#critlib + the future of ALA

Discussion questions: Q1. What’s your ALA story? How do you feel about ALA and how has your journey caused those feelings? Q2. Do you feel participation in ALA is a/an (explicit or implicit) requirement for library professionals? Should it be? Q3. How could ALA be made more valuable for non-MLIS-holding library workers? Q4. What would you like to see ALA do that it’s not doing now?

  1. We'd love to hear from library workers in public, school, special, or academic libraries during this chat! #LIS students welcome! #critlib  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/848671351405719552 
  2. An upcoming conversation about the past, present, future of librarians in association and disassociation. #critlib  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/848671351405719552 
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  7. I’m delighted to co-moderate with fellow @UW_iSchool grads @bembrarian & @MaxRenewals. They'll be posting tonight's #critlib questions.
  8. .@UW_iSchool @bembrarian @MaxRenewals The questions we've come up with are just starting points, we're interested to see where the conversation will take us! #critlib
  9. .@UW_iSchool @bembrarian @MaxRenewals @metageeky Let's get started: please introduce yourself! If you're ordinarily a lurker, we'd love to hear from you tonight. #critlib
  10. Hi #critlib. I'm Kate, a lib techie from the University of Washington Libraries.
  11. Hi #critlib friends! I'm Kevin, an academic instruction librarian in snowy Denver, CO. ALA member since 2009.
  12. This is Jenna in Brooklyn, NY. I haven't #critlib-bed in a while. Thanks to the mods for a super compelling topic! pic.twitter.com/jC38IEJ0Fj
  13. I’m a cataloger with a heart of gold at small academic library in the middle of Minnesota. 😉 Excited for a great discussion! #critlib
  14. Hi, Kenny, academic librarian in Central Coast, California. Child caring so may lurk tonight. #critlib
  15. Hi #critlib, recent grad from NYC and library assistant at Columbia U.
  16. I'm an academic librarian from New York, trying to #critlib on my phone from the train, let's see how this goes
  17. Hi, I'm Scott, academic library director from Chicago & running for ALA president #critlib
  18. @violetbfox @UW_iSchool @bembrarian @MaxRenewals @metageeky I'm Alyssa, a reference & instruction librarian from Seattle Central College. Long-time #critlib lurker and first time speaking up. :)
  19. I'm a humanities librarian who loves to coordinate all the events In ohio & happy to be here! #critlib
  20. Me, I'm a faculty librarian at @TheLWTech. I also work with the Cambodian Library Association in my free time, and live in Seattle. #critlib
  21. hi, I'm an academic instruction librarian in texas and I *finally* remembered to show up for the #critlib chat!! (it's been a while)
  22. I'm not sure what I am these days! I'm a US librarian turned Kiwi who is now the public lead for Creative Commons ANZ. #critlib
  23. Hi #critlib, I'm Maura, academic lib director at a public college in NYC.
  24. Hi #critlib Ellen, Academic Special Collections Librarian in NYC. Was active in ALA circa 1991-1998, no longer.
  25. (keep saying hi as I get started!) What’s your ALA story?How do you feel about ALA and how has your journey caused those feelings? #critlib
  26. Hello there #critlib friends! I'm a @UW_iSchool alum and now a youth services librarian at Sacramento public library
  27. Hi! I'm Gina, an early-career librarian who's moving from Oregon to California for contract work. Intrigued by tonight's topic! #critlib
  28. Hello, I'm Spencer. Academic librarian from central Illinois. #critlib
  29. Hi #critlib. Adam academic #Nightlibrarian waiting to close the info lit classroom. Lurking with pleasure before I commute home.
  30. Hi #critlib! I'm Ryan, I do instruction & outreach at a community college in Boise, I'm feeling extra scattered today, & I'm exited to chat.
