#CritLib #72 Library workers with disabilities

Tuesday December 6: 6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern Moderated by @schomj

  1. Hey folks we're going to get started in 15 minutes! Reminder that the questions & link to the relay is here  http://critlib.org/  #CritLib
  2. Will be almost entirely lurking on #critlib tonight, but looking forward to perspectives on disabilities!

  3. Welcome to the 72nd #CritLib chat! Today's topic is Library Workers with Disabilities. Materials are posted here.  http://critlib.org/ 
  4. If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: A1 [your message] #CritLib
  5. Question 1: Introduce yourself, library type, and self-describe your disability/disabilities if you are comfortable doing so.

  6. Q1. Introduce yourself, library type, and self-describe your disability/disabilities if you are comfortable doing so. #critlib
  7. A1. I'm Kate, a web app specialist at UWash libraries. I'm also chronically depressed, autistic spectrum, and mystery headachy #critlib
  8. RIGHT NOW: #critlib chat on #library workers w disabilities. See link for questions, participating confidentially.  http://critlib.org/library-workers-with-disabilities 
  9. A1. Jessica, public uni in the midwest US, and I have diabetes + other autoimmune disorders and depression #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806317408566865920 
  10. A1 Hi, my name is Kenny. Stuttering instruction librarian at an academic library in Monterey Bay, California #critlib
  11. A1 #critlib Jessica here. Director of a small academic library in DE. Anxiety is the flavor in my brainpan.
  12. A1. Anonymous, some hearing loss and chemical sensitivities. Work in academic libraries. #critlib
  13. Also, #critlib, I opened my DMs if you want to share through me instead of doing it publicly.
  14. A1 Hey, I'm Anastasia, and I'm in Philly. Will mostly listen tonight. #critlib
  15. #critlib A1. Irene, academic librarian at California State University, Chico. Hi!
  16. A1. Hi #critlib! I'm Violet, cataloger in central Minnesota. Living with depression for over 25 years now (silver sadness anniversary!).
  17. Tina, cataloger at academic library in central MN. Probably just lurking tonight, but eager to learn! #critlib
  18. Question 2: When you think of "people with disabilities," what stereotypes come to mind?

  19. Q2. When you think of “people with disabilities,” what stereotypes come to mind? #critlib
  20. A1. I'm an academic librarian in NY, planning to lurk tonight. Hi everyone! #critlib
  21. A2 Folks who can’t function on their own or need to be saved from their disability. #critlib
  22. A2 People with disabilities all need the same resources eg wheelchair ramp, screen readers for the blind #critlib
  23. A1 Keep in mind that we're using disability in a very academic sense tonight. Not all people with "disabilities" identify with it, #critlib
  24. A2 I used to think of white people with visible mobility impairments, because that's all I see in the media #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806318713347653632 
  25. A2 #critlib My first job in higher ed was at a school for people with learning disabilities. That smashed all my preconceived notions. 1/2
  26. Members of the Deaf community, people with mental health issues, and veterans can often object to being termed 'disabled' #critlib
  27. #critlib A2 I think that "invisible" disabilities are often overlooked when this is dicussed or addressed
  28. A2 #critlib But before that, I probably thought of people with developmental disabilities since that was my main experience. 2/2
  29. @sendaulas #critlib I worked at Landmark College in VT. Great first job. Loved the students.
  30. A2 The big 3: mobility, deafness, and blindness. And it's all or none. No limited vision, no some walking. #critlib
  31. A2 I find myself thinking that being disabled means you only think about your disability all the time. It's really stupid. #critlib
  32. A lot of people with diabetes also object to being labeled as having a disability. It's very personal #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/806319414320603136 
  33. A2. Stereotypes make me reluctant to disclose own disabilities. #critlib
  34. This so much. Despite years being active in disability advocacy, I still find many disabilities overlooked or ignored. #critlib  https://twitter.com/IreneKorber/status/806319509610983424 
  35. A2. Invisible disabilities are harder for people (including me) to grasp. I haven't thought of myself as disabled, to be honest. #critlib
  36. @violetbfox I did a study of disabled undergrads in CS classes. My CfP had to specify mental health issues to get those students. #critlib
  37. @violetbfox Even then, those students did not identify with that label. #critlib
  38. Of course, there's also some very polarized opinions of mental health issues/treatment in the disability community. #critlib
  39. Mocking of medication, rejection of psychiatry, etc. can be offputting to people helped by those means. #critlib
  40. @sendaulas I think that also sometimes impacts people being willing (or not) to ask for ADA protections when needed #critlib
  41. @sendaulas @schomj #critlib A thing I got from my time @ Landmark was that it's an important label for legal reasons, but I agree: personal.
  42. @olinj And what's interesting is that your exposure was to kids achieving academically. Many assume learning dis. equals the R-word #critlib
  43. @metageeky like those FB memes about "nature is medication" and actual medication is vilified #critlib
  44. Question 3: How do you think these stereotypes impact library accessibility for patrons and (potential) employees?

