WalterSchlect I'm an emerging technologies librarian, & I expressed concern about exactly that when I took the job. #critlib
  261. A3: buy your peers lunch and listen to them if they're struggling to survive. Check in regularly. #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  262. Interview protip: Take every single bathroom break they offer you. No one is paying attention and you can collect yourself. #critlib  https://twitter.com/beastlibrarian/status/884949430444539904 
  263. A4 Grab coffee with people, answer questions via email, do a web meeting etc! I've done all of this at diff stages of my career #critlib
  264. A4 Also create work spaces where learning is not an off-hours expectation. Let workers use the work week for traiing when necessary #critlib
  265. My best interviews included getting this info from recent hires who were asked to advise on this/moving info. Very helpful! #critlib  https://twitter.com/kristamccracken/status/884949200311660544 
  266. Q4: help new librarians network with older (and/or other) librarians. We're a very small world.... #critlib
  267. @arellanover i have, like ZERO teaching experience so it feels like these entry-level jobs are automatically out of reach #critlib
  268. Yes, also don't make them find out they weren't successful by an announcement on your Lib* home page...yes, this happened. #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/884949596912451584 
  269. A3: Make clear to candidate why they are meeting the people they're meeting that day. Not always straightforward, esp. if numerous. #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  270. A3. I don't teach LIS but find myself offering coaching to job-seeking grad students aren't getting it from their profs #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  271. A2. Same goes for interview process. LET CANDIDATES KNOW IF THEIR ARE MULTIPLE ROUNDS. Travel time, time off work, etc. all = $$$ #critlib
  272. A4 sharing red flags I didn’t recognize in early-career interviews: what denotes an unhealthy library, what not to take personally #critlib
  273. A4. librarians should be actively mentoring through organizations or solo #critlib
  274. A4. Tell MLIS stdts your story. Consider they may not want to do the job you do or even be in the type of lib you're in #critlib
  275. hey #critlib tuning in late because I'm also watching the #AllStarGame ⚾️early career academic librarian in Michigan
  276. This is why I'd really encourage making asking about accommodations a regular duty for the interviewers. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/884947147258507264 
  277. #critlib heya just jumping in to offer to review letters, CVs, discuss strategy and interview coach. hmu for real, especially queer folks.
  278. A4 all your exp outside of libs is valuable - just needs to be well articulated to job opportunity at hand. folks can help w this. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  279. A3. Obviously it's not only new grads who are looking for jobs, but this concerns me. Students need this support. #critlib
  280. Practice the words now - "Please let me know if you would ever like me to act as a reference for you. I will sing your praises."#critlib
  281. Q4. Offer ourselves as mentors. Empathy! This is my unofficial invite to ask me stuff about job searching/interviewing, y'all! #critlib
  282. A4 Went to grad school w/ a bff whose 1st language isn't Eng. Looked @ her resume/cover because I didn't want her to be judged #critlib
  283. A3: Widespread ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that it is an emotional process for BOTH the candidate AND the interviewer. #critlib  https://twitter.com/modbrarian/status/884946884779003904 
  284. Hi, #critlib! I'm Patricia Hswe, Program Officer for Scholarly Communications, Mellon Foundation. This is a topic important to me.
  285. A4: Share your own application materials, provide feedback, serve as a reference if you can. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  286. A3 but if you are on search or interviewing committee, do not also take bathroom break in stall next to candidate #critlib  https://twitter.com/beastlibrarian/status/884949430444539904 
  287. A4. If you live close to an MLIS univ, ask to speak to a class, talk about job searching & how to determine their career path #critlib
  288. @kevinseeber just BE there for them. put aside the bs library drama/politics and just be an ear for them (or shoulder). #critlib
  289. @livie_leigh @catladylib "Polite eating" also varies throughout the US and amongst families. #critlib
  290. @aliversluis It was pretty demoralizing! But it made me realize that empathy and transparency throughout the process is important! #critlib
  291. A4. Mock interviews. Resume critique. Even going shopping for an interview outfit or work wear. #critlib
  292. A4 (if u have time/bandwidth) send ppl opportunities! I try to fwd things to folks when I can & others have done same 4 me. #critlib
  293. A4 I'm so grateful to all my mentors, everyone who offered to answer my questions and look at my covers/CV #critlib
  294. This is important for lots of reasons, esp. considering the microaggressions candidates will be dealing with #critlib  https://twitter.com/arellanover/status/884948169943076864 