  31. A1 My ALA story consists of a lack of involvement post-grad-school. Is it that ALA's too big? Is there a lack of personal interest? #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849428536947552258 
  32. A1. I joined ALA out of perceived obligation after grad school. Never considered leaving until the bungled Trump response last year #critlib
  33. A1: I was active in ALA (& SRRT) in library school & maybe 10 years after. I was even on ALA Council. I've let my membership lapse. #critlib
  34. Hi #critlib I'm Kate - an academic archivist from Denver.
  35. A1. My ALA story: as a cataloger ALA feels impossible to ignore. To stay up-to-date & involved in cataloging, ALA is where it's at. #critlib
  36. A1 I was a member for one year post grad school. I have attended one ALA conference. MOSTLY reason for not renewing was $$... #critlib
  37. I was encouraged to join in library school. When I got a lit librarian job, I found the Literatures in English section. #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849428536947552258 
  38. Hi #critlib friends! Academic librarian in NC, just lurking while working. 🙋‍♂️
  39. A1: I've been a member off and on. Done some committee work. Written for them. They are big! Overwhelmingly so. #critlib
  40. A1: Been involved since grad school, mostly ACRL but also Council, needed ALA to be different to remain meaningful to me in 2017 #critlib
  41. A1: Rotating lapsing/joining/lapsing from grad school til now, depending on funds, events I want to go to, job searches etc. #critlib
  42. A1.2 The last five months I've been in LOTS of conversations about what the point of ALA is, if not to stand up to this crap? #critlib
  43. Been an active ALA member since 1989, and then had severe doubts when last year's renewal came 1/2 #critlib
  44. Q1- back then, worked in Preservation Admin in L Academic/Research Libraries, thought we decided policy for everyone. Ridiculous. #critlib
  45. Texas has a quality conference that I felt was just as beneficial for what I do. #critlib
  46. It's prob not ALA's fault I lapsed. I think once I found my niche I didn't need it anymore. I found zine librarians & @RadReference #critlib
  47. A1.) I got involved in a Section of ALCTS (the technical services division of ALA) when I won an early-career award from them. 1/3 #critlib
  48. A1 Similar, tho I joined in grad school. Am staying for now b/c of ACRL & also cheered by rad folx on/running for council/offices. #critlib  https://twitter.com/kevinseeber/status/849429192454352896 
  49. I was lucky to fall in with a group of zine folks before my first ALA conference, which has made everything ALA 1,000 times better. #critlib
  50. 2/2 Used botched ALA election response and my question about renewing in classroom: interesting student responses across spectrum #critlib
  51. A1: ALA member since grad school. Been more active past three years. ACRL professional home, but need to be ALA member to join ACRL #critlib
  52. A1 Not a member. May think about it as I'll be starting an online MLS program this summer/fall #critlib
  53. I've mainly worked with them & a few other groups and have not been involved in "big" ALA #critlib
  54. A1: I didn't join ALA until my last semester of grad school, had to get that student rate!! I think I wasn't as aware earlier on #critlib
  55. A1 agree w @kevinseeber. Felt like i was supposed to join during/ post-mls. Realizing it's OK to do things differently. #critlib
  56. A1.) I rose through the leadership ranks until I became Section Chair, a position that gave me a seat on the ALCTS Board. 2/3 #critlib
  57. A1: Trying hard to be active in ALSC but sometimes it's daunting. #critlib
  58. @bembrarian Want to leave bc of Todaro's statements/commitment of the org to support the legislative office, even at the expense of our users. #critlib
  59. I come from a lib fam w a fair amount of ALA involvement. I found real connex in ALCTS and ~in RBMS but mostly am involved in SAA. #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849428536947552258 
  60. A1: been a member since 2012 and increasingly involved. def helpful in meeting ppl/getting some experience as an eager early-career #critlib
  61. @kevinseeber I'm agnostic about professional associations, but presenting at ACRL is expected and you can't have one w/o the other. #critlib
  62. A1.) The more I learned about ALCTS, the more I saw its strengths and its flaws. I want to run for ALCTS President some day. 3/3. #critlib
  63. @ctorm Nice to hear that someone else thinks jumping in is daunting #critlib
  64. A1- Quit ALA circa 1997/8 because 1. ALA did nothing about library school closures 2. ALA opened D.C. lobbying office, raised dues #critlib
  65. Not sure about other libs, but living in #Seattle's EXPENSIVE. Barely make enough just to afford to live, let alone be in ALA #critlib
  66. A1. I felt lost and unwelcome until I met some ALCTS leaders on here... 10 years after entering the profession. #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849428536947552258 
  67. @nfoasberg "Big" ALA feels really overwhelming to me! I have a hard time following what is happening on so many levels. #critlib