  45. Moving on to Q3. How do you think these stereotypes impact library accessibility for patrons and (potential) employees? #critlib
  46. @schomj @sendaulas this happened with someone I know not wanting to ask for test accommodation for her anxiety #critlib
  47. @metageeky Like I said to @sendaulas: amazing first job for me. For anyone. Those students taught me as much as I taught them. #critlib
  48. A3 Solutions becomes checkboxes rather than asking library patrons and employees what they need #critlib
  49. A3. Stereotypical thinking limits our empathy as well as our ability to see potential problems in how we offer our services. #critlib
  50. A3 #critlib Invisible disabilities are ignored ignored IGNORED. Also, people get judged like whoa.  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806321211080929280 
  51. A3. Shame/denial re own hearing loss may make library less accessible for others. #critlib
  52. A3 One thing I've seen at times is over helping. I've seen a patron be bombarded with options/tech/etc. #critlib
  53. @metageeky @sendaulas #critlib But not in some shmaltzy way. They made me a much better teacher, even for neurotypical people.
  54. A3 I've seen people with mobility and speaking impairments judged as "stupid" (ie, unworthy) without basis #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806321211080929280 
  55. Definitely rarer than lack of help, but it can be more dismissive and unhelpful. #critlib
  56. @CritLib_anon In what way, anonymous library pal? In not recognizing others with similar problems? Or something else ?? #critlib
  57. A3 I've also seen people who openly struggle with depression judged as "lazy" because they need to slow down for a bit #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806321211080929280 
  58. A1 hi! karina here. i work in an academic library. my experiences include PTSD, BPD, & DID as well as sciatica & hypotension #critlib
  59. A3 reflected in service offered to borrowers. Eg stereotypes abt mentally ill ppl being dangerous or attention seeking #critlib
  60. @schomj I've been at restaurants with friends in wheelchairs and been asked what they will be ordering. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806322104555700224 
  61. A1: Shazia, librarian trainee in a LI, NY public library, new to critlib. Just got off work but looking forward to Q5 and Q6! #critlib
  62. @CritLib_anon we have a student empl beginning next sem w/hearing impairment & are working on how 2 accommodate Suggestions welcome #critlib
  63. @metageeky bombarded like by mulitple employees? Seems like communication between employees would be key there #critlib
  64. @schomj I was directly turned down for a job once because I described my depression management as a positive skill. #critlib
  65. @IreneKorber It's sometimes that or suggestions of a lot of software. Or it might simply be ignoring the patron's actual request. #critlib
  66. A2 stereotypes that come to mind are the ones i've faced the the most: all in yr head, making it up, faking it, wants attention. #critlib
  67. A3 perception of providing access to all as being "something extra" rather than a core component of our job #critlib
  68. A3 followup. Asking people to repeat what they said gets old, may reduce approachability. #critlib
  69. @metageeky so next step is same as ally suggestion to stfu and LISTEN #critlib
  70. A2 see also: "just get over it", "think positively", ideas that we're lazy or unwilling to heal, etc. (i'm a trauma survivor). #critlib
  71. Question 4a: If you have disabilities, has that influenced what kind of library work you've pursued?

  72. Q4. If you have disabilities, has that influenced what kind of library work you’ve pursued? #critlib
  73. @IreneKorber Exactly! I don't need people avoiding telling me bad news as if that will make my depression disappear. #critlib
  74. Question 4b. If you don't have disabilities, have you ever thought about this possibility?