  295. @jeninthelib Another interview, manager took me outside at end, pointed vaguely in one direction, said you can find cabs a few blocks over, bye! #critlib
  296. A4. Acknowledge difficulty of job search & share struggles, but at the same time help keep spirits up as much as possible. #critlib
  297. A4 & if u knw folks where they're applying, vouch for your peeps if you can. #critlib
  298. Q4: your LIS faculty who are also librarians are resources (for resume review, mentoring, network connections, scuttlebutt...) #critlib
  299. A4 i'm really bitter about this topic actually because i see all these ideas but as a job-seeker i never really...see it #critlib
  300. @A_meeksie Totally get that! Everyone has preferred communication.In my case the news that I didn't get the job was softened by a phone call. #critlib
  301. Throwing it out there to HMU for cover letter/resume/job seeking support! #critlib
  302. I'd love to see anon. space in apps for feedback about how the form could be improved-some apps are confusing and insensitive #critlib  https://twitter.com/perry180/status/884949289440620545 
  303. This.👇👇👇 Creating a clear, concrete job description benefits candidate, committee, library. #critlib  https://twitter.com/walterschlect/status/884947759585009664 
  304. For example, everyone has food preferences or cuisines that they know won't sit well with them on a stressful day. Just ask. #critlib
  305. if the majority of entry level jobs are in teaching & outreach, it implies you don't need experience to teach. teaching is hard.+ #critlib  https://twitter.com/mauraweb/status/884949617867202561 
  306. A4: Be a mentor (mock interview/cv/app feedback is good), be honest about the process (including shortcomings). JUST LISTEN. #critlib
  307. @violetbfox the most relieving to hear sometimes as an adult is "i have no idea what I am doing" from someone when you feel that way too. #critlib
  308. @catladylib See this in higher ed a lot. Tout diverse student body while staff is cookie cutter. #critlib
  309. @kevinseeber check in on them, offer coffee dates. ask them how stuff outside of their library lives is going. applying for jobs is exhausting. #critlib
  310. A4: Tell the search committee in your cover letter WHY you want to work for the library. It really does go a long way. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  311. A2 If truly interested in improving diversity, rethink what makes the "best candidate." One person as most deserving is flawed. #critlib
  312. @modbrarian Don't assume that lunch meetings with minorities in the library will make minority candidates feel at home. We're all not the same #critlib
  313. Please don't schedule the job talk in the afternoon, fronting it / important a.m. interviews, making candidate even more anxious. #critlib  https://twitter.com/ForgetTheMaine/status/884944200529137664 
  314. A3. Shoutout to @kevinseeber for doing ALL THE THINGS for me! He offered perspective, read CV & CLs, was a reference, wrote letters #critlib pic.twitter.com/cgxEOA1tp8
  315. A4 When on search comm, I ask follow up Q’s to help cand. think abt skills/exps/ideas that they may not think directly relates #critlib
  316. A3: I feel like academia, in general, is really bad at acknowledging that ppl have emotions. Acad libraries need to work on this. #critlib
  317. Omg. Yes. I've asked before and it took the person by surprise. You know YOU wanted this when you were applying. #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/884949596912451584 
  318. Oh, and one thing all interview committees should be aware of is what the application system allows. #critlib
  319. A4: Also INCLUDE A COVER LETTER, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Nothing kicks a candidate out faster than not having one. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  320. A4: Be a mentor & offer to pull them into projects that they are interested in, review materials, provide yours for example #critlib
  321. Q4: I gladly spend hours each week reading resumes and helping current/former students w/ job search questions. Ask for help! #critlib
  322. Some systems may insist on text-only resumes with no indication of how linebreaks are handled. #critlib
  323. Q4 help job seekers work thru how their out of lib exp is valuable.Incredible how blind we are to our own achievements &experience! #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  324. Yes! And do this proactively, without being asked. Lots of folks are too shy to do the initial ask. #critlib  https://twitter.com/chiuchiutrain/status/884950559299698692 
  325. @kevinseeber Yes. I give friends pouches with bandaids, antacid, floss, etc. before an interview. You have to be comfortable, take care. #critlib
  326. And 15 minutes before the for-some-reason-always-required presentation is NOT a break; that's setup & freak-out time. REAL breaks. #critlib  https://twitter.com/jeninthelib/status/884947965261074432 
  327. @MattieT650 @catladylib Ex: Do you eat a sandwich with your hands or with a fork and knife? The answer varies amongst families throughout the US. #critlib
  328. @GinaMurrell1 Yes! @zoh_zoh helped an MLIS student shop for clothes earlier this year. The expectations suck, but we still navigate them. #critlib