  68. Hi #critlib. I'm an MLIS student @SJSUiSchool. Also currently interning at an academic library @sjsulibrary.
  69. And my library has a membership, but my school doesn't have the budget to send me to everything or pay for individual membership #critlib
  70. Hey #critlib! Lurking tonight...interested in this chat as former #CanadianLibraryAssociation member who quit when it stopped being relevant
  71. A1. Had previously had better luck with other, smaller orgs though. ALA is a reaaaaally big pond. #critlib
  72. @MaxRenewals @adammizelle As an academic librarian, I'm very interested in separating ACRL from ALA membership. #critlib
  73. A1.2 Most of my work was on the RUSA/STARS/CODES. Lots of talking about commas. I came to doubt that we were making an impact #critlib
  74. #critlib A1: Joined ALA as part of free membership offered by school. Read magazine, follow social media and blogs. No real involvement.
  75. @radicalibrarian Heard great things about the TX conference, I wish all state library associations were so valuable! I've had mixed experiences. #critlib
  76. @maggiehm real talk. and it feels like such a behemoth, necessary thing, I didn't think much about it at all... #critlib
  77. Related to A1.) if you're a member of ALCTS and you feel lost in the division, lmk and I'll do my best to help connect you! #critlib
  78. Q2. Do you feel participation in ALA is a/an (explicit or implicit) requirement for library professionals? Should it be? #critlib
  79. Big ALA is daunting; many people find home w/in sections, or, increasingly, in other orgs that are less expensive, more diverse #critlib
  80. A1 Defnitely feels daunting, in-crowd, hard to break into, etc. #critlib
  81. @bembrarian And where does the money GO? And why? We fund a Washington office to support federal budget initiatives, which, you know, LOL. #critlib
  82. @kaitlinmlk I think it's a combination of being starstruck with all the amazing professionals and my annoying imposter syndrome #critlib
  83. @kevinseeber @MaxRenewals @adammizelle #critlib I would love to see this! Was thinking about that at the conference a couple weeks ago
  84. When I was on Council, I was irritated with how phobic its lawyers were abt its nonprofit status. I want an org to push boundaries. #critlib
  85. A1 Joined ALA in grad school, i.e. just a couple years ago. Honestly not sure yet how I feel, but so far it's short of excitement. #critlib
  86. Implicit requirement for academics. Mixed feelings about whether it should be. ALA needs us. We need them. Need to sort out scale. #critlib
  87. A1Felt like it-esp since fac positions put pressure for nat'l involvement & I didn't hv co-workers to connect me to orgs elsewhere. #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  88. A2: Expected to do committee work and other professional applications for work. Found SRRT and became my ALA home along with ACRL #critlib
  89. A2. Depends on your job. I could have continued on my career path successfully without it. Don't need to be in ALA to join @OLACinc #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  90. Definitely felt that way in library school! I wonder if that's different with more/less experienced people #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  91. @schomj Have you? I've always felt that as a someone who does cataloging (and is interested in changing it) ALCTS was unavoidable. #critlib
  92. @ctorm stop reading my mind! Can I also add the "I can do things but it seems like everyone has it under control already" #critlib
  93. @MandyHenk How does one sort out scale in a country where scale tends to always be a major problem? Can it be sorted? #critlib
  94. @LNBel @kevinseeber @MaxRenewals @adammizelle I wonder about this too, I can't afford ALA confs/ALA is so big but I feel connected to ACRL. #critlib
  95. A2.) I feel like nobody benefits from a forced service opportunity. Bad for the person and bad for the org. #critlib
  96. A2. Membership is definitely an implied requirement and it definitely shouldn't be. #ALAopinions #critlib
  97. A2. But I also see so much potential good that could be done with the larger org. And ALCTS does some tremendous work. #critlib
  98. A2: In the two non-tenure track academic libraries I've worked in post-MLA, ALA participation is/was not the norm. At All. #critlib
  99. A1.1 My feelings on many things currently is that we need to move from monuments to masses. Not sure how/if can do this in/via ALA. #critlib