  75. Q4. If you don’t have disabilities, have you ever thought about this possibility? #critlib
  76. A3 perceptions that i'm "difficult" (when they mean being accessible is) or "unreliable"; i'm not unreliable, my disabilities are! #critlib
  77. @IreneKorber Heck, feeling left out/isolated from wat's going on just makes me freak out/be paranoid/feel more like a loser. #critlib
  78. Hi all, Digital Services Librarian, have vision/hearing loss, cochlear implants. #critlib
  79. A4 #critlib I've been working to make my building more accessible for a broad range of disabilities, both for the students and employees.
  80. @hfmabry Hey! I was just thinking about you and then you appeared. Yay! #critlib
  81. @metageeky most unfortunate that that happened/happens. Happy to have this discussion so to learn how NOT to do that #critlib
  82. A4 I love teaching, but I’ve also thought about behind the scenes tech work. Speaking is mentally and physically exhausting #critlib
  83. Wasn't a library job and I would otherwise have not eventually gotten my current one---my first in the library world. #critlib
  84. A4 can't work full time. Still, I'm a leadership role, feel v lucky. wonder if I have it bc I'm so good at masking my disability. #critlib
  85. A3 Not all people with the "same" disabilities have the same accessibility needs. #critlib
  86. A4. My mental health issues definitely contributed to my working in a largely non-public role. Exhausting to be "happy" for public. #critlib
  87. A4 Not really. I was in Comp Sci well before I realized I have disabilities. It was my own research that led to my self-identity. #critlib
  88. A3 my trauma-informed responses to triggers are misconstrued as being "dramatic" or "overreacting" vs. their reaction being ableist #critlib
  89. A4 I need to work for a place that can afford my healthcare, which in the US limits my options #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806323643898793984 
  90. @kennygarciamlis I love teaching too because it's one of the few contexts where I'm not autistically socially incompetent. #critlib
  91. A3: LRT for any disability if you've met a person with a disability you've met a person with that disability. Remain open to others #critlib
  92. A4. Also, as much as I love teaching, I don't have the spoons to make that a primary part of my work #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806323643898793984 
  93. A4 no disabilities but temporarily disabled due 2 surgery. Honestly: more empathy afterwards. Sorry/guilty it took that 2 care more #critlib
  94. A1 Anon. Academic/community college library. ADHD that's profound on inside but not obvious externally (not clearly "hyperactive") #critlib
  95. @kennygarciamlis However, my depression makes course management much harder for me. #critlib
  96. A4 Yes, but then I forget. Once, I didn't realize a patron who had me help with their email had vision loss until they got mad. #critlib
  97. A4 i knew i couldn't succeed in american studies (my undergrad degree) at a graduate level bc of how triggering it would be #critlib
  98. A4. Easier to work for smaller institutions with less traffic. #critlib
  99. A4 i had managed a lgbt resource library for four years, so i applied for my #mlis at the last possible moment & was accepted #critlib
  100. The "masking" aspect is really familiar to me. And I think that's part of why I've been successful at MPOW #critlib  https://twitter.com/CritLib_anon/status/806324412253409281 
  101. @IreneKorber Not everyone who experiences temporary disability reaches that empathy and keeps it. #critlib
  102. A4 my research focuses on social justice still & i receive accommodations but i don't feel triggered by my studies on a DAILY basis #critlib
  103. @NeoMediaLuddite Yeah. And I appreciate the recent "introvert" discussion gaining more recognition, but this goes far beyond that. #critlib
  104. @metageeky have multiple fam members w/permanent chronic disabilities so I suspect that played a role #critlib
  105. @sendaulas @schomj @violetbfox My social awkwardness eventually made me realize I suck at schmoozing for research grants #critlib
  106. @violetbfox @NeoMediaLuddite Now that's a way I've seen people dismiss a lot of learning disabilities. Equating them with... #critlib
  107. A4 my work in an academic library makes me feel safer; it is quiet (i do digitization right now) & i am behind three key swipes #critlib
  108. A4 It has helped a lot with creative problem solving, particularly working w/online library services. #critlib
  109. Usually don't disclose. Already doing solutions that would be recommended, not likely to show improvement. #critlib
  110. @violetbfox @NeoMediaLuddite ...learning styles/differences. It's easy to say a visual learner should adjust to more verbal #critlib
  111. A4 my boss is understanding of my PTSD; he got me a desk so my back could face a wall when i told him abt this accessibility need #critlib
  112. @violetbfox @NeoMediaLuddite but you can't say that to a person with dyslexia (and yet I know profs/librarians who have). #critlib
  113. Question 5: What can we as individuals do to improve library accessibility for patrons?

