1. Hi #critlib! Welcome to "Teaching Beyond the Academy." Let's start with intro's. I'm Sara, librarian at OSU-Cascades in Bend, OR.
  2. Hi #critlib! I'll be your co-moderator with @esquetee. Community college instruction librarian

  3. Nevermind! Q1. What do you think your role in the classroom is for preparing students beyond one-shot classes/assignments? #critlib
  4. .@esquetee are we simply preparing students to finish assignments? If so, is that really info lit? #critlib
  5. A1 I talk a lot about into lit across the curriculum to faculty collegues in hopes they are in favor of a deep dive (not one shot) #critlib  https://twitter.com/esquetee/status/839296009482141696 
  6. .@libraringkat do you get a lot of faculty buy in? Or is it more faculty pushback? #critlib
  7. .@Kirsten_Clair kind of both to be honest! I try to gauge reception based on previous interactions & what they want from a session. #critlib
  8. .@Kirsten_Clair so the profs who always want you to cover a whole list of things in 50 mins, I'll suggest multiple sessions. #critlib
  9. .@libraringkat yes! Hitting early too helps so they can fit you into their syllabus/schedule #critlib
  10. @libraringkat @Kirsten_Clair I try to do that but it never works! they just ask me to build a libguide that won't get looked at. #critlib
  11. @TriciaGimenez @Kirsten_Clair yeah, tbh this mostly works only with faculty I already had a relationship with #critlib
  12. I also try to engage students in 'real world' info seeking. so not just finding info for a paper but also on current events etc #critlib
  13. @esquetee I try to do both. so starting with a news story & using other sources to verify claims #critlib
  14. @Kirsten_Clair I'm still in the figuring that out stage! with all the election coverage, I have done some things w/ current events. #critlib
  15. A1. mpow is v career focused, and instruction is meant to help students think broadly about research as it relates to future jobs #critlib
  16. @TriciaGimenez Do you show students resources they can use after college, out of curiosity? #critlib
  17. @esquetee yes, many of our resources are the same or similar to what they'll be using in their fields #critlib
  18. .@TriciaGimenez are you in a technical enviro? Do you find it easier to motivate students when it's directly linked to jobs? #critlib
  19. @Kirsten_Clair yes, very similar to a tech school & when I can link research to dsgn assignts & prof databases, students pay attn #critlib
  20. .@TriciaGimenez very cool! Will students have access to those prof databases after they graduate?#critlib
  21. @Kirsten_Clair thru firms but not if freelance. We are private but I tell students to connect with public univs after graduation #critlib
  22. .@TriciaGimenez interesting--do you live in an area w/easy access to public university with patron accts? In central OR, not many options
  23. @Kirsten_Clair we are near a few public universities but most of our students leave the state once they graduate #critlib
  24. A1 Helping students refine critical infolit practices / Reinforcing that studnts should be here & systems should work with/for them #critlib
  25. .@foureyedsoul I think that last piece is esp imp: if systems don't work for them they shld be asking why & how they can change themcritlib
  26. .@arellanover Yeah. I mean, I don't feel comfortable telling them systems work when they know they don't & I should be listening. #critlib
  27. @foureyedsoul @arellanover it's def interesting to have conversations about credibility in this light. "Authority" becomes a hard sell
  28. .@Kirsten_Clair @foureyedsoul and it just feels false and icky to be honest--like I'm trying to sell them something they don't need #critlib
  29. @arellanover @foureyedsoul right, like you're telling them that because something costs money it adds value
  30. .@arellanover At minimum, we want the library to work with/for them. Can be a space to practice self-advocacy if it's a new stance. #critlib
  31. I'm experimenting with meeting w/students intentionally at several points in the major to reinforce concepts. Make assignments less isolated  https://twitter.com/esquetee/status/839296009482141696 
  32. @nfoasberg so I may be focused on what they need RIGHT NOW, but I'm building on earlier concepts & thinking curricularly. #critlib
  33. @nfoasberg this is great! is this something you starting by talking with faculty in areas / departments? any tips?