  100. #critlib Q2. Doesn't feel like the requirement it used to be, which is good: let new professionals explore local/regional options  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  101. @violetbfox I do media cataloging, so for me, groups like OLAC, WAML, Music Lib Assoc provide most of what I needed #critlib
  102. Very curious about what certainly seems a more intimate, personable ACRL versus a more disassociated ALA. #irony #critlib
  103. Late to the convo, joining now! I don't feel it's req'd & it feels overwhelmingly bureaucratic when I've tried to be more involved #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  104. @nfoasberg I notice that, too, sometimes, and I think "is this req'd just because i'm new-ish to the field? can i opt out once i get tenure?" #critlib
  105. @mauraweb @kevinseeber @MaxRenewals @adammizelle Big conferences - I used to really enjoy swimming in all the hotel pools and once the beach in Miami I had wet hair at ALA confs #critlib
  106. A2 Mine too, I think with little $ for conference/meeting travel there's not really a requirement for national service to the prof. #critlib  https://twitter.com/nfoasberg/status/849432333254094848 
  107. My only feeling about ALA is that it should advocate more for librarians and not libraries #critlib
  108. A2 It's assumed if you're a librarian or want to be, you're an ALA member. Considering cost/unclear benefits, it shouldn't be reqd. #critlib
  109. A2 I think there's an expectation to know what ALA is up to. I've had other library folks expect me to know/care about ALA actions #critlib
  110. Q2. Librarians aren't faculty at my library & there's little ALA participation--some state assoc participation & specialty confs. #critlib
  111. A1 like others, joined ala in grad school bc discount w state assoc. I "have" to be involved w ACRL so there's that. Tepid at best. #critlib
  112. A2: we're required to do professional service, but that can mean nationally, locally, or a combination. #critlib
  113. A2: in my current position, yes. But I don't think that has to or should be true. Something has the value we give it. #critlib
  114. A2: ACRL membership always expected, thus ALA, but also good for my work across RUSA, AASL. Less expectation of Chapter involvement #critlib
  115. It is interesting how many people seem to feel so warmly about ACRL. I have had a not-great volunteer experience there. #critlib
  116. @mauraweb Being in NY might make a difference there too -- lots of other prof dev available #critlib
  117. A2 I feel that professional development IS necessary & ALA participation provides this. But we can't REQUIRE it in current state. #critlib
  118. True story: when I applied to my current library, my father had recently been ALA President and only the cataloger mentioned him. #critlib
  119. A2 Honestly, I think this is similar to a lot of fields having a large organization everyone is expected to be a member of #critlib
  120. I have colleagues who are *very* involved in our state association, not so much in ALA. Whereas I haven't even joined TLA (yet) #critlib
  121. jumping into #critlib late. I always remember the "9pm" but not the "8pm central."
  122. @bembrarian Blame also rests w/ library people like me who work w/ MLIS grad students. I've spent two weeks talking up ACRL. #critlib
  123. A2: I feel compelled to be a member because of my adoration of the #ALAYMA and my involvement with Every Child Ready to Read #critlib
  124. @nfoasberg For sure, we are lucky that way (even if unlucky w/travel funding). #critlib
  125. Also late- Ian here in nyc! I miss most ALAs 'cause too far away & too much time away from family; other conferences more imp to me #critlib
  126. I am critical of ALA, but I also wonder if it cd event meet our expectations. Is it too big? Can change be sustained w a 1-yr prez? #critlib
  127. Another reason I stopped attending ALA was carbon footprint concerns. I went a couple/few years without flying at all. #offtopic? #critlib
  128. @kevinseeber @bembrarian Great point. I definitely push memberships, especially for networking opps #critlib
  129. @brinepond Yes! Problem is, it's the American Library Association, not Librarians. Very problematic, but something We can change. #critlib
  130. & this, too. money is rarely covers costs (if it's even offered) yet the prestige of nat'l presentations, etc. looms lg. #critlib  https://twitter.com/mauraweb/status/849432974177312769 
  131. Lib stu here. Implicit I think. For ex. In order to receive a promotion/tenure ALA is the way to get published/professional serv #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  132. I make sure my MLIS students know about range of organizations--ALA not often at top of list anymore #critlib