  114. Now moving on to a few action oriented questions-- Q5. What can we as individuals do to improve library accessibility for patrons? #critlib
  115. @femmelibrarian That is awesome! It can be hard to convince some bosses that that sort of thing matters #critlib
  116. Q5 i identify as "crazy" & experience (mostly) mental health disabilities so my expertise & advice is informed by these experiences #critlib
  117. A5 #critlib Learn about universal design. Become familiar with ADA standards. Watch people navigating in your library to see pain points.
  118. @femmelibrarian I have awesome bosses too who work with me on my disability management. Time for therapy, help with meeting people #critlib
  119. @metageeky @NeoMediaLuddite Ugh. Yes. You can't just rewire your brain because it would be easier. #critlib
  120. Actual A4, I've never been diagnosed, but am 99% sure I repeat depressive cycles on a roughly 2 year interval. So no...but maybe? #critlib
  121. A5 one of the main reasons I'm here this evening. Solutions and suggestions super helpful and thanks in advance #critlib
  122. A5 Stick it to the vendors to meet actual accessibility standards and in useful/usable ways. #critlib
  123. @violetbfox @NeoMediaLuddite Just smile and your depression will go away. Just stop being so sad. #critlib
  124. A4 ADHD affects project management (executive function/prioritization). My coping mechanisms R often mistaken for being too "chill" #critlib
  125. Hey #critlib I'm super late to the party. I am an academic archivist, and I have generalized anxiety disorder.  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806317408566865920 
  126. A5 lucky that our campus has an Accessibility Resource Center to help us address ADA and accomodations #critlib
  127. @CritLib_anon Which is a real shame because you probably have techniques that others could use to reduce stress too #critlib
  128. A5 I point out barriers when I see them and say "this is important" over and over until it sinks in #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806326373954551808 
  129. A5 Very 101 start, keep in mind that non-disclosure is a right when patrons are talking to you? #critlib
  130. A5 once a librarian, senior mgmt, disclosed to me she had same issue I struggle with. Will never forget that. Gave me hope #critlib
  131. @metageeky my supervisor is also is great about flexibility around hours for appointments & care & prioritizing employee well-being #critlib
  132. A5 We've been having those discussions more openly, but sometimes teaching faculty are like WE WANT THIS and that's it #critlib  https://twitter.com/metageeky/status/806326888431898624 
  133. A5. Our campus Student Accessibility Services will be in our new library after renovation--excited for collaboration possibilities! #critlib
  134. @sendaulas Yes. It should be a top-level requirement and not something tacked on. Even a lot of libUX people do that. Grrr. #critlib
  135. A2: in terms of media, ppl whose sole reason for being in the narrative is disability, and they have no personality outside of it. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806318713347653632 
  136. @schomj i was let go from my 4-year gig at the lgbt resource library bc of my disability. illegal & ableist but still happening. #critlib
  137. A5 #critlib Even at Landmark, where EVERY student had a disability, you couldn't know specific needs. Tried to be broadly accessible.
  138. @schomj It doesn't help too that a lot of disability/accessibility advocates don't work in the "trenches" and just say "Only..." #critlib
  139. @violetbfox so happy we have this campus resource as well. Have 2 make sure 2 USE their expertise #critlib
  140. @schomj ...buy products that meet the accessibility specs." Uh, you mean we shouldn't have an online catalog? #critlib
  141. MT [locked] A5 LIS should stop thinking of accessibility as something extra, an afterthought. #critlib
  142. A5. Recognize that *everyone* who works at library has a role--tech srvcs, public srvcs, admin, etc. *Everyone's* responsibility, #critlib
  143. A4: yes. I do best with mix of learning activities & moving btwn them: when I teach or do own work I try to vary how I do what I do #critlib
  144. Tack on Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and even the criticisms of their weak points to push them to be even better! #critlib  https://twitter.com/krofss/status/806327786839404544 
  145. A5 Good signage, multiple question access points such as live chat, phone, etc. #critlib
  146. A5 flexible scheduling & hours for staff; how & when my disability decides to flare isn't up to me, it doesn't adhere to a schedule #critlib
  147. Question 6: What can we as individuals do to support coworkers with disabilities?