  34. @libraringkat I started by focusing on one class & did outreach on that with the department. Faculty in that dept helped me advocate <3
  35. @libraringkat after a few years, I opened up the discussion again, and they were interested in this model, which I really like so far
  36. @libraringkat Biggest tip, in any case -- talk to people in the dept, let them know what you want to accomplish & find out what they want

  37. Q2. Are we preparing students to be lifelong learners? Why or why not? #critlib
  38. A2. That's the goal! but don't know if it's working. Students are already so fixed in their ways and not open to exploration. #critlib
  39. @TriciaGimenez I find that sometimes, too! It’s hard to break them out of the already-set shells. #critlib
  40. A2 Goal is definitely lifelong learning. Many students here are "returning," 24-60ish yrs old; they're already lifelong learners. #critlib
  41. A2.1 We intentionally build our infolit from "where students are," using Google, Netflix, etc to transition to databases and beyond #critlib
  42. .@Kirsten_Clair I mostly discuss Netfilx & Hulu as a mental model for databases, so that database conversation is less alienating. #critlib
  43. .@Kirsten_Clair So we don't go to Netflix, but talk about dbs as collections of like things, paid access, genre familiarity, etc #critlib
  44. @foureyedsoul That’s a very interesting way to put it. We have a lot of older students, too. They’re definitely more driven. #critlib
  45. @esquetee I think I reframe it that way to diminish students feeling their "previous" lives don't "count" here. See that too often! #critlib
  46. @foureyedsoul So true! So much valuable experience coming in that informs their learning and that of other students, too. #critlib
  47. A2 Lifelong learning is complicated...I sort of want them to be able to meet their own needs more than anything else #critlib
  48. @arellanover yes -- lifelong learning may mean VERY different things to different students! We don't know what their lives are/will be
  49. .@arellanover are we giving them the skills to be able to pursue their own needs? #critlib
  50. .@Kirsten_Clair That's a good Q! I try to stress exploration & critical questioning more than anything else. It's more about the habits.
  51. .@arellanover that's always my goal, esp in the luxury of credit classes, 50-minutes makes it difficult! #critlib
  52. A2 Esp now, I think it's imp that ppl learn how 2 help themselves & their communities & that's often about access to critical info. #critlib
  53. A2. When we are able to focus on the skills and not just the assignement details, yes. Varies from faculty to faculty. #critlib  https://twitter.com/esquetee/status/839297317157158912 
  54. .@johnxlibris great point! So much of what we do is dep on building relationships w/faculty to ensure we're not just showing where to click
  55. @johnxlibris yes! sessions built around bad assignments are bad sessions. (speaking from experience...today...) #critlib
  56. @Kirsten_Clair @libraringkat Thankfully, many faculty have graciously allowed me "to digress." Even 10 min of reflection has impact #critlib
  57. @johnxlibris I've been slowly winning over writing faculty using an embed model, they see how much more I do when not limited to 1 session
  58. that bad assignment = bad session I mentioned? I provided (polite) assignment feedback. it was ignored. #critlib  https://twitter.com/KOlsonCharles/status/839308339364290560 
  59. @libraringkat oh I have a nightmare assignment that pops up every year, offered feedback, now just desperate to do a one-shot!