  133. @metageeky Yep, & IME folx find homes in smaller orgs too, when I was an archaeologist I chose the arch org over the all-of-anthropology org. #critlib
  134. Q2: I'm the only librarian at my college who is active in ALA. The others focus on ACRL. Maybe it's good that we spread out though. #critlib
  135. @zinelib I want to see the electric bills of all those conference/convention centers. #YouKnowTheyDontSolar #critlib
  136. @erinaleach I don't get the ACRL love--I never feel like people are as friendly or willing to open up at ACRL--too worried abt being "profesh". #critlib
  137. A2 yes, natl service is v imp in my current role. ACRL seemingly prioritized over other orgs. 1day, I skip ala & just pay ACRL? 😭 #critlib
  138. @kevinseeber @brinepond it's one of the things I like about the name for SAA - Society of American Archivists - not Archives. #critlib
  139. @zinelib Is all that flying around the country really necessary?? #critlib
  140. @zinelib Not #offtopic at all, earlier today I was researching train possibilities to Cleveland! (ACRL's 2019 location) :) #critlib
  141. @violetbfox @erinaleach Interesting. I haven't been to ACRL but colleagues tell me to go. Recent tweets lead me to believe it's not so friendly. #critlib
  142. @kevinseeber @brinepond but how to keep other,non-MLIS-holding folks in the convo? i want to advocate for people who love the mission, regardless of degree #critlib
  143. #critlib ACRL has run hot and cold: when I started, was like rushing a sorority, where they had to like you enough to put you on committees  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/849434433316937728 
  144. Q3. How could ALA be made more valuable for non-MLIS-holding library workers? #critlib
  145. I'd forgo ALA for just ACRL, but I may even forgo ACRL if prof service wasn't expected in academics #critlib
  146. I am tenure-track, so I definitely do. some of my colleagues have had success with just doing state & LOEX. #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849431566522740736 
  147. @bibliorogue This sounds so un-librarian. I am choking on my stale coffee over here. #critlib
  148. @bibliorogue I also feel this in other professional orgs, but especially these ones! #critlib
  149. @kevinseeber @bembrarian As a lib stu I feel it's helpful. Lots of networking opportunities, get a feel for the field, but mostly the student $$membership! #critlib pic.twitter.com/W9ub9hPo5G
  150. Excellent point here, and a really good question. Maybe American Library Workers Association? ALWA? #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849434986990231553 
  151. @bibliorogue OH NO I would've been out of there so fast. I definitely don't think it's that bad now, just not really my scene. #critlib
  152. @violetbfox A1.2 Hmm. Sometimes orgs (NAACP, ACRL, etc) seem akin to monuments, where Great Names somehow Make Resistance & Progress Happen. #critlib
  153. A3: Never ask "are you a librarian?" This question is extremely alienating. Mirrors academic hierarchies. #critlib
  154. THEN AGAIN, I do value F2F convos, connections, & accountability. Cd be why I started traveling again, but ALA Annual is bloated. #critlib  https://twitter.com/MandyHenk/status/849435454650929152 
  155. A3: lower the membership costs, mandate hybrid meetings; separate mandatory ALA membership to join divisions such as ACRL #critlib
  156. Q2.2 some other colleagues have been more explicit about the importance of being involved at the national ALA/ACRL level #critlib
  157. A3. More virtual + free opportunities to participate? Many non-MLS staff don't receive time or money for professional development #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849435196277628929 
  158. A3.) Make resources available for people who want to learn more and do more to get involved. #critlib
  159. I know some of my libs rotate years they're members of certain organizations since they can't afford all of them. #critlib
  160. Provide more travel support/awards and prof. dev. for non-MLIS-holding library workers! More ops for leadership within the org, too #critlib  https://twitter.com/MaxRenewals/status/849435196277628929 
  161. @zinelib #critlib Top orgs I tell students about: Digital Library Federation, Educause, Modern Lang Assoc ( & other discipline-related orgs)
  162. Coming late to the #critlib party--lib para & LIS student in TX. Recently joined ALA & TLA & am considering on which to focus energy..
  163. #critlib A2: I feel ALA membership can be helpful to stay current and develop a network. Also a member of SLA for same reason.