  329. @A_meeksie @mnkellner Same! I'd much prefer a rejection email to a rejection phone call, and if it's not a form email then even better 👍 #critlib
  330. @werstgerl Sometimes it happens bc library wants as many people to have exposure to candidate. But it's not a caring stance toward candidate. #critlib
  331. YES. Listen to your mentees and try not to crush our spirits with your 'this is just how it is' mentality. #critlib  https://twitter.com/beccakatharine/status/884949510560116736 
  332. A4 experienced ppl can offer to read cover letters for style too - there are many cover letter cultures. Long? Short? Effusive? #critlib  https://twitter.com/CityThatReads/status/884950569252737024 
  333. Hi I'm Kate, academic archivist/librarian, late to the game per usual. #critlib
  334. Q5: If you started a new job in the last year, what advice can you offer job seekers looking for their first position? #critlib
  335. @brinepond We have been DRASTICALLY overhauling our hiring process to make more inclusive, comfortable, engaging, fun, and less stressful #critlib
  336. A4 Include libs / job seekers with less experience in your writing and pres opps. Can really help boost their profile/resume #critlib
  337. A4 White librarians giving jobhunt advice need to look @ the room while speaking. PoC DO NOT need to hear "just be confident" #critlib
  338. @CritLib_anon Professional organizations & MLS programs need to work on this!!! Take action and not just talk about it. #critlib
  339. teaching requires practice, lots of it. it's hard, and teaching is often devalued. ~says the chick w/ 3 degrees in education. #critlib
  340. @haylmail And in the future when you're well-placed in library profession, remember these lessons so you can ease the way for others! #critlib
  341. I feel like we’ve moved to 30 mins, plus someone arrives early to get tech setup so everything is good to go when candidate arrives #critlib  https://twitter.com/parody_bit/status/884951520973922304 
  342. @brinepond One cool thing we did was lightning rounds so candidate has brief presentation & sees our highlights, too. More fun, less stress #critlib
  343. @pfanderson @brinepond You need to make sure the changes to the process trickle down to everyone. While a hiring cmte might know, other employees may not #critlib
  344. @AndrewJCano @christinemmoe @aliversluis Agree we should mod interviews, but also offering a clear and private option for accommodation important too. #critlib
  345. A4. this. listen & let people vent w/out offering solutions or strategies. just say, "man, that's fucked up & you are brave" #critlib  https://twitter.com/aliversluis/status/884951162381795328 
  346. @ForgetTheMaine Hire w/intention to help employee develop into the role, given salaries are so bad rn. Or be prepared to pony up for the talent #critlib
  347. A4 Advocate for full time jobs at your workplace, and ones that don't combine 3 different positions. Resist precarity & burnout #critlib
  348. A5: Know that the 1st year is really tough but if you reach out for help, people will be there to support you.#critlib  https://twitter.com/christinemmoe/status/884951706383122432 
  349. A1 If you have a largely cis, hetero, white, able-bodied workforce, fit generally means how well you align with/perform to that. #critlib  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/884941668700405760 
  350. Empathy. Is. Key. #critlib just b/c you survived doesn't mean it's easy for the next person, or that they should have 2 suffer as you did...  https://twitter.com/catladylib/status/884949528599699456 
  351. A4 think of all the qs you WISH you'd asked when u were interviewing & share w/those on the market. #critlib
  352. And have someone on hand to handle technical issues! This should never be on the candidate #critlib  https://twitter.com/parody_bit/status/884951520973922304 
  353. Offer CV & cover letter critiques, do mock interviews (phone & in person), give job talk feedback, mentor, coach, listen, support. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  354. A4 ESP w/respect to tenure-track roles! That esp. is not common knowledge. #critlib
  355. A5: be proactive and schedule meetings and tours of campus spots to meet people. Helps to understand org culture by meeting folks. #critlib  https://twitter.com/christinemmoe/status/884951706383122432 
  356. PSA: Gonna make this easier to use / navigate very good, but the foundation is there so feel free to add yo self! #critlib  https://twitter.com/EamonTewell/status/884951344519446532 
  357. A5: Ask lots of ?s, throw out your opinion, seek out people who are doing really good things & learn from them, do hard things #critlib
  358. A4. Oof. Mixed feelings about this. "Volunteers" who need work experience often require a lot of unpaid labor #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/884949126860873728 
  359. A4 In addition to reviewing resumes for others, share what questions the resume may inspire you to ask if you were interviewing. #critlib
  360. @metageeky @brinepond Agree. I know they made a lot of changes, but I only know about the parts I was involved with. #critlib
  361. A5: something is wrong with you if you don't cry at least once in your first year. Wait, just me?