  60. Q3. Do you ever teach resources that are outside those provided by your institution? … For real this time! #critlib
  61. A3. I teach the various Google tools a lot. Mostly Google Images or Scholar. And sometimes Worldcat. #critlib
  62. Any #critlib library folks refer their academic students to the local public library? When / why?
  63. @esquetee Yes, but usually only for popular fiction or regional resources. #critlib
  64. @esquetee Yes to referring students to PL, for ILL if they don't live near campus. And some DBs via San Francisco Public Library. #critlib
  65. @esquetee ideally, yes, but I want them to have those critical thinking skills more than awareness of open source academic sites #critlib
  66. A3 I show DOAJ, also often mention Google Scholar as a way to find scholarly things (but maybe not access) after they've graduated. #critlib
  67. A3.1 Also show G.Schol. to find things for ILL or to request that we purchase. We're young enough that we push "help us collect!" #critlib

  68. The last #critlib question of the night is a BIG one so we’ll give it plenty of time …
  69. Q4. What is one thing would you change about your library instruction if you had a magic wand? Would you change anything? #critlib
  70. @esquetee is it a bad sign if this question makes me cry? 😢 #critlib
  71. A4. Hard to say. The time and space to learn alongside students. There is so much of their day-to-day experience that I'm missing #critlib
  72. @esquetee I would change my training. I would seek classes in classroom mgmt and educational psych in lib school #critlib
  73. A4. Oh, I could go on and on...but I would love honest, specific feedback from faculty. More than "that was great!" #critlib
  74. @TriciaGimenez Have you tried using Google Forms as ~ exit tickets? We're trying that this semester & responses are anonymous. #critlib
  75. @TriciaGimenez I mean, instructor's response likely would jump out as NOT a student's, but it can give them time to phrase things? #critlib
  76. @foureyedsoul that's a good idea! what sort of questions do you have on your form? #critlib
  77. @TriciaGimenez What class is this? How well did you understand today's material? What did you learn that you didn't know before? #critlib
  78. @TriciaGimenez What was least clear to you today? Which librarian worked with your class today? (That last one has our photos, too) #critlib
  79. A4 SO. MANY. THINGS. But I'll start w/one: Much more peer learning. #critlib
  80. A4 Also: The focus would be on questions, exploration, info eval, economics/knowledge economy, & info structure. NO DEMOS EVAH! #critlib
  81. A4 Our students don't take classes on any set tracks, but we recently figured out how to _somewhat_ scaffold infolit over 3 classes #critlib
  82. A4.1 So now my wish is to have time to do sustained research projects & practice with searching, evaluating, reflecting, iterating. #critlib
  83. A4.2 For now, I'm slowly building rapport with profs & am refining weeks-long projects to suggest if profs want to do more infolit #critlib
  84. A4 faculty who are willing to experiment! who are excited for more than database demos & 'why they can't use google' #critlib
  85. @esquetee #critlib my magic wand would enlighten faculty to the value of assignment collaboration w/ librarians
  86. @KOlsonCharles @esquetee I often think this is where I should focus, not selling 1-shots, but working on creating authentic IL assignments
  87. A4 so if I'm honest, at this moment my magic wand would yield me a handful of add'l lib faculty lines w/ #infolit responsibilities #critlib
  88. @donnarosemary YESSSSSSS. As a solo librarian of 1,200 students, I totally agree. #critlib
  89. @esquetee oh my. our ratios do fare better than your: I'm so sorry to hear you're stretched so thin 😔 #critlib
  90. @esquetee indeed I imagine! also really challenges you to be creative re: sustainable approaches to real authentic learning #critlib
  91. @donnarosemary Yep! I’m starting to use more video and online modules to supplement in-person instruction. #critlib
  92. @esquetee I'm brainstorming in this direction too, as I think more curricularly while also nervous we may lose a lib fac line down the line😔
  93. @donnarosemary I find the best way to keep / grow people is to find another campus dept. in need and collaborate. That’s how I got 1 staff.
  94. I frame as are ur students perform at your expectation, so I'm present a sol to a prob they already have rather than creating a new prob  https://twitter.com/esquetee/status/839311394327625728 
  95. @esquetee sometimes, when one isn't too run down/burnt out from lack of human resource support, that creativity can be invigorating #critlib
  96. A4 continued: I believe people, persons, teachers, who care about this work & aim to grow in it are our greatest strength #critlib #infolit
  97. More collaboration between librarians and #medialit educators- lots of crossover! #critlib
  98. A4 critical instruction is great but ultimate ideal is to integrate #critlib into course learning outcomes & lifelong learning