  164. A3: Maybe non-holding MILS folks don't feel included/not taken seriously because of lack of degree. #critlib
  165. A3. So maybe another part of that would be for ALA to emphasize the importants of prof dev for *all* library workers #critlib
  166. A3: If many 'professional' librarians have trouble affording attending ALA/ACRL, how can 'non-prof' lib workers be be able to go? #critlib
  167. @violetbfox A1.3 Instead of "history made by Great Men" (ick), things like Occupy & labor history suggest we need dispersed action (masses) #critlib
  168. @Luna_Dee @kevinseeber @bembrarian I've been telling our Ref Assistants to try ALA at the student price. If they don't like it, then at least they had the discount! #critlib
  169. A3.) Advocate for non-MLIS library workers, though I guess that more ALA-APA's wheelhouse. #critlib
  170. @violetbfox #critlib ACRL is better at the moment: some strategic retirements of careerists who didn't want to let newbies in...probably cyclical?
  171. @itsuhLEEsuh @violetbfox @erinaleach I've enjoyed the conf more the longer I've been a libn, catching up w/folx #onhere esp, but I know that's not everyone's exper. #critlib
  172. @zinelib Yes. I have a mentor who due to health issues can no longer travel. Just giving talks remotely does not compare for him. #critlib
  173. A3: I think part of the onus of that is on MLISers to do less gatekeeping of whose voices we accept in prof orgs #critlib
  174. Q3. ALA will become more relevant for non-MLIS staff, when non-MLIS staff are deemed worthy of prof. development & investment #critlib
  175. A3, cont: We should all put pressure on our own library admins. to support prof dev of *all* library workers #critlib
  176. @itsuhLEEsuh @Luna_Dee @kevinseeber We're all "lifelong students" so why can't those who claim that status get the discount 4-eva? #critlib
  177. @bibliorogue @zinelib @CLIRDLF FTW. My school will never afford it, but the conf costs = totally worth it. #critlib
  178. @maraebrarian Seems both ALA & state/local organizations could nudge that with more scholarships/programming designed for non-MLIS staff. #critlib
  179. @metageeky @zinelib right, F2F convos & connections are soooo much of what I get from conferences...can't get that from a webinar #critlib
  180. A3 Inclusivity on panels+in publicity/outreach so non-MLS holders can see themselves in libraries, esp bc MLS requirement excludes. #critlib
  181. @maraebrarian But you're right that underlying issue of not investing in staff is at the heart of the problem. And not easily fixed. #critlib
  182. A colleague was note taking intern on a committee & I was all 🙄. But I also recognize the power big orgs can potentially wield. #critlib  https://twitter.com/maxrenewals/status/849428536947552258 
  183. A3- As I remember it ALA conf. isn't relevant to anything me or my colleagues do prof or para, beyond free candy, pools, travel #critlib
  184. ALA & state chapters need to be financially accessible for non-MLIS. I know so many librarians who find ALA too expensive already #critlib
  185. A3 There r support staff who can & shd be encouraged to attend ALA, but others have diff goals & don't want 2b be nagged 2 Do More. #critlib
  186. This. However, speaking from experience regarding women in CS, don't overload diverse members from having to be on too many panels #critlib  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/849437337314570240 
  187. A3 like @brinepond said earlier, advocate for library workers as much as or hopefully even more than libraries #critlib
  188. Q4. What would you like to see ALA do that it’s not doing now? #critlib (Feel free to keep responding to all the questions! Great convos!)
  189. @violetbfox I like the WLA model this year of having 3 separate days of mini-conferences, it makes it more accessible for everyone to attend #critlib
  190. A3.3 Include professional development in their union contract. #critlib
  191. @MaxRenewals Q3 lead the field in dismantling the assumption that degree = competency // lack of degree = not qualified for advancement. #critlib
  192. @foureyedsoul @violetbfox I think we need structure within which to organize. Maybe ALA could be that structure? #critlib
  193. @NicestLibrarian @brinepond Do you think it's possible to change ALA to be more member-focused? Or is its orientation essentially unchangeably towards policy? #critlib
  194. @aripants @metageeky @zinelib It's silly, but for me, traveling to a conference helps me actually put the time aside for conference content. #critlib
  195. Support more regionally based/focused programming, more remote access to programming at tiered levels. #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849437938798776320 
  196. @jenhoyer Same. But I do like ALA as an umbrella. Some folks can get their jobs to pay them to go to a @RadReference meeting for example. #critlib
  197. A4. I desperately want an email from ALA that doesn't start with "Act Now to Stop X from Happening." All we do is react these days. #critlib
  198. @aripants @metageeky @zinelib If I were trying to watch things online from my office... I couldn't. Too many demands. when I say I'm at a conference ppl get it #critlib
  199. A4: I'd like to see ALA be more openly self-critical (bite the hands that feed it?) #wishfulthinking #critlib
  200. @edrabinski @violetbfox A1.4 Same. My ALA Q is "can it be 'both/and' or do monuments only/always obstruct masses?" (Also I meant ACLU not ACRL earlier.) #critlib
  201. A4.) Better cross-division communication, better recruitment and retention of volunteers, move to a 1-conference-per-year model. #critlib
  202. I was all, "This exists simply to perpetuate itself." But hey! Maybe we could just take it over! #critlib
  203. #critlib Would love ALA to be proactive, not reactive. Listen to members, actively recruit all levels. And stop privileging white men.  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849437938798776320 
  204. @MaxRenewals Q3 push libs to (& support in) developing internal skill-building programs & pathways to more responsibility, varied work, $. #critlib
  205. A3 HOWEVER, how amazing would it be if all library workers in ALA conference city got free passes to exhibits & time off to go #critlib
  206. @edrabinski @foureyedsoul ALA is not currently set up to have that structure (too hierarchical), but we could make it more member-focused and -activated. #critlib
  207. @nfoasberg @metageeky @zinelib oh, same! I put webinars on my calendar, then do something else instead. harder to fit in the day-to-day, confs are dedicated time #critlib
  208. For those saying be proactive, proactive about what exactly? #critlib
  209. A4 what about taking some time to rethink the relationship between ALA and vendors, esp. with regard to conferences? #critlib
  210. @bibliorogue I'm curious of white patriarchal presence in contemporary ALA. Any good reads on this? #critlib
  211. Just a reminder that if you are an MLIS student, you may be able to join ALA & yr state chapter for $38:  http://www.ala.org/groups/joint-membership-program  #critlib
  212. A4.2 Also, let's defund and close the Washington office. ALA existed for 100+ years without it, and it's not helping us today. #critlib
  213. A4. My head keeps thinking about unions, so... more emphasis on unionizing and collective action #critlib  https://twitter.com/bembrarian/status/849437938798776320 
  214. A4 What I have found most disappointing of late is reacting far too late to issues that are extremely important to our core values. #critlib
  215. All good, plus stronger collaboration across Big ALA & Chapters & new partnerships w/grassroots groups that share our interests #critlib  https://twitter.com/erinaleach/status/849438673351389190 
  216. A4: If we want ALA to better represent librarians, won't it have to distance itself from the corporate bodies that finance it? #critlib
  217. I was thinking the same thing--if enough of us can get more involved and shape how it is run #critlib  https://twitter.com/edrabinski/status/849438686060179458 
  218. @metageeky I for one would LOVE to see a big ALA campaign that wasn't about banned books #critlib
  219. Seriously hoping @alanews and all related accounts are reading #critlib tonight. Should have asked everyone to cc them to draw attention.
  220. A4.) I also want the Association to better represent its core values and the values of its members. #critlib
  221. @lindsbrary yes, we can love a current job & know we want more & dif. things to do in the future. don't make me job hunt b/c i want new skills #critlib
  222. @metageeky Privacy. I'd love an email from Todaro that reads "INSTALL TOR BROWSER ON ALL PUBLIC MACHINES TODAY." cc: @libraryfreedom #critlib
  223. #critlib Say what we DO do, what we CAN do, not just "help, save libraries." Tell our story. Not wait for a crisis ($, policy) to act.  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/849438971188924416 
  224. A4 I think there shld be an advocacy org for all librarians & libraries (ALLA?). Fewer confs = lower dues? Easier virtual cmmtees? #critlib
  225. A4.) I also want the Association to start thinking of the value of membership beyond its providing access to volunteer work. #critlib
  226. A4. Also, the idea that a one-year association president is going to swoop in and do much of anything is unreasonable #critlib
  227. @bembrarian @bibliorogue ALA conf. = library directors sessions - that's where the white dudes in suits are, women, POC everywhere else #critlib
  228. A4. Not to mention deeply unsettling for permanent staff. That part of the org should be reexamined #critlib
  229. @ibeilin Or,can ALA recognize the power it wields over corporate bodies who exist only because of ALA? Let's rethink power structures. #critlib
  230. A4.) I try to remember, though, that the membership is the Association and Association is the membership. #critlib
  231. A4. In my dreams, ALA is a proactive, militant org fiercely advocating for all library workers and shaking its fist at Tr-mp. Sigh. #critlib
  232. @violetbfox ALA Student price disappeared for me as my library school closed the year I graduated #critlib
  233. 2b self-critical of #critlib ALA critiques, $ does have to come frm somewhere. ALA confs r relatively cheap. Thanks Elsevier & ProQuest. 1/2
  234. #critlib And Big Heads meetings, where you're not allowed to sit at the table unless you are one: hierarchy and patriarchy rule those mtgs.  https://twitter.com/LNBel/status/849440004506091523 
  235. A4: become more fiscally transparent (socially responsible investments, transparency with members, unionized ALA staff #critlib
  236. 2/2 #critlib How do we square costs & values on the scale of 50K members? Is ALA too big to succeed critically?
  237. @schomj In the case of some these presidents, tho, that might be a good thing... #critlib
  238. Todaro put out a statement on behalf of locked #BlackbirdNation librarians. Took major pressure from allies, but the org moved. #critlib
  239. @bibliorogue So much this - that was my very first experience with ALA. It was intimidating. It's still intimidating. #critlib
  240. This has happened in Council in the past & can happen again; we just need the right people in place & we're on the way #critlib  https://twitter.com/erinaleach/status/849440309528416257 
  241. @maxgbowman @bibliorogue I agree, every meeting has felt very uncomfortable and intimidating #critlib
  242. @MandyHenk It took lib/info workers & librarians to start #NotMyALA to hold ALA's feet to the fire. Def a grassroots (not top-down) effort. #critlib
  243. A4. This may be naive, but I have faith in #critlib (& like-minded folks) to change ALA to be more responsive & transparent.
  244. @bibliorogue Damn. Again, that sounds completely un-librarian. The irony of it all's mind-blowing but I shouldn't have assumed ALA was better. #critlib
  245. Nearing the end of our hour together--thank you to EVERYONE who was able to participate! Let's mix it up, friends! #critlib
  246. @mauraweb I'd be into this! I imagine finding reliable virtual conference software/infrastructure would be one of the biggest expenses? #critlib
  247. No other prof association got it together. Solidarity messages driven by library unions, faculty unions headed by librarians. #critlib
  248. #critlib Yes, this was great (and good teaching opportunity): students who hadn't looked at ALA critically were forced to do so, in my class  https://twitter.com/GinaMurrell1/status/849441329293799425 
  249. Huge thanks to my #critlib co-conspirators/co-moderators @bembrarian & @MaxRenewals, I'm grateful for their thoughtful inspiration.
  250. @violetbfox But maybe we could do more change outside of ALA? Maybe? (I have no answer, but think about it often.) #critlib
  251. Thanks to all who participated :D Fastest #critlib I think I've experienced. So... what's the next step for revolutionizing the ALA?  https://twitter.com/violetbfox/status/849441589470613510 
  252. @kevinseeber I've thought about it too--actually think the scale has come down on being able to accomplish more good via ALA. Mileage may vary! #critlib
  253. Now, if ALA could go grab my laundry from the dryer in the basement, that would be great. #critlib
  254. @kevinseeber @violetbfox You can do this, but how much of a change is it if you create a new giant organization that becomes inflexible in new ways? #critlib
  255. Thanks #critlib amazing hour of solidarity and hope for the future. Change. Lets go get it!
  256. @maxgbowman @A_meeksie #critlib It can be a confusing process, and harrowing. Glad to talk in other venue and advise!
  257. @mauraweb Agreed! Poor phrasing on my part; I meant the most prohibitive cost would likely be for conf., but for comm.s, seems quite doable. #critlib
  258. I would like to see ALA cease to exist. It's remarkably ineffective and out of touch for a membership driven org. #critlib
  259. @metageeky @violetbfox Size if definitely a concern, but we need to recognize ALA was poisoned at its founding by Dewey. We can (maybe?) redo it better. #critlib