Critlib chat: validity of student evaluations on teaching

  1. Welcome to today’s #critlib discussion on validity of student evals on teaching! I’ll be your moderator. Plz introduce yourselves!
  2. Hi #critlib, I'm Kate from UW. Lib tech, not in classrooms before but have been a lecturer. #critlib
  3. Hi #critlib! I'm Christine, IL & Instruction Librarian at St. Norbert College.
  4. Welcome everyone! Keep it up with the intros, for the sake of time I'll pose the first question #critlib
  5. Hi, #critlib! 👋 I'm Sarah, academic librarian in Atlanta. Will be popping in and out of discussion as I'm attending #alamw17.
  6. Q1. In information literacy settings, do you perceive any bias towards you or coworkers? (in evals or face-to-face)

  7. A1 I was a lecturer in a CompSci department. It was interesting that many of my open ended evals criticized my appearance/fashion. #critlib
  8. A1 At the same time, several female students were glad/inspired to have a woman teaching CS. #critlib
  9. A1 When I was a TA and often the only woman one, I'd get a lot more traffic in my office hours than others #critlib
  10. .@metageeky interesting to think about how a wardrobe could impact evals--I've gotten comments on my shoes in evals before... #critlib
  11. @Infinity_Dots Apparently, pointing up at a screen at one point, I showed a bit of my belly. Ewwww. #critlib
  12. @Infinity_Dots How do you address the inane changes in top lengths dictated by women's fashion in teaching evals? #critlib
  13. A1 Definitely notice it for my disabled colleague #critlib
  14. .@metageeky I myself dress pretty androgynous, & think I come off as looking queer, & I can't tell what affect that has on my evals #critlib
  15. .@sarahkirkley I'm sorry. :( could you share how that manifested in student evals or responses in classes? #critlib
  16. hi #critlib - late but happy about today's topic! I am an academic lib that does instruction and teaches a credit bearing course
  17. A1: Noticed bias against colleagues who might not have strong technical skills. #critlib
  18. Q2. How does this bias affect you or a coworker personally and professionally?

  19. A1/2: Another aspect I've seen is if the teacher is not fluent in English, has an accent, or stutters. #critlib
  20. I agree @metageeky ! Something I totally did not take into account! 🙉 #critlib
  21. A1) I have experienced bias, based on my age. Get lots of questions about "did you graduate?" "have you done this before?" #critlib 
  22. @Infinity_Dots Unwilling to follow along and complete activities during info lit sessions, giggling, etc. 😕 #critlib
  23. Thank you @christinemmoe I think that's a big hurdle. I accidentally made it known that I was clueless about Instagram in a class.. #critlib
  24. A2: The impact often involves disengagement, whispering, not taking things seriously. #critlib
  25. @CharissaAPowell Oh gawd! Yes! I look a lot younger than I am. I swear I should carry around my dissertation to prove I have a PhD. #critlib
  26. hi #critlib - I'm late but excited for today's topic. I am an academic lib that does instruction and coordinates our IL program
  27. Yeah I've noticed students' comments on confidence & maybe they think that's a result of lack of confidence? I don't @metageeky #critlib
  28. A1. Yep! Seen age and gender related comments mostly. Some related to accent which are also troubling... #critlib
  29. @Infinity_Dots Sadly, a lot of people assume stupidity if a person does not speak well. #critlib
  30. A2 I've seen folks (myself included) then disregard all student comments which is not great but a coping strategy at times #critlib
  31. A2) I had one instructor who point blank, in front of the class, asked if I had any experience teaching. #critlib
  32. A2 Can be classes getting off track, difficulty with classroom management, librarians (myself included) sometimes getting flustered #critlib
  33. .@christinemmoe Hmmm I'm not sure what you mean by admission. plz clarify! sry! #critlib
  34. @CharissaAPowell My jaw dropped open at that! I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. #critlib
  35. #critlib Late but here! Academic librarian interested in today's topic
  36. @CharissaAPowell Ugh. Same thing happens in CompSci classes a lot. Being challenged by older students. #critlib
  37. Q3. What emotional management (or self-care) strategies do you employ to cope with bias?