  148. Wow, we're at question 6 already! Q6. What can we as individuals do to support coworkers with disabilities? #critlib
  149. A3: if we only plan/account for "visible" disabilities (vision impairment, mobility, deafness) we're not fulfilling our missions. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806321211080929280 
  150. @kcrowe Yes! Why is the general solution for dyslexic access essentially just screen readers? #critlib
  151. A6. Be patient with people with speech impediments. Listen to content not style. #critlib
  152. A6 If you talk about diversity and mention gender, race, sexuality, etc., you better damn well mention disability too. #critlib
  153. A6 building manager couldn't be here tonight asked me to watch for reponses to this type of Q. Eagerly awaiting responses! #critlib
  154. A5 have staff trained by social workers, etc., in how to handle mental health issues or crises (tip: don't call the cops!) #critlib
  155. A6. Know that it's possible for those with depression/chronic pain etc to have a "good day" which doesn't mean we are cured. #critlib
  156. A6 #critlib As a head cheese in charge type, I *believe* my staff when they talk to me about limitations, and help invent work-arounds.
  157. A6. Learn more!! If patron or coworker confides in you, take opportunity to SELF-educate on their challenges. #critlib
  158. A6 consult staff if you're reconfiguring the workplace, you may not realise how a change can affect staff ability to do their job #critlib
  159. A6 don't make assumptions. Ask how/if there's anything to do to help. #critlib
  160. A6. I am super open about my diabetes (which not every feels safe to do) and that allows people to *ask me* what I need #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806328902641709056 
  161. A6 if we repeat something, let us repeat it instead of saying "you've said that already", etc. #critlib
  162. A6 If you feel you are safe to do so and have a disability, be open. Educate through example. But your safety is more imporant! #critlib
  163. @metageeky heck yes. Overlooked far too frequently in diversity conversations #critlib
  164. A6 ask US how you can support us instead of assuming you know what's best/right/etc. for us #critlib
  165. A6 Trust ppl to work from home. I am so mad that this is treated as something that takes 2+ years to earn in some places. #critlib
  166. A6. Fight your neo-liberal impulses that say someone isn't "pulling their weight". From each according to their their ability. #critlib
  167. A6 Let employees with disabilities ask/direct what helps them best. For some it's specific tech. Or flex hours. #critlib
  168. A6: challenging if ppl aren't natural self-advocates. As hiring mgr, I will fight for accommodation, but need to know what u need. #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806328902641709056 
  169. If I need to really focus, I put MST3K videos on in the background. TV/movies help me drown out the rest of the world. #critlib
  170. A6 educate yrself on ableism, disability justice, & so on. after all, yr a librarian; you should know how to find info. #critlib
  171. A6. Stop penalizing my right to take unpaid sick leave, as an employee without benefits. I do not enjoy having to lose shifts. #critlib
  172. And scheduling, for me. I'm lucky to work at a fairly flexible place now, but some places... yikes. #critlib  https://twitter.com/krofss/status/806330135121133572 
  173. A6: Honestly, this is something that I feel like I need significantly more training on how best to support. #critlib
  174. This. Advocate for better insurance, better leave policies (including leave sharing), etc. #critlib  https://twitter.com/krofss/status/806330135121133572 
  175. @metageeky I need the opposite solution: I use white noise sites like  http://rainycafe.com  to focus. #critlib headphones are rude tho.
  176. Continue fighting for single-payer insurance, even now, especially now. People's lives depend on it. #critlib  https://twitter.com/krofss/status/806330135121133572 
  177. @femmelibrarian @violetbfox Well, not all of us are librarians (moi), but help educate others through seminars and the like. #critlib
  178. I've told my staff that I trust them to know if they need a day off. Why make them feel worse? #critlib  https://twitter.com/CritLib_anon/status/806330614748160002 
  179. A6: I say this with full knowledge that there are very, very good reasons for reluctance to disclose/ask for accommodations. #critlib
  180. A6 For managers, don't rely on your institutions HR/disability office to be the only provider for accommodations. #critlib
  181. For a lot of us, smaller accoms are better and don't need the red tape. #critlib
  182. Closing question: If you could have virtual meet-ups with library workers with your disability/disabilities, would you like that? #critlib
  183. Catching up on #critlib a bit late tonight. So many great thoughts on a very worthy topic.
  184. @schomj no disabilities but would love 2 hear from ppl regarding their input, experiences, suggestions, best practices. All yes. #critlib
  185. I like how many accomadations are built in now, like with Apple Zoom and VoiceOver for instance. #critlib
  186. I'm seeing a lot of Yes responses to this. I will ponder how to set something up -- if you have an idea, let me know! #critlib  https://twitter.com/schomj/status/806331454028398593 
  187. Thank you for moderating @schomj! I feel isolated and invisible when librarians aren’t having these discussions! #critlib
  188. #critlib Also, if you have any thoughts about the anonymous relay, please contact me. I will keep all correspondence anon. #
  189. I probably need to think more about my mental health problems as a shared experience and less as a personal flaw. #critlib
  190. @krofss Very true. Although, I find that the disability community is so diverse we often need to better allies to even each other. #critlib
  191. @chiuchiutrain for folks with disabilities that impair their memory. there are many but as a person w/ DID, it's relevant for/to me #critlib
  192. All right, we're at the end -- thanks everyone for the great chat! Keep talking if you want to! #critlib
  193. @krofss As always, for allies, hard to know what to say! Perhaps less education/visibility around disability than other -"isms"? #critlib
  194. @metageeky @violetbfox true! just so tired of folks draining emotional labor for me to educate them on how not to be ableist, etc. #critlib
  195. Thanks @schomj for a wonderful #critlib chat, thanks to all anonymous participants and @metageeky for providing anonymizing tool!
  196. @kennygarciamlis I hear you! Disabilities touch all groups, but it's still not a topic everyone is comfortable talking about #critlib
  197. Any volunteers to Storify (archive) tonight's #critlib chat? It'd be greatly appreciated!
  198. @sendaulas And do not "disclose" for others. Respect privacy and confidentiality! #critlib
  199. Thanks @schomj for moderating tonight. We have a lot of work to do. #critlib
  200. @Gaymerbrarian They can also make you feel self-conscious because you know why you are using them. Not for entertainment but "help" #critlib
  201. Thanks everyone who participated tonight. I know it can be hard to disclose disabilities. You are appreciated! #critlib
  202. @olinj @sendaulas As I've always said when I talk/promote inclusive teaching techniques---the methods benefit all students. #critlib