  38. @Infinity_Dots I meant your admission about Instagram. Did the students respond in any way to that? #critlib
  39. A2.2 Also seen this bias impact our self-evaluation of our teaching skills and confidence #critlib
  40. A2: Another aspect of disability bias is just the assumption a person can't do the job. He's in a wheelchair, how can he teach? #critlib
  41. A2 Honestly if I feel called out or not taken seriously, I know I'm not doing my best teaching anymore #critlib
  42. I've heard that before. Same for a blind student TA. How can he grade programs if he can't see the code? RIDICULOUS! #critlib
  43. @metageeky Yikes, that's rough! I work with first-year students, who rock, and don't question my age as a means of qualification :) #critlib
  44. .@CharissaAPowell I'm sorry :( I get lots of challenges to my authority & I think it may be gender bias driven #critlib
  45. @ccaffgardner Yeah. I think I always bought alcohol after reading my course reviews. #critlib
  46. @ccaffgardner Was really bad when I was teaching temporarily and trying to get an academic job. Double whammies #critlib
  47. @Infinity_Dots @metageeky @CharissaAPowell I just got "are the rest of the librarians as young as you?" from a college parent. #critlib
  48. @metageeky @CharissaAPowell I've noticed age has big effect. I'm late 30s, haven't noticed probs as much as younger colleagues #critlib
  49. @metageeky @ccaffgardner You're not the only one! I also made sure I had a friend nearby before reading the evals. #critlib
  50. Ah yes! I'd made a comment to one student who scoffed about it. I didn't bring that up again after that @christinemmoe #critlib
  51. @metageeky So I provide articles on student bias in evals - talk about overall trends, and do coffee to build each other back up #critlib
  52. @Infinity_Dots thank you for reminding me of that! I'm interested to know if my (younger) male colleagues experience similar things #critlib
  53. I love that idea! @christinemmoe @metageeky @ccaffgardner I think I'll pose that this semester, maybe with a bottle of wine too :D #critlib
  54. That's great you address it in class!! My only problem is not having enough time to fit that in @ccaffgardner @metageeky #critlib
  55. @ccaffgardner That's a great idea! Time for intentional reflection but also to support one another. #critlib
  56. Q4. How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your IL instruction? How do you mitigate bias?

  57. @Infinity_Dots @christinemmoe @ccaffgardner I'd recommend cider and a few options for the non-tipplers (good quality sodas/coffee) #critlib
  58. @LibrarianAngie @metageeky thank you for that perspective! that's good to know and very interesting #critlib
  59. Q4 Most of my teaching is in credit class. Occasionally invite peer reviewer in for more useful feedback #critlib
  60. A4: I started using a customized version of Brookfield's critical incident questionnaire. More about learning and less about me. #critlib
  61. Oh yeah, speaking of disability and teaching, check out today's Google Doodle on Ed Roberts #critlib
  62. We have voluntary peer review structure, can go in tenure/promo binder to balance out any negative student evals #critlib
  63. A4 Mostly formative assessment, peer-teaching evals, and partnerships with faculty. Student evals probably rank last for me #critlib 
  64. .@Infinity_Dots @metageeky @ccaffgardner I really like this, too, and will definitely be holding onto this idea for future use! #critlib
  65. Also, because I get regular student evals from credit class, I do formative assessment not student eval in one-shots #critlib
  66. Thank you! @christinemmoe I hadn't hear of this b4 but I'm going to check it out! #critlib
  67. @Infinity_Dots @metageeky @CharissaAPowell Played it off as a compliment. But also redirected to how connected to students we are. #critlib
  68. #critlib A4) starting a formalized student eval assessment this semester. Interested in additional methods of instruction eval as well.
  69. A4) the credit bearing course I teach has an observation by a peer instructor, as well as someone on an admin level. #critlib
  70. .@beckiejean @metageeky @CharissaAPowell I think that's a huge advantage if they can see a bit of themselves in us! #critlib
  71. @LibrarianAngie that sounds great! Student evals are required for our one-shots but we definitely try to focus on student learning #critlib
  72. Q5. What forms of evaluation would you like us to further embrace as a profession?

  73. @ccaffgardner What do those student evals ask? I can't imagine wasting time on that in every one-shot! #critlib
  74. A5 Encourage a random kudos service to people and make a culture where that happens regularly. #critlib
  75. A5 I'd love to see more peer observations in the context of learning from each other and a culture of openess #critlib
  76. .@metageeky Because I think that does wonders for student confidence & makes students feel cared about, which they should be! #critlib
  77. @Infinity_Dots Yes, but making it easy to do that. A website where you can post a kudos to anyone (anon or signed). #critlib
  78. @Infinity_Dots Yes. I tried to do that when teaching after the first time I complimented a student for her improvement on HW #critlib
  79. .@metageeky that's great! I think that's one positive side of student evals--they can tell us if we're resonating with students #critlib
  80. @Infinity_Dots Well, this was immediate feedback and not end of term evals. #critlib
  81. We're approaching the end of the 60 minutes, so if anyone has a #critlib #critpitch plz speak soon!
  82. Thank you for joining us today & for your selpful & thoughtful responses! @ccaffgardner #critlib
  83. I’d like to #critpitch a Storify volunteer if anybody’s interested! #critlib
  84. Thanks to @Infinity_Dots and everyone else for a great #critlib today. Have a good week, all!