  203. If I just want to answer Q5 from #critlib but after the fact, is that okay?
  204. Q5.2 - I sit on a campus-based wayward Accessible Technology Committee. We discuss a slow migration toward Universal Design. #critlib
  205. Q5.3 - I got pulled in from the perspective of our DRC wanting to install accessibility software on every single library computer. #critlib
  206. Q5.4 - So there's inserting ourselves into the larger conversation/ecosystem in which patrons exist. #critlib
  207. Q5.5 - This involves, with software at least, pushing for testing, learning them, talking to vendors, speaking w/patrons. #critlib
  208. Q5.6 - It's also being willing to purchase hardware with library funds if necessary to support patron needs. #critlib
  209. Q5.7 - It's being willing to advocate on behalf of patrons when talking w/vendors of systems that aren't accessible. Say databases. #critlib
  210. Q5.8 - Or pushing for awareness at the level of adjusting procurement processes within, in our case, the campus. #critlib
  211. Q5.9 - It means educating ourselves, joining accessibility listservs, paying attention to legislation & high profile court cases. #critlib
  212. Q5.10 - It can also mean paying attention to the physical space of the library, and looking at how it might need to be modded. #critlib
  213. Q5.11 - It means providing a mechanism for input to patrons, to comment on your library's relative successes/failures. #critlib
  214. Q5.12 - It means broadening awareness of what "disability" means & the quiet subtle ways that can ripple through service models. #critlib
  215. Q5.13 - It can mean pursuing strength in numbers when trying to influence vendors to put greater emphasis on accessible products. #critlib
  216. Q5.14 - It means realize we won't be perfect but try to pursue alternative accommodations in less-than-ideal situations. #critlib
  217. Q5.15 - Anyhow. Tons of hurdles to improvement. But vocal, good faith effort & incremental approach can mean a lot to people. #critlib
  218. Late to #critlib & want to share a great #oa article that's pro-universal design while critical of related rhetoric  http://dsq-sds.org/article/view/4632/3946 
  219. "Critical" here = "argues that checklist universal design can erase those with disabilities, who need equitable access /accomodtns" #critlib
  220. Catching up on #critlib with a box of Nerds and a glass of wine. Sad to miss @schomj 's discussion but happy to read it now 😊
  221. @schomj A4 I think about this more & more as my husband has had T1 diabetes related vision complications this past yr. #critlib
  222. @schomj A4 Made me realize how visual a lot of both of our work is and how it could be modified #critlib
  223. A4 Also had to withdraw from a search because of poor healthcare options. Spouse w/T1 diabetes and kid w/kidney issues. #